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UPDATE 2017: Find the NIST 9/11 Vault at, FOIA files available for download as listed below. UPDATE 2015: NIST WTC Investigation Video List now embedded below, obtained by FOIA in "NIST FOIA 11-218 Aug_24_2011." Links will be added as time permits. UPDATE 2013: The following materials are largely available for download online at Some links to their materials will not work unless you click Continue and agree to their terms. Also see much of the below images and videos at NIST WTC Repository.

NIST WTC Investigation Video List, exported from MDB file  (links added here)

Video ID Video title Network Broadcast date Duration (min) Subject Notes
1 9/11 Hosted by Robert DeNiro CBS 3/10/2002 120 WTC - 9/11 Jules and Gedeon Naudet filming Footage of first plane strike FDNY operations center in WTC1 lobby
2 Minute by Minute: World Trade Center Bombing A&E   45 WTC - 93 attack Bombing 2/26/93
3 World Trade Center: A Modern Marvel: 1973-2001 History Channel   56 WTC - 9/11 Part of "Ground Zero America" set of programs on The History Channel Decision process re building of WTC Lots of good animations showing building process and structure [See Modern Marvels S07E20 here.]
4 Why the Towers Fell; ASCE (NOVA) PBS 4/30/2002 60 WTC - 9/11  
6 New York Firefighters: The Brotherhood of September 11th Discovery Channel   50 WTC - 9/11  
7 Chemical and Biological Weapons History Channel   60 Other Part of "Ground Zero America" set of programs on The History Channel
8 The Pentagon History Channel   60 Other check length
9 The Day the Towers Fell History Channel 9/3/2002 60 WTC - 9/11  
10 World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon History Channel 9/2/2002 120 WTC design  
11 CNN Tribute: America Remembers CNN 9/8/2002 60 WTC - 9/11  
12 CNN 9/11 Broadcast: 8:45 - 10:45 AM CNN 9/11/2001 120 WTC - 9/11 Silverstein copy has about 15 minutes beyond what was copied on mini-DV - a few replays of collapse and 2nd plane strike
13 WABC 9/11 Broadcast: 8:45 - 10:45 AM ABC 9/11/2001 120 WTC - 9/11 Silverstein copy has about 8 minutes more than NCM copy - not recorded on mini-DV, but contains a couple more replays of collapses
14 NBC 9/11 Broadcast: 8:45 - 10:45 AM NBC 9/11/2001 120 WTC - 9/11  
15 FNC (FOX) 9/11 Broadcast: 8:45 - 10:45 AM FOX 9/11/2001 120 WTC - 9/11 Live broadcast Note: Overlaps with Tape #182: FOX News Channel - Atlanta Broadcast
17 Onno deJong 9/11 video None   60 WTC - 9/11 Ninth Street and First Avenue from apartment window - North view after 2nd plane strike - shows both collapses event along floor of WTC1 about 10 minutes before collapse liquid metal pouring from NE corner of WTC2 before collapse
18 Scott Myers -- 9/11 video -- East faces None   60 WTC - 9/11 12 John Street East faces Captures 2nd plane strike - subtraction of images shows pressure wave, movement of WTC2 View of burning floors somewhat blocked by building
19 9/11 Remembered (FOX News) FOX 9/11/2002 210 WTC - 9/11  
20 Report from Ground Zero ABC 9/10/2002 120 WTC - 9/11 Tapes from Radical Media are cleaner 33:24 into Radical Media version (2 of 2) is a 2 second segment showing steel snapping during WTC2 collapse
21 Relics from the Rubble History Channel 9/3/2002 60 WTC - aftermath  
23 World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse TLC 2/6/2002 47 WTC - 9/11  
24 First Response [2.] History Channel   46 WTC - 9/11 Part of "Ground Zero America: set of programs on The History Channel Description and interviews from first responders
25 David Vogler: WTC Raw Video Footage None   33 WTC - 9/11 Greenwich Street and Chambers Street as well as the City Hall area on lower Broadway Northeast Has to leave building - discussions in elevator Films while walking along street
27 The Fall of the World Trade Center (Horizon) BBC 3/7/2002 60 WTC - 9/11  
28 Vince Dementri (WCBS): WTC7 [2., 3.] CBS 9/11/2001 10 WTC 7 Broadcast footage from 5:00 to 5:10 PM showing burning and collapse of WTC 7
29 House Science Committee Hearing, 5/1/02 CSPAN 5/1/2002 150 Other  
30 Jim Huibregtse: WTC 9/11/01 None   35 WTC - 9/11  
31 John F. Davis and P.D. Fyke -- Tape A [no link] None   57 WTC - 9/11 JC Davis and PD Fyke - which middle initial is correct? Both buildings have fallen 19 minutes into tape Remainder is aftermath, including views of police/firefighter apparatus and personnel, views from ferry, debris pile
32 John F. Davis and P.D. Fyke -- Tape B [no link] None   58 WTC - aftermath Starts with debris field at night
33 Abramson/Sabio: WTC 9/11/01 None   62 WTC - 9/11 Vince Sabio - from Worth Street
34 Infraspection Institute, T/IR Systems None   13 WTC - 9/11 Some infrared footage
35 WTC 7 Part 1 CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS   62 WTC 7 Broadcast footage of WTC1 and WTC2 burning and collapses: CNN and FOX 7:17 - (unlabelled) NBC footage of WTC7 burning from West Street - see NBC Unrestricted Tape 2 or NIST DV #4 37:09 - CBS - Vince DeMentri report (washed out tape) 44:58 - WTC7 collapse
36 WTC 7 Part 2     23 WTC 7 MSNBC montage of collapses Fireboat supplying water Views of WTC7 before 9/11: command center, exterior
37 Stevens Tape 1 None   43 WTC - 9/11 Stevens College
38 Stevens Tape 2 None   47 WTC - 9/11 Stevens College
39 Andrea Star Reese: WTC None   31 WTC - 9/11 NE corner of Chambers St. and Greenwich St.
40 Sorensen: WTC None   17 WTC - 9/11 Chris Sorensen at 88 Greenwich Street South faces of WTC2 and partial WTC1 Can also see west face of 2 Some good closeup footage Begins after 2nd strike, ends at WTC2 collapse
41 Josh Levine from Davis: 9/11 None   13 WTC - 9/11 Stevens College, Hoboken from South end of Davis by Josh Levine NW view from across Hudson
42 WNYW - NY Fox: 9/11/01 8:48 to 9:59 AM FOX 9/11/2001 71 WTC - 9/11 Ends when WTC2 collapses at 9:59 Not same as FNC (FOX) footage From NYC - interviews with witnesses, lots of Chopper 5 footage Discontinuity in broadcast: 20 seconds of tape is missing between clips 22 and 23 on Tape 1
43 Fox News Channel 9/11/01 South Tower Impact Clips Live; 9:21am; and 9:38am FOX 9/11/2001 12 WTC - 9/11  
45 Clifton Cloud: Amateur Ftg. 9/11/01 ~ 9:00-10:30AM None   80 WTC - 9/11 Continuous footage from NE Plane strikes WTC2 shortly after tape begins Distant, not on tripod Good continuous footage of plume and smoke from buildings
46 KTVT - LA Fox 9/11/01 10:00AM EDT to 10:45AM EDT FOX 9/11/2001 62 WTC - 9/11 Repeats much but not all of FNC (FOX) footage
48 Steve Spak: 9-11-01 The World Trade Center Disaster None   59 WTC 7 Titled show by Steve Spak - begins with a few photographs of WTC towers burning, continues with footage of firemen working on burning cars and buildings, WTC 7 burning (compare with NBC Restricted Tape 2 and WTC 7 Part 1)
50 Unknown Freelance Cameraman - 9/11/01 - Approx. 5:25PM Collapse of 7 WTC None   20 WTC 7 Reporter interviews woman with baby as dust cloud from WTC7 approaches Dust cloud scenes Collapse of WTC 7 seen from north replayed at regular and slow speeds
51 Fox and CBS Clips - Aired 9/12/01 Selected clips of 9/11 events FOX/CBS 9/12/2001 6 WTC - 9/11 1st strike (Naudet) 2nd strike collapses
52 CNN Attack on America - Interview with Tim Chung - 9/13/01 CNN 9/13/2001 3 WTC - 9/11 Tim Chung was on 64th floor of WTC 1
54 ABC Primetime Thursday - NYPD Helicopter Footage and Rooftop Rescues ABC 11/8/2001 10 Other 9/11 footage from NYPD helicopter Discussion of rooftop rescues Interviews with NYPD
55 MSNBC Investigates: Out of the Rubble NBC 11/11/2001 55 WTC - aftermath  
57 Sekani Compilation of clips from 2nd Impact and Collapses None   4 WTC - 9/11  
58 Mattys Levy Affidavit Jan 16, 2002 - Collection of clips None   8 WTC - 9/11  
59 Sekani Compilation of Amateur and News Ftg of Major Events None   5 WTC - 9/11 Poor quality amateur footage of dust cloud
60 Unknown Source - Short Clips of 7 WTC Footage - Time Unknown - 9/11/01 None   2 WTC 7 Clear views of fire seen through broken windows
61 WABC - NY Local - Helicopter Shots of 7WTC South Façade 9/11/01 Approx. 1:30PM ABC 9/11/2001 11 WTC 7 SW view Smoke and damage along south face of WTC7 Interview with Bill Heitman - no panic evaluating down stairs of WTC1, no thought of possible bldg collapse
62 WCBS - NY CBS - 9/11/01 8:45 to 10:45AM CBS 9/11/2001 118 WTC - 9/11 Discontinuity in broadcast - repeated footage - clock goes from 9:00 back to 8:59 at 10:04;12 mini-DV time
63 - NYFD: The Battle Continues - Compilation of 9/11/01 footage None   52 WTC - 9/11  
64 WTC Clips - 9/11/01 FOX/ABC 9/11/2001 10 WTC - 9/11 FOX 10-o'clock News - Ch. 2 ABC News Exclusive - 6 hours after collapse of WTC 1 (~4:30PM), concerned that WTC 7 will collapse Unidentified news broadcast (~8:30PM) with footage of WTC 7 collapse about 3 hours ago
65 Etienne Sauret: WTC - The First 24 Hours None   42 WTC - 9/11 Amateur video Production: Isis First 4 minutes includes north face of WTC1during 2nd plane strike, collapse of WTC1 Aftermath - Steel, debris, other buildings
66 Evan Fairbanks - 9/11/01 None   22 WTC - 9/11 Contains famous footage of WTC2 plane strike from below to the east Photographer walks around - evacuation, NYFD Interested in faces of bystanders Can't hear interviews - no sound Clearer footage in "ABC NIST Dub #3"
67 American Society of Engineers Report - news coverage NBC/CBS/NY1-TV 5/1/2002 18 WTC - 9/11 1) Today in NY WNBC-TV - May 1, 2002 5-7am (6 min) 2) News all Day NY1-TV CABLE - May 1, 2002 6-7pm (2 min) 3) CBS Evening News CBS-TV Network - May 1, 2002 6:30-7am (2 min) 4) NEWS4 NY at 11 WNBC-TV - April 30, 2002 11-11:35pm (3 min) 5) Non-Stop News NY1-TV Cable - May 1, 2002 10-10:30pm (3 min)
73 Tours underground: "Under Ground Zero with Dan Rather CBS 10/31/01, "Beneath Ground Zero" CNN 12/12/01, NBC/CBS 9/11 CNN 12/12/2001 29 WTC - 9/11 1) "Under Ground Zero with Dan Rather", CBS 60 Minutes, 10/31/01 8:00-9:00PM (14 min) Tour of levels below ground zero 2) "Beneath Ground Zero", Natl. Cable Market CNN America Strikes Back, 12/12/01 7:22AM (6 min) 3) National Market NBC, 9/11/01 1:45PM (5 min) 4) National Market CBS, 9/11/01 12:03PM (2 min)
75 In Memoriam - New York City 9/11/01 - HBO HBO 5/26/2002 62 WTC - 9/11  
76 Skidmore, Owings and Merrill - World Trade Center     34 WTC - 9/11 Water tower in foreground Shot from within a building - 25th floor (from "Collapse - How the Towers Fell"), discussion among several people Southeast corner after 2nd impact Good view of burning on east sides of both buildings Fire visible around NE corner of 2 at about 12 min, flares up at 13 min WTC2 collapse about 19 1/2 minutes in Rest of footage shows evacuation and aftermath
77 Bill Lavin's Tour of the World Trade Center 1/3/96 None   48 WTC design Tour of fire design of WTC Mechanical equipment room Ventilation system Concourse level map PATH station Repaired section after 1993 bombing
78 Robertson's Stanford Talk [full] None   96 WTC design  
79 The Pentagon - Natl Cable Market - TLC - Super Structures TLC   46 Other Pentagon design, history, 9/11/01 plane strike and collapse
80 A & E Investigative Reports - The Anatomy of September 11th A&E   120 WTC - 9/11 Evacuation - interviews and animations First responders - interviews Interview with police in helicopter nearby 2nd plane strike
81 Amy Steelman-Angeli and Lou Angeli, Rescue and Recovery at Ground Zero, Tape 1 None   60 WTC - aftermath Interviews with first responders
82 Amy Steelman-Angeli and Lou Angeli, Rescue and Recovery at Ground Zero, Tape 2 None   60 WTC - aftermath  
83 Brad Schwartz - World Trade Center 9/11/01 None   8 WTC - 9/11  
84 Mark Molesworth: 9/11 Footage Uncut None   13 WTC - 9/11 Broadway appears on street sign at beginning Lispenard and Walker street signs appear later in footage North, slightly east view Good closeup footage of WTC1 north face and NE corner of WTC2
85 World Trade Center - NBC Short NBC   2 WTC - 9/11 Collapse of WTC2 - people running from dust cloud
86 CNN - America Under Attack - 9/12/01 Larry King Live CNN 9/12/2001 60 WTC - 9/11 Larry King Live - America Under Attack Live interview with Donald Rumsfeld Clip from morning address from President Bush Interviews with family members - Brian and Jeanne Monaghan, John Genovese (brother in Cantor Fitzgerald), Lenny and Leona Zeplin (son in Cantor Fitzgerald) - calls from towers
88 Compelling Stories from Ground Zero (CNN - Larry King Weekend) CNN 10/6/2001 50 WTC - 9/11 Interviews with workers cleaning up site Interviews with burn victims at hospital - egress stories
90 How the Twin Towers Collapsed - London Ch. 4 BBC 12/13/2001 60 WTC - 9/11 Steel debris WTC design - interviews and animations Jonathan Barnett - Fire testing
93 NBC News Dub 9/11/01 from Jim Remberg NBC 9/11/2001 49 WTC - 9/11 0:00 - Story # NA24T, Slug: WITNESS REACT 3:00 - Story # NA17T, Slug: PLANE 1000 ELEM 3:50 - Story # NA18T, Slug: PLANE BUILDING RAW 4:25 - Story # NA15T, Slug: TRADE CENTER RAW 4:45 - Story # NA29T, Slug: TOWER COLLAPSE 6:25 - Story # NA60T, Slug: NY WTC GROUND 7:35 - Story # NA47T, Slug: WTC AMATEUR 8:00 - Story # NA31T, Slug: NY SKYLINE 16:40 - Story # NN01T, Slug: TICK TOCK 20:50 - Story # NA10W, Slug: NIGHT WTC INTERIORS 21:50 - Story # NA17W, Slug: FIRST PLANE 23:15 - Story # NA45W, Slug: WTC CREWS MORNING 23:55 - Story # NA84W, Slug: WALL COLLAPSE 24:45 - Story # FO50W, Slug: SATELLITE PICTURES 25:30 - Story # NA73W, Slug: MORE WTC GROUND 27:10 - Story # NA95W, Slug: NYC NIGHT SCENE 28:25 - Story # NA05R, Slug: STILL PICTURES 29:22 - Story # NA54R, Slug: PLANE INTO TOWER
95 CNN Aircheck 9/11/01 Eric Letvin CNN 9/11/2001 93 WTC - 9/11 CNN footage without banners
97 ABC News GMA - Special Report - WTC attack ABC   120 WTC - 9/11 Clean 9/11 broadcast footage from ABC without banners
98 Ground Zero FEMA     58 WTC - 9/11 FEMA box
99 ABC Atlanta Broadcast - 9/11/01 noon to 2 ABC 9/11/2001 124 WTC - 9/11 WSB-TV Atlanta Part 2 - 10:10 Bush speaks - taped Part 2 40:00, 49:00, 55:00 Close look at SW corner of WTC7 No clock times observed
100 FOX News - copy to midnight 9/12/01 FOX #9 FOX 9/12/2001 120 WTC - 9/11 FEMA box
101 FOX News - copy 5:30 to 8:00 9/12/01 - FOX #7 FOX 9/12/2001 180 WTC - 9/11 FEMA box
102 Assembled Clips of Plane Strikes and Collapses FOX, CNN, ABC 9/11/2001 27 WTC - 9/11  
104 FOX News - copy to 11 pm 9/12/01 - FOX #8 FOX 9/12/2001 120   FEMA box
105 NBC Atlanta Broadcast - 9/11/01 11:57am - 2:01pm NBC 9/11/2001 124 WTC - 9/11 NBC News Special Report - Attack on America Tom Brokaw, Katie Couric, Mat Lauer Hartsfield Airport, Georgia Tech, Univ. of GA, Mercer Univ., Russell and Sam Nunn Federal Bldgs. Closed Part2 - 12:15 - 11 Alive clock changes 1:11 ->1:12 (1:14:27 into tape #177) Part2 - 12:xx - President's speech - taped Part 2 - 18:30 - Interview with Robert Knowles from 54th floor of WTC 1 - knocked to floor, window blew out, worried about being blown out window
106 NBC Atlanta Broadcast - 9/11/01 9:48am - 11:51am NBC 9/11/2001 123 WTC - 9/11 Tom Brokaw, Katie Couric, Mat Lauer Part 1 - 10:50 WTC2 collapse Part 1 - 40:15 WTC1 collapse Part 2 - Brief station identification of 11 Alive No clock times observed
107 NBC News - Copy NBC / WXIA 9/12/01 NBC 9/12/2001 120 WTC - 9/11 FEMA box
108 ABC Atlanta Broadcast - 9/11/01 9:48am - 11:51am ABC 9/11/2001 124 WTC - 9/11 ABC News Special Report - Ch. 2 WSB-TV Atlanta Quality of NYC footage is often poor Part 1 - 6:14 - Clock changes 9:54am - 9:55am Part 1 - 10:15 - WTC2 collapse Part 1 - 27:20 - Interview with Dennis Krauss - office along S face of WTC1 on 36th floor, 2 rushes of people evacuating Part 1 - 33:00 - talk of WTC1 leaning, fire spreading downward Part 1 - 39:40 - WTC1 collapse
109 FOX News Channel - Atlanta Broadcast - 9/11/01 9:48am - 11:51am FOX 9/11/2001 123 WTC - 9/11 Live broadcast Note: Part 1 shares a lot of footage with Tape #25: FNC (FOX) Broadcast for 57 minutes Part 1 - 10:45 - WTC2 collapses Part 1 - 40:10 - WTC1 collapses Part 1 - 40:42 - CNN Live clock changes 10:28am - 10:29am Part 2 - 54:10 - FOX 5 Clock changes 11:43 -> 11:44
110 FOX News - Copy 12:30 - 5:00 9/12/01 FOX 9/12/2001 270 WTC - 9/11 FEMA box
111 FOX News - Copy 12:30 - 2:30 9/12/01 FOX 9/12/2001 120 WTC - 9/11 FEMA box
112 ABC News - Copy 4A 10A 9/12/01 - ABC #1 ABC 9/12/2001 360 WTC - 9/11 FEMA box
113 ABC News - Copy 9/12/01 (to 11 PM) ABC 9/12/2001 360 WTC - 9/11 FEMA box
114 CNN News - Copy 9/12/01 (10 - 4:45 PM) CNN 9/12/2001 405 WTC - 9/11 FEMA box
115 CNN News - Copy 9/12/01 (to 11PM) CNN 9/12/2001 360 WTC - 9/11 FEMA box
116 CNN News - Copy 4A 10A 9/12/01 CNN 9/12/2001 360 WTC - 9/11 FEMA Box
117 FOX News - Copy 9/12/01 (4am to 8:15am) FOX 9/12/2001 255 WTC - 9/11 FEMA box
118 FOX News - Copy 8A to 10 A 9/12/01 FOX 9/12/2001 120 WTC - 9/11 FEMA box
119 FOX News - Copy 10 A to 12:30 P 9/12/01 FOX 9/12/2001 150 WTC - 9/11 FEMA box
120 WTC 1 4/02 Site Visit None   49 WTC - aftermath Wachtell box in folder
121 Heroes of Ground Zero PBS 9/9/2002 60 WTC - 9/11 Interviews with first responders
122 Twin Towers: A History PBS 9/9/2002 60 WTC design  
123 Pentagon Under Fire     60 Other  
124 ABC Coverage of WTC on 9/11/02 ABC 9/11/2002 360 WTC - 9/11 ABC News with Peter Jennings
126 9/11 America Remembers - CNN CNN 9/11/2002 360 WTC - 9/11 Live ceremonies at Ground Zero, Pentagon, Shanksville, PA
127 9/11 Remembered: Ch. 4 (NBC) 6:30pm to 9:00 pm NBC 9/11/2002 150 WTC - 9/11  
128 9/11 Remembered: CBS and WUSA CBS/USA 9/11/2002 240 WTC - 9/11 Ed Bradley interview with Gene Corley CBS News: Continuing Coverage of 9/11 9-11: A Year of Recovery Ch. 9 WUSA CBS Evening News
129 9/11 America Remembers - CNN part 2 CNN 9/11/2002 360 WTC - 9/11  
130 The Today Show - Katie Couric interview w/ Kenneth Summers and Stephen Newman NBC   10 WTC - 9/11 Kenneth Summers was in the WTC 1 lobby when the first plane struck; describes lobby filling with yellowish brownish haze, caught on fire Stephen Newman saw him to a hospital Interview 7:39 to 7:49
131 Broadcast clips: Falling of World Trade 1 The North Tower misc 9/11/2001 5 WTC - 9/11  
133 WJE - Cleanup footage None   160 WTC - aftermath Various CNN clips Part of interview with Clifton Cloud Short ABC clip of firefighters Videotape of cleanup 9/14/01 0:11 - 0:18 How the Twin Towers Collapsed - 0:18 - 1:12 History Channel - The Day the Towers Fell or WTC A Modern Marvel 1977-2001 1:12 - 1:33 History Channel - First Response 1:33 - 2:33
134 NY1 - 9/11/01 WTC Disaster - Six Raw Field Tapes NY1 9/11/2001 58 WTC - 9/11 All material on this tape was taken from six raw Field tapes shot by six different NY1 shooters/reporters. Included is b-roll of the scene and interviews with people at the scene. The total duration with black in-between the segments is 57:50. 1) "Trade Center" - Reporter/Shooter, JD LaRock - 17:46 (0:08-17:42 = 17:34) 2) "WTC Crowds/bldgs. - Shooter, Shazia Khan - 5:34 (17:42-19:13, 22:14-25:36 = 4:53) 3) "WTC, Canal Street" - Shooter, Amanda Farinacci - 4:48 (19:13-22:14, 25:36-27:16 = 4:41) 4) "WTC, Kristen on-scene/Rafe" - Shooter, Rafe Levy; Reporter, Kristen Shaughnessy - 14:35 (27:16-36:50 = 9:34) 5) "WTC Bldg. II - first collapse" - Shooter, Ralph Franco - 3:00 (36:53-39.51 = 2:58) 6) "WTC West Side bike path - both bldg. collapses" - Reporter/Shooter, Andrew Siff; Shooter: Jason Post - 17:50 (39:52-57:45 = 17:53)
135 NY1 - 9/11/01 WTC Disaster - On-Air plus Five Raw B-Roll Clips NY1 9/11/2001 23 WTC - 9/11 1) Air Check from 9-11-01, 08:50:30 - 09:07:00 (16:30 dur.) Clock changes to 9:03 at 12:36;27, fireball appears at 12:37;09 2) "1st plane" (:39) 3) "People at windows" (2:00) 4) "1st Tower burning" (1:22) 5) "Staten Island View" (1:35) 6) "1st collapse" (:19)
136 Matthew F. Shapoff - 9/11 None   42 WTC - 9/11 WTC from North far distance, begins after 2nd plane strike and ends after 2nd collapse Some footage in reverse at end Fixed camera
137 NYPD Aviation 9/11 None   18 WTC - 9/11 Footage from one of the NYPD helicopters Lands in nearby field after collapse of WTC2 Collapse of WTC1 occurs while helicopter is on ground
138 NBC Restricted Tape 1 NBC   15 WTC 7 1:00 WNBC-TV 7 WTC Collape Compilation: Rubble WTC7 - Footage of collapse and smoke cloud Emergency vehicles 8:44 WNBC Pro-Router: WTC7 collapse 11:40 WNBC Pro-Router: Aftermath - interviews, satellite poster showing heights of debris, firefighters, Today Show From NIST DV #3: "This material was provided to Val Junker by direct permission of Dennis Swanson, Vice President and General Manager of WNBC New York. It is for the exclusive use of the government WTC engineering investigation, and may not be passed onto any parties who are not directly involved. Mr. Swanson's understanding of the objectives of the investigation are based on the letter provided to Val Junker by Bruce Swiren of FEMA."
139 NBC Restricted Tape 2 NBC   50 WTC 7 WTC 7 from N with WTC 5 burning behind it Fire operations on West Street - WTC 6 with WTC 7 burning behind it From NIST DV #4: "This material was provided to Val Junker by direct permission of Dennis Swanson, Vice President and General Manager of WNBC New York. It is for the exclusive use of the government WTC engineering investigation, and may not be passed onto any parties who are not directly involved. Mr. Swanson's understanding of the objectives of the investigation are based on the letter provided to Val Junker by Bruce Swiren of FEMA."
140 Craig Braden - 9/11 None   59 WTC - 9/11 First 33 minutes ( - 33:25) was originally Tape 1 of 2: North view of WTC1 and 2 after 2nd plane strike Footage is not sequential in time Ends with imprinted timestamp showing 1:54:32 - 30 seconds blank - Next 25 minutes (33:55-59:00) was originally Tape 2 of 2: North view of WTC1 and WTC2 burning Good views of WTC1 just before collapse Close-ups clearly show people falling Ends with imprinted timestamp showing 2:31:38
141 NIST DV #1 (Four short 9/11 videos) PBS, CBS   32 WTC - 9/11 4 VHS tapes to SEAoNY for WTC BPAT 1) PBS Nightly Business Report (6 min) 2) CBS Vince DeMentri (10 min) - Audio is about 1 1/2 minutes behind video 3) CBS via VMS (11 min) - starts with Congressional address on steps of Capitol, replays of events, audio is about 1 1/2 minutes behind video 4) Amateur Footage Collapse WTC 7 (5 min) - 7 second gap misses penthouse collapse, followed by slow motion replay
142 Bryan Stuart's 9/11 Tape None   16 WTC - 9/11 Bryan Stuart - 212-929-5002, Street scenes on West Broadway after collapses WTC7 collapse, WTC5 burning
143 A. Shapiro - 9/11 Rooftop footage from Brooklyn None   27 WTC - 9/11 Taken from rooftop @ N 40 40.411' W 73 58.640' 721 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215 A. Shapiro 718-398-1202 SE corner of WTC2, E face of WTC1 Ends before WTC2 collapse
144 Jay Zimmerman None   24 WTC - 9/11 SE view from 18th floor balcony on Broadway just behind Trinity Church Copied in person (225/A347) from his digital camera onto mini-DV
145 Ed Peterman None   5 WTC - 9/11 South faces of WTC 1 and 2
146 Sam Riegel WTC Footage None   19 WTC - 9/11 From SW - small amount of footage of towers burning, street views of debris, people evacuating and collecting. Collapse clouds from WTC 2 and 1. Sam Riegel 225 WEA #36 NYC 10023
148 David Sharp - WTC Steel Salvage Yards - Tape 1 of 2 None   113 WTC - aftermath WTC steel in salvage yards, beginning 11/21/01 Starting at about 72 minutes into the VHS tape (12 minutes into the mini-DV Tape 1, Part 2), the picture and audio begin to break up. The problem continues for the remainder of the tape. More information is retained on the original VHS tape from this point forward than on the mini-DV.
149 David Sharp - WTC Steel Salvage Yards - Tape 2 of 2 None   123 WTC - aftermath WTC steel in salvage yards Team marking pieces to be saved, sent to NIST - includes John Gross Steel recycling process - pieces cut, prepared for shipping At about 110 minutes into the VHS tape (39 minutes into the mini-DV Tape 2, Part 2), while examining a bolt and washers, the picture and audio begin to break up. The problem continues for the remainder of the tape. More information is retained on the original VHS tape from this point forward than on the mini-DV.
150 Cafco Blaze-Shield II Application Video - Isolatek International None   15 WTC design Isolatek International 41 Furnace Street Stanhope, NJ 07874 Tel: 800-631-9600 Fax: 973-347-9170
151 WNBC NIST Dub #1 - WTC Explosion/Chopper 4 WNBC   60 WTC - 9/11 From WNBC in New York through Val Junker Remarks from Val Junker based on Tape 340 time code This tape had two very short clips from helicopter at the start, followed by one continuous flow of footage shot from a stationary camera. Tape includes 100% of what was on NBC source tape. (a) 00;00;35.xx to 00;01;12;xx = Shows second plane impact (b) 00;01;12.xx to 00;01;30.xx = Shows distant helicopter footage (c ) 00;01;57.xx = Beginning of stationary camera footage with uninterrupted time flow from here to end of tape. This point in the miniDV tape corresponds to a time code reading on the original NBC tape, as displayed by the NBC playback machine, of 16;51;28.xx (d) 00;47;00.xx (approx) = WTC 2 starts to collapse (e) 00;48;53.xx = Camera does not stop, but framing changes; framing changes a few times more within the next six minutes, but the camera never stops (f) 00;54;13.xx = Last time framing changes; framing remains constant from here to end of tape
152 WNBC NIST Dub #2 - WTC Explosion/Chopper 4c WNBC   60 WTC - 9/11 From WNBC in New York through Val Junker Remarks from Val Junker based on Tape 341 time code This tape had two very short clips at the start, followed by one continuous flow of footage shot from a helicopter. Tape includes 100% of what was on NBC source tape. (a) 00;00;00.xx to 00;00;14.xx = First clip (b) 00;00;14.xx to 00;00;20.xx = Second clip (c ) 00;00;20.xx = Beginning of helicopter footage with uninterrupted time flow from here to end of tape. This point in the miniDV tape corresponds to a time code reading on the original NBC tape, as displayed by the NBC playback machine, of 09;04;49.xx (d) 00;54;30.xx (approx) = WTC 2 starts to collapse
153 WNBC NIST Dub #3 - WTC Comp Reel Tape 1 NBC   62 WTC - 9/11 From NBC Archives through Val Junker Media ID NY-20011107-0039 Detailed time code source tape description available Footage from: Clifton Cloud Jennifer Spell Sumner Glimcher Shachar Bar Susan Cook Christian Martin Chopper 4 Aerials NBC field tape Tonya McClendon Lenny Mulhern Burbank clip reel #4 Steve Spak
154 WNBC NIST Dub #4 - WTC Comp Reel Tape 2 NBC   88 WTC - 9/11 From NBC Archives through Val Junker Media ID NY-20011107-0039 Detailed time code source tape description available Footage from: WTC 7 collapse Gamma Press USA NBC feed Burbank reel #6 Burbank reel #1 Unity Clip Reel WTC Beauty Shots Craig White Joshua Lentz NY Field Cassette Ellis Field Cassette
155 NYPD - OMAP - Taru/Schmidt, Stiansen, Koehler, Schiferstein, Armet None   153 WTC - aftermath 9/11 aftermath Taru/Schmidt - Total time: 43m40s, 6:07pm - 9:30pm Walk down West Street to WTC collapse site Taru/Stiansen - Total time: 32m48s, no clock Daylight up to 14:40 on tape B - small glimpses of WTC7 burning (this 15 minute segment clipped) Taru/Koehler - Total time: 52m45s, 9:49pm - 11:25pm Taru/Schiferstein - Total time: 12m48s, 9:51pm - 10:42pm Taru/Armet - Total time: 9m10s, 7:19pm - 8:38pm
156 FOX News Channel - Atlanta Broadcast 9/11/01 11:55am - 1:53pm FOX 9/11/2001 118 WTC - 9/11 Live broadcast - FOX 5 Atlanta Footage of N face of WTC7 Part 2 - 6:45 - Clock changes 1:02pm -> 1:03pm Part 2 - 14:xx - President's speech - taped Part 2 - 56:45 - Clock changes 1:52pm -> 1:53pm
157 CD #12 - WTC 1 & 2 Videos and Presentations - Baker, Rabanne None   17 WTC - 9/11 WTC 1 & 2 videos folder: Videos - WTC1&2 - Jan11-12 - Baker folder TrussMovie.m1v - History Channel view of trusses on unfinished floor (9;06) wtc_7_collapse_2.m1v - WTC7 burning, collapse from upper floor N (15;24) wtc-construction.m1v - History Channel - crane moving floor into place, steel tree assembly (14;12) wtc1_collapse1.m1v - WTC1 collapse (35;01) wtc1_collapse3.m1v - WTC collapse with Sears Tower in foreground (18;04) wtc1_collapse4.m1v - ABC footage of collapse from West Street (43;28) wtc1_impact.m1v - Naudet footage, dark (15;25) wtc2_CollapSE.mpg - Skidmore, Owings & Merrill footage of WTC2 collapse (14;18) wtc2_collapse2.m1v - FOX news (16;25) wtc2_collapse3.m1v - Metro Atlanta 2, crumbling corner of WTC2 (26;05) wtc2_collapse5.m1v - NBC replay (11;29) wtc2_impact1.mpg - View of plane impact through fence (12;21) wtc2_impact2.m1v - MSNBC - followed plane in (13;01) wtc3.m1v - NBC News, WTC3 burning, WTC1 still up (37;15) Videos - WTC1 - Rabanne folder tower1collapes.mpg - starts close, to distant view (55;23) WTC1_COLLAPSE.mpg - WTC1 burning (9;23;14) WTC1 - Feb9-10 Presentn-Baker folder closeup2.m1v - closeup of NW corner of WTC1 during collapse (23.08) collapse_tlc2.m1v - follows debris down (WTC1) (5;18) wtc1_collapse5.m1v - NBC News Earlier Today, WTC1 collapse (22;12) wtc3.m1v - debris with WTC1 still standing, also in Baker folder (37;15)
158 CD #13 - WTC 7 Videos_2 - Rabanne None   32 WTC 7 wtc7-b.mpg - WTC7 collapse from N with a few seconds missing, played 3x (5;18;17) WTC7-14145.m1v - Atlanta Ch. 2, poor quality, shows 7 burning (29;28) WTC7-145040.m1v - Atlanta Ch. 2 (1;06;17) WTC7COLLAPSE.MPG - shows closeups of fire from N (6;22;24) WTC7fall.m1v - collapse including fall of second penthouse (22;17) WTC7MER.MPG - FOX5 @ 5:28pm (22;25) WTC7-Rabanne folder raw2.mpg - WTC7 from N (9;23;17) raw3.mpg - same as raw2 (36;07) tower7.mpg - collapse of WTC7 (37;24) tower7new.mpg - same as tower7.mpg (37;23) WTC7COLLAPSE.MPG - shows closeups of fire from N (6;22;24)
159 CD #14 - WTC Video 7 - Gilsanz, Con Ed, Steficek, FOX 5, NBC None   33 WTC 7 - Street level view of fires in WTC7 (3;08;20) wtc 7.mpg - FOX 5 @ 5:28pm, WTC7 collapse from distant N, to FOX 5 @ 2:18-2:19 S face of WTC7 (1;25;10) WTC_7.avi - collapse including second penthouse fall (8;17) WTC7-Feb9-10 Pres-Gilsanz folder: wtc7-b.mpg - WTC7 collapse missing a few seconds - 2x (1;52;13) wtc7-b1.mpg - WTC7 collapse missing a few seconds - 3x (5;18;17) WTC7-145040.m1v - Atlanta Ch. 2 (1;06;17) WTC7COLLAPSE.MPG - shows closeups of fire from N (6;22;24) WTC7fall.m1v - collapse including second penthouse fall (22;17) WTC7-Jan11-12 Pres-Gilsanz folder: Video_Roberto Rabanne folder: WTC7COLLAPSE.MPG - shows closeups of fire from N (6;22;24) Video-NBC folder: collapse wtc.mpg - collapse from NE showing puffs of smoke streaming (9;25) wtc5.mpeg.mpg - views of Ground Zero rubble (5;54;28)
160 CD #15 - WTC 7 Videos / Full - GMS -> NIST None   14 WTC 7 wtc 7-b.mpg - WTC7 collapse from N missing a few seconds when second penthouse falls - 3x (5:18:17) WTC7-145040.m1v - Atlanta Ch. 2 (1;06;17) WTC7COLLAPSE.MPG - shows closeups of fire from N (6:22:24) WTC7fall.m1v - collapse inclusing second penthouse fall (22;17)
161 FDNY WTC footage archives - Tape #1 None   247 WTC - 9/11 0:10 Towers burning from Brooklyn Bridge; Pace University view from NE; evacuees filmed from WTC5; tower collapsing; debris-filled streets next to subway station 1 block from Famous Pizza; mayor's entourage; clear streets next to City Hall Park - Murray Street; debris-filled Broadway by St. Paul's Chapel 17:00 - burning towers from Booklyn Bridge; Pace University; evacuees filmed from WTC5; dust-covered evacuees; mayor's entourage; walk down debris-filled Broadway from City Hall Park to St. Paul's Chapel; driving out of city on Manhattan(?) Bridge 27:20 Plume from WTC7 burning; large orange fire; WTC7 burning from N; some close footage of burning along W side; 30:00 Fire Marshall POV (Hooper Street, Brooklyn) - WTC1 burning from NE with set of 4 smokestacks in foreground, spire glides into frame (sailboat?) - 10 minutes of footage before WTC2 plane strike (missed); last 2 minutes before WTC2 collapses; WTC2 and WTC1 collapses 1:04:00 Ground Zero Progress 9/12/01 - muddy streets in front of 30 Vesey Street, look along Post Office to wreckage of WTC7 and front of WTC5; what is large coil in WTC7 wreckage?; hole between WTC5 and 6 - to subway station?; day care center; look between 5 and 6 to WTC1(2?) segment of base still standing; "Chase" sign; look down escalator to "The Mall"; sphere; first responders - sometimes individuals, one large group moving steel; ATM machines; walk back out of WTC1/2 debris field to WTC7 debris; Morgan Stanley-5 WTC sign; firefighters bet WTC 4 and 5 - on stairs; part of core standing?; ladder into hole; police dog 2:03 short break in tape; move to center of Ground Zero next to sphere; firefighters moving debris; closeups of steel; stairway within part of core; walk over debris; sweep around WTC6-5-4; 2:57 back out to street 3:05 street scenes - snacks; heavy equipment"cathedral" spikes to left of WTC 4?; Century 21 dept store; Liberty Street w 1WFC in view; closeup of spikes; line of 1st resp passing out debris; photographs; Am flag w 1st resp line; view of cleanup efforts from upper floor; end view of ped bridge; other FDNY photographer; red body bag
162 FDNY WTC footage archives - Tape #2 None   213 WTC - aftermath 0:00 - 9/12/01 - Ground Zero Progress II - Lines of 1st resp removing debris filmed from above; debris lodged in neighboring bldg; 14:20 black, photos; closeup of WTC "cathedral" still standing; firefighter activities filmed on ground; fallen West St bridge; damage to surrounding bldgs; WTC 5/6; Century 21 dept store; WTC sphere; Brooks Bros; brigade lines next to Liberty St.; Am flag on hat; West St. bridge; 1:46:40 heavy equipment next to WTC6; firefighters talking; Courtyard Gallery and Wintergarden; dog; WTC4 14:20 - 9/13/01 - Ground Zero Progress 1:57:20 - 9/14/01 - President Bush Visit I - rabbi; motorcade; Bush shaking hands; Mayor Guiliani; 2:16:30 2 min speech next to WTC6; FEMA jacket; priest giving prayer 2:31:04 - lines carrying out debris; WinterGarden; firefighters (von Essen) talking; WFC Courtyard Gallery; debris field; One WFC 2:46:30 - 9/14/01 - President bush Visit II - group of dignitaries w flag; Bush shaking hands; loudspeaker; Guiliani 3:12:38 - 9/26/01 - GZ Progress / Arial - Filmed from what looks like upper floor of Three WFC; helicopter over Ground Zero 3:21:50 - 9/26/01 - GZ Progress / Ground -
163 Sevilla, Anthony - from Broadway and Maiden None   10 WTC - 9/11 E view of WTC1 and 2 burning - some closeups, some sharp video Large crowd standing still and watching
164 Steve Spak's Unedited MiniDV Material None   32 WTC - 9/11 Imbedded time code is one hour earlier than actual time
165 Steve Spak's unedited 8mm material None   54 WTC 7  
166 WNBC NIST Dub #5 - Today Show 9-11-01 NBC 9/11/2001 69 WTC - 9/11 from WNBC The Today Show
167 CD #11 - GMS -> NIST, WTC photos None   41   Koutsoubis steel folder Video - Keasbey 2001 12 27 folder K18 web best.mpg - Studying K18 steel piece - marked in pink paint - 320 x 240 pixels (1:58;19) K18 web min.mpg - Same as K18 web best.mpg but size 160 x 120 pixels (1:58;19) K19 web best.mpg - Studying K19 steel piece - "Looks like burned areas where the floor is" - 320 x 240 pixels (1:24;09) K19 web min.mpg - Same as K19 web best.mpg but size 160 x 120 pixels (1:24;09) K20 web best.mpg - Studying K20 steel piece - in a pile of steel - "at the Keasbey scrap yard" - 320 x 240 pixels (2:01;20) K20 web min.mpg - Same as K20 web best.mpg but size 160 x 120 pixels (2:01;20) Rabanne videos folder WTC1-Rabanne folder tower1collapes.mpg - N view of collapse from an upper floor showing smoke cloud along West St (55;23) WTC1_COLLAPSE.mpg - WTC1 burning from N slightly W - also on CD#12 (9:23;14) WTC7-Rabanne folder wtc 7-b.mpg - 3x footage of WTC7 collapse with a few seconds missing; couple of seconds of FOX5 at 5:28 pm (5:18;17) wtc 7-b1.mpg - Same as wtc7-b.mpg (5:18;17) WTC7-14145.m1v - Action News 2 Atlanta of 7 burning - terrible copy (29;28) WTC7-145040.m1v - Action News 2 Atlanta of 7 burning (1:06;17) WTC7COLLAPSE.MPG - Closeup of N face of 7 lower floors burning; WTC7 collapses at end (6:22;24) WTC7fall.m1v - N view shows collapse of center penthouse with collapse (22;17) WTC7MER.MPG - FOX 5 at 5:28 pm - WTC7 collapse (22;25) wtc 7_VIDEOS 2.ppt wtc 7_VIDEOS_3.ppt
168 NIST Press Conference - NYC May 7, 2003 None   92 Other  
169 FDNY WTC footage archives - Tape #3 None   340 WTC - aftermath 1) 9/26 & 27/01 Ground Zero Progress - Night work, daytime, steel closeups, aerial, command tent 2) 9/27/01 Ground Zero Progress 3) 9/28/01 Ground Zero Progress 4) 9/28/01 Ground Zero Progress 5) 9/30/01 Ground Zero Progress 6) 10/02/01 Ground Zero Progress
170 FDNY WTC footage archives - Tape #4 None   344 WTC - aftermath 11) 10/03/01 Ground Zero Progress - night scenes, day, makeshift shrines, photographs of missing, night 1:02:40 - 12) 10/03/01 President Bush Firehouse Visit 1:18:45 - 13) 10/04/01 Ground Zero Progress I - shrines 14) 10/04/01 Ground Zero Progress II 4:27:10 - 15) 10/07/01 Ground Zero Ceremony I
171 FDNY WTC footage archives - Tape #5 None   186 WTC - aftermath 1) 10/07/01 Ground Zero Ceremony II 2) 10/07/01 Ground Zero Ceremony III 1:21:55 - 3) 10/22 & 23/01 GZ Progress-Body Removed 4) 11/12/01 Ground Zero Progress I 5) 11/12/01 Ground Zero Progress II 6) 04/02/02 Ground Zero Progress
172 FDNY WTC footage archives - Tape #6 None   261 WTC - aftermath 0:00:00 - 1) 04/09/02 Body Recovery/Ladder 2 0:23:55 - 2) 05/16/02 Fresh Kills/WTC Area - damaged firetrucks 1:25:05 - 3) 05/28/02 GZ Last Girder Removal
173 FDNY WTC footage archives - Tape #7 None   231 WTC - aftermath 0:00:00 - 1) 5/30/02 Ground Zero Closing Ceremony 3:00:50 - 2) 06/04/02 Ground Zero Progress & Tour
174 Mark Trottenberg - 9/11 from Duane and Greenwich None   13 WTC - 9/11 Interview with man who saw first plane strike - identifies it as medium-sized passenger jet From N Captures second plane strike Misses both collapses
175 Tim Main and Mike Ballou - 9/11 East River and Grand St., Brooklyn None   65 WTC - 9/11 Long NE views from Brooklyn - Shoreline of East River at end of Grand St. Both towers burning Tripod mounting, small jiggle Can see dripping from WTC2 just before collapse Collapse of WTC2
176 WCBS NIST Dub #1 - "WTC-27", Damas Home Video CBS   33 WTC - 9/11 0:00 - Damas Home Video - N view of towers burning from street level; some good though brief closeups; changes view to NE; Reade St.; good closeup of dripping from NE corner of WTC2; WTC2 collapse; upstairs apartment to N; WTC1 collapse 30:40 - WTC-27 (CBS ID #) - Slightly W of N after WTC2 has collapsed; footage speeded up to collapse, back to regular speed and run to collapse
177 WCBS NIST Dub #2 CBS   49 WTC - 9/11 0:00 - WTC 28 - from West St. a few minutes before WTC7 drops; zooms in on WTC7; interview with Barbara Crowley of NYU Medical Center conducted by Vince DeMentri (no sound?) - 7 drops as she talks 3:00 - WTC 11 - Raw tape shot by CBS cameraman Barry Weiss w CBS reporter Amy Stone; Towers burning from N; reactions of bystanders; closeups of top of WTC1 N face and WTC2 NE corner; Closeups of N faces; 5:30 dripping from *center* of WTC2 N face; airplane debris w FBI photographer; WTC2 collapse; running from cloud; picture is black (lens cap on) but audio is running; 11:38 people walking through dust on roads 17:00 - WTC 32 - Shot by Barry Weiss after WTC2 is down w WTC1 still standing; Closeups of N face of WTC1; police on motorcycles; directing traffic; fast forward, NW corner of WTC1 from West Street; interviews; 23:20 - wreckage of WTC2 collapse from base of WTC1, which is still standing 29:00 - 9/11 4:48-6:22 - Breaking News Channel 2 - replays of events; "It’s 5:00" at 30:15; 5:00-5:09 pm Vince DeMentri - clean copy 39:00 - 5:31 to 5:39 pm - WTC7 collapsed "moments ago" - Vince DeMentris - good footage of WTC7 collapse showing kink in penthouse and windows popping out; 42:30 2nd plane strike; interview with WTC worker - left wheelchairs on 33-35 floors
178 WCBS NIST Dub #3 - Behrle, Miller, StatCamNorth, West St. CBS   50 WTC - 9/11 0:00-17:00 K. Behrle home video - WTC 29 - POV from ground NE, clear views of E face of WTC1 shortly after plane strike, continuous to after 2nd plane strike, tripod after first few minutes, extremely famous footage of 2nd fireball at 15:55; this is 100% of the video by this person as found within WCBS tape library 17:30-23:15 Boris Miller home video - 01J 11-36, WTC 29 - POV from N, apartment at W 17th St, includes 2nd plane strike; this is 100% of the video by this person as found within WCBS tape library 23:30-40:18 WCBS stationary camera - WTC 4 - POV from N, covers period from 8:53:23 am to 9:06:55 am, 2nd strike is at 36:36 (remaining footage presumably shot by this camera has not been located yet 41:00-49:20 01J11-16-17, WTC 7 - from West St., N to NW views prior to any collapses, not continuous, occasionally very tight on towers, firefighters putting on metallized suits, interviews (have seen this footage before)
179 WCBS NIST Dub #4 - WCBS Helicopter Complete CBS   97 WTC - 9/11 Holds 3 sections from 2 source tapes - This tape holds 100% of the WCBS helicopter footage that was found in the WCBS library, POV from S of WTC from a distance of 5 miles away 0:00-0:50 WTC 25 - starts at TCR 9:08:28 (exact time when tape motion begins) 0:52-1:35 WTC 25 - starts at TCR 9:09:32 (exact time when tape motion begins); this shows the momentary use by WCBS of material being broadcast at that time by WNYW (Channel 5 in NYC) 1:35-1:37:00 WTC 16 - starts at TCR 9:09:38 (exact time when tape motion begins), material now runs without interruption to end of tape, shows duration of white smoke from single(?) window on right side of WTC1 S face, lots of windows falling, ~50:00 WTC2 collapses, when smoke clears from WTC at ~1:03:00 fire has spread across the S face, WTC1 collapses at 1:21:00, last 4 minutes of debris cloud is not
180 WNBC NIST Dub #6 - WNBC Helicopter Complete NBC   94 WTC - 9/11 This tape holds 100% of the NBC helicopter footage that was found in the NBC library, POV is from N of WTC, shot from a distance of 5 miles away, from over Hudson River near North Bergen NJ (roughly equivalent to south end of Central Park in Manhattan, at 57th St.) 0:09-1:04:19 Actual time 9:03:20 - 10:07:31am - Ed. ID # NY-20010913-0022 (1A), NBC NEWS Barcode # 0100AA3997 - Almost the same as helicopter footage in "WNBC NIST Dub #2", but includes raw helicopter footage from 9:03:20 to 9:04:49 that was not part of " WNBC NIST Dub #2" Gap of 18 or 19 seconds between 10:07:31 am and 10:07:40 am - there was no footage on the NBC raw helicopter footage tapes that included this period 1:04:37-1:33:53 Actual time 10:07:40 - 10:36:56 am - Ed. ID # NY-20010912-0006 (2A), NBC NEWS Barcode # 0100AA3758 - not included in any prior tapes provided to NIST, at 10:36:56 am the NBC helicopter camera was turned off, shooting ceased, and the helicopter returned to Teaneck NJ to land. Once on the ground, no aircraft were permitted to become airborne again
181 WNBC NIST Dub #7 - St. John, Heath, Extra, Spell, Rossbrook/Michaels NBC   35 WTC - 9/11 0:05-6:39 Scott St. John - Edit.ID# NY-20010912-0160, NBC News Barcode# 0100AA3958 - NE from ground, both buildings are burning, WTC 2 collapse, run into building, come out onto dust-covered street, walk by park, Mayor Guiliani, brief glimpse of WTC1 burning, collapsed; this is 100% of the video by this person as found within WNBC tape library 7:00-10:25 Dr. Mark Heath - Edit.ID# NY-20010915-0113, NBC News Barcode# 0108AA1306 - subtitled, WTC 1 collapses, black cloud approaches -> black -> dust-covered scene with firefighter alarms going off 11:00-14:13 "Extra! TV" - Edit.ID# NY-20010913-0157, NBC News Barcode# 0077AA8105 - WTC 1 collapse from boat on Hudson River, people on boat 14:30-30:15 Jennifer Spell - Edit.ID# NY-20010912-0141, NBC News Barcode# 0100AA3922 - POV is Brooklyn Marine Terminal, SE view directly under smoke plume, includes direct view of 2nd plane strike, footage shot through chain-link fence, misses collapses, this is 100% of the video by this person as found within WNBC tape library (we have this material in database somewhere already) 30:30-34:12 Segment "A View From A Hotel Window" broadcast on WNBC 11pm news on 5/16/02, reporter Tim Minton, a couple visiting NY shot from their 35th floor Millennium Hotel window, their names are Guy Rossbrook (executive of an internet company) and his wife Tammy Michaels (Seattle radio talk show host), their raw tape was 28 minutes long, - turned over to federal prosecutors and FBI, can see outfits of victims on tape (not shown), leave after WTC2 collapses and sets their hotel on fire, WNBC was not able to locate raw tape, this is the segment exactly as it appeared on air
182 WNBC NIST Dub #8 - Sumner Glimcher NBC   33 WTC - 9/11 0:00-33:00 Sumner Glimcher home video - Editorial ID# NY-20010918-0050, NBC News Barcode# 0102AA2590 - POV Bleecker St. and La Guardia Place, N view, starts with dripping from WTC2 SE corner, can see core as it collapses, 21:45 fire spreads across lower floor, fixed camera runs without break for 25:14 from start, then breaks and resumes with WTC1 already down, President speaking, announcer states that WTC1 collapsed 14 minutes ago; this is 100% of the video by this person as found within WNBC tape library
183 William Cirone - "9/11 - WTC 7 & Vicinity" None   13 WTC 7 Footage after both towers have fallen Firetrucks, tower remnants, vehicle fires, WTC 5 & 6 burning, bridge across Vesey St., corner of West and Vesey, 9:00 WTC 7 - pans up wall, glimpses of 7, 12:40 clock appears showing time as 4:10 pm
184 WNBC NIST Dub #9 - "Foster, Andaloro, NBC StatCam NJ" NBC   63 WTC - 9/11 Distant view from S - both towers burning, footage speeded up to WTC2 collapse then reversed and allowed to move at normal speed
185 CBS-Net NIST Dub #1 - "C79-4E-5" CBS   60 WTC - 9/11 Source tape: CBS Network News Archive Location #C79-4E-5 CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-206 Begins after WTC2 already down, 18:36 - WTC1 collapse, POV Brooklyn with Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge visible in foreground Unknown shooter, tripod
186 CBS-Net NIST Dub #2 - "1042, 1072, 1062, 1081" CBS   52 WTC - 9/11 Source tapes from CBS Network News Archive: 0:05-6:22 - Bill Diodato - Cassette #1042, Location #D24-2F-21, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-042 - Distant NW view, begins after WTC2 already down, 5:50 - WTC1 collapse; this is 100% of the video by this person as found within CBS Network News Archive 6:30-18:22 - Jeff Sutch (Contact info 908-832-2707 home, 908-230-9157 cell) - Cassette #1072, Location #D24-2H-1, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-072 - POV is West Broadway and Barclay St, later moved further north, Begins before 2nd impact, 13:35 - 2nd impact heard but not seen, identical to WTC 35 tape in WCBS News Archive; this is 100% of the video by this person as found within CBS Network News Archive 19:00-26:58 - Hubert Clark (Contact info 212-254-3391 home, 514 E 13th St, Apt. #3, NY, NY 10009) - Cassette #1062, Location #D24-3G-17, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-062 - POV from NE, 1/4 of N face of WTC2 visible behind WTC1, begins before 2nd impact, 23:37 - 2nd impact; this is 100% of the video by this person as found within CBS Network News Archive 27:30-51:49 - Pete Damas - Cassette #1081, Location #D24-3G-21, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-081 - POV is West Broadway, 39:19 - see West Broadway and Worth St. signs, almost identical version of this tape is in WCBS NIST Dub #1 - WTC-27 -- Damas Home Video, this version includes 2:24 at start missing from other version - begins before 2nd impact with a few tight shots of WTC1 before he runs up street to get closer, misses 2nd impact, 29:54 - point at which WCBS NIST Dub #1 begins; this is 100% of the video by this person as found within CBS Network News Archive
187 CBS-Net NIST Dub #3 - "1074, 1057, C54-5F-29" CBS   56 WTC - 9/11 Source tapes from CBS Network News Archive: 0:05-29:05 - Laganga (Editor) - Cassette #1074, Location #D24-3G-18, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-074 - POV starts on West St, then moves into Ground Zero, includes foray into WTC7, begins just after WTC2 collapse, 8:00 - interviews Bennette of Secret Service inside WTC7, 10:40 - begin to see WTC3, 16:15 - interviews Mike Benfante who works for Network Plus on 81st floor and carried woman in wheelchair down from 68th floor, 18:12 - WTC1 collapse, 18:35 - camera keeps rolling through black, 21:50 - cleans lens; dubbed entire tape 29:30-47:49 - Unknown - Cassette #1057, Location #D24-3G-16, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-057 - POV West St slightly N of north bridge, begins as WTC1 collapses; dubbed entire tape 48:30-55:24 - Seth Greenspan (Contact info 212-940-4879, 917-796-8935) - Location #C54-4F-29, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-237 - very shaky handheld, POV due N, 51:20 - WTC2 collapse; this is 100% of the video by this person as found within CBS Network News Archive
188 CBS-Net NIST Dub #4 - "1089, 1119, 1002, 1150, 1188, 1190" CBS   54 WTC - 9/11 Source tapes from CBS Network News Archive: 0:05-13:35 - Eric Teed with female reporter - Cassette #1089, Location #D24-2H-14, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-089 - POV West St, begins after 2nd impact, some tight shots in first 2 minutes, @:12 - WTC2 collapse; this is 100% of the video by this person as found within CBS Network News Archive 14:00-15:14 - IGNORE - Cassette #1119, Location #D24-2H-33, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-119 - portion of 1st section of CBS-Net NIST Dub #3 15:30-17:29 - IGNORE - Cassette #1119 - portion of 1st section of CBS-Net NIST Dub #5 18:00-20:59 - Unknown - Cassette #1119 - POV West St, after WTC2 collapse, emergency vehicles, 19:40 - very tight and complete shot of WTC1 collapse 21:30-36:10 - APTN Helicopter - Cassette #1002, Location #S10-4A-6, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-002 - 32:25 - WTC2 impact, 35:50 - "Wescam" label on camera housing, ends before collapses; entirety of this footage as found on this tape 36:30-37:34 - Unknown - Cassette #1150, Location #D24-2J-16, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-150 - NE view, very good shot of WTC2 impact 38:00-39:01 - Unknown - Cassette #1188, Location #D24-2K-29, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-188 - POV due N, 38:23 - WTC2 collapse 39:30-53:19 - Unknown - Cassette #1190, Location #D24-2K-31, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-190 - POV from roof of building NE, very close, begins before 2nd impact, misses impact, audio cuts in and out, 44:32 - mother and child with pacifier, 45:59 - cuts to post WTC2 collapse, 47:42 - cuts to Reade St "half an hour after the WTC collapse", 50:24 - cuts to show WTC7
189 CBS-Net NIST Dub #5 - "4:45-6:15, W02-1D-17, 1136, C06-6C-29, 1171" CBS   31 WTC - 9/11 Source tapes from CBS Network News Archive: 0:05-5:01 - "Attack On America 4:45P 6:15P" - Location # none, CBS News Barcode # none - Off Air, CBS Network, Dan Rather live in studio with CBS reporter Carol Marin, she recounts being in 2nd collapse 5:30-6:28 - Location #W02-1D-17, CBS News Barcode #619671-015 - One pass of WTC7 collapse from West St - we have this, but check if cleaner copy 7:00-15:40 - Cassette #1136, Location #D24-2I-28, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-136 - very messy material that needs to be sorted out, exactly what was on CBS tape, full of pauses, rwinds, fast forwards, replays, material from 2 different WTC 7 hi-rise POVs from NE 16:00-19:40 - Unknown home video - Location #C06-6C-29, CBS News Barcode #NS010911X-022 - POV rooftop from NE, begins after 2nd impact, 17:20 - WTC2 collapse 20:00-20:34 - Cassette #1171, Location #S12-2B-27, CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-171 - POV street level a few blocks north, origin might be "WABC-TV NYC Mobile-2", WTC7 briefly 21:00-27:08 - Cassette #1171 - POV hi-rise from N, WTC 7, 24:48 - WTC7 collapse 27:30-30:29 - Cassette #1171 - subset of very messy material in section 3 of this tape - needs review
190 WNBC NIST Dub #10 - World Trade Comp Reel #1 Dub NBC   93 WTC - 9/11 Compilation reel - Shots of burning towers, Naudet footage, 9:24 & 10:21 - man trapped on 8th floor of WTC7 - Mr. Hess, corporation counsel for the city of NY, Pentagon, Bush, bin Laden, world response, 18:12 brief shot of plane into WTC2, 19:15 helicopter view of WTC1 burning before plane strike, 28:00 - first responders after both towers fall, 37:20 - WTC1 collapse, 37:50 - military vehicles, Ground Zero, cleanup, 42:00 - Pres. Bush speaking with Mayor Guiliani, patriotic response, 47:40 - WTC 6 and 7 - Spak, 51:35 - night work at GZ, 53:00 - Statue of Liberty, smoke clouds, 55:15 candlelight vigil, 57:30 Guiliani on 9/11, treating victims, evacuation, Ground Zero, airport, hospital, 1:09:15 Pentagon, night at GZ, funeral for first responder, quiet NYSE, 1:16:00 zoom in on rubble, pictures of missing, damage to WFC, GZ work, 1:23:00 bin Laden, 1:26:00 GZ, 1:27:00 inside WTC5, damage to surrounding buildings
191 ABC NIST Dub #1 - WABC Clean Path 1 9-10:15 ABC 9/11/2001 92 WTC - 9/11 0:09 - Brooklyn stat cam 1:30 - helicopter starting at NW corner, moves to south then back to NW, 13:55 - 2nd plane strike, 17:00 - Wescam camera label 20:10 - appears to cut to another helicopter view of NW corner - is landing gear the same as previous shot? 26:40 - gap, then helicopter footage speeded up/slowed down 27:40 - end of 2nd plane strike 27:45 - start of continuous helicopter footage from N slightly E after 2nd plane strike, 28:15 - first audio - "Mic check from the newscopter", 28:50 - "79th St looking south", 37:50 can see dripping from center of WTC2 N face, not visible at next closeup, 1:02:42 - dripping near WTC2 NE corner begins with a cascade from top of window, 1:08:05 - white fire near WTC2 NE corner suddenly intensifies as continuous dripping begins, lots of debris falling from corner, 1:09:48 - WTC2 collapse, 1:16:50 - slight stop/jump in time, 1:18:45 - "Chop 7, Mobile 15", 1:19:35 - fighter jet, 1:29:41 - smoke spreads across floor, camera glitch in middle of event
192 CNN Breaking News - 9/11/01 8:30AM to 10:00AM CNN 9/11/2001 90 WTC - 9/11 CNN 9/11/01 broadcast - same footage as in "CNN 9/11 Broadcast: 8:45 - 10:45 AM"
193 CNN Breaking News - 9/11/01 10:00AM to 11:30AM CNN 9/11/2001 90 WTC - 9/11 CNN 9/11/01 broadcast - same footage as in "CNN 9/11 Broadcast: 8:45 - 10:45 AM"
194 CNN Breaking News - 9/11/01 11:30AM to 1:00PM CNN 9/11/2001 90 WTC - 9/11  
195 CNN Breaking News - 9/11/01 1:00PM to 2:30PM CNN 9/11/2001 90 WTC - 9/11  
196 CNN Breaking News - 9/11/01 2:30PM to 4:00PM CNN 9/11/2001 90 WTC - 9/11  
197 CNN Breaking News - 9/11/01 4:00PM to 5:30PM CNN 9/11/2001 90 WTC 7  
198 A&E - Seven Days in September A&E 9/4/2003 120 Other  
199 PBS - American Experience - The Center of the World PBS 9/8/2003 180 WTC - 9/11 by Ric Burns (brother of Ken Burns of Civil War documentary fame), televised 9/8/2003, 8 to 11 pm History of World Trade Center from its conception in the 1950's - controversies including small businesses being torn down, Empire State Bldg. people wanting limit of 100 floors Construction 1:30 - Philippe Petit tightwire walk in 1974 2:00 - Plane strikes and collapses
200 Collapse - How the Towers Fell Discovery Channel 9/7/2003 60 WTC - 9/11 Collapse footage Construction of Empire State Building Construction of WTC ~30:00 - Collapse 56:00 - Kuala Lumpur - high strength reinforced concrete
201 9/11: A Tale of Two Towers - PBS PBS 9/11/2003 120 Other First aired 9/9/03, Part 1 9-10pm, Part 2 10-11pm Also on VHS tape #449, "9/11: A Tale of Two Towers - PBS 9/11/03; CNN presents - 9/14/03 6-7am" Interviews with employees of two businesses, one each in North and South Tower - swaying of building, decision-making processes, evacuation
202 CNN presents - 9/14/03 6-7am CNN 9/14/2003 60 Other Third hour in this tape after "9/11: A Tale of Two Towers - PBS" Interviews with CNN reporters about their recollections Some good close footage of burning towers
203 ABC NIST Dub #2 ABC 9/11/2001 87 WTC - 9/11 0:00 - NYBU17990O - Burning towers from the north, WTC2 falls at 7:00, WTC1 falls at 36:20 1:01:55 - NYBU17990P - B&W WTC1 burning after WTC2 has collapsed, 1:11 WTC1 collapses 1:14:00 - NYBA17891E - NW corner of WTC1, man falling, 1:15:15 - interview with man in street (no sound) 1:15:55 - NYBO17990W - Feed tape? Firefighters and equipment in street, NW corner of burning towers including people falling - fast forwarded, some at normal speed, stops on ima from 1:18:13 to 1:19:24, can see man clinging to outside wall while others fall near him, blue screen around 1:23, film resumes, 2 people are holding onto large pieces of cloth as they fall (attempted parachutes)
204 Peskin, Richard -- "Harrison + Greenwich" None   62 WTC - 9/11 Shot from 40 Harrison St, 39th floor, south side Camera's time at 2nd strike is 8:02:27 am, not 9:02:54 am - add 1 hr 27 sec to camera time to get real time Camera was stopped stopped and restarted many times, causing blank gaps of several seconds in the material with breaks in time code; the NIST dub is an exact match of the original tape, and includes these gaps North view, slightly west Tape begins at about 8:56 am (7:55:23 am imbedded time) 5:30 - WTC2 plane strike 14:50 - dripping from corner (sparks) 16:15 - close view of dripping from N near corner 17:05 - WTC2 has just collapsed - missed 27:46 - WTC1 has just collapsed - missed 43:00 - pulls in close to WTC7 N face fires (4:37 pm) 44:40 - WTC7 has just collapsed - missed
205 CBS-Net NIST Dub #7 CBS 9/11/2001 56 WTC - 9/11 Source tapes from CBS Network News Archive 1. Cassette #1169; Location #D24-2K-7; CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-169 0:00 - 1:05 - 4 clips of 2nd strike 2. Cassette #1016; Location #D24-2F-5; CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-016 1:30 - 1:53 - 2nd strike from chopper - clean 3. Cassette #1132; Location #D24-2I-23; CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-132 2:00 - 16:52 - Vince DeMentri unedited footage inside and outside Irving Trust building 4. Cassette #1041; Location #D24-2F-20; CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-041 17:00 - 18:20 - WTC1 collapse, close from NW street level 18:30 - 19:47 - IGNORE - WTC1 collapse, West St w Travelers Bldg to left - appears in 4:20 long version on ABC tape "NYBA17891H" 20:00 - 22:24 - WTC1 collapse, very tight at time of collapse 5. Cassette #1051; Location #D24-2F-25; CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-051 22:30 - 36:31 - IGNORE - Stat cams North 1 and 2, NJ view from S - already provided on "WCBS NIST Dub #3" 6. Cassette #1219; Location #D24-2L-2; CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-219 37:00 - 37:50 - WTC2 plane strike, clean 7. Cassette #137; Location #W10-5C-7; CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-137 38:00 - 47:49 - Vince DeMentri unedited footage - most seen before, some may be new, full of rewinds, ffwds, etc 8. Cassette #1143; Location #D24-2J-4; CBS News Barcode #NS010911C-143 48:00 - 57:25 - WTC7 from West St, continuous through collapse, shot by CBS cameraman Steve Bikofsky 55:27 - 55:40 - WTC7 collapse
206 ABC NIST Dub #3 ABC 9/11/2001 58 WTC - 9/11 1. Tape # NYBK17891F 0:05 - 1:35 - WTC1 collapse - NYTimes/Mark Bussell 2. Tape # NYBK17891G 2:00 - 2:45 - WTC2 plane strike - NYTimes/Naka Nathaniels, POV from Brooklyn Heights 3. Tape # NYBD17984X 3:00 - 26:54 - Evan Fairbanks - Cleaner footage than from Tape #106, "Evan Fairbanks - 9/11/01" 4. Tape # NYBA17891H 27:00 - 46:10 - series of clips from same clip reel 27:30 - 28:48 - clip appears more fully at 32:30 43:52 - very detailed view of core 5. Tape # NYBA17891E 46:30 - 58:01 - IGNORE - last period of raw Chopper 7 on "ABC NIST Dub #2"
207 ABC NIST Dub #4 ABC 9/11/2001 94 WTC - 9/11 ABC TV NY broadcast - 9:07-10:41am
208 ABC NIST Dub #5 ABC 9/11/2001 47 WTC - 9/11 12:40 - close shot of WTC7 S face
209 ABC NIST Dub #6 ABC 9/11/2001 63 WTC - 9/11 1. Tape # NYBP17990M 0:05 - 21:40 - WTC7, ground level from NW, tripod, pulls way into fire a couple of times 2. Tape # NYBE17891A 22:00 - 30:52 - Eyewitness account - Interview w/ Paul Lemos - came out of subway as 1st plane hit, counted 30-40 people jump 3. Tape # NYBP17990T 31:00 - 1:02:24 - POV is hi-rise north, begins after 2nd strike, includes WTC2 collapse at 41:40, no WTC1 collapse, amateur, shooter unknown, tripod, position adjusted several times
210 CBS-Net NIST Dub #6 CBS 9/11/2001 41 WTC - 9/11 1. Cassette # 619671; Location # W02-1D-13; CBS News Barcode # 619671-010 0:05 - 17:53 - POV is West St, after 1st collapse, 2nd collapse at 1:45, shot by Mike Hernandez, CBS cameraman 2. Cassette # 1173; Location # S12-2B-29 18:00 - 21:34 - WTC7 from W. Broadway, work tape with rewinds, ffwds, etc, shot by Mike Hernandez, CBS cameraman, 19:43 - WTC7 collapse 22:00 - 31:45 - WTC7 from hi-rise to NW, often very tight on fires, shot by Mike Hernandez, CBS cameraman 32:00 - 33:52 - material received on "CBS-Net NIST Dub #5 (section 3) edited cleanly here, POV is hi-rise north, WTC7 collapse 34:00 - 34:17 - material received on "CBS-Net NIST Dub #5 (section 3) edited cleanly here, POV isstreet level from what may be Duane + Church St 34:30 - 40:40 - IGNORE - material received on "CBS-Net NIST Dub #5 (section 6) - WTC7 - POV is hi-rise from north, tripod, continuous, 38:21 - WTC7 collapse
211 Property of the FBI #8 - Law Enforcement Sensitive - Do NOT Disseminate Outside Your Agency None   54 WTC - 9/11 From a boat SW of towers
212 WABC NIST Dub #1 ABC 9/11/2001 60 WTC - 9/11 0:00-20:50 - Section 1 - Barcode # WTB010911U, Tape # VC43D - Camera: Angelo Martin - Footage of firefighters, police officers, school children, people hanging out of tower windows, precollapse and collapse of towers, interview with an eyewitness 21:25-42:20 - Section 2 - Barcode # WTB010911B, Tape # VC28 - Reporter: NJ. Burkett, Camera: Marty Glembotsky - Collapse of South Tower, last shot of Peter Ganci below tower, VS of North Tower prior to its collapse, collapse of North Tower, Marty's shadow, Avino interview, Onigbogi interview 42:55-60:00 - Section 3 - Barcode # WTA010911A, Tape # VC1 - Reporter: Nana Pineda, Camera: Jerry Lago - First and second explosion
213 WPIX NIST Dub #1 - 9:10-10:10 am newscast WB 9/11/2001 60 WTC - 9/11 WB11 morning newscast 9:10-10:10 am w/ banners and time/temperature - newscaster Melinda Murphy in helicopter (see WPIX NIST Dub #4). (Same footage as in "CNN NIST Dub #17")
214 WPIX NIST Dub #2 - Clips, clean airchecks WB 9/11/2001 55 WTC - 9/11 Live / WB11 banners Clips of burning towers, plane strike, collapses, Pentagon, interviews. Clean airchecks start at around 40:00. Close footage of burning towers.
215 WPIX NIST Dub #3 - WB11 FDR Drive WB 9/11/2001 63 WTC - 9/11 Clean aircheck - Channel WB11 0:00-31:10 - NE view from vehicles parked along FDR Drive among Brooklyn Bridge ramps. Closeups of E faces and NE corners of WTC 1 and 2. Activities of people, emergency vehicles, and first responders on the highway. Interview w/ Mick Leto, police officer directing traffic at Murray and West Side Hwy when bldg fell. Break, then guitar playing Star Spangled Banner. Footage is repeated starting at 33:21 and ending at 50:13 - almost same as footage starting at 19:01. Break at 42:30 Interviews with witnesses of plane strike, evacuees. 54:40 - Interview w Tony Ciarnella of Bank of America who evacuated from 10th floor of WTC1, 57:00 - Interview with Greg Cherry who evacuated from 20th floor of WTC1
216 WPIX NIST Dub #4 - WB11 Helicopter WB 9/11/2001 82 WTC - 9/11 Clean aircheck - WB11 - newscaster Melinda Murphy. Helicopter "It's Melinda. We're in Air 11." Short footage from NW before WTC 2 is struck. Long continuous footage begins with take off from NW. Zooms in on W face of WTC1. Helicopter is flying over NJ Turnpike. 6:40 - on air (see WPIX NIST Dub #1 for newscast w/ time/temperature). 32:00 - Break from imprinted time stamp 9:40:08 to 9:52:51. 38:20 - WTC 2 collapses. 47:50 - Military jet. Expect WTC 1 will also collapse. 57:55 - Comment about the time being 10:21 or 10:19 "depending on which clock". 1:07:40 - WTC 1 collapses.
217 WPIX NIST Dub #5 - 9/11 clips WB 9/11/2001 52 WTC - 9/11 Clean aircheck - WB11 Assemblage of clips incl Naudet, Guiliani, aftermath, stock footage of towers Last minute of tape is fragmented.
218 Naudet, Jules - Sept 11, 2001 - Tape 1 of 3 None   33 WTC - 9/11 0:55 - 1st plane strike, ride to WTC in emergency vehicle, can see lobby windows blown out, set up command post, NYPD arrives Naudet Widescreen continues beyond 33 minute cutoff of Tape 1 to include first 30 minutes from "Naudet, Jules - Sept 11, 2001 - Tape 2 of 3"
219 Naudet, Jules - Sept 11, 2001 - Tape 2 of 3 None   58 WTC - 9/11 Command post in WTC1 lobby, people evacuating through second floor, 39:20 - WTC2 collapse, cross bridge over West St, 54:15 - exit through front doors of 2 WFC across street from WTC1 Naudet Widescreen Tape 2 of 2 begins 30 minutes into "Naudet, Jules - Sept 11, 2001 - Tape 2 of 3"; collapse of WTC2 occurs at 10:09; continues through "Naudet, Jules - Sept 11, 2001 - Tape 3 of 3"
220 Naudet, Jules - Sept 11, 2001 - Tape 3 of 3 None   14 WTC - 9/11 After WTC2 collapse, WTC1 and WTC3 filmed from 2 WFC across the street, under pedestrian bridge, walk to corner of West and Vesey Sts, 10:15 - WTC1 collapse
221 Naudet, Gedeon - Sept 11, 2001 - Tape 1 of 1 None   56 WTC - 9/11 WTC1 shortly after plane strike, 7:50 - 2nd plane strike, views of plane debris at Church and Murray Sts, 23:15 - inside fire station at 9:30am, 36:45 - leave fire station, 38:50 - back to fire station, 43:10 - leave fire station, drive to WTC1, corner of Church and Vesey Sts, 49:50 - WTC1 collapse
222 Kevin Segalla - 9/11/01 None   10 WTC - 9/11 WTC1 from N before second plane strike, 3:45 - misses 2nd plane strike, 6:05 - plane debris, 7:20 - E face of WTC1
223 Hlavel, Pavel None   54 WTC - 9/11 Czech brothers - S view - 2:45 - 1st plane strike from tunnel entrance, 5:45 - 2nd plane strike from side of road near tunnel exit in Manhattan, 19 Rector St bldg in the way, 23:40 - E view, some close shots, 44:35 - WTC2 collapse [note: misspelled Hlava]
224 Luigi Cazzaniga None   24 WTC - 9/11 N view of WTC1 and WTC2, some excellent closeups from W. Broadway including dripping in NE corner of WTC2, misses WTC2 collapse, photographer joins evacuees travelling north on Centre St., then moves west to film WTC1 before collapse, misses WTC1 collapse
225 WNYW NIST Dub #1 WNYW 9/11/2001 43 WTC - 9/11 Source tapes from WNYW: 0:10-21:20 - Section 1 = Magocsi #R5 - Jack Taliercio WNYW camera, 13:36 - WTC2 collapse 21:30-27:18 - Section 2 = Magocsi #R4 - Jack Taliercio WNYW camera 27:30-32:13 - Section 3 = Magocsi #R6 - Dave Corporon WNYW camera 32:30-40:34 - Section 4 = Magocsi #R1 - Dave Corporon WNYW camera 41:00-42:40 - Section 5 = WNYW Air -- 6:30-8:00 pm
226 WNYW NIST Dub #2 WNYW 9/11/2001 62 WTC - 9/11 Source tapes from WNYW: 0:10-20:19 - Section 1 = Magocsi #R2 - Keith Lane WNYW camera 21:30-27:18 - Section 2 = Magocsi #R3 - Keith Lane WNYW camera 26:00-1:01:56 - Section 3 = Broadcast 9/11/02 WNYW; Documents 9/11/01 experience of WNYW cameramen (Keith Lane, Jack Taliercio, Dave Corporon)
227 WNYW NIST Dub #3 WNYW 9/11/2001 51 WTC - 9/11 Source tape from WNYW: 0:10-50:32 - REM7 2:00-3:35P (via Christal Roberts) - Raw "NEWS12" chopper footage from 2pm to 2:51pm, SW view of WTC7, static comes and goes
228 WNYW NIST Dub #4 WNYW 9/11/2001 29 WTC - 9/11 Source tape from WNYW: "Tue Sept 11, 2001 10:10-11:10" (Note that the contents of this tape do not match its label) - Continuous footage, camera on sticks, ground position north, 24:10 - WTC1 collapse, occasionally zooms in very close on N face of WTC1
229 Property of the FBI #1 - Law Enforcement Sensitive - Do NOT Disseminate Outside Your Agency None   12 WTC - 9/11 2nd plane strike from under Brooklyn Bridge, E faces of WTC1 and WTC2
230 ABC NIST Dub #7 - Tami Michaels, Guy Rosbrook ABC   55 WTC - 9/11 0:00-25:12 - NYBV17982S - Tami Michaels and Guy Rosbrook filming from 35th floor of Millenium Hotel (room 3502) - directly E of WTC1, NE view of WTC2 Scan below towers - bandstand, debris 1:50 - "Please stay inside the hotel" (because of the debris) 5:50 - same message 7:15 - bodies on ground 7:20-9:10 - inside hotel room, when return to towers, WTC2 has been struck 17:47 - Fire burst out of window WTC2 N 18:30 - "Evacuate building" (not first message) 20:00 - closeup of sparks from NE corner of WTC2 21:00 - "dust is starting to settle" after WTC2 collapse - pan across base of buildings 23:00 - street views after WTC1 collapse, walking toward Manhattan Bridge 25:30-54:20 - NYBF17705Q - interview with Tami Michaels (interior designer) - husband is with internet company 32:30 - hotel asked people to stay put after WTC1 strike, asked them to evacuate after WTC2 strike
231 Fireproofing WTC 1 - floors 17 and 22 - 7/7/93 None   8 Other From Monica Starnes Fireproofing inspection from litigation PA v. USM
232 Fireproofing WTC 1 - 14th floor 11/4/93 None   10 Other from Monica Starnes Fireproofing inspection from litigation PA v USM
233 Fireproofing WTC 1 27th floor - 1/9/95 None   12 Other from Monica Starnes Fireproofing inspection from litigation PA v. USM Interior views during renovation
234 WNYW NIST Dub #5 - Helicopter WNYW   95 WTC - 9/11 "Sky FOX September 11th, 2201 Master 90 Mins." 22:26-1:33:04 - Continuous chopper footage from ~9:04 am to 10:14 am; 1:17:25-1:17:34 - WTC2 collapses somewhere in this time interval 1:33:04-1:33:52 - WTC1 falling 1:33:53-1:34:09 - Prior footage of WTC2 down and WTC1 up 1:34:09-1:34:16 - Replay of WTC1 falling
235 CNN NIST Dub #1 - Tape #01345318 CNN 9/11/2001 94 WTC - 9/11 CNN North Roofcam: 8:49:28 to 10:23:10 Clean air check Fixed camera N of towers - distant view 13:45 - WTC2 plane strike 1:09:47 - WTC2 collapse
236 CNN NIST Dub #2 - Tape #01346207 CNN 9/11/2001 55 WTC 7 CNN WTC7 Roofcam: WTC7 from N after both towers have collapsed - distant view, fixed camera; pulls back to show plume; 15:22 WTC7 collapse
237 CNN NIST Dub #3 - Tape #B23963 CNN 9/11/2001 72 WTC - 9/11 CNN Archive Beta - STORIES: 1,2,3,4,7 (of 7) NY Good Day 8:55 / 64 o in lower right corner, scroll across bottom North distant view of both towers from fixed camera 1:00 - Interview with Rosa Cardona Rivera; 6:00 - Interview with Jim Friedl 8:10 - Changes to far distant N view; 8:25 - WTC2 plane strike 10:00 - Helicopter view - High 5 (Chopper 5) - starts from NW, moves to W, then to S, then SE - lose scroll and sound; 30:00 back to S 49:00 Naudet footage of WTC1 plane strike 50:00 Helicopter (Chopper 5) from W, with overlays and sound 57:00 Interview with Thomas O'Hara; 1:01:00 Interview with Dan Leigh; 1:01:45 President's speech - FOX 5 News Collapse clips
238 CNN NIST Dub #4 - CNN Clips Tape 1 CNN 9/11/2001 56 WTC - 9/11 1) 0:00-23:42 -- CNN Atlanta Tape #B23988, Story #003 Unnamed Stringer identified as Robert Bery (See "CNN NIST Dub #24) N view of towers from West Broadway and Chambers St./Hudson St. street level - zooms in close on WTC1 plane damage and WTC2 NE corner; 13:00 WTC2 collapse - misses onset 2) 24:00-36:52 -- CNN Atlanta Tape #B24133, Story #005 Raw footage from Stringer Robert Bery (cont. from tape 1) walk down West Broadway; 30:00 WTC1 collapse - misses onset 3) 37:00-41:18 -- CNN Atlanta Tape #B24124, Story #014 Raw footage from Stringer Richard Lee Brennan; 37:47 WTC2 collapse, 38:57 WTC1 collapse 4) 41:30-50:48 -- CNN Atlanta Tape #24143, Story #007- NE view of towers; PAX TV - RAW 5) 51:00 - 55:07 -- CNN Atlanta Tape #01346849 Raw footage from Stringer Michael Hezarkhani, 51:53 WTC2 plane strike
239 CNN NIST Dub #5 - CNN Clips Tape 2 CNN 9/11/2001 33 WTC - 9/11 Short clips of plane strikes and collapses, street interviews 1) 0:10-2:21 -- CNN Atlanta Tape #B23322, Story #046 CNN Package Segment - Rose Arce, CNN Producer 2) 2:30-12:01 -- CNN Atlanta Tape #B23322, Story #047 Short version of "CNN WTC crash and collapse compilation tape" - Material from various sources 3) 12:30-13:55 -- CNN Atlanta Tape #01345612 APTN Slate, Story #314873 4) 14:30-32:12 -- CNN Atlanta Tape #01345568 APTN "Europe Late" Multi-Segment Slate, source ABC 15:03-17:47 - APTN Story #314854 - Two airlines hit WTC 17:51-19:31 - APTN Story #314853 - Slow motion footage of WTC2 plane strike 19:35-22:19 - APTN Story #314863 - WTC towers collapse 22:23-25:58 - APTN Story #314867 - Ground shots and voxpops after attack 26:02-27:09 - APTN Story #314858 - Pentagon, IGNORE 27:13-28:38 - APTN Story #314866 - Overview of dust settling over WTC ruins (FOX) 28:43-32:12 - APTN Story #314869 - Ground shots of evacuations
240 CNN NIST Dub #6 - Tape #B24716 CNN   29 WTC - aftermath B22716 - CNN Archive Beta - STORIES: 2,3 WTC1 collapse First responders after collapses - by harbor behind WFC, 6:10 damage to WTC6; 7:30 damage to cars in parking lot diagonally from WTC6; 11:10 tree-lined area behind WFC, 13:45 into WFC bldg - debris, broken windows; 14:40 look into Ground Zero from area around damaged bridge; damage to adjacent buildings
241 CNN NIST Dub #7 - Tape #01360399 CNN 9/11/2001 43 WTC - 9/11 Stringer, Credit to "Wave Express" WTC1 after WTC2 collapse from N, distant view; 23:29 WTC1 collapse Continuous, view is fixed throughout
242 CNN NIST Dub #8 - Tape #AUA 3224e CNN   75 WTC - 9/11 CNN Clean Air / True TC: 8:49:00 to 10:01:56 Distant and closeup views from N, affiliate coverage (NewsCopter 7, Chopper 5, split screens, Pentagon) 13:43 2nd plane strike Continued on CNN NIST Dub #9
243 CNN NIST Dub #9 - Tape # AUA 3223f CNN   90 WTC - 9/11 CNN Clean Air / RTC: 10:00 to 11:30 Continuation of CNN NIST Dub #8
244 CNN NIST Dub #10 - Tape #01345337 CNN 9/11/2001 35 WTC - 9/11 WNYW: 9:02:29 to 9:37:11 FOX 5 News footage, incl. Chopper 5 00:00 to 4:38 - SW STAT (fixed camera with NW view); 00:46 2nd plane strike Rest of tape is Air footage
245 CNN NIST Dub #11 - Tape #01345415 CNN 9/11/2001 91 WTC - 9/11 WNYW Air: 9:37:10 to 11:07:25 FOX 5 51:28 - WTC1 collapse
246 CNN NIST Dub #12 - Tape #01345585 CNN 9/11/2001 94 WTC - 9/11 WNYW Air: 11:07:32 - 12:41:42 FOX 5 News
247 CNN NIST Dub #13 - Tape #01345795 CNN 9/11/2001 44 WTC - 9/11 WNYW: 13:17:03 - 14:00:33 FOX 5 News Interviews, newsroom discussions, earlier footage, live footage from distant N, 19:00 brief glimpse of WTC7 from helicopter
248 CNN NIST Dub #14 - Tape #01345899 CNN 9/11/2001 50 WTC - 9/11 WNYW Air: 14:17:28 - 15:07:19 FOX 5 News Transportation news - how to leave Manhattan; live views of plume from distant N; newsroom discussions; addresses by mayor and governor; discussion of airplane hijacking
249 CNN NIST Dub #15 - Tape #01345471 CNN 9/11/2001 31 WTC - 9/11 WNYW: 10:05:54 - 10:36:31 FOX 5 News
250 CNN NIST Dub #16 - Tape #01345464 CNN 9/11/2001 94 WTC - 9/11 WPIX Air: 10:01:42 - 11:35:32 WB11
251 CNN NIST Dub #17 - WABC NxNW RoofCam 8:51 - 9:52 CNN   63 WTC - 9/11 N view continuous footage on two tapes from the same camera 0:00-31:00 -- CNN Atlanta Tape #01345323, 8:51-9:21am 12:20 - WTC2 plane strike 31:30-1:02:19 -- CNN Atlanta Tape #01345388, 9:21-9:52am
252 CNN NIST Dub #18 - Kiederling ENG 9:19 - 10:09 CNN   49 WTC - 9/11 CNN NY Tape #16-8728 0:00-24:22 -- Closeups on WTC1 N face and WTC2 NE corner 18:00 - piece of jet in street Evacuating - camera swings as walk 25:00-49:11 - Same footage with superimposed timecode
253 CNN NIST Dub #19 -- Miuccio ENG FDR CNN   66 WTC - 9/11 CNN NY Tape #16-9617 0:10-32:42 -- Raw footage shot by CNN ENG Crew 4 - Miuccio - FDR Drive occasional close E views 13:00 - WTC2 collapse people evacuating 30:30 - WTC1 collapse 33:00-1:05:30 - Same footage with superimposed timecode
254 CNN NIST Dub #20 - NY Tape #16-8763, 16-8778 CNN   52 WTC - 9/11 Val Junker's notes say #16-8783, Tape says #16-8763 0:00-20:40 -- Raw footage shot by CNN ENG Marc Abramson NW view from West St. First minute of tape is jerky Closeups of N and W faces of WTC1 8:00 move to N view after WTC2 collapse 21:00-51:40 -- Raw footage shot by CNN ENG 3 N view of both towers burning 24:50 - switch to NW view from West St. 26:00 - closeup of heavy fire on W face of WTC1 32:00-36:30 - camera running inside car NYPD at Franklin St. / Leonard St. 40:55 - WTC1 collapse (can see collapse cloud but not building itself) Evacuation
255 CNN NIST Dub #21 - Pordy + Heath CNN   57 WTC - 9/11 0:00-25:40 -- CNN NY Tape #16-9678 - Raw footage by Amateur from LI City - Ronald Pordy NE view across East River 2:25 WTC2 plane strike - clear view of approaching plane 3:50 cut 5:40 cut, return to end of WTC2 collapse 14:40 - WTC1 has collapsed 23:10 cut to fighter jet location on pier 24:55 cut to night view with plume 26:00-56:60 -- CNN NY Tape #16-9756 - Raw footage by Amateur - Dr. Mark Heath in car riding toward WTC1 on West St. Walking with firefighters, NW views of WTC1 29:00 - WTC1 collapse, enveloped by debris cloud 31:30 - start to see again 34:30 cuts First responders near Ground Zero 40:50 - ambulance rides to makeshift emergency center near river 47:20 - walk back toward Ground Zero 47:10 see bridge at GZ and remains of tower, pan to damage on street and surrounding buildings 56:00 out to harbor area behind Wintergarden
256 CNN NIST Dub #22 - NY Tape #16-8759 CNN   44 WTC - 9/11 CNN NY Tape #16-8759 - Physical tape mentions Hudson + Bleeker, not mentioned in CNN database record 0:10-21:34 N view from park at Abington St. Onlookers Occasional looks at WTC1 22:00-43:26 Same footage with superimposed timecode Timecode rolls over from Relative to TRUE TIME=9:57:15, ends at TRUE TIME=10:18:51
257 CNN NIST Dub #23 - NY Tape #16-8754, 16-8742, 17-1439 CNN   58 WTC - 9/11 0:10-19:22 -- CNN NY Tape #16-8754 - CNN B-Roll from West Side Hwy Shortly after WTC1 collapse Firefighters with oxygen tanks walking down West St. Front loaders down West St. Closeups of WTC7 from NW - 4:05, 11:11 closeup of damage on SW corner 13:20 - WTC7 collapse - miss beginning of collapse 20:00-23:54 -- CNN NY Tape #16-8742 - Raw footage from Stringer Park Foreman track plane into WTC2 from SE (shown 3x), can see plane turning, backs up to show thermal in plume Far view from SE 24:30-57:48 -- CNN NY Tape #17-1439 - Raw footage from Amateur, shot from Queens - Waldemar Jurkowsky Boy in kitchen Distant NE view of both towers 28:25 - just after WTC2 collapse 42:50 - WTC1 collapse (misses beginning), good view of core 46:30 -- Far NEview after collapses
258 CNN NIST Dub #24 - Bery - 5 CNN NY Tapes CNN   47 WTC - 9/11 100% of material attributed to stringer Robert Bery as found w/in CNN NY Archive ("CNN NIST Dub #4" segments 1&2 contain 100% of Robert Bery as found w/in CNN Atlanta Archive - best version) 1) 0:00-13:26 -- CNN NY Tape #16-8758 - 3rd in sequence N view from ground on West Broadway closeup views of N faces and NE corner of WTC2 8:05 WTC2 collapse in progress Flee approaching cloud 10:15 - N view of WTC1 from W. Broadway 2) 14:10-28:52 -- CNN NY Tape #16-8765 - 4th in sequence N view of WTC1 after WTC2 collapse 26:50 - WTC1 collapse in progress 3) 29:30-34:07 -- CNN NY Tape #16-8766 - 5th in sequence debris-filled streets, ambulances 4) 34:30-40:10 -- CNN NY Tape #16-9062 - 2nd in sequence N view of towers burning 5) 40:30-46:37 -- CNN NY Tape #16-9612 - 1st in sequence (40:40-42:20 -- Messed-up footage) N view of towers bicycling down West Broadway, then retreats to Hudson St. - not in "CNN NIST Dub #4", clipped
259 CNN NIST Dub #25 - CNN Atlanta WTC Comp Reel CNN   64 WTC - 9/11 "World Trade Center Compilation Tape" 1:00 Naudet footage of 1st plane strike 2nd plane strike, collapses, people in debris cloud 27:00 - Dripping from NE corner of WTC2 31:00 Helicopter footage from south 41:00 View of Ground Zero and damage to surrounding buildings on south from WFC upper floor 43:30 Night cleanup operation 46:20 Cleanup next day (?) 53:15 Plane engine, something imbedded in upper windows of adjacent bldg 59:40 Burning tower clips again
260 CNN NIST Dub #26 - WPIX Air 12:33-1:37pm WPIX 9/11/2001 64 WTC - 9/11 CNN Atlanta Tape #01345733 WPIX - WB11 - 12:33:54-1:37:35, starts at 12:33:54:25 Clean (some sections are fonted) 0:00-3:30 - Live views of Ground Zero area with glimpses of WTC7 20:00 W view of WTC7 - zooms in 42:00 Several long shots shown from various locations
261 CNN NIST Dub #27 - WPIX Air 2:30-4:00pm WPIX 9/11/2001 90 WTC - 9/11 CNN Atlanta Tape #01345923 WPIX - 14:30:24-16:00:39 Fonted
262 CNN NIST Dub #28 - WPIX Air 4:00-4:43pm WPIX 9/11/2001 44 WTC - 9/11 CNN Atlanta Tape #01346094 WPIX - WB11 logo shown occasionally - 4:00:37-4:43:46pm - starts at 16:00:37.03 11:38 stat cam shows WTC7 31:15-35:30 - Replay of WTC footage and interviews from earlier in the day 39:00 - Interview with 81st floor employee 42:10 - Reporter states that according to firefighters WTC7 is severely leaning toward the south, 43:20 - WTC7 is being evacuated
263 CNN NIST Dub #29 - WPIX Air 11:36-11:55am, 9:07-9:50am WPIX 9/11/2001 62 WTC - 9/11 WPIX - WB11 ( includes same footage as in "WPIX NIST Dub #1 - 9:10-10:10 am newscast") 0:10-18:56 -- CNN Atlanta Tape #01345633 11:36:48-11:55:28, starts at 11:36:48.05 19:30-1:02:32 -- CNN Atlanta Tape #01345538 9:07:29-9:50:31, starts at 9:07:29.26
264 CNN NIST Dub #30 - NY Static Cam North 9:09-10:11am CNN   65 WTC - 9/11 CNN Atlanta Tape #01345347 9:08:57-10:11:20am, starts at 9:08:57.20 Distant N view after both towers struck Clean, no audio, POV constant, continuous footage 50:17 WTC2 collapse
265 CNN NIST Dub #31 - NY1 Air 2:13-2:56pm NY1 9/11/2001 43 WTC - 9/11 CNN Atlanta Tape #01345347 NY1 - 2:13:05-2:56:03pm, starts at 14:13:05.06 3:15-5:40 - Good views of towers 16:30 - Stat cam north -- diff from other NY1 tape 19:15 - WTC2 collapse from south Chopper 21:10 - Return to 16:30 POV
266 CNN NIST Dub #32 - WPXI Air 11:54am-12:29pm WPXI 9/11/2001 35 WTC - 9/11 CNN Atlanta Tape #01345674 WPXI - NBC Pittsburgh Ch. 11 - 11:54:50am-12:29:11pm (Fonted) 1:30 view of WTC7 from NW 2:30 Chief of Safety of NYFD believes there may have been other explosions 15:00 Pittsburgh description of Shanksville plane crash 21:00, 24:00 Unclear N view of WTC7
267 Cindy Weil - Duane + Hudson None   93 WTC - 9/11 N view of towers from apartment corner of Duane and Hudson - on tripod, continuous 0:08 - 29:24 -- 1st tape: camera time + 1 hour = 8:49:57am - 9:21:27am 10:30 - WTC2 plane strike - can barely see WTC2 NE corner over WTC7 in front 29:28 - 1:32:08 -- 2nd tape: camera time + 1 hour = 9:27:01am - 10:31:06am 59:35 - WTC2 collapse 1:19:25 - lower line of smoke appears 1:21:28 - small glitch in tape 1:29:00 - WTC1 collapse
268 Silberman, Greg - 9/11 and Later None   48 WTC - 9/11 NW view Closeups of plane damage to N face of WTC1 ~7:30 comments that fire has spread (across W face) 11:00 NYPD helicopter on ground 15:10 helicopter crosses top of WTC1, WTC2 collapses behind WTC1 17:10 aftermath - firefighters hosing down WTC6 19:20 caring for victims along West St. 22:20 NYPD boats 23:45 sound of jet 30:10 - 9/21/01 at 2:30 pm - just moved back home 30:55 - 9/21/01 at 8:25 pm - watching debris being loaded onto barges at night 34:15 - 9/23/01 at 10:00 am 37:45 - 9/24/01 night view of barges and WTC site 39:30 - 9/25/01 morning 42:20 - 10/1/01 morning 44:05 - 10/3/01 4:50 am 45:20 - 10/6/01 12:30pm
269 NIST Public Briefing 6-23-05 - Tape 1 of 2 None   94 Other Taped by Val Junker
270 NIST Public Briefing 6-23-05 - Tape 2 of 2 None   35 Other Taped by Val Junker
271 NIST NYC 4-5-05 - Tape 1 of 4 None   93 Other Public briefing
272 NIST NYC 4-5-05 - Tape 2 of 4, plus NIST TV None   49 Other 0:00 - 36:30 - Public briefing 36:50 - 48:xx - News accounts of public briefing 45:15 - Steel at NIST, fire experiments - Ch 4
273 NIST NYC 4-5-05 - Tape 3 of 4 None   92 Other Public briefing
274 NIST NYC 4-5-05 - Tape 4 of 4 None   64 Other Public briefing

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 1 - 17MB, 191 files
View at

1 folder, "Photos with watermarks" = 6 folders:
AbeConby = 36 jpgs 720x1152 including white margin - of Ground Zero and WTC7 burning, dusty streets, paper -- watermarked "© 2001 Abe Conby -- DO NOT COPY -- (NIST World Trade Center Investigation)"
DavidTurner = 30 jpgs of the WTC towers burning from below, west and south, same resolution as above, watermarked similarly
GaryTaustine = 83 jpgs of the WTC towers burning (and missing from skyline) from north, distant, overexposed, same resolution, watermarked similarly
JasonMumbach = 5 jpgs of WTC7 burning from West St., one during end of collapse, building obscured, same res, watermark as above
JohnDiBartolo = 16 jpgs of the WTC towers burning from north street level, medium shot, a few of WTC2 collapse near end of progression, same res, etc.
KennethGross = 17 jpgs of towers burning from below, west, some from behind Winter Garden

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 2 - 664MB, 187 files
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1 folder = "42A0001 - no watermarks" contains the photographers of release 1, whose folders each have an "originals" folder that contains the same images not watermarked.
Abe Conby
David Turner
Gary Taustine
Jason Mumbach
John DiBartolo
Kenneth Gross

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 3 - 42MB, 196 files
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10 folders with images:
Unknow Photographer 8 = (sic) 2 images of WTC1 burning from west, upper floors only
Unknown Photographer 1 from www.phatmax.net_wtc = 73 jpgs low res 640x480 of towers burning from north, distant, leaning, collapse missed
Unknown Photographer 2 from www.phatmax.net_wtc = 7 jpgs of towers burning from NW on Jersey side of Hudson River (bad quality PDF)
Unknown Photographer 3 from www.phatmax.net_wtc = 11 JPGs of dust cloud where towers were, from NW on Jersey side of Hudson River (bad quality PDF)
Unknown Photographer 4 from www.phatmax.net_wtc = 4 JPGs of WTC1 burning, obscured, from NNE (bad quality PDF)
Unknown Photographer 5 from www.phatmax.net_wtc = 23 jpgs of towers burning from N on West Side Hwy (bad quality PDF)
Unknown Photographer 6 from www.phatmax.net_wtc = 13 jgps of towers burning from NNW Jersey distant (bad quality PDF)
Unknown Photographer 7 from www.phatmax.net_wtc = 14 JPGs of towers burning from Trinity Church, then south to pier and west from boat traveling north on Hudson River (bad quality PDF)
Unknown Photographer from squiddity.com_catastrophe = 22 JPGs of towers burning from north, street level
Unknown Photographers from = 26 jpgs of Ground Zero area, not original size (see release 18, GeorgeMillerNYCTAfromCD for high res) WTC7 burning from West Broadway, burned bus, scorched cars, WTC6 and FDNY on West St.

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 4 - 11,092MB (11GB), 495 files
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3 folders:
42A0003 - 1of3 = 2 folders:
AbeConby = 2 avi videos, 320x240 resolution, at Ground Zero on 9/11. 1. WTC7 burns from south, 25 seconds: (or ) and 2. Same view some time later, perhaps after WTC7 collapse, for 50 seconds: (or ) -- see also release 14 folder
WilliamCirone = 49 avi video files average length less than 60 seconds, 720x480 resolution - Ground Zero on 9/11. Dusty streets, fires, smoke, WTC7 fire, burned cars, FDNY, debris pile. File 32 shows WTC7 west obscured (like Steve Spak video) with WTC1 debris at the base. Last few files time stamped after 4:00 pm, WTC7 burns from northwest street level (see release 10 for continuous file in wmv format) -- and (and in 2 parts here: and )

42A0003 - 2of3 = 253 jpgs (2 tif) from NYPD - many from NYPD aviation of Ground Zero, super high res scans, WTC7 damage, WTC7 burning (160 jpgs of NYPD from the street - Ground Zero, WTC7 burning, WTC2 fireball of 2nd plane impact street, north)

42A0003 - 3of3 = 190 jpgs from NYPD of towers burning from street level, also debris in streets, chunks of human flesh with airplane fuselage -- see photo -- 2 shots of a jumper falling from WTC1 with WTC3/Marriott in view. Two shots of airplane wheel stuck in exterior column section in street -- see photo Roll 3 09, Roll_3_12, and Roll_3_13 -- see NIST report version (mirror of 09) -- also 2 high res shots of WTC1 collapse from NW street level

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 5 - 226 files, 1,699MB
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42A0004 = 4 folders:
FDNY = 197 jpg and tif images of towers burning closeup and distant, Ground Zero area, dusty streets, WTC7 burning from West St. and from West Broadway, north, firetrucks burned, WTC7 debris pile (collection at, FDNY in and around debris pile
PicoBenAmotz = 3 jpgs of tower 1 burning, from north behind WTC7
ThomasViscelli = 16 JPGs of tower 1 burning, WTC2 fireball/plane impact, WTC1 collapse early initiation and spire, dust cloud envelops Manhattan, from a boat
WilliamCirone = 9 jpgs of Ground Zero, burned firetrucks, WTC7 burns, obscured (frames from video footage also seen in release 4 and again in release 10 as wmv.

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 6 - 112 files, 34MB
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42A0005 = 5 folders
CarmenTaylor = 19 JPGs not including famous plane photo from south. WTC1 moments after plane hit, smoke rises, tower 1 burns, tower 2 smoke rises, towers burn
DaveThom = 30 JPGs from New Jersey side, missed the plane(s). WTC1 burns before 2nd hit - impact fireball shot not included (more archived here)- WTC2 after plane hit, towers burn, WTC1 collapse
DavidChui = 3 JPGs of WTC1 burning from south street level, before 2nd plane hit
JaronRubenstein = 14 jpgs of WTC1 burning before 2nd plane hit, moments after 2nd plane hit, and both towers burning from across East River below/across Brooklyn Bridge
SalomonSmithBarney = 45 JPGs from north street level, 1 of fireball during 2nd plane impact, from N. Moore and Greenwich St. (beside street sign), towers burn, later WTC7 burns from north

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 7 - 1,040 files, 2,125MB
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42A0006 folder with photos. 21 file folders:
AdamSchreiner = 8 JPG images, medium resolution, including dust cloud in street, WTC2 fireball half behind building, airplane tire of "Flight 11"
BillBlack = 27 JPG images, high resolution shots of WTC2 plane impact damage from south
BillDelaney = 24 bmp images of burning towers from south including 2 of towers gone - medium resolution
DavidLaBianca = 3 jpg images medium resolution of towers burning from south
DennisGage = 4 folders. 1. = jpgs of Manhattan empty skyline (from Jersey City area); 2. jpgs of tower 1 burning, tower 2 before and after 2nd plane impact - medium resolution; 3. jpgs of towers burning, WTC2 collapse near end and dust cloud rising; 4. more of same, including WTC1 dust cloud rising
GeorgeMarengo = 51 jpgs of towers burning from east/ne behind Woolworth building med-high res, airplane engine on Church St. with Murray Street sign, some shots of dust cloud in street - as seen at the website
JayBoucher = numerous jpgs and bmp images of towers burning and dust cloud from Jersey side, south
JimGreen = 60 jpgs of Ground Zero closeup -- see photo album now (select images) -- Brooks Brothers store inside, debris, dust and paper in streets, a couple images of towers burning from southeast
JohnsonKV = 144 jpgs, high res, from elevated north position of towers burning and collapses - many shots during descent of WTC1 (see release 36 for link)
JonathanArneault = 70 jps of Ground Zero area, people, National Guard, missing persons posters
LaurenGibbs = 8 jpgs of towers burning and dust cloud from southwest
MarkSmith = 41 jpgs of towers burning from south and east - and dust cloud, smoke
MatthiasKriesberg = 6 images each with a jpg and tif copy, of smoke from north behind WTC7
MichaelSproule = 8 JPG images of towers burning and dust clouds from Jersey City area
MikeDavis = 34 JPG images of Ground Zero area on 9/11, WTC7 south side burning, and closeups of debris field, FDNY and dust, WTC1 core/footprint.
NoahBastANDsteveMayer = 2 folders:
  Noah = 56 JPG images of tower 1 burning from Jersey City area and tower 2 right after impact, smoke rising, WTC2 dust cloud, WTC1 collapse descent high res, with lens flares
  Steve = 65 JPG images of towers burning from near Noah, WTC2 before and after plane impact, after collapses as dust cloud envelops Manhattan
PaulCorrigan = 26 jpgs of WTC2 plane hit from north distant, fireball only, smoke rising
PeterMatthews = 56 tif images medium/low resolution, of Ground Zero area, smashed firetrucks, dust, debris, fire, towers burning from east distant and close, collapse obscured
RichardRutkowski = 24 tif images, black and white low resolution, towers burning, WTC2 collapse from east - several of descent. . WTC7 pile and Ground Zero generic
RobertFisch = 36 JPG images including 2nd plane photo (all known 2nd plane photos), WTC2 explosion/fireball, and both collapses
ScottMcDonald = 3 images, WTC2 burning from south, obscured - 1 image shows map with camera position

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 8 - 843 files, 8,538MB
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3 folders: (select images seen here.)
42A0007 - 1of3 = 7 folders plus 108 jpg images from NYPD aviation on 9/11 (WTC7 burning, corner damage misleading/obscured as seen in NIST report, plus better ones, debris field), and NYPD street on 9/11. folders include:
NYPD SCANS GROUP 1 = 32 jpgs of towers burning from street below, one shot of WTC2 base and car on fire, bloody drape in street
NYPD SCANS GROUP 2 = 16 jpgs of towers burning from street below, south (high res, 4000dpi)
NYPD SCANS GROUP 3 = 19 jpgs of towers burning from street below, south and east
Police Overheads = 196 shots mostly 9/11, some 9/13 -- 9/11 from NYPD Greg Semendinger with times in metadata (spreadsheet in release 17 -- here). Also 9/13 debris field closeup aerials of Liberty St. cave-in, surrounding area
scannedFromHardCopy = 40 PDF files each with between 1 and 12 images high resolution, Ground Zero aerials on 9/11, debris field closeups, WTC7 burning, SW corner damage seen in 2-21_2.PDF and 2-22_2.PDF -- WTC tower core debris closeup in 2-22_1.PDF and hosing WTC6 with water but not WTC7, lower Manhattan smoking, plume over Brooklyn wide shots
WTC2 = 32 JPGs from NYPD aviation chopper 12 towers burning, closeup WTC1 roof shot, landed chopper due NW of WTC cloud, ground shots of Ground Zero debris at night, crushed police car
WTCPlaneCrash = 154 jpgs - Greg Semendinger 9/11 aerials again, but no metadata. No plane crash shot, just before and after photos with Greg's name and NYC Aviation Unit text -- see release 17 for image data. Full details in my article, "Case of the Missing NYPD Helicopter Photos."

42A0007 - 2of3 = 185 high resolution photos of towers burning from south, on West St., cars burning, "Flight 11" airplane wheel - tire - landing gear stuck in exterior column section on street (see also release 4, 42A0003 - 3of3 ... also NYPD)

42A0007 - 3of3 = 3 folders:
NYPD SCANS GROUP 4 = 25 high res jpgs of towers burning from south and west on West St., file names begin NYPD_Taylor
NYPD SCANS GROUP 5 = 23 high res jpgs of towers burning from east, including WTC2 collapse initiation (also NYPD_Taylor), although scans include defects like lint
NYPD SCANS GROUP 6 = 22 high res jpgs like group 4, but named NYPD_Wisniewski...

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 9 - 28,812 files, 40,405MB (39GB)
Download at - no preview available.

2 folders, Steel Micrographs (33 tif images of microscopic structure) and WTC-FOIA, which is 7 folders and one PDF (WTC-FOIA-information.pdf, which credits the 8 staff members from the Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory. One of them didn't have a folder. Many subfolders of images for the NIST study of the 236 steel samples and comparisons for observed behavior in the 2 WTC towers. Metallurgy and materials reliability. See also release 26.) folders:

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 10 - 75 files, 65,581MB (64GB)
Download at - no preview available... or find many of these files for download and viewing at the NIST Review site.

The FOIA torrent has 3 folders.
1. "CironeWilliam" contains one file: WTCI-331-I.wmv = 13:20 length wmv 640x480 px -- Ground Zero, streets of lower Manhattan footage. WTC 5, 4 burning. WTC 7 obscured, burning at vrt 9:00, again 12:20.. and later in day, 13:00 with timestamp on screen: 4:10 pm. See video here or here.

2. "CNN" contains many wmv files of varying lengths from different networks and amateurs. All of these are available for download at the page "9/11 Television Raw."

WTCI-329-I-#1.wmv = CNN 5 Penn Plaza Wide Shot from 8:49 am (timestamp before video begins) - 2nd plane enters frame at 13:34, impacts at 13:39. At 1:09:41, WTC 2 collapse -- ends at 1:33:49 before WTC 1 collapse.

WTCI-329-I-#2.wmv = CNN Wide Shot .. of WTC 7 collapse at 15:08 ... runs 56:10 length.

WTCI-329-I-#3.wmv = WNYW FOX5 at 8:54 am (see YouTube channel 911TVarchive for this broadcast, a different recording) ... 2nd plane impact at vrt 8:22 ... ends at 20:43. Then CBS Chopper2 footage at about the same time .. to 49:10 then at 49:20 Naudet 1st plane impact footage, Gamma Press title, full screen, choppy audio... then at 50:27 back to WNYW around 9:25 am... then WABC Channel 7 NY at 1:05:55 to 1:11:27, afternoon

Uploading this file to YouTube currently (Feb. 18, 2012) gives the copyright notice: "..may include content that is owned or administered by these entities: Entity: RTL Netherlands Content Type: Audiovisual content :: Entity: loosechange911movie Content Type: Audiovisual content :: Entity: Fundação Padre Anchieta (TV Cultura) Content Type: Visual content." That is, of course, despite the fact that none of those entities owns the rights to any of that video. What has happened is that material from copyright holders that happened to include the WNYW/WCBS/WABC/Naudet material has been sent to YouTube for inclusion in their copyright data spider search program.

WTCI-329-I-#4.wmv = raw footage (mostly CNN), 1:02:38 length total -- WTC 2 molten metal drip at 13:00, skips to WTC2 collapse at 13:05, initiation missing, from West Broadway (north), running and panic with over-loud audio... (see also WTCI-329-I-#24.wmv and release 14 CNN Dub4 14) at 30:38 WTC1 collapse from same location.... dusty streets... at 37:00 WTC2 collapse footage CNN amateur unknown NE while CNN is on the TV in the audio background... fast forwards to WTC1 collapse at 38:50 ... at 41:26 cuts to unknown NW shot from Jersey of 2nd plane impact, plane visible for a moment 43:45 WTC2 collapse from the same vantage point, then WTC1 collapse mostly missed, video starts with spire descent... dust cloud envelops Manhattan. Then at 50:56 the 2nd plane impact Michael Hezarkhani video, extended length beginning with Statue of Liberty shot, then WTC1 burning, impact at 51:49. At 54:11 view switches to a south street view, Hezarkhani says it's "about 20 minutes later after the crash" -- switch at 55:00 to gray screen -- at 1:02:28 gray ends to WNYW broadcast for a few seconds

WTCI-329-I-#5.wmv - Building blow up [file name changed by Int'l Center for 9/11 Studies] = 32:26 total length -- see video clip of first 2 minutes (also here, CNN Producer Rose Arce footage near WTC7 when NYPD and FDNY tell us to move back because the building is about to blow up! Explosion audible! Then 2nd plane impact footage from Park Foreman, CNN wide shot, WPIX Metrocam (washed out color), ABC Chopper880, 2nd plane missed by WPIX Michael Barbagallo, Evan Fairbanks. At 4:50 WTC2 collapse footage: WPIX Metrocam seen on WNYW full length rare, then WPIX chopper WTC2 collapse, Chopper2 WTC2 collapse, CNN Roof Cam, Evan Fairbanks on ABC, CNN Tom Muccio, CNN 5 Penn Plaza wide shot extended length, WABC below NW with firetrucks, dust cloud. At 7:19 WTC1 collapse footage: Dr. Mark Heath, Luigi Cazzaniga NE view, CNN Extra south view, WNYW Chopper5 west view, end of CBS Blue angle as seen LIVE... then WTC2 Luigi Cazzaniga again, then WTC1 collapse WNYW Dick Oliver north street view, WTC1 collapse CNN 5 Penn Plaza wide shot full length, ABC Michelle Charlesworth on West Side Highway (north), CNN Roof Cam zoom out then at 11:59 black/gray screen... to 12:25 "APTN Europe Late" on screen, raw footage of WTC2 molten metal drip, car on its way to scene down West Side Hwy, end APTN tape at 14:00. At 14:25 more APTN Europe late, screen time TC 11:00 (PM), countdown. Times listed for topics: 2:37 WTC Attack [Chopper880 footage clips], 1:33 WTC Impact-motio [sic - Chopper880 clips again, then replay slow motion, then replay super slow motion with time on screen 9:11], 2:37 WTC Collapse [NewsCopter7 WTC2 collapse with FOX News commentator LIVE reaction, then slow motion replay, then ABC Michelle Charlesworth WTC1 collapse], 2:30 WTC Ground [FOX News witnesses "like snow" and ABC footage on street after 2nd plane hit, then explosion in basement elevator witness to skin hanging off and jumpers, woman crying "people are jumping out the windows"] , 1:00 Pentagon Crash [at vrt 26:00, wide purple shot of Pentagon fire from north], 2:30 WTC Hudson [FOX source distant chopper shot from south of dust cloud enveloping Manhattan], 2:30 WTC Evacuation [ABC source, Jim Hoffer runs after 2nd plane hit, Nina Pineda crouching behind car, cops waving people yelling "let's move it" then again male jumper witness (in other clip said basement elevator explosion), then woman jumper witness crying again, hurt cop getting in back of Jeep Cherokee like vehicle], 1:38 WTC Bush [tape ends after Bush says "today we've had a national traged--"], --- not included from the list: 2:51 Blair reaction, 1:27 DFLP Denial, 2:30 Hamas Reax, 2:13 Arafat Reax

WTCI-329-I-#6.wmv = Etienne Sauret footage 640x480 aspect ratio not correct, not wide enough -- see video corrected -- starts after 2nd plane impact, WTC2 collapse edited out. WTC1 collapse at 1:10 -- 28:15 length total (best seen in the Turn of the Century Pictures/ Sauret DVD "WTC: The First 24 Hours" (2002)

WTCI-329-I-#7.wmv = Devin Clark (43:12 length) footage of North Tower burning, collapsing at 23:22 ... then smoke/dust scene -- titled CNN NEW YORK at end

WTCI-329-I-#8.wmv = Raw CNN tape of 8:48 am - 10:00 am on 9/11/01, with some black and white, and "Affiliate Coverage" text on screen during WABC helicopter footage. Tape turns black and rewinds for a few seconds after 1:13:00, runs gray and then solid black until end at 1:32:46

WTCI-329-I-#9.wmv = CNN Raw broadcast recording (1:29:19 length) of WTC1 burning, anchor Aaron Brown talking, etc. WTC1 collapse as broadcast LIVE at 26:07

WTCI-329-I-#10.wmv = FOX News Channel title at beginning, first 4:24. Mystery Jersey chopper (? - Perspectivist YougeneDebs says the camera is aloft) blue-tinted footage of 2nd plane impact in the first minute. File is corrupted so you can't scan ahead, except on YouTube: see video -- WNYW FOX5 9/11 news at 9:06 am until vrt end at 48:40

WTCI-329-I-#11.wmv = WNYW FOX5 news from 9:37 am -- for length 1:30:23 before black, tape ends minutes later -- see video starting combined with the next file, 12. Note that the previously available WNYW 9/11 TV archive (from VHS tape from Radioskip) ended at 10:50 am, about at vrt 1:13:20... where I combined release 10 "CNN" files 11 and 12 for the full WNYW playlist here. James Ford reports at 1:00:30 including plane witnesses and an elevator explosion witness.

WTCI-329-I-#12.wmv = WNYW FOX5 news continued, length 1:37:54, begins at 11:07 am. At vrt 39:35 the rare 1st plane hit audio from Dick Oliver's camera resting on the sidewalk (link to first release online) is aired. Includes the James Ford WNYW WTC1 collapse footage and rare plane witnesses (See also previous file.)

WTCI-329-I-#13.wmv = WNYW FOX5 news continued from 1:17 pm, length 49:18 (tape goes black at 43:30) -- see video ... The right eighth of the screen is pixelated, corrupted throughout the file.

WTCI-329-I-#14.wmv = WNYW FOX5 news continued, 2:17 pm start, length 52:40 -- see video -- WTC2 collapse Jack Taliercio closeup east at 0:49, 2nd plane impact Chopper5 no banner at vrt 0:55 and 38:55, WTC2 collapse from Empire Stage Bldg. Metrocam (WPIX) at 48:00, rare since it fully shows the core collapse

WTCI-329-I-#15.wmv = WNYW FOX5 morning broadcast 10:05 am on, for length 30:55, corrupted with pixelated artifacts on the right eighth of the screen

WTCI-329-I-#16.wmv = WPIX (WB11) am broadcast 10:01 am, without clock and logos as seen in actual broadcast -- and afternoon footage too, length 1:34:19 -- see video (52:54 - 59:07 is black, then Pentagon footage) .. at 1:18:40 is PAX-TV 2nd plane impact footage slow HQ. Last half hour is new 2011.

WTCI-329-I-#17.wmv = CNN Roof Cam (?) 2nd plane missed (9:13 am replay of explosion was aired on 9/11) raw footage with audio of guys off camera, indoors apparently

WTCI-329-I-#18.wmv = CNN raw tape downtown NY before towers fall ... Brian Kiederling WTC2 collapse at 18:56 ... and replay of half of the tape with timer... 49:26 total length

WTCI-329-I-#19.wmv = CNN Tom Muccio footage -- WTC 2 collapse known, crowds on FDR Dr., bridges, Brooklyn Bridge, new WTC 1 collapse .. 1:05:16 total length

WTCI-329-I-#20.wmv = 53:42 rare CNN footage, NEW WTC 2 "collapse" at 9:17 (partial with audio) Camera with Producer Phil Hirschkorn, also seen in "America Remembers" Tribute documentary -- 20:36 to 21:35 blank - cut to CNN alternate roof shot after 2nd plane hit raw with audio - 24:51 cut to West Side Hwy north of burning WTC 1 after WTC 2 "collapse" - unknown camera gets in truck at 32:00 video of inside truck door with audio until 36:50 -- street shots -- NEW WTC 1 collapse partial shot at 40:49 -- street shots see video

WTCI-329-I-#21.wmv = raw 9/11 footage, 2 tapes: see video -- 1st the Ronald Pordy amateur footage from Queens... 2nd plane impact at 2:25 -- 5:42 blue screen - returns to seconds after WTC2 collapse. 14:42 skips to after WTC1 collapse. Pordy footage ends at 25:40 .. gray ... cut to tape 2.
Begin emergency vehicle going down West Side Hwy. toward WTC1 burning - the Dr. Mark Heath footage, WTC1 collapse closeup below at 26:00 -- inside dust cloud.. cut at 34:45, still Heath footage in dusty streets of lower Manhattan, continues with cuts, through day at Ground Zero with FDNY until 57:00 black

WTCI-329-I-#22.wmv = 21:33 length amateur footage plays twice, 2nd time with timer. Begins after 9:03, nearly misses WTC2 collapse from northwest, street level -- see video clip. Missed WTC1 collapse. Lots of focusing on pedestrians, civilian talk and expressions, reactions.

WTCI-329-I-#23.wmv = new WTC7 collapse at 13:22 -- see video clip -- beginning title reads "CNN NY ENG 5" #10637... tape ends at 19:22...gray... then at 20:03 begin Park Foreman amateur footage from Brooklyn of 2nd plane impact plays, rewinds, replays at 20:27. Plane impact at 20:50 - with audio, rewinds again at 21:22. That replays in extended length with zoom out. Then begin different footage from Queens, foreign language, after 2nd plane hit, then missed WTC2 collapse and later, ending part of WTC1 collapse (included in clip linked above). 57:48 - 1:05:15 is black

WTCI-329-I-#24.wmv = 1:05:16 length, WTC2 collapse at 8:00 (see also WTCI-329-I-#4.wmv and release 14 CNN Dub4 14), just after molten metal drip, from N with bad audio... then WTC1 collapse at 26:49, missing initiation, from behind WTC7 on street. Ends at 34:08 then similar view like replay... at 45:00 chaos for no reason, 3rd plane fear perhaps,,, running north on Church St. --- tape ends at 46:37, black until file end at 1:05:16

WTCI-329-I-#25.wmv = 2nd plane hit, collapses - Fairbanks, Park Foreman, Pordy, WNYW Chopper 5, New Jersey Unknown, etc. collected with footage from Ground Zero, date(s) unknown. Also CNN WTC2 collapse "Roof Cam" angle extended length

WTCI-329-I-#26.wmv = 1:04:24 length, WB11 12:33 pm (studio recording begins with time stamp -- see full WB11 9/11 playlist here) - black screen with audio at 25:14 - 26:00 (corrupted file - also freezes at 35:40, with audio in studio, goes black... back on, frozen to 40:10). More WB11 broadcast in release 28

WTCI-329-I-#27.wmv = WB11 2:32 pm - 4:06 pm. See the NIST collected materials website (not sure if the correct file is linked, but it is WB11).

WTCI-329-I-#28.wmv = WB11 4:00 pm (TC time on screen) - 4:43 pm?

WTCI-329-I-#29.wmv = WB11 11:36 am (TC time on screen) - 11:54 am, black for a minute, then cut to 9:07 am at vrt 19:30 to end at vrt 1:02:28

WTCI-329-I-#30.wmv - NY1 Empire State Bldg. cam silent 9:09 am (TC time on screen) to WTC2 collapse at vrt 50:11 (rare from this angle -- see video clip, collapse replays at 1:02:39, then NY1 broadcast for 2 minutes until end at 1:05:10

WTCI-329-I-#31.wmv - NY1 2:13 pm - 2:56 pm

WTCI-329-I-#32.wmv = NBC 11 National (Pittsburgh) News 11:54 (TC time on screen) -- at vrt 15:07 changes to local news on Shanksville, then Pittsburgh to 34:43 end

WTCI-330-I-#1.wmv = CNN (news as broadcast with intro text from CNNImageSource) 8:32 am on 9/11 to 10:00 am (end at 1:29:02) -- see the CNN 9/11 A.M. quality playlist here.

WTCI-330-I-#2.wmv = CNN continued for 1:33:51

WTCI-330-I-#3.wmv = CNN continued for 1:31:29

WTCI-330-I-#4.wmv = CNN continued for 1:33:00 with blank spot at end, cut to flight explorer as aired on CNN -- see the full 9/11 TV archive here

WTCI-330-I-#5.wmv = CNN continued ... 2:37 pm, clock behind Giuliani in LIVE press conference, run time 1:30:14

WTCI-330-I-#6.wmv = CNN continued ... about 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Folder 3 is "NYC-FDNY" and contains 7 folders, "WTCI-28-NYC" and others with different numbers, 29, 30, etc. through 34. Mostly footage of the Ground Zero recovery. Inside the debris pile from 9/11 to October at least.

WTCI-28-NYC = 4 wmv files beginning with "WTCI-28-NYC_Pt1of4," 1st 3 videos are about 1.01GB each, 1:10:23 length (or so), amateur FDNY(?) footage of Ground Zero debris pile. Other folders and video files are similar. Watch some clips and some complete:
WTCI-28-NYC_Pt1of4.wmv (begins on 9/11)
FDNY at Ground Zero, WTC. Sept. 12-13 and WTC7 Debris Pile & Ground Zero Closeup (WTCI-28-NYC_Pt2of4.wmv)
Inside Ground Zero on 911 - FDNY Debris Closeups"> (full) and Ground Zero, WTC Plaza, Sphere, Twisted Steel (clip) (WTCI-28-NYC_Pt3of4.wmv)
Ground Zero, New York after 9/11 - Rescue, Recovery, Rubble (WTCI-29-NYC_Pt1of4.wmv)
WTC1 Core Inside Ground Zero (WTCI-30-NYC_Pt1of6.wmv)
Working at Ground Zero 2 (WTCI-30-NYC_Pt2of6.wmv)
Working at Ground Zero 3 (WTCI-30-NYC_Pt3of6.wmv)
Working at Ground Zero 4 (WTCI-30-NYC_Pt4of6.wmv)
FDNY Searching Buckets of Dust for Human Remains (excerpt from WTCI-30-NYC_Pt6of6.wmv)


NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 11 - 514 files, 4,134MB (4GB)
View at

42A0010 = 8 folders:
Albert P. Ros = 43 jpgs of towers burning, streets, WTC2 collapse obscured from Church St.
Ed Peterman = 30 jpgs of towers burning from south (see also his video in releases 14, clips only, and 27, linked)
Joseph T. Quinn = 2 folders of a few distant shots of the towers burning
Kevin Ready photos = 56 JPGs of towers burning from east, one shot of 2nd plane impact/explosion, 2 short low res videos of nothing, and 2 shots each of the towers collapsing from east
Lyle Owerko = 9 folders (see release 36 for more):
645 A-1,A-2,A-3 = 29 jpgs 3 tif images of WTC1 burning from below, N, people in street --- WTC2 plane impact/explosion above
645 B-1,B-2,B-3 = 30 jpgs, 1 tif image of towers burning, few of rare airplane/engine part near injured woman, cops
645 C-1,C-2,C-3 = 29 jpgs, 2 tif images of towers burning from NE street
645 D-1,D-2,D-3 = 15 jpgs of people in street, some during WTC2 collapse/dust
645 E-1,E-2,E-3 = 30 jpgs and 3 tif images of WTC1 collapse, dust cloud in streets
Fuji 35mm B-1, B-2 = 34 jpgs and 2 tif images of towers burning, notably high res WTC2 debris exit corner and WONDER-R1-E008.jpg and ...-9.jpg of jumper falling, wonder-R1-E054.jpg is airplane part, engine scrap
Fuji 35mm C-1, C-2 = 32 jpgs and tif images of towers burning from north, street
Kodak A-1, A-2 = 18 jpgs and low res tif images of towers burning, jumpers
Time Mag Develop D = 12 jpgs of towers burning (WONDER-R1-E029.jpg is a jumper falling)

Natasha Sealy-Fraser = 2 folders of low res images of towers burning, collapsing dust, fallen jumpers and holes in stage covering
Sara K. Schwittek at foureyes_com = 32 JPGs of towers burning, WTC2 plane impact explosion/fireball from east, with Brooklyn Bridge... dust from collapses
todd rengel_animus rex = 26 jpgs of tower 1 burning, 2nd plane impact explosion/fireball from north

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 12 - 161 files, 73MB
View at

42A0011 = 2 folders of images
265A-NY-280350-302-1A754 = 149 JPGs, 640x480 res, from NE distant, of the towers burning and dust clouds rising
265A-NY-280350-302-1A4266 = 11 jpgs from many miles away, towers barely visible

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 13 - 873 files, 1,003MB
View at or watch on YouTube.

42A0012 = 18 folders from photographers
BrianTang = 7 jpgs 1,280x960 res of towers from SE lower Manhattan, before, during and moments after 2nd plane explosion. Plane not captured.
CharlesMarsh = 14 jpgs 640x480 res of towers burning from south street level, shot of plane tire/landing gear from AA Flight 11, dust clouds rising from east, FDR Drive, street shots with smoke
ChrisSorensen = 41 jpgs 1,600x1,200 of WTC1 burning from south and east, Church Street, debris in street, unidentifiable body part, burning paper, 2nd plane impact seconds later from below, WTC2 burning from south street level
DomFoulsham = 64 JPGs 1,600x1,200 and smaller, towers burning, WTC2 hole from south closeup, towers collapse dust cloud billows, baby stroller on dusty sidewalk, from south, elevated in lower Manhattan, memorials, smoke
JamesSpahr = 54 JPGs 1,600x1,200 of WTC1 burning from Brooklyn near East River, plane impact smoke cloud rises, collapses' dust clouds envelop lower Manhattan
JayComella = 7 jpgs, high res scans with lint, WTC7 burns from south at Ground Zero, one with firefighter in foreground and WTC7 gash visible through smoke -- see photo -- 1 of WTC7 dust cloud during collapse from west, street level
JerryScott = 14 JPGs 1,600x1,200 of towers burning from east, lower Manhattan, elevated, towers obscured, and shots looking down on FDR Drive filled with people walking north toward Brooklyn Bridge in haze of dust
KareemElHeneidi = 10 jpgs of towers burning from north, one good tight shot of WTC2 collapse initiation with orange cloud at NE corner, 1,472x1,104 timestamped 10:08 AM
NewsdayWebsite = 3 low res shots (300x...) of towers burning, one plane hit explosion from below, east
NewYorkDailyNews = 23 jpgs black and white med-high res scans including one of airplane debris from fuselage on street while looking up at towers burn -- see photo -- also WTC2 plane hit explosion from David Handschuh, below, SW
NewYorkTimes = 11 JPGs high res, towers burning from NNE wide shot (Howard Baden), people escape on Church St. (Ruth Fremson), Ground Zero Ladder 3 truck crushed by fallen pedestrian bridge (Angel Franco), WTC7 debris pile sprayed by two FDNY trucks (Ting-Li Wang), dust envelops Manhattan (also Ting-Li), WTC1 hole closeup (unknown), Ground Zero debris pile with FDNY, crane (Ruth Fremson), WTC1 collapse, tight shot 1/4 descent progression from north (Chang W. Lee), ironworkers cut steel at Ground Zero in smoke and debris (Edward Keating)
NewYorkTransit = 6 jpgs ~910x600 res, titled NY Transit-Miller+Cruz+Gorvetzian-Debris of WTC7... WTC5&7fire .... See also release 16, GeorgeMillerNYCTA and release 18, GeorgeMillerNYCTAfromCD for full res
NicolasCianca = 419 JPGs high res, towers burn, WTC2 collapse missed from north, FDNY truck en route, WTC1 collapse (one in series) and dust cloud from West St/West Side Hwy., equipment coming - bulldozers, crane, WTC7 burns from north on West St.. (See release 22, 42A0083 - G21 D5of5, "NicolasCiancafromCD" for the set continued, dumptrucks, Ground Zero, equipment on 9/12.)
RobertBoyle = 64 JPGs, 1,600x1,200 and smaller, cropped of towers burning from east and NE, Park Row, also Times Square TVs with 9/11 news
ShawnHutchinson = 5 tif images, super high res scans -- and 6 bmp images, 3 alternate versions of 3 of the tifs and 3 contact sheets with 37 exposures each, Ground Zero, burned Postal truck near WTC7, WTC7 burns from NW, WTC5 fire, fight thumbnail size. The tif images are around WTC7 as it burns - west and east sides - one with FDNY men carrying hose -- see resized versions: see photo and see photo
TerrySchmidt = 52 JPGs 1,600x1,200, notably WTC7 fire with FDNY not fighting -- see photo -- also towers burning, dusty streets -- see photo -- paper in trees, FDNY, fireboat John D. McKean -- see photo -- WTC7 burning from near the fireboat -- see photo -- lines of hose running down the street from the boat -- see photo -- with the WTC6 firefight in the background -- see photo -- also see photo (see the Marine 1 FDNY site at for the story or the video "WTC7: Let It Burn" for a conspiracy theorist's take on the situation.
TrentGood = 27 jpgs 1,600x1,200 of towers burning from north, distant. Two shots of WTC2 plane crash explosion, lower res
WilliamWolfrum = 45 JPGs most 1,600x1,200 of towers from WSW across Hudson, WTC2 plane crash explosion -- see photo -- and a few of WTC2 collaspe through trees, also WTC1 collapse with Colgate clock similar to Aman Zafar (see his website)

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 14 - 6,768 files, 964,524MB (942GB) or 86,008MB (84GB) x.264 compressed (NIST Cumulus Video Database)
Download at (compressed)

Description of the folders as they appear once downloaded. More importantly, links and related info added.

A&E Investigative Reports = 184 avi clips totaling 26:04 run time, an incomplete version of the documentary "The Anatomy of September 11th" -- found in 58 minutes length in release 28, folder 1. Memorable clips include where the mystery surrounding the collapse of WTC7 is described as "disturbing" because "[t]he failure of the building was an implosion."

ABC Primetime Thursday NYPD helicopter = 40 clips totaling 3:17 (extended length in release 28, 42A0286 - G27D16 in DVD format), ABC's Nov. 8, 2001 "Towering Inferno" episode featuring NYPD aviation footage that would be re-released several times as "new" over the years, most recently by Cryptome1 (see link in description) and viewed more than 10 million times. More importantly, in clip 9 Lt. Glenn Daley famously says, "There were numerous secondary explosions taking place in that building. There was-- There were continuous explosions." Find the full length high quality mpeg-2 in release 28, 42A0286 - G27D16. Four NYPD helicopters were in action during those 120 minutes. Details at Case of the Missing NYPD Helicopter Photos, by myself.

ABCatlanta = 2 folders, "ABC Atlanta Broadcast 10 to noon" and "ABC Atlanta Broadcast noon to 2" ABC Atlanta Broadcast 10 to noon = 158 clips totaling 1:13:17, VHS tape recording is fuzzy, beginning with one CNN clip after 9:40 (Bush had already given his speech from Booker Elementary School in Florida calling the events an "apparent terrorist attack"). Clip 2 is ABC National News with the time reading 9:54 am. A better quality version (of the Washington D.C. network coverage) was available from the September 11 TV archive in mpeg-2 quality at one time. See the ABC archive for continuous coverage.
ABC Atlanta Broadcast noon to 2 = 131 files totaling 52:52. Again the quality is fuzzy. Many clips are only seconds long.

ABCNewsGMAspecialReport = 101 files totaling 1:25:03, better quality than the ABC Atlanta files above, ABC News coverage begins at 8:51 am with the first broadcast shot from WCBS-AM Chopper 880, often not credited and mistaken for ABC NewsCopter7. Files end minutes after the 10:28 am WTC1 collapse. Some time is missing. For a continuous version of the coverage see the ABC 9/11 television archive.

ABCNISTDubs = 7 folders

ABC NIST Dub #1 = 31 files totaling 1:31:46 -- see video playlist. This is the raw, high quality video from the ABC cameras used from 8:49 am (Brooklyn camera wide shot, clip 01) up to before the WTC1 collapse. This includes the LIVE 2nd plane impact shot from WCBS-AM Chopper880, ABC Dub1 05 -- see video, (that chopper's first shot is clip 02. Its final shot is clip 07 when the WESCAM logo is visible on the way to refuel and in effect be grounded), the unaired 2nd plane explosion from NewsCopter7, clips ABC Dub1 11 through 16 -- see videos, and the WTC2 collapse and preceding molten metal drip, ABC Dub1 26.

ABC NIST Dub #2 = 29 files totaling 1:18:44 -- see video playlist. The first 15 clips are amateur footage from distant north, beginning before the WTC2 collapse (in ABC Dub 2_03) and ending more than 20 minutes after the WTC1 collapse (ABC Dub 2_10). Notice the WTC1 "pressure pulse" at 10:18 am -- see video starting here. A televised view... the camera is somewhat stable, less so during the WTC1 event. Clip 16-18 are NewsCopter7, 18 being the WTC1 collapse and 16-17 being the previous 9 minutes. Clip 19 begins on the ground, West St. north of WTC1 with WTC2 behind, unknown camera operator, zoom on a WTC1 jumper. 20 is rewinding alternating with short views of WTC1 and 2 burning, cops restricting access to immediate area. 21-24 has more jumpers. 25 closeup on WTC1 plane entry hole. WTC2 collapse not included or missed because clip 26 starts afterward, walking back. 27-28 have fast rewinding with WTC7 fire seen from street level.

ABC NIST Dub #3 = 47 files, 30:31 length -- see video playlist. Clips 01-02 are the WTC1 collapse. Clip 03 is the Naka Nathaniel 2nd plane impact, featured in the same New York Times online video as clips 01-02. Clips 04-24 are the amateur Evan Fairbanks footage (missing about 5 of the 22 total minutes), without audio except for a few seconds in clip 09 before the 2nd plane hit when a man mentions smoke in the subway station. Clip 25 is seconds long, 2 people in FBI jackets walking away. 26: towers burn from north on West Broadway. 27: WTC1 burns from ~1 mile north on West Side Hwy., WABC Michelle Charlesworth camera -- towers burn only, that WTC1 collapse is clip 38. 28: 2 seconds of WTC1 tight shot on 107th floor corner window man waving. 29-36: WTC2 collapse seen from below on West St. behind a firetruck. Peeled exterior columns crush the Marriott (WTC3). See also NY1 OnAir plus 5 Raw 22, WABC Dub1 59, and WNYW Dub 4 06 for this clip ... dust cloud follows, cops and firemen in distress, media everywhere. 37-38: WTC1 burns - collapses (continued from 27). 39-41 is WABC reporter Jim Hoffer's camera operator, under the pedestrian bridge on West St. as WTC1 collapses (in 41). 42: Towers burn from north, street level short. 43: WTC1 collapse by ABC reporter Nina Pineda's camera operator. 44: seconds of people, cops in street. 45: WTC1 collapse by ABC reporter on West St. on the stairs of the pedestrian bridge. Dust cloud moves ominously up the street. 46-47: WTC1 collapse from beside M. Charlesworth, missed initiation, high quality zoom on core remnant aka "spire" before/as it crumbles

ABC NIST Dub #4 = 12 clips total 17:31 length of ABC network broadcast (as seen in the previously available archive). Helicopter shots of the south side of both towers burning, 9:16 am to 9:47 am. The last 2 clips are only seconds long showing moments after each of the towers collapsed... again from south helicopter. First at 9:16 am Lindsay Grimm on the phone reports people ushering her out of the WTC thought it was a bomb. Talk of terrorism with John Miller, who interviewed Osama bin Laden in 1998 while he was wanted by the CIA! (see vrt 10:00, after CNN interview with Peter Arnett). Osama bin Laden would again appear in the news months before 9/11. Now all "criminal charges" for 9/11 have been officially dropped (if there were ever any official charges).

ABC NIST Dub #5 = 39 clips total 13:55 length of ABC footage, some amateur some network, some TV broadcast. See video playlist. Description: 01: Brooklyn cam tight shot on WTC2 plane hit explosion fireball only. No clip 02. 03: ABC helicopter shot (WABC New York broadcast with witness Bill Heitman) early afternoon WTC7 burns, south side with smoke cleared somewhat to show gash from WTC1 damage. 04: continued, more smoke. 05: wide shot of same. 06: WTC7 burns, long shot, CNN angle. 07: more wide chopper shot WTC7. 08: short closeup chopper on WTC7 south side. 09-10: ABC reporter N.J. Burkett short interviews 2 FDNY firefighters walking, standing after collapse. 11-13: more WTC7 south side medium chopper shot, smoky. 12: split screen with woman reporter at airport. 13: wide shot WTC7 burns. 14-15: WTC2 after 2nd plane hit, north side from below on West Broadway. 15: closeup on plane debris exit hole. 16-18: same camera, street shot with debris from building. 19: same camera further back. 20: Gamma Press anonymous amateur 2nd plane impact. 21: Joe Torres WABC reporter interviews Port Authority engineer who says towers are strong, then WTC1 collapse from NNE street: See video. 22: Seconds of chopper 880 shot of WTC1 west burning at about 9:00 am. 23. Seconds of Brooklyn cam half zoom around 9:00 am. 24: Seconds of chopper880 shot of WTC1 west burning, zoom in flying north. 25-26: each seconds of West St. below WTC1, pan up to towers. 27: N.J. Burkett, Marty Glembotzky WTC2 collapse from below on West St. -- See enhanced video. 28: Seconds of helicopter shot south of both towers burning. 29-34: "BBC World" anonymous amateur 2nd plane impact video (clip 33). 29: after event. 30-32: before event. 34: after. 35: Victims hanging out of windows on floors 100-107, likely Marty Glembotzky of ABC (See also release 25). Footage zoomed and stabilized here and here. 36: Seconds of FDNY across West St. from towers before WTC2 collapse, beside/below Marty Glembotzky and N.J. Burkett. 37: Seconds of Kevin Sutavee footage of Ground Zero after both collapses, low quality ABC News recording. 38: Seconds of WTC7 burning from CNN vantage point lower to ground. 39: Seconds more of Sutavee. 40: Seconds of FDNY at Ground Zero

ABC NIST Dub #6 = 16 clips total 48:04 length. 1-6: WTC7 burns from north on Greenwich St. Zoom on fire on lower floors. 7-8: Camera has moved east, WTC7 obscured by smoke and buildings. In 7 a man on a cell phone says "as of three minutes ago... it was still up," meaning WTC7. Despite the unprecedented fire-induced building collapse (WTC1 and 2 notwithstanding), people were warned it would happen. See video collection of reports showing this expectation. 9: WTC7 collapses off camera, dust cloud seen. No clip 10 or 11. 12-18: WTC2 collapse footage (molten metal drip and building descent in clip 13, initiation off camera while zoomed on chopper), 6 files of 4:29 each, 18 is 2:24 of WTC1 burning, leaning low light medium shot.

ABC NIST Dub #7 = 13 clips total 18:44 length, partial tape of footage from the Millenium Hotel, Tami Michaels and Guy Rosbrook corner suite on floor 35 -- see details. Clips 1-4 are after 1st plane and before the 2nd plane (which can be heard for a moment in the full version). The WTC2 collapse is missed, presumably as well as the plane crash. Full footage is in mpeg-2 release 27 -- see video (also here in full length). Some of the footage was seen on NBC4 in 2006, since the graphic scene of splattered bodies of jumpers (release 27 only) was used in the "20th hijacker" trial of Z. Moussaoui to show the jury.

Abe Conby = 2 clips, 320x240 resolution (all others in release 14 are 720x480 except Pavel Hlava, misspelled Hlavel, which is 720x576), the first 25 seconds long, the second 50, of Ground Zero from plaza level before WTC7 collapse. Building 7 burns in the background, south side. A crane is already on site to lift debris and steel. See release 4 for links.

Abramson&Sabio = 17 clips 1:06:20 length -- see video starting at 8:50 am ending before the 1st collapse, shot from NNE, Worth St. and West Broadway -- See archive entry on the 2nd plane missed page for details and other NIST FOIA appearances. Clip 05 shows the fireball, while audio from CBS channel 2 is heard. For some reason the TV lost its signal when the plane hit, audio turning briefly to static. In a personal communication, Vince has told me his electric power wasn't affected, although that may only mean long term. Maybe his lights flickered, too. When I asked, he said that he did in fact have cable TV, RCN to be specific. For investigation into the TV and electric blackout when the 2nd plane hit, see the Chopper5 "nose-out" page here at 911CTV.

Andrea Star Reese = 14 clips total 30:38 -- see full video from release 27, including 2nd plane hit explosion and WTC 7 debris pile. Or see the 2nd hit (explosion only) archive entry for links and details. The 2nd plane explosion is seen in Andrea clip_1C. Andrea's full video appears in release 27 in mpeg-2, 42A0169 - G26D28, including shots of the WTC7 debris pile. Also watch on the NIST website.

Anthony Sevilla = 24 clips total 7:03 -- See video (longer version from release 21). Similar to the blue tinted Gary Pollard/ CameraPlanet footage east and below the towers (Maiden Lane), but missing the 2nd plane impact. Another close camera was Cheryl Dunn, as seen in "102 Minutes That Changed America here" (as aired in 2008, in a separate witness program near the end).

Assembled clips of impacts and collapses = 56 clips total 20:27, all from low quality TV broadcast recordings ABC Atlanta, FOX5 Atlanta, CNN, NBC. Notably, one rare shot is included as clips 1 and 25: the WTC2 collapse CNN Roof Cam.

BBC Horizon -The Fall of the World Trade Center = 127 clips, 23:55 total length. See release 30 , 42A0347 - G30D1 for a complete version of the documentary -- see video here... which is nearly identical to/a repackaged version of "Why the Towers Fell" (BBC/PBS/NOVA, 2002). The films incorrectly describe the truss connection failure/floor pancake theory (wrong according to NIST. See "Building on Ground Zero" 2006 for lead investigator Shyam Sunder's explanation.)

BradSchwartz = 13 clips, 2:45 total length. WTC1 burns alone with dust cloud from WTC2, view from Jersey waterfront. No collapse footage. See video here.

Broadcast clips - Falling of WTC1 = 1 clip, 1:02 length, of FOX News WTC1 collapse as shot by CBS Chopper2 from south. Low quality.

Bryan Stuarts 9-11 Tape = 13 clips, 7:04 length -- See WTC7 collapse (stabilized) -- see collection of WTC7 collapse footage. Find the full length Bryan Stuart tape in Release 20, 42A0072 - G19 D3of3.

CBS Naudet = 17 clips, 3:33 length -- Naudet clip_1.avi is the 1st plane strike with added slow motion (not in DVD version, only TV) as the firefighter looks up toward the plane overhead. All clips include an on screen timer. See other versions including NIST FOIA release 10, 29, and 30 (also release 25 has a dark low res version) on the Naudet plane crash slideshow webpage... along with the whole documentary. Naudet 2 clip_4 is a rare shot of the Marriott (WTC3) after the WTC2 collapse. Naudet 2 clip_12 is the Jules Naudet WTC1 collapse, which missed the descent but did catch initiation audio and the dust cloud effect. Naudet 2 clip_13 is the Etienne Sauret WTC1 collapse shot missing the first second of early antenna movement. Naudet 2 clip_14 is the WTC7 collapse CBS West St. shot without the east penthouse collapse and with added color and different audio. Naudet 2 clip_15 is the WTC1 collapse from Chris Hopewell but only 5 seconds long.

CBS_Broadcast_8-45A = 137 clips, 1:37:49 total length. The audio volume goes up and down every few seconds throughout the recording, which begins at 8:50 am and ends at 10:29 (about a minute of the broadcast is missing, seconds here and there between clips). Watch without the on screen timer and annoying audio at the 9/11 TV archive - CBS page.

CBS-Net NIST Dub #1 = 5 clips, 21:03 length total -- see video 1 and 2 (WTC1 collapse) The Chris Hopewell aka Tinacart footage from across the East River. Stable wide shot. Starts after WTC2 collapse and includes WTC1 collapse, as seen in the Naudet film.

CBS-Net NIST Dub #2 = 36 clips, 22:33 length total -- see video clips 1-11: Anonymous amateur footage from distant north as WTC1 burns alone, half obscured by buildings. WTC1 collapses in clip 11. Clips 12-23: The Sutch brothers' footage, included in the 2nd plane missed archive list because the plane approached from the opposite side of the towers. You can hear the debris hit the street; and see the two people lying beside it, injured (see also the James Ford WNYW footage for a close look at the two women). Clips 24-34 capture the 2nd plane impact from north, starting mid explosion (clip 29). Clips 35 and 36 are also anonymous amateur footage, short clips of the towers.

CBS-Net NIST Dub #3 = 77 files, 48:18 length total -- see clips 1-27 (camera goes into dusty area, WTC7 lobby, visits Ground Zero, WTC3 (Marriott Hotel) half crushed with the North Tower standing), see clips 28-37 -- 31 is WTC1 collapse by Mark LaGanga, followed by the dust cloud with an old man often aired on TV who said, "It collapsed. The top floors collapsed down. I saw it blow and then ran like hell. Thank God. I'm 69 but I can still run." See also release 25, 42A0120 - G25D31 for all of this footage. See clips 38-65 beginning with the WTC1 collapse seen through a telephoto lens, minus initiation... See clips 66-75 for Bolivar Arellano of the New York Post, who speaks Spanish describing explosions - see video with translation Quote: "Tell me. What happened? In Spanish. Yes. I came to cover the event and saw the two buildings burning above. I heard yelling, "run, run, run". And then I heard the explosion. I tried to take photos behind me whilst I fled. I ran as fast as I could. But not fast enough because I was only a hundred feet from the building. Parts of the building began falling around me. Fortunately all that fell on me was dirt and dust. I gave cover to a fallen firefighter. Then, when the second explosion occured, I was inside another building. The blast threw me some fifty feet. I was blown into a wall. Which is when I injured me knee. And what is your name? Bolivar Arellano. Photographer with the New York Post. Thank you very much. Thanks." Here is Bolivar's awesome WTC2 collapse photo. Finally, see clips 76-77 for a rare WTC2 collapse shot, shaky, from north (stabilized here for a good view of the core falling apart).

CBS-Net NIST Dub #4 = 55 files, 39:38 length total (27-28 are missing in original, as can be seen at the website [which requires agreement to terms by clicking Continue. Then follow this link.])-- See clips 1-32, the last of which is a spectacular WTC1 collapse shot from West Side Hwy from a CBS camera. 1-4 before WTC2 collapse. 5 starts mid collapse -- 33 through 36 are the ABC/WCBS-AM Chopper880 footage, 14:00 total length. File 35 at 1:26 is the plane impact. 37 is Chris Hopewell's 2nd plane impact. 38 is the East Shot of WTC2 collapse, bad color. 39-49 are pre-collapse shots of the towers with plane impact, explosion missed in 42-43 "That's terrorists." Smoke cloud rooftop shots, WTC gone 50-52. 53-56 street shots, FOX News truck pulls up, WTC7 burns 20 mins after collapses. 57 is rooftop shot of dusty street.

CBS-Net NIST Dub #5 = 24 files, 13:05 length total -- see video playlist -- 1: WTC7 burns from far, north. 2: WTC1 collapse WABC M. Charlesworth as aired on CBS. 3: WTC3 Marriott Hotel ruins before WTC1 collapse on West St (also clips 5-7). 4-5: CBS Carol Marin in studio describes "ball of flame stories high" explosion at onset of WTC2 collapse. 9. CBS WTC7 collapse with audio (West St. NIST camera 3) 10 and 12: only 6 seconds of WTC7 burning as seen from Bill Blakemore ABC cam. 11: Same WTC7 angle of collapse, missing initiation (NIST camera 7). 13-17 are the WTC7 "Window Shot" - 13 and 16: pre-collapse small fire. 14: actual collapse. 15 and 17: fireball explodes from WTC7 some time before collapse. 18-21: medium rooftop shot from NE including WTC2 collapse in clip 19. 22: WTC7 burns from street. 23-24: NBC leaning cam of WTC7 collapse (24 at vrt 3:08).

CBS-Net NIST Dub #6 = 49 files, 32:55 length total -- see video playlist -- including file 04, the WTC1 collapse CBS West St., a repeat of CBS-Net Dub4 32. Then FDNY firefighters describe explosions (clips 14-15). See also release 25, 42A0107 - G25D17. Clips 16-22 are WTC7 burning (note that 18-20 don't play/are corrupted in original form). 23 is the CBS Greenwich St. collapse, no initiation. Building 7 footage next also. 24-39 are from a camera view similar to Richard Peskin, Roberto Rabanne (?), and another unknown seen on FOX and CBC 2009... but 24-39 was closer, and apparently missed the collapse altogether. Remaining files are street views of WTC7 burning and the Window Shot of the collapse (CBS-Net Dub5 14) again, the ABC Bill Blakemore street shot again (46-47) and the NBC leaning cam collapse again.

CBS-Net NIST Dub #7 = 48 files, 32:59 length total -- see video playlist -- 01: Jersey rooftop shot of plane approach and impact. 02: Fairbanks shot of slow motion plane impact. 03: "Gamma Press

Cindy Weil = 23 files, 1:28:56 total -- see video playlist -- includes plane crash explosion and both collapses from a static camera due north and closeby, with audio muffled behind a window.

Clifton Cloud = 22 clips with timer on screen, 1:23:04 total length -- see video playlist including the 2nd plane hit (clip 1, or see WNBC Dub3_1.avi for no timer) and both towers' collapse. WTC2 is clip 15 (WNBC Dub3_5.avi for no timer). WTC1 is "Clifton Cloud2 Clip_6," which misses the initiation like WNBC Dub4A 10 (no timer).

CNN Aircheck Eric Levin [sic - file names spell the name Letvin] = 46 files, 23:36 total length -- see video playlist -- CNN anchor Aaron Brown narrates the footage from CNN headquarters at 5 Penn Plaza... the CNN 9/11 morning broadcast starting moments after the first tower collapse, with no CNN banner, no clock, not all clips are connected in time. Clips 24 and 25 are the WTC1 collapse as aired LIVE on CNN.

CNN Breaking News 10 to 1130am = 59 clips with timer on screen, 30:00 total length -- Clip 1 starts at 10:30 am. The color is washed out. Compare to the previously available CNN 9/11 TV archive in high quality here (up to 12:58 pm only).

CNN Breaking News 1130am to 1pm = 56 files, 28:19 total length

CNN Breaking News 100 to 230pm = 145 files, 54:18 total length. As usual the clips aren't continuous or complete. Visit the 9/11 TV archive at instead.

CNN Breaking News 230 to 4 pm = 28 files, 17:39 total length

CNN Breaking News 400 to 530pm = 77 files, 48:12 total length

CNN Broadcast = 164 files, 1:31:51 total length starting at 8:49 am with the famous first words, "This just in. You are looking at, obviously, at a very disturbing LIVE shot there. That is the World Trade Center. And we have unconfirmed reports this morning...." (end clip) -- most clips are less than 30 seconds, but they do join to form a somewhat complete broadcast, although in poor, fuzzy quality.

CNN NIST Dub #2 - WTC7 = 4 files, 15:45 total length, of WTC7 burning - and the WTC7 collapse 20 seconds from the end - as seen from the CNN building at 5 Penn Plaza.

CNN NIST Dub #5 - Clip Tape 2 = 17 files, 4:28 total length -- see video playlist -- CNN NIST Dub #24 - Robert Bery = 4 clips, 4:40 total length -- see video playlist -- amateur video shot between 9:03 and 9:58 am, from north at street level

David Vogler = Interview and footage seen in "102 Minutes That Changed America" (dead link - aired in 2008, in a separate witness program near the end) -- currently on YouTube here.

Pavel Hlavel = (sic) misspelled, should be Hlava. 24 clips total 44:31, beginning with the 1st plane hit shot from the Brooklyn entrance to the tunnel, first seen in 2003 on ABC. The only known video capturing both plane impacts. See the CTV archive entry for details. See video of 2nd plane (03) in slow motion to see port wing light blink. See the WTC2 collapse (21), stabilized to fix horrendous camera shake.

Sam Riegel = 10 short clips total 4:52 -- see video playlist or watch "102 Minutes That Changed America" (as aired in 2008, in a separate witness program near the end). Elevated shots of the streets littered with papers, then good shots of the dust cloud during/after collapse of one of the towers. A comment on the YouTube channel TheMKMonarch from Schnookebubula suggests uploading this material is a bad idea: "You have posted clips of Sam Riegel without permission. These are copyrighted materials. Please remove."


NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 15 - 40,464MB (40GB) 1,309 files
Download at or watch on YouTube.

NIST Burn Video Database = 1,309 files = fire studies, images and videos of controlled environments and laboratory experiments. See for example Cubicle burn test 1 from folder 42A0019.

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 16 - 850MB, 833 files
View at

42A0049 = 26 folders (as seen in HD YouTube slideshows by ConspiracyScope):
AaronWong = 8 JPGs of towers burning from south, debris in street (Washington and Albany/Cedar), smoke over Liberty St. - high-med resolution
ArqueliaGalarza = 17 jpgs of WTC1 burning, then towers burning from south across water, then WTC1 alone and dust cloud, WTC7 smoking/burning over Winter Garden from Hudson, low-med resolution
BobAllen( = 39 JPGs of towers burning from South, park area, low-med resolution
BrianManning = 1 bmp image of WTC1 gash closeup high resolution with Edna C. - like Roberto Rabanne shot
CassBurtonWard = 5 nearly identical images of towers burning from Jersey City area, med shot
DawnMcHaleGMS = 8 jpgs of towers burning from south, and WTC2 collapse obscured by building, dust cloud envelops lower Manhattan
DrewDiskens = 33 jpgs of towers burning from Jerscy City area, WTC2 collapse cloud only, low resolution
FirehouseMagazine = 1 tif image, cover of April 2002 magazine, shot of towers burning from South, tight shot
GeorgeBell(Moodys) = 65 JPGs (metadata included, time/date of shot taken 9/11 at 9:04-9:05 am says 9/10/2001 at 8:05 pm) - towers burning, WTC2 minutes after 2nd plane hit, high res shots of 50 Murray building corner damaged by engine, Ground Zero area 9/22 (or 9/23) and unknown number stamped chrome tube maybe plane part -- see photo
GeorgeMillerNYCTA = 60 jpgs of Ground Zero area, burned cars, torched bus, WTC7 burning from below NE, dusty streets, shots of subway tracks at Chambers St., FDNY spraying water on WTC6 ... a few of towers burning, WTC2 collapse obscured by smoke and trees
GeorgeWeld = 37 JPGs of WTC1 burning from north, 2nd plane impact explosion shot from Church and Lispenard (site of Naudet 1st plane impact video)
GrantMoyle = 58 jpgs from 180 Maiden Ln. as included map says, including WTC1 burning, WTC2 obscured, 2nd plane hit missed, fireball/smoke rising only, WTC2 collapse dust cloud, bird's eye view of FDR Drive filled with people, lining East River
KathyBritton = 2 jpgs of WTC2 impact hole, med shot, med resolution, from southwest elevated position close
MichaelChan = 3 photos of WTC7 before 9/11
PatrickMadden = 32 jpgs of towers burning from SE street/Trinity, WTC2 collapse dust cloud from behind WTC7 West Broadway
PaulTurner = 20 tif images of WTC1 burning, WTC2 2nd plane hit explosion from south, park area near Carmen Taylor, then dust cloud envelops Manhattan, shots from west-northwest across Hudson
PeterDavis = 10 JPGs of WTC1 burning and then both towers burning, med shot, med res, from NE
RickHollingworth = 25 jpgs of towers burning and collapse dust clouds from Jersey behind Colgate clock, near Aman Zafar - low res
RyanMaas = 22 JPGs of towers burning from Jersey City area pier, high resolution, collapse dust clouds envelop Manhattan
StanleyPatz = 14 TIF images of towers burning from north distant, med shot, med res, obscured by building and watertower
SteveLeibel = 61 JPGs of WTC1 burning between Washinton Square Arch, Greenwich Village, and WTC1 collapse seen from nearby - 6 shots in sequence, medium distant shots, high res
SteveMcCurry = 9 jpgs of Ground Zero debris field with WTC7 burning/smoking in background -- WTC1 core center frame: see photo and see photo
TimTobiason = 246 JPGs of WTC7 lower floors burning from north, elevated and street positions, Ground Zero area, burned, crushed firetruck (Ladder 3), WTC7 debris pile (others collected at ) NOTE: Some of Tim's images include those seen in the Release 6 folder SalomonSmithBarney of the WTC2 plane impact explosion from N. Moore and Greenwich St., also WTC7 smoking from elevated position nearby north on West St.
VincentPoydenot = 5 jpgs of towers burning from north, WTC1 burning, and one shot high resolution WTC1 collapse initiation with dust jet at 77th floor west -- see photo
VirajSiriwardena = 25 jpgs of WTC1 burning, WTC1 collapse, 7 in series, from west/southwest across water, initiation, debris nearly hitting WTC7, spire standing and falling -- see video slideshow (see also release 36, which is lower resolution)
www.squiddity.com_catastrophe = 26 JPGs of towers burning, WTC1 burning from north, street with people, towers behind WTC7

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 17 - 253MB, 698 files
View at

See the pictures in HD YouTube slideshows by ConspiracyScope.

42A0050 = 21 folders:
GregSemendinger = 72 NYPD Aviation photos, no metadata, but folder does uniquely include screenshots of file data, with file numbers, times (off by a minute), f stop, shutter speed/exposure -- see it here. UPDATE 2014: See Case of the Missing NYPD Helicopter Photos for a full study and links list of relevant data... etc. All choppers investigated.
InfraspectionInstitute = 51 JPGs, 1 of WTC7 rubble: collection at -- others include infrared thermal images from FLIR camera of towers burning, from video here: see video
JackAaronson = 5 JPGs of towers burning from north
JamesSullivan = 5 jpgs of tower 1 burning from below (before 9:03 am 2nd plane hit), west -- shows lights on through windows
JeffGalloway = 8 jpgs of towers burning from below, wsw, then after collapses, smoke all over Manhattan
JimReilly = 129 jpgs of WTC burning, collapsing from NNW distant across Hudson, some through telephoto lens, dust envelops manhattan, closeups of dust cloud, choppers
JohnBuskin = 24 jpgs - low res - of towers burning from below, SW, one of WTC1 collapse from N on West St. hazy, partial core standing
JohnG_NFPA5 = 113 JPGs, high res, metadata dates entact -- one of WTC7 rubble on 9/12 -- see photo .. many of Ground Zero area, dusty streets outskirts of rubble, debris -- towers burning from north -- Church and Murray St. plane engine, parts of engine on street, smoking... damage on 50 Murray St. closeup above, and debris in street -- shoes in sidewalk with plane part, cops -- bloody spot on street with shoe -- crying woman, dusty man
JonathanCorum = 21 jpgs of towers burning from north, street, med shot-- 2 are before 2nd plane hit generic
JosephTQuinn = 2 folders of 37 very distant east shots of towers burning, also plume rising after 2nd plane hit
JoshLevineAndAndrewHaller = 62 jpgs of towers burning from Jersey northwest, distant, WTC2 before hit, then plume rising from 2nd plane hit, collapses missed, dust envelops Manhattan
UnknownPhotographer1fromwwwphatmax1net = 73 jpgs of towers burning from north, distant, collapses missed except spire of WTC1
UnknownPhotographer2fromwwwphatmax1net = 7 jpgs of towers burning from Jersey/Hoboken pier area
UnknownPhotographer3fromwwwphatmax1net = 11 jpgs of dust cloud enveloping Manhattan from Jersey
UnknownPhotographer4fromwwwphatmax1net = 4 JPGs of WTC1 burning from NE obscured by building
UnknownPhotographer5fromwwwphatmax1net = 23 jpgs of towers burning from NW street med shot generic
UnknownPhotographer6fromwwwphatmax1net = 13 jpgs of towers burning from NW, New Jersey, generic
UnknownPhotographer7fromwwwphatmax1net = 14 JPGs of towers burning from W below, SE below - Trinity, South, then from river boating away
UnknownPhotographer8fromwwwphatmax1net = 2 low res images of WTC1 top burning
UnknownphotographerfromFDNYpresentation = 1 low res image of WTC7 fires from N
UnknownPhotographerfromsquidditycom_catastrophe = 22 JPGs of towers burning from north, med and tight shots, generic

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 18 - 2,577MB, 1,857 files
View at

See the pictures in HD YouTube slideshows by ConspiracyScope.

3 folders:
42A0051 - G14 = 6 folders
JayBoucherfromHardCopy = 21 PDFs each 1 photo from Jersey/Hoboken pier area, watercolor effect photos of WTC1 burning, WTC2 end of collapse, dust cloud
JayComellafromHardCopy = 15 PDFs each 1 photo of Ground Zero low res closeup on 9/11, WTC7 burning, collapsing - dust cloud from West, street level with FDNY, WTC7 south side with gash, smoke somewhat cleared - download photo (see also the ABC helicopter shot of the WTC7 south side), artistic black and white ground zero/FDNY shots
MatthiasKriesbergfromHardCopy = 4 PDFs of 2 images each, low res, smoke near WTC7 and north side WTC7 generic
MichaelBragitikosfromHardCopy = 19 PDFs of 1 low res image each, towers burning from below, west, and from a boat going north up the Hudson
NancyDhulipalafromHardCopy = 8 PDFs of towers burning, 1 of WTC1 collapse low res from across Hudson River, NW
PieterVanHattamfromHardCopy = 9 PDFs of contact sheets containing 9-25 images of towers burning from north, distant, one of WTC2 explosion from plane impact, some of WTC memorial lights

42A0052 - G15 = 5 folders
EdPetermanfromCD = 1 avi video, 1.09 GB, 720x480 high quality, 5:15 length streets after 9/11, then video from 9/11 of tower 1 burning from south, street below, WTC2 plane impact obscured, tape cut, some witnesseses heard in the street, closeups of impact hole, finally shot of both towers burning from west and WTC2 collapsed, dust, then black with audio for a minute. See also release 14 (avi) and release 27 (mpeg2)
GeorgeMillerNYCTAfromCD = 3 folders
 CD1-ExLarge = 92 jpgs high resolution, Ground Zero streets on 9/11 and after 9/11 mixed -- NYCTA-Miller,G_CD2-010.jpg shows WTC7 rubble pile, NYCTA-Miller,G_CD2-070.jpg shows WTC7 burning ... see also burned cars, subway below, WTC subway damage, water below -- see photo album now
  CD2-ExLarge = 85 jpgs high resolution, Ground Zero area, WTC7 rubble pile, subway damage (note many images, not all, are flipped horizontally - in other words backwards - upside down negatives developed?) - fighting fires in WTC6 - burned cars, bus, wet street - not fighting WTC7 fire
  CD3-ExLarge = 83 jpgs high res, mostly subway flooded date stamp on images 9/12, ground zero, several of WTC7 rubble - debris pile GregSemendingerfromCD = 2 folders
  WTC2 - 32 JPGs, some aerials on 9/11, some ground shots at night of debris, crushed police car
  WTCPlaneCrash = 154 jpgs, aerial chopper shots on 9/11 ... beginning with WTC2 collapse/dust cloud, later WTC1 collapse (see also release 8, release 17, and release 32, 42A0321 - G29D7)
InfraspectionInstfromCD = 4 folders
  WTC CD 1 = 262 JPGs, high res, of Ground Zero area 9/15 to 9/22 including George Bush visit, WTC7 rubble pile with metadata 9/18 and 9/22, debris, WTC5 burned out, also shots on 9/11 of towers burning, WTC2 seconds after plane hit (see also release 17), includes generic 9/11 pictures of tower 2 exploding, people jumping, Pentagon facade, space imaging shots
  WTC CD 2 = 295 JPGs, high res, of Ground Zero area, WTC7 rubble pile dated 9/25, church rooftop dust cleanup, cherry picker water pressure spray cleanup of building facades, also shots of towers burning, 2nd plane hit explosion from N. Moore St. -- see also release 6\SalomonSmithBarney and release 16\TimTobiason
  WTC CD 3 = 155 JPGs generic 9/11 images, terrorist headshots, memorials, funerals, jumpers, plane impact explosions, Ground Zero debris, dust
  WTC CD 4 = 2 folders with 43 tif/jpgs of infrared WTC towers burning, see release 17 and video here
PeterDavisfromCD = 2 low res shots of towers burning from NNE, 8 shots of Peter

42A0053 - G16 (third folder in release 18) has 1 folder = StarLedger = 6 folders:
Aris Economopoulos = 2 folders, total 198 jpgs med resolution of towers burning from South across water, then a few from closeup below, only a couple of Ground Zero debris, low res
George McNIsh = (sic) only 4 images of tower 1 burning from NNW
Jennifer Brown = 4 folders (disk 1, 2, 4, and 5), total 246 images of towers burning from west across river, in disk 4 see good high res shots of WTC2 collapse: see slideshow , some of WTC1 end portion of collapse... in disk 5 see towers burn with passenger jet flying in distance behind (metadata entact, but says 10:22 PM)
John O'Boyle = 47 high res shots of WTC1 collapse missing initiation, from west across Hudson: see slideshow
Mitsu Yasukawa = 37 JPGs of WTC1 burning, WTC1 collapse missing initiation, from NNW across Hudson, dark color
Noah K. Murray = 36 JPGs of WTC1 collapse from north up West Side Hwy. - many in series: see slideshow - and a few of WTC7 burning.

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 19 - 12,705MB (12GB), 192 files
View at

4 folders:
42A0055 - G17D2 = 13 short avi video files, FBI #1 01.avi through ...13.avi, totaling 11:04 run time and 2.3 GB, 720x480 resolution amateur video from "Tiger Aspect" managed by Reuters, known as the Brooklyn Bridge footage of the 2nd plane impact (in file FBI #1 01)... from east side of East River, although frame is cropped compared to wider version seen in Moussaoui trial exhibit (online here). Footage also released by FBI in Penttbom FOIA of 2008. See mpeg-2 version in release 27, 42A0277 - G26D154

42A0056 - G17D3 = (see full length with next 2 folders combined here) 6 avi videos totaling 18:37 and 3.87 GB, 720x480 resolution raw amateur footage begins minutes after 1st plane impact, shot from pier west of WTC, below -- see video -- file 5 begins mid-explosion of 2nd plane impact -- see details on 2nd hit explosion only page

42A0057 - G17D4 = 5 avi videos totaling 17:58 and 3.74 GB, continued footage from previous file. Before towers collapse, camera on boat begins traveling north on Hudson River

42A0058 - G17D5 = 7 avi videos totaling 11:34 and 2.4 GB, continued footage from previous file. WTC2 collapse missed. WTC1 collapse missed or obscured

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 20 - 4,981MB, 68 files
Download at - no preview available for mpeg-2 DVD VOB files.

11 folders:
42A0059 - FBI#1 = 1 DVD folder (like others below) with 1 VOB (mpeg-2) video file, 352x240 resolution (like others in this release), 11:14 length, of the Brooklyn Bridge 2nd plane hit footage also in release 19 and 27, but there in better quality... still cropped edges

42A0060 - FBI#2 = 1 VOB video file 1:34 length of WTC1 collapse from West Side Hwy. appx. 1 mile north, as seen in Moussaoui trial exhibit: see the WTC 1 archive entry

42A0061 - FBI#3 = 2 VOB video files combined 1:34 length of 2nd plane hit, WTC2 collapse -- see video -- and WTC1 collapse from same angle due east of towers, plane hit was released 2008 in the Penttbom FOIA - the "crane" footage -- see video

42A0062 - FBI#4 = 8:58 am to 10:05 am continuous low res video from distant NE, some handheld some tripod, and datestamped "Sep 11 2001" -- 2nd plane hit is off camera -- see the archive page -- when zoomed on North Tower, WTC2 collapse is captured -- see video

42A0063 - FBI#7 = 9:48 am to 10:29 am continuous low res video from distant N, tripod, WTC2 collapse at vrt 11:30 (as seen in 2008 Penttbom FOIA release -- see video -- WTC1 collapse: see video view similar to Craig Braden, which is available in high quality, to better see the damning west wall dust jet, which rules out the official piston theory/exterior wall failure initiation theory. See the Achimspok research video now.)

42A0064 - FBI#10 = 9:02 am to 10:29 am with some edits, 59:24 run time, but the camera was handheld! The video includes both tower "collapses" as well as the plane hit from distant E -- see video -- but shaky camera and distance makes the video unworthy of television.

42A0065 - FBI#11 = elevated view of the towers from SE closeup, minutes after the first plane hit (DK08 video once at with some edits that missed the 2nd plane impact -- full: see video -- ending minutes after the WTC2 collapse, which happened off camera at street level, but audio is evident, also dust cloud. Two men with British accents, one worried about possible collapse the other laughing at the idea.

42A0066 - FBI#12 = 9:36 am to 10:05 am handheld video distant N, little color, partially obscured towers, WTC2 collapse at 23:29, simultaneous cut to black in video for 6 seconds, collapse continues -- see it with the black removed here: see video ... Video 29:16 length total: see video

42A0067 - FBI#15 = 28 minutes of amateur video .. 2nd plane hit explosion seen at vrt 3:19 -- see video -- full version: see video -- shot from Fulton St. near WTC, again low res 352x240. Interesting debris on sidewalk that cannot be plane parts, possibly vandalism or an accident in the chaos

42A0068 - FBI#16 = 52:52 length Antonio Rosario video from Brooklyn, stable shot including the 2nd plane hit -- see the archive entry -- and WTC2 collapse -- details and links here -- again low resolution -- At 45 minutes Rosario says on the phone that he saw the second plane, a jet (obviously), fully aware he had filmed it.

42A0069 - FBI#18 = 18:28 length anonymous handheld video from a pier across the East River, south of the Brooklyn Bridge, beginning after the 2nd plane impact but the time on screen says 9:02 am, Sep. 10. Witnesses to the incoming plane and to the crash.

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 21 - 6,684MB, 3,274 files
Watch on YouTube and view at

9 folders:
42A0070 - G19 D1of3 = 10:30 length mpeg2 (VOB file, 10:00 length footage), 720x480, below and east of the towers, "Sevilla, Anthony - from Broadway and Maiden" - similar to the Gary Pollard video in the CameraPlanet Archive, but starting after the 2nd plane impact. The street is packed with people watching the towers burn.

42A0071 - G19 D2of3 = 2 VOB files together total 27:01 length, 720x480 footage from Brooklyn "A. Shapiro - 9/11 Rooftop footage - N 40 40.411' W 73 58.640'" - similar to Antonio Rosario but handheld (at vrt 16:00 the shot is stable but leaning) -- begins after 2nd plane impact and ends before first collapse.

42A0072 - G19 D3of3 = 2 VOB files together total 16:30, 720x480 -- Bryan Stuart WTC7 collapse at 0:35 -- cut, then Bryan's video continues from before the collapse, street shots. WTC5 fire from north on West Broadway 7:45 - 9:00, shaky zooms with snapshots interspersed. Collapse footage replays at 11:47.

42A0073 - G20 D1of6 = 1 folder named "UnknownSource_WTCPIX_021903_ERTREAC" contains 1 folder named "fromCD" that contains 1 folder named "EPA Photos" (contents listed below) and 401 jpg images of Ground Zero, 4 tif images of photos' contact sheets -- some with metadata dated Sept. 14, 2001, Environmental Protection Agency setting up monitoring equipment on light poles, WTC dust focused on, some WTC7 rubble shots dated 9/15 and WTC debris pile aerial shots not dated, some gathering dust shots metadata dated Sept. 12.
EPA Photos = 6 folders and one 9-16-01 safety outline map jpg. folders:
EPA PHOTOS = 91 jpgs of Ground Zero and Fresh Kills Landfill, mixed, no dates -- see photos
EPA Photos2 = 1 folder, "davephotos 9-15&16" = 90 images, some JPG some BMP: Ground Zero night and day, city area, dust cleaning vacuums inside and out, NYSE street shots
EPA Photos3 = 8 jpgs, dust cleaning seen above also EPA air quality monitor station map of New York City, and map of NYC boroughs
WTC RESPONSE = 128 jpgs, aerials of Fresh Kills 9/23 and ground shots at the landfill -- see photos, Ground Zero area, cleanup and wash stations, asbestos sampling map
WTC RESPONSE 9-18 = 33 JPGs of Ground Zero debris field from elevated location, 1280x960
WTC RESPONSE 10-2 = 86 jpgs of air sampling equipment, Fresh Kills landfill debris, the airplane engine, dump trucks, dumptruck unloading at pier 25 with crane for barge loading (blocks from Ground Zero), vehicle wash near Ground Zero

42A0074 - G20 D2of6 = 1 folder, "StarLedger" = 6 folders with jpgs seen also in Release 18, 42A0053 - G16 (ArisEconomopoulos, GeorgeMcNIsh, JenniferBrown, JohnOBoyle, MitsuYasukawa, and NoahMurray).
42A0075 - G20 D3of6 = 1 folder, "NOAAoverheadViewsWTCsite" = 2 folders:
fromCD = 7 tif images, super high res aerials of Ground Zero debris field, centered on WTC7 pile, Sept. 23
fromCumulusComputers = 1 folder, "NOAA Overhead Views of Debris Field 9-23-01" which is identical to the above folder "fromCD" and 3 other aerials, low res
42A0076 - G20 D4of6 = 1 folder, "UnknownSource_SOCRescueCo3Tribute" = 1 folder, "fromCD" = one ppt file, "R_3 WTC Tribute" -- see video -- includes photos of FDNY at Ground Zero, the debris pile on 9/11 and afterward, firetrucks, fire fighters to music "He's my brother"
42A0077 - G20 D5of6 = 157 jpgs including FDNY and NYPD lost photos, low res photos generic to 9/11, WTC, patriotism -- also a few rare shots of Ground Zero streets, thick WTC dust, paper, debris
42A0078 - G20 D6of6 = 1 folder, "UnknownSource_WTCPhotos" = 1 folder "from CD" = 19 folders and 1,182 files total, some rare jpgs, many generic to 9/11 low res, but -- jpgs of Ground Zero, WTC5 burning, debris, WTC7 rubble pile dated 9/15 high res rare shots folders:
AFTERMATH = 59 JPGs and BMP images including screencaps of web photo albums - Ground Zero devastation and 4 aerials of lower Manhattan, one with before and after
ATTACK = 141 images, most generic low res copies of plane hit, explosion, collapses -- one good set of 6 WTC2 collapse photos
CAMINERO4664_911884 = 154 jpgs - folder nearly identical to 42A0077 - G20 D5of6 above
ESCAPE_AND_RESCUE = 86 jpgs of dust cloud and civilians escaping, John Labriola images inside WTC1 stairwell of FDNY, some screencaps of a web photo collection on the New York scenes
MOVIE_CLIPS = 28 SWF videos very low res, and one .MOV video from KTLA at Ground Zero, also very low res
PENTAGON = 3 images not important
REACTIONS = 42 images, Newsday paper cover pages, american flags at half mast or in memorials
RECOVERY = 39 JPG and BMP images of Ground Zero, FDNY, low res or screencaps
WORLD_TRADE_CENTER = 26 JPGs medium resolution of Ground Zero surrounding streets, dust, burned cars, bus, wet street (West Broadway) near WTC7, WTC7 fire with no FDNY nearby, WTC6 with FDNY fighting fire
WTC = 270 JPGs including cartoons showing patriotism, need for revenge, Ground Zero shots with equipment and rubble, medium resolution, debris pile covered in dust, WTC5 burning, crushed police cars, towers before 9/11...
WTC__913_BOB_AND_MIKE = 50 JPGs of dusty streets around Ground Zero, birds in dust, debris, empty subway, medium resolution
WTC_9_11_DENNIS_M = 29 JPGs of towers burning from east across river, medium shot, WTC2 collapse obscured, dust cloud grows
WTC_9_12_MIKE_AND_BOB = 17 JPGs, medium res, Chambers St subway, dust, crushed burned cars, WTC7 debris with pedestrian bridge distant
WTC_9_13_MIKE_AND_BOB = 57 JPGs of Ground Zero surrounding area, WTC7 rubble pile closeup
WTC_ATTACK = 40 JPGs .. plane crash explosion in WTC2, WTC2 collapse, jumpers, Pentagon damage after collapse, Bush in Air Force One, Airports Closed sign, New York closed to traffic sign
WTC_DISASTER_BY_GEORGE_TAPIA = 24 JPGs of Ground Zero surrounding area dusty, destroyed cars, "Remember the Heroes" cover
WTC_INFERNO = 23 JPGs generic low res
WTC_NYC = 12 JPGs low res military helicopters, smoke covered Manhattan
WTC_SPECIALS = 17 JPGs around Ground Zero area, med-low res, WTC7 debris no date

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 22 - 1,689MB, 1,318 files
View at

42A0079 - G21 D1of5 = 1 folder, "Verizon140WestStreet" = 1 folder "fromCD" = 1 file "140WestStV2.ppt" = WTC7 debris pile and Verizon Building images found here under Unknown Photographer #1: see the collection of such images here
42A0080 - G21 D2of5 = 1 folder, "ScottMyers" = 2 folders, "fromCD_CD1" and "fromCD_CD2" -- 1 contains 181 jpgs of 2nd plane impact from below, east -- see the archive entry -- from video 720x480 -- beginning in static gray as plane enters from left... for motion detection by subtraction -- see video . The tower is seen swaying more easily. Folder 2 contains a darker version of the same jpgs and the originals, also 720x480, plus the video file in mpg (MPEG-1), avi, and an avi of the black motion detection version
42A0081 - G21 D3of5 = 1 folder "MikeChanPreDisasterWTC7images" = 1 folder, "fromCD" = one jpg and one psd of two images combined, 5700x3900 high resolution pre-9/11 WTC7
42A0082 - G21 D4of5 = 1 folder, "PeterDavis_SanDisk48MBMemoryCard" = 1 folder, "100NIKON" = 12 JPGs of the towers before and after 2nd plane hit, from NNE, also 8 JPGs of a guy's face -- also seen in other releases
42A0083 - G21 D5of5 = 1 folder, "NicolasCiancafromCD" = 283 JPGs of Ground Zero area, dumptrucks 9/11 night and 9/12 day according to metadata -- see photo collection
42A0084 - G22 D1of5 = 1 folder, "EliezerHernandez" = 1 folder, "fromCD" = 58 jpgs of Ground Zero surroundings, WTC7 debris pile closeup, no date in metadata
42A0085 - G22 D2of5 = 1 folder, "KeithNelson_SalvationArmy" = 1 folder, "fromCD" = 90 jpgs and 20 TIFs of Ground Zero area, WTC7 rubble pile at night, no date, medium, blurry
42A0086 - G22 D3of5 = 1 folder, "ReyMichavd" = 1 folder, "fromCD" = 222 jpgs many generic to 9/11, and small -- firefighters standing in water at Ground Zero...
42A0087 - G22 D4of5= 1 folder, "fromCD" = 29 JPGs of towers from across East River with Brooklyn Bridge in mid left of shot, high res, 2nd plane hit explosion seen, towers burn, fall (only WTC1 caught in mid-collapse)
42A0088 - G22 D5of5 = 1 folder, "Duane-VJ-6-11-07fromCD" = 2 folders, CD1 and CD2. CD1 = 18 JPGs (dated 2007, high res random buildings) and 5 avi videos 640x480 of Manhattan area. CD2 is identical.

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 23 - 542MB, 2,151 files
Watch slideshows at YouTube or view at

one folder, 42A0089 - G23 = 18 folders with images:
AlenShapiro = 2,000 jpgs of smoke/dust rising from Manhattan, 320x240, shot from a great distance
(see videos attributed to that name here shot from Brooklyn) BillBlack = 1 high res JPG of WTC2 obscuring WTC1, shot from Trinity Church, before 2nd plane hit
BobBoyle = 2 JPGs, one blurry building, one of WTC towers burning shot from Park Row, metadata says 9:25 am
DavidWestra = 11 JPGs, towers burning from north and west and south, below - 2 of WTC1 collapse near end of progression from a distance northeast
DougWelch = 5 jpgs, low res, of WTC towers burning from below, east - Church Street, Broadway - 1 of 2nd plane hit explosion obscured by building
FrankLaVigne = 14 JPGs of towers burning from east nearby, obscured by buildings
GiladRosner = 9 jpgs low res of towers burning from south, Battery Park
JeroenMorrien = 4 jpgs - 3 low res of Church and Liberty streets debris after plane hit (from in title) and the NOAA aerial shot of Ground Zero from 9/23, 9,372x9,372 -- see photo
JosephERouillier = 35 jpgs 640x480 res of the towers burning from NE street level, towers mostly obscured
LibraryOfCongress = 15 jpgs 1024x686(-704) with FDNY/NYPD at Ground Zero after towers collapsed while WTC7 burned, from West St. beside WTC6, fighting fire
LyleOwerko = one jpg 600x901 of WTC2 NE corner plane engine exit damage burning (see also releases 11, small, and 36, large)
MichaelBragitikos = 19 high res jpgs of towers burning, starting west below, then boating north until WTC2 collapse, missed, dust cloud grows
NewYorkTimes = 2 jpgs = "0912 pg1 clrPLANE2ar.jpg" is FDNY grouped at Ground Zero in the debris w/ WTC5 on fire in the background, the other is a medium shot of the towers burning from NE across the East River
NFPA = 8 jpgs - hole in WTC1, WTC7 on fire from south and west, obscured by buildings, medium and wide shots, WTC1 on fire standing alone
PaulTurner = one high res shot of the WTC2 plane crash explosion from south, Battery Park
RobinCornellison = 12 very high res shots (enlarged scans with lint) of the towers burning from across the Hudson River, NW, and the WTC2 collapse dust cloud
RyanMaas = 4 high res TIF images of the towers burning, then WTC2 missing, and one bmp map showing the camera location near a New Jersey pier.
Siham Bazzy taken from GMS #4 = 6 high res tif images of WTC1 burning, tight shots to medium shots, building obscured

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 24 - 7MB, 17 files
View at

one folder, 42A0090 - G24 = one folder, MarkRoddenberry = 16 jpgs, some collages of photos of towers during/after 2nd plane hit from north street level, one good shot with birds

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 25 - 195,351MB (191GB), 527 files
Watch at YouTube (22 videos)

42A0091 - G25D1
5 VOB (mpeg-2 video) files, 1:03:03 length total, all WNBC: 1. A one minute clip of 2nd plane impact, NBC Chopper4 replay -- see video 2. Static NBC camera with Woolworth Building starting at about 9:15 am - clip begins at 2:00 after title "Waterfront NY NCC" (seen at end of number 1 clip above -- high quality WTC 2 collapse at 47:00 in full DVD or at 45:10 in this version -- see video -- (WTC 2 collapse mirror)

42A0092 - G25D2
4 VOB files, 1:38:05 length: mix of clips beginning with CBS Chopper2 south of burning towers, then at 1:00 a bright WNYW Chopper5 2nd plane impact 9:08 am TV replay, at 1:35 a few seconds of the CBS Blue Angle then 1:40 raw Chopper2 south again for the remainder of the DVD -- see video. Was forced 5 miles away, says Jim Smith pilot -- at 51:12 WTC 2 collapse high quality -- at 1:20:37 WTC 1 collapse high quality

42A0093 - G25D3
4 VOB files, 1:36:06 length: Watch video (mirror) -- raw WNBC Chopper4 footage begins at 9:04 am (after explosion of 2nd plane impact). At 10:00 onboard reporter April Amonica reports 5 mile limitation. Some visual ghosting as in TV broadcast after 25:00... yellow tint. WTC 2 collapse at 55:08 at max wide shot. WTC 1 collapse at 1:24:38 at close zoom, then camera pulls back -- see video

42A0094 - G25D4
3 VOB files, 34:32 length: raw NBC News reporter Anne Thompson, begins with witness to 2nd plane, Tony Arrigo who claims it "wasn't no airliner" but instead a "big gray plane" with propellers. This could be a mix-up with memories of the B-25 bomber that hit the Empire State Building in 1945. At 2:20 - WTC 2 collapse from below, behind a cross. Frantic escape into building, then outside at 3:15 - people, streets, dust. At 7:00 (see video from this point) - Mark Heath WTC 1 collapse footage with text, as in release 14 file WNBC Dub7 12.avi. At 11:00 - WNBC Extra footage of WTC 1 collapse -- see video. At 14:28 - Jen Spell footage including 2nd plane impact -- see video (at 16:38) then at 30:03 NBC footage "from a hotel window" used in Moussaoui trial as exhibit P200315 for graphic scene of splattered bodies of jumpers below (not shown in this TV version -- see video).

42A0095 - G25D5
33 minutes - WTC 2 collapse at 2:00 - Sumner Jules Glimcher (from north, street level), amber tinted unlike original -- see video.

42A0096 - G25D6
1:05:10 length - Multiple cameras. NBC (seen in History 2007 doc. 9/11 Conspiracies Fact or Fiction) distant Jersey footage, blue tint, captured 2nd plane at 1:00 and WTC 2 collapse at 4:46 -- see video. Then at 6:26 an ENE street view with Woolworth Building, missing 2nd plane impact during an edit or camera stop. Then 11:34 missed WTC 2 collapse -- see video -- and at 13:13 WTC 1 collapse missed, mostly. At 20:40 - extended length raw NBC River Shot captures WTC 2 collapse at 21:21 and WTC 1 collapse at 50:45 -- see video

42A0097 - G25D7
2:00:37 length, 2nd half just blue screen (incomplete repeat of 42A0093 - G25D3 folder) = NBC Chopper4 - 1 minute of NBC News TV, then Chopper4 raw, WTC 2 collapse at 54:32 then cut to blue.

42A0098 - G25D8
59:33 length, Chris Hopewell "Eyefull" footage from NE across river, starting after WTC 2 collapse and camera was moved to ground level. At 18:30 - WTC 1 collapse, as seen in Naudet film.

42A0099 - G25D9
1:34:05 length, repeat (exactly as far as I have watched) of "7" folder contents, listed at end... described here in detail. 1. Chopper4 NBC raw at 9:01 am, cuts to moment after plane enters screen... 2nd plane impact at 47 seconds... cut to 2. NBC GE Building WTC 2 collapse raw (leaning cam wide shot) 3. At 1:47 cut to WTC 1 collapse WNBC Soho raw w/ audio, no spire falling. 4. At 2:22 cut to dusty street scene - cop helps woman - people getting on bus 5. At 2:54 cut to dust cloud from N below, near APTN WTC 1 collapse angle. 6. At 3:04 cut to West St. dust - firemen, sun. 7. At 4:11 cut to darkened Naudet 1st plane impact with audio but no final zoom/bird. 8. At 4:38 cut to Pentagon before and after collapse. 9. At 5:35 cut to WTC 2 collapse NBC Christian Martin south with audio and replay. 10. At 6:06 cut to wide shot of Manhattan from Staten Island, Statue of Liberty. 11. At 7:18 cut to cops... 12. At 7:45 Ground Zero with machines moving debris on West St. by fallen WFC bridge. 13. At 8:30 cars burning, dusty street -- see video. 14. At 9:21 Michael Hess (explosion witness) in WTC 7 window calling for help. 15. At 9:50 dust devil, fire, cars. Back to Mr. Hess at 10:22. 16. At 11:20 Osama bin Laden clips, Cole bombing, 1993 WTC, "Osama eluding FBI" 17. At 12:38 Presidential helicopter exit on runway, Bush moves to Air Force One. 18. At 14:00 Evan Fairbanks 2nd plane impact - dark. 19. At 15:05 Ground Zero, night. 20. At 15:30, Bush with FEMA and Helicopter, gets on. 21. At 16:28 Rome, Pope prays. 22. At 17:15 London plays US theme. 23. At 18:08 the new 2nd plane impact "WT Comp Reel" from release 14. 24. At 18:20 crying people. 26. At 18:58 dude w/ machine gun. 27. At 19:18 WNBC Chopper4 raw at 9:01 am -- at 21:40 2nd plane impact. 28. At 22:30 WNBC Joe Avellar interviews civilian in Soho, misses WTC 2 collapse. 29. At 25:12 WNBC Soho WTC 1 collapse high quality raw full length. 30. At 26:20 raw NBC GE Building cam, 2 towers burn -- at 26:59 WNBC same view 2nd plane impact HQ (leaning cam) 31. At 27:48 ambulance, people, cop lady says get out of area, 2nd tower will be coming down - running, FBI, cops... 32. At 30:00 dusty street, FDNY, dust blows. 33. At 32:15 airplane tire/wheel on curb with yellow tape perimeter. 34. At 33:05 FDNY near Ground Zero. 34:20 overturned van, piles of paper. 35. At 35:20 WTC 3 hotel, Ground Zero 9/11, FDNY West St. 36. At 37:18 WTC 1 collapse WNBC - PAX-TV Jeff Scarborough cameraman, cuts before gunshots. 37. At 38:00 Army vehicle, bulldozer, crane, GZ day. 38. At 39:55 WTC 7 rubble. 39. At 40:10 trucks, at 40:30 big crane driving to the scene. 40. At 41:30 bulldozers moving dust. 41. At 42:07 Bush on phone in Oval Office with Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Gov. George Pataki - photo op. 42. At 44:55 WNBC report, American flag, mourning. 43. At 47:40 GZ 9/11 West St. FDNY. 44. At 50:33 east side of WTC 7 burns. 45. At 51:35 GZ night long shot, zoom. 46. At 53:12 Statue of Liberty slow pan to GZ, zoom over Winter Garden. 47. At 55:00 night, street. 48. At 55:45 baseball. 49. At 57:20 Giuliani, 9/11 on the street with the press. 50. At 1:00:50 WTC 1 collapse mised, near APTN/WB11, dust cloud grows. 51. At 1:03:10 car burns, repeat - 1:03:50 dust devil, burning cars. 52. At 1:04:25, escape-exodus from Manhattan. 53. At 1:05:18 Marwan al-Shehhi, Mohamed Atta roommates on news. 54. At 1:05:35 GZ - WTC bucket brigades. 55. At 1:06:30 lines at airport. 56. At 1:07:18 Lady Liberty pan to GZ - West St. 9/13 probably. 57. At 1:09:00 hospital, outside. 58. At 1:09:20 Pentagon plane hit animation. 59. At 1:09:31 GZ night. 60. At 1:10:20 hospital day. 61. At 1:12:00 GZ night, WTC 7 rubble smoking. 62. At 1:13:45 FDNY funeral. 63. At 1:15:27 NYSE (stock exchange trading floor) empty. 64. At 1:16:06 GZ from Jersey over Winter Garden. Cranes, smoking rubble 65. Families. 66. GZ day. 67. Candlelight vigil. 68. GZ day at 1:21:45 buckets, search dog German Shephard. 68. At 1:23:20 Arabs with guns, Osama bin Laden, guns, Arabs. 69. At 1:26:04 GZ - WTC 7 closeup rubble. 70. At 1:27:08 posted sign - missing black boxes. 71. At 1:27:20 WTC 5 FEMA search and rescue with dogs 9/18 like report in release 28, folder 42A0290 - G27D20 at vrt 14:00. 72. At 1:28:40 GZ day - debris ... on the pile

42A0100 - G25D10
1:32:05 length = 1. WABC Brooklyn cam 8:49 - 8:50 AM ... 2. Raw WCBS-AM Chopper 880 at 1:30 = famous LIVE ABC 2nd plane impact at 13:55. At 26:45 ABC NewsCopter7 2nd plane impact, plane just missed, camera starts recording with fireball rising. Tape rewinds to shot of chopper on the ground, then fast forwards to the fireball starting. Replay and reverse, like they're trying to tell us HEY WE TURNED ON THE CAMERA AFTER THE PLANE HIT OKAY! John DelGiorno reports at 28:50. WTC 2 collapse at 1:09:54. No WTC 1 collapse. That's in next folder, in VOB3.

42A0101 - G25D11
3 VOB files starting 1_ (= 1 DVD) and one file "2_1.VOB" that is just ABC text. 1. ABCDub2_03.avi in release 14, "Rare collapse 42" WTC 2 from N ... then WTC 1 collapse from same angle at 36:24. 2. VOB3 cuts to ABC NewsCopter7 WTC 1 collapse, 15:52 into VOB3

42A0102 - G25D12
57:33 length = 2nd plane impact medley: Jersey Shore, Fairbanks, Gamma Press, CBS11, then at 1:30 ABC LIVE Chopper880. At 2:02 WTC 7 burning seen through window - CBS2 Vince D. raw, cars burned out, WTC 7 burns, east shot. At 7:35 on West St. CBS WTC 7 no collapse yet. At 16:59 WTC 2 collapse, below N. At 18:45 WTC 1 collapse ABC Michelle C. At 20:00 NBC West St. HQ Pat Dawson raw - WTC 1 collapse at 21:25. At 22:29 CBS-1 LIVE TV low quality. At 34:30 long shot Chopper2 9:04 am. At 36:59 Chris Hopewell aka Tinacart 1 2nd plane impact. At 38:04 CBS2 boring Firefighter interview then Vince D. WTC 7 burning repeat. At 47:58 CBS2 West St. WTC 7 collapse with audio.

42A0103 - G25D13
1:03:03 length = raw New York Times online WTC 1 collapse. At 2:04 raw Naka Nathaniel 2nd plane impact (NY Times). At 3:04 Evan Fairbanks footage (Magnum Photographers), raw full length from Trinity Church to 2nd plane impact at 9:45 to WTC 2 collapse at 24:13 -- 25:25 gray screen, then repeat WTC 2 Fairbanks collapse. [Note: To see the 5 minutes of video [redacted to blur people's faces] with its previously missing, corresponding audio (from beginning at Trinity Church until 1 minute before the plane hits), see, folder "Original Video from Tapes" subfolder "Federal Bureau of Investigation" subfolder "FBI Original Video from Tapes." File: 604_WTCI_454_I.mp4 .. At 27:35 WTC 1 burns, Michelle C. ABC West Side Hwy.. At 28:47 cut to witness of both planes, dark skinned youth looking up, says 1st plane came from north (Kwame Leduc - see also 13:33 of 42A0108 - G25D18) Then at 30:00 tape rewinds... to WTC 2 collapse from below, N on West St. Then West Side Hwy Michelle C. WTC 1 collapse at 35:54 after fast forwarding and rewinding.. At 40:35 Nina Pineda WTC 1 collapse mostly obscured, at 41:37 WTC 1 collapse ABC West St. pedestrian bridge telephoto lens, dust cloud extended length to darkness at 42:50. At 43:38 WTC 1 collapse ABC West Side Hwy Michelle C. ALT ZOOM on spire HQ... At 46:40 ABC NewsCopter7 WTC 1 burns, collapses at 55:27, full.

42A0104 - G25D14
ABC News with Peter Jennings, about 9:15 to 10:42 am on 9/11.

42A0105 - G25D15
44:02 length, WTC 7 collapses: 1. ABC-AP Bill Blakemore raw and 2. Window Shot. At 5:00 Barry Jennings interview with WABC .... ABC News, Peter Jennings - Mayor Giuliani speaks about WTC 7 damaged ... Flight 175 starboard engine at the corner of Church and Murray is seen... At 9:30 ABC NewsCopter7 shoots WTC 7 gash on south face, TV version, cut to wide shot of Manhattan - give blood locations... WABC-TV continued. More WTC 7 aerial. At 21:15 cut to CNN, people escape Manhattan crossing bridges. At 22:35 cut to gray. At 23:00 debris in street north of WTC below towers burning, people running. At 24:40 cut to gray. At 25:20 another WTC 1 collapse ABC Michelle C... then 2nd plane impacts: Chopper880 WABC replay and Brooklyn cam explosion only at 26:40 then ABC NewsCopter7 WTC 1 collapse WABC LIVE TV version, no audio. At 28:15 WTC 2 collapse NW below, then repeat of NewsCopter7 WTC 1 collapse and ABC Michelle C. WTC 1 collapse. At 30:32 raw 2nd plane impact Gamma Press HQ, low audio. At 31:47 Port Authority engineer says towers are very strong buildings (low audio) then immediate WTC 1 collapse, ABC Joe Torres. At 33:00 mix of clips... At 36:34 ABC N.J. Burkett WTC 2 collapse. At Burkett WTC 2 collapse

42A0106 - G25D16
1:02:33 length, WTC 7 burns from Greenwich St. .. fire, zooms, cut to after the collapse. Radio says it collapsed at vrt 18:30. At 22:04 WTC 1 collapse witness Paul Lemos describes explosions, firecrackers. End at 31:00 then Craig Braden footage from N - WTC 2 collapse only partial at 41:39, no WTC 1 event. At 38:01 footage after 2nd plane impact, "BBC World" raw - rewinds to before plane - impact at 38:57. "There's another one, taking a look..." then explosion. At 39:46, 2nd plane impact replay of International Shot.. Fairbanks 2nd hit and WTC 2 collapse, ABC TV versions /end

42A0107 - G25D17
41:02 length = CBS West St. HQ WTC 1 collapse - a girl from high school saw the planes. At 13:35 FDNY Tyrone saw WTC lobby collapse, secondary explosion - a third explosion - At 16:23 FDNY Jimmy Grillo, Ladder 24, bloody nose, witnessed "heavy duty" explosion - Another Flight 175 witness FDNY mustache. At 18:05 WTC 7 burns, 18:40 rewinding/fast forwarding, 19:40 Greenwich St. CBS WTC 7 collapse. At 22:00 cut .. to Richard Peskin or R. Rabanne, WTC 7 burning. 29:49 ffwd and cut. At 31:00 WTC 7 burns from street view, rare ABC view, cut. At 32:00 Window Shot of WTC 7 flame burst - and WTC 7 collapse HQ. At 34:05 cut to ABC-AP Bill Blakemore WTC 7 shot, then 34:30 to NBC GE Bldg. leaning cam... at 38:17 WTC 7 collapse from that angle.

42A0108 - G25D18
Watch in 3 parts: 1., 2., 3. -- 1:03:00 length (no audio in much of original tape due to bad dubbing by NIST. Video links include audio added from release 14 Cumulus files.)
Timed events as if playing DVD = WTC 1 burns - West St. closeup on hole N side. 2:00 ambulances. 2:25 low shot of both towers burning from NNE below. 3:30 Fire engines at WTC. 4:10 FDNY gather. 4:34 like ABC reporter N.J. Burkett below WTC 1, West St. shot before WTC 2 collapse. 5:00 closeup on fire, debris falling. 5:43 smoke rising from plaza level between towers. 6:56 firefighter reacts to jumper, still no audio. FDNY grouped 8:20 jumpers, closeup on fire 9:00 closeup on NW corner people hanging out high windows. 9:03 helicopter reflection in windows. 9:55 famous closeup shot NW corner top, people hanging out of smoky windows, also 10:53. 11:50 cut to cops, firetrucks below, NW 13:00 closeup on NW corner again, tower waver on 107. 13:33 audio - witness saw both planes - Kwame Leduc describes passenger jet 15:21 WTC 2 collapse from below NW with firetruck, running from dust cloud up West St., loud siren. 17:50 firemen dusty 18:07 "Make a f-ing hole!" media in the way 19:55 kids evacuate school 21:00-21:30 black then no audio again... back to before WTC 2 collapse this time reporter N.J. Burkett cameraman Marty Glembotzky 22:58 FDNY Grouped below burning towers 23:25 closeup on NW corner smoke, people hanging out upper floors 24:30 N.J. speaks - audio is back - WTC 2 collapse extended length into WFC, out at 26:00 ... dusty woman 27:30 evac from ? .. dusty people interviewed, not aired 30:36 cut - 30:45 blond woman saw planes hit. N.J. Burkett interview, woman cries, hug. 34:40 NYPD pulling out, North Tower is leaning... seconds later WTC 1 collapse, choppy audio, escape indoor parking garage 37:55 outside again 39:05 African American man, woman pouring water on faces - woman: "big explosion" 42:30 rewinds, cuts .. 44:00 plane witness, 2nd a smaller plane, 1st a jet plane - woman reporter? 47:20 1st plane witness, passenger jet, then 48:00 2nd plane witness Keith Goldstein saw jumpers ... towers burning.. 50:00 UAL175 plane engine at Church and Murray, FBI photographing, c.u. on engine . no audio now 51:20 WTC 2 molten metal stream, sparks 51:35 woman on pay phone then c.u. of shoe on sidewalk .. people run from dust cloud 54:16 African American woman witness Debbie Troy: lot of people burnt up, "it was bad" - WTC 1 stands alone. Nina Pineda WTC 1 collapse from City Hall park at 58:30.

42A0109 - G25D19
1:03:03 length, WPIX = WB11 Air11 wide shot moving N to W to c.u. on towers burning - TV broadcast beginning at 9:10 am. Melinda Murphy talks at 9:14 ... WTC 2 collapse at 48:55. 59:53 cuts off, pauses on WTC 1 Metrocam .. end. (see combined with release 28

42A0110 - G25D20
WPIX raw footage - FDR Drive 2nd plane impact at 2:05 with audio, Asian reporter female. Police cars pass at 8:00, man interviewed, not aired. Woman in car interviewed at 10:00, not aired: Phones don't work, didn't see plane, sirens loud. 11:40 close - med shot of WTC 1 pan out to both towers on fire, smoke. 15:49 traffic on FDR Dr. - sirens. towers. WTC 2 collapse missed or cut at 26:19. 30:00 traffic cop interview. 31:18 cut .. 31:43 electric guitar plays national anthem on the street. 33:26 WTC 2 burns, c.u. NE corner. 42:50 WTC 2 collapse missed, dust cloud rises, traffic cop interview repeat.. other interviews. 1:01:08 WTC 1 collapse, WPIX Dub3 73.avi in release 14

42A0111 - G25D21
1:22:04 length, WPIX Air11 starts with a glimpse of Melinda Murphy in the chopper (probably on a different day), then cut to after 2nd plane impact as smoke rises, ffwd to takeoff from Manhattan, flying N to W (after picking up Melinda from pier, I believe) - cut at 32:04, black for 5-10 sec., back to Air11... at 38:20 WTC 2 collapse. At 1:07:41 WTC 1 collapse combined with release 28

42A0112 - G25D22
1st WPIX demos - 2nd plane impact explosion only, amateur, with flag (at 4:41), then "CNN NewsSource by request" file: 1st plane hits tower, Naudet slow motion video reg speed audio. 8:45 CNN NewsSource file: 2nd plane impacts tower - Michael Hezarkhani (not named) 9:20 CNN NewsSource 2nd plane impact 9:10 am angle from 5 Penn Plaza with full approach decent quality 10:00 people waving from burning tower 10:40 CNN WTC 2 collapse from 5 Penn Plaza wide shot med. quality 11:00 WTC 2 collapse, ABC below NNW then WTC 2 collapse Luigi Cazzaniga 11:46 CNN WTC 1 collapse 5 Penn Plaza partial then replay from zoom out angle 12:30 WTC 1 collapse WNYW Dick Oliver street shot, ghosty. 12:48 WNYW Jack Taliercio after WTC 2 collapse = CNN NewsSource "people running from towers." and another like APTN street shot N dust cloud only 13:41 WTC 7 collapses: 1. ABC-AP 2.WPIX Gustavo Villanueva 3. Window Shot w/ audio 14:20 firefighters at Ground Zero, burnt cars, ladder 113 rig 15:40 Mayor Giuliani on street 16:20 pre-911 WTC, then empty skyline 17:15 CNN NewsSource "street aftermath" near Ground Zero 9/11 dusty street , cops. 18:20 "eyewitnesses" - shocked people. 20:30 cut to raw footage, WPIX plane witnesses as seen on 102 Minutes that Changed America - Fulton St. walking toward WTC, busy... 46:20 missed WTC 2 collapse, dust cloud.

42A0113 - G25D23
1:03:03 length = NBC material, raw. 2nd plane impact Clifton Cloud raw, 2nd plane impact Jen Spell raw. 1:20 WTC 2 collapse Sumner Jules Glimcher raw with audio. 2:11 WTC 2 collapse raw Clifton Cloud. 3:01 WTC 2 collapse NBC Producer Shachar Bar-on. 4:18 2nd plane impact NBC - East (new find 2008) w/ replay. 4:50 WTC 2 collapse NBC Producer Christian Martin. 5:20 WTC 2 collapse NBC River Shot. 5:59 NBC Chopper4 seconds after plane hit. 6:46 just after WTC 2 collapse on West St. 8:00 med shot of WTC 1 same camera . cop on stretcher rolls to ambulance. people flow onto the Hudson River Greenway behind fence, up West St. 9:43 close - med shot of WTC 1.. closeup from West St. HQ: WTC 1 collapse at 13:00, no spire fall.. dusty guy water bottle poured over face by cop in helmet.. people herding on street. 15:05 cop puts on belt of gear. 16:08 quick shot of bloody nose firefighter.. dusty man coughing, firefighters hug at 17:05 .. water pouring over eyes. 18:15 shot out window down on West St., then from south, street like Pavel Hlava. 20:00 dusty street people walk by. 24:25 darkness like evening, partial circle lens (NBC Exclusive aired, see also release 14 WNBC Dub3. Apparently amateur photographer Lenny Mulhern) -- see video -- dusty paper filled street W. Broadway FDNY converge, Ground Zero fires burn in street. FDNY spray water on firetruck, later on other fires. Daylight comes back at 35:00 GZ debris, steel sticking up WTC 7 burns south face covered by smoke, 360 pan around. 37:00 FDNY group near WTC 3 ... devastation, ambulances lined up open backs, 38:35 overturned car then into WFC atop escalators. FDNY look out windows on GZ at 39:45. WTC 7 burns from south, bulldozers pushing debris. 43:29 wide elevated shot over Ground Zero. 44:15 Lucky ambulance. 44:58 ground level, zoom on man w/ arm in sling. 45:44 Steve Spak video begins, I think. FDNY radio, GZ dark again. 55:00 high pitched beacon for a minute. Putting out fire on fallen pedestrian bridge, fire burns in WTC 7.

42A0114 - G25D24
1:03:03 length = NBC News broadcast, no NBC logo, starting with first report at 8:53 - 9:56 am

42A0115 - G25D25
33:01 length = "WCBS NIST Dub #1_Damas home video" from release 14 - WTC 2 molten metal drip closeup at 22:32. Frames cut at 23:16;26. At 23:16;27 - WTC 2 collapse ... WTC 1 collapse at 29:00 ... At 30:40 - WTC 1 collapse from N same folder in release 14 - file WCBS Dub1 32.avi, then repeat - end

42A0116 - G25D26
49:02 length = WCBS on West St. - WTC 7 burns (cam 3). At 1:14 Margaret Crowley NYU Med. Center talks, WTC 7 collapse initiates behind her at 1:53 (see release 14 file WCBS Dub2 03). At 3:00 cut to long shot of towers burning from N up Church St., I think.. crowd watching - NO audio. At 7:15 FBI photographs 175 starboard engine at Murray and Church. At 8:05 amateur WTC 2 collapse from street below, N - Dust Cloud, man hides behind Police truck, camera running. 9:06 end, black to 11:39, dusty streets, haze. return to scene of collapse shot at 14:30. At 16:18 people on Brooklyn Bridge. 16:50 cut to intermittent clip of capitol building in D.C. then back to NY at 17:08, again to DC for 2 seconds at 17:45 then cut to street, cops .. motorcycle cops, At 20:12 male witness cut rewind - 20:33 play male passenger plane witness 2nd plane - 2 women saw 1st plane very low. Guy at 23:00 thought 2nd plane a missile coming through building. Suriya Sunthoron. 23:30 cut to after 1st collapse - ffwd to shot between fire trucks on West St. - best shot of WTC 3 Marriott hotel crushed on fire before WTC 1 collapse (see release 14 file CBS-Net Dub3 22), debris - steel sticking up from street. At 23:56 street sign U TURN World Trade Ctr. - then high glare whiteout, 26:31 glare shot up WTC 1, ambulance destroyed. 28:37 cut. CBS2 TV 5:08 pm says anchor at 38:10 - Vince DeMentri WTC 7 quick report - WTC 7 on fire. 36:15 "expected to collapse" 38:40 cut to black. 39:00 back to CBS2 TV after WTC 7 collapse - shown in full at 39:28 no audio at scene replay at 40:18. Replay again at 41:05. At 42:15 Chris Hopewell 2nd plane impact - CBS Exclusive (Tinacart 1). At 43:55 witness William Rodriguez - explosion, "support floor" -- see video

42A0117 - G25D27
49:32 length, starts at appx. 8:47 just after 1st plane crash.. amateur raw footage from Park Row, captures 2nd plane impact at 15:53, explosion only. At 16:56, "K. Behrle" text on multi-color test screen.. then 2nd plane impact footage previously "CBS11" with audio - plane at 21:18 runs to 23:16 ... black/gray to 23:40 = WPIX Metrocam - Empire State Building before 2nd plane only - cut at 26:43 to CBS-1 2nd plane impact Blue Angle plane at 36:20 impact at 36:33 - cut at 40:15 ... random 2 seconds from CBS2 cut to gray. At 41:00 camera in car in traffic after 2nd plane hit, on West Side Hwy., ~ a mile out. . no audio ..closer.. motorcycle cops, police van, men putting on aluminum-protective clothing, shot under WTC 1 on West St., audio starts at 49:30 for plane witnesses. man with sunglasses, 2 women.

42A0118 - G25D28
1:16:34 length, mix of footage = WTC 7 burning, collapse from NBC-PAX angle, no audio .. To WTC 1 burning, Clifton Cloud, finally collapses at 11:30. Then 1st plane impact - Naudet with different audio, TV zoomed version as usual...mix

42A0118 - G25D29
Ground Zero 9/11 night, bulldozing dust, FDNY cutting steel

42A0119 - G25D30
WTC1 collapse, Hebrews from north, release 14 CBS-Net Dub2 11 - WTC1 collapse at 6:00; then 2nd plane hit (missed aircraft) amateur shots: WCBS NIST Dub #2 - Sutch brothers footage, jumpers, with extended length including elevated shot of the crowd swarming the street as collapse dust cloud comes... birds. Then at 19:00 CBS-Net Dub2 29, African American voices, from north - 2nd plane explosion at 23:34 after edit or camera power off.... Then at 27:30 the Peter Damas footage. Plane hits unseen at 29:53 smoke rising after edit or camera power off.... video rewinds, pixelates, fast forwards to WTC2 collapse at 46:58. WTC1 collapse at 51:00, end at 52:30

42A0120 - G25D31
Watch in full now (mirror)-- CBS camera, starts just after WTC2 collapse, on West St... Dust... then moving to WTC7, goes inside building at escalator (stopped), alarm siren, talks with Secret Service OST Bennette, male camera operator talks to FDNY - fireman trapped? .. then onto street after dust settles ... best shot of WTC3 before WTC1 collapse - U TURN sign, Marriott crushed, debris, looks up at WTC1 , smashed ambulance on its side, looks up at WTC1 burning, zooms in - Interviews man in blue shirt with shoulder bag, helped carry woman in wheelchair down stairs from floor 68 - Mike Benfante - worked at Network Plus communications company on 81st floor of 1 WTC... bathroom blown out he says . At 18:20 WTC1 collapse with dusty lens, wipes lens clean, Mike runs past, cloud hits and people fall - blackness, with constant audio of choking and small gravel-rubble raining down... flash of TV colors at 21:22 with text title: "CBSLAGANGA" (Mark LaGanga) no audio interruption, light returns through dust covered lens around 21:30, wipes lens at 21:51 - man in dust answers cameraman's question "What happened?" with "It collapsed. The top floors collapsed down. I saw it blow and then ran like hell. Thank God. I'm 69 but I can still run. There's gotta be firemen trapped back there, though." -- At 23:00 a bird on the sidewalk walking... dusty streets, firemen's safety alarm going off, shuts it off - man helps fireman walk.... kids leaving Stuyvesant High School, Police collecting water bottles ... LaGanga ends at 29:05
29:30 - cut to WTC1 collapse beginning of "BBC MotionGallery" shot (also release 14, CBS-Net Dub3 38 - see video) from West St., with 2x lens extender removed for wide shot .. forced to move camera at 30:15, gunshot at 30:39, shot of dust cloud, dust-covered people getting water poured on face -- 38:23 fireman at open fire hydrant -- walking toward Ground Zero, papers all over West St. - 43:00 FDNY pulling lines of hose from truck, dusty streets. 45:30 cut to female reporter interviewing man with bloody knee (Bolivar Arellano of New York Post), who speaks Spanish to camera operator describing explosions - see video (also release 14, CBS-Net Dub3 70)
48:00 - end footage, begin long shot (also release 14, CBS-Net Dub3 76), shaky view of towers burning from North - WTC2 collapse at 51:16, initiation missed, zoom out to catch shaky shot of core crumbling see video --- end 55:33

42A0121 - G25D32
"#11072 TEED" title - street interview short, at vrt 2:01 WTC2 collapse, partial from street NW ... interview with woman who saw first plane as it hit. Interviews, West St., little girl says her classroom jumped when the first explosion happened. Cut at 13:30. 14:05 to CBS camera going into WTC7 during alarm ... 15:20 cut ... short clip of CBS Carol Marin telling Dan Rather her rescue during static shot of WTC7 burning from N. 17:30 cut... CBS West St. HQ WTC1 collapse shot at 19:38.... cut after less than a minute. Then APTN billboard - title APTN London - at 22:11 cut to Chopper880 WCBS-AM early shot. 2nd plane hit at 32:23 cut at 36:00 ... then Chris Hopewell aka Tinacart 1 shot at 36:40, 2nd plane impact at 36:43. ... at 38:00 cut to WTC2 collapse East Shot, white- brightness too high. Then "WCBS TV mini 12" title at 39:00 ... gray for 30 seconds cut to 2nd hit missed shot from below, East - Discovery/RTL/History at 40:36 cut to impact out of view... "That's terrorists." -- towers burn -- cut at 45:55 to after WTC2 collapse, to NE on roof, birds flying into dust cloud (shot used in 102 Minutes that Changed America) -- at 46:xx cut to after WTC1 collapse on Reed St. and Chambers. about 20 minutes after collapse he says... dust... at 50:05 explosion sound. .. "There's more collapsing going on. You can hear it." .. American flag beside WTC7 burning from NE street.... cut at 53:00 to personal shot, end 53:33

42A0122 - G25D33
CBS News Carol Marin telling Dan Rather her rescue, "ball of flame stories high" - WTC3 crushed before WTC1 collapse... cut at 5:42 to WTC7 collapse, West St. camera 3 with audio, brightness high -- then ABC Bill Blakemore partial shot of WTC7 collapse, and again. At 8:30 - WTC7 Window Shot... fire, rewinding, plays finally at 9:14 in high quality no audio with replay, again with fireball shooting from window, extended replays... at 16:00 amateur footage of towers burning shot from distant roof, NNE, no audio -- WTC2 collapse at 17:15 - CBS-Net Dub5 19 - see video - at 19:40 cut. .. at 20:00 a few seconds of dust rising shot from street N of WTC7, cut at 20:34 ... at 21:00 NBC Leaning Cam footage of WTC7 burning. Collapse at 24:49. -- then Window Shot of WTC7 collapse again

42A0123 - G25D34
ABC airs "Report from Ground Zero" 2002, but 9-10-02 text on screen with timer, low quality, starts after beginning of film -- for full version see release 28, folder 42A0287 - G27D17 -- watch at see video at YouTube or at

42A0124 - G25D35
"Report from Ground Zero" begins at 1:20 -- but in high quality (low volume), and missing the last 42 minutes-- which are in release 28, folder 42A0285 - G27D15. Note the full ABC decent quality version, with commercials, is in R28 folder 42A0287 - G27D17 as mentioned above.

42A0125 - G25D36
September 11, 2002 TV - NBC4 Washington, airport security, Reagan rememberances. At 30:20 NBC Nightly News begins... America Remembers... Ground Zero... at 1:00:00 Shanksville .. Rumsfeld, Afghan war... then at 1:30:00 begins "America Remembers: Air Traffic Controllers" Tom Brokaw interviews, with footage, etc.

42A0125 - G25D37
continued: "America Remembers: Air Traffic Controllers" Tom Brokaw interviews - 3:30 to 3:46, 2nd plane impact NBC Jersey (Newark airport?) also at 3:54 2nd plane impact NBC SE zoom

42A0126 - G25D38
title text: "Story #: NA24T Slug: WITNESS REACT," in front of NBC logo ... footage from Chopper4 of WTC2 collapse, then at 0:35 WNBC Walter Perez WTC2 LIVE collapse... 1:10 cut to 2nd hit missed NBC crew, above... repeat with interview before hit... then hit again... at 2:03 1993 bombing footage. At 3:07 NBC 2nd plane hit, Leaning Cam... other NBC footage - New story slug... WTC1 SoHo view, ground/camera shakes then collapse at 5:45, full HQ. New story slug, street views of pedestrians. At 7:45 WTC2 collapse from south, Christian Martin. At 8:06 new slug, nothing new, then WNBC Katie McGee shadow traffic, towers burn SkyCam with Woolworth, more WNBC TV before 9:59 am.... At 11:40 WNBC LIVE WTC2 collapse... collage of NBC footage, decent quality. 34:33 WTC1 River Shot of collapse... then at 37:48, WTC1 collapse below, N, behind WTC7... same as release 14, WNBC Dub4A 29 - see video -- Then at 40:16 new Japanese WTC2 collapse - see video - from N on West St. below near WABC and WCBS and FOX Don Callopy (and another).. at 43:40 WTC1 collapse WABC Joe Torres... at 45:24 WTC7 collapse MSNBC LIVE - with extended intro where Ashleigh Banfield reports "another explosion" moments before.

42A0127 - G25D39
ABC News with Peter Jennings, 9/11 at 12:05 P.M. (low quality Channel 2 Atlanta) 2:00:37 length... Senator Joe Biden at 1:39:00, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee says yesterday at the National Press Club he talked about the possibility of flying a plane from the D.C. airport into the White House ... or the same thing in New York. at 1:40:30 mentions anthrax (interview in TV archive -- see video starting here)

42A0128 - G25D40
NBC National News on channel 11 Atlanta, 9/11 at ~ 11:57 am - Pat Dawson relates fireman reports of secondary explosions, difficulty getting above 60-something floor for firemen - cut to Palestinians apparently celebrating - at 5:50 talking about WTC7 facility with Ray Kelly former NY Police Commissioner ... Campbell Brown at White House says President Bush was informed of first plane crash while in holding room at Booker Elementary by National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice ... who was in meeting with top officials by 9:39 am at White House otherwise evacuated ... mentions Doomsday Plane . At vrt 12:00 Gov. George Pataki on the phone - begin previously available clip of NY WNBC coverage -- see video -- Jim Miklaszewski near Pentagon -- Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf on phone with Matt Lauer in studio -- Paul Bremer at 24:27 from National Commission on Terrorism ... at 29:45 an early interview with Christian Martin... including his footage of the WTC2 collapse. After the first viewing, however, the picture becomes pixelated, degraded badly... until the end.

42A0128 - G25D41
NBC unknown time between 11:50 am and 1:00 pm (not in TV archive), one short 7 minute clip of Pat Dawson with Red Cross representative, and Tom Brokaw on the phone with terrorism subject matter, footage from streets of NY.

42A0129 - G25D42
NBC 9:49 to 11:49 am poor quality, jumpy picture, but after ~11:08 am not in TV archive -- link to different, better quality version of 10:59 - 11:14: see video

42A0130 - G25D43
ABC News with Peter Jennings (on Atlanta channel) from 9:50 am? --

42A0131 - G25D44

42A0131 - G25D45

42A0131 - G25D46

42A0131 - G25D47
NBC on ?, short clip

42A0132 - G25D48
NBC Dateline intro, fuzzy Christian Martin WTC2 collapse, low quality NBC WTC2 again-- short file

42A0133 - G25D49
ABC News Good Morning America before 8:45 am on 9/11 then 1st report on WABC NY local news on 9/11, through 2nd collapse, high quality -- previously available: see video playlist

42A0134 - G25D50
WNBC NY local news early 9/11 to after collapses -- previously available: see video playlist

42A0135 - G25D51
NBC, MSNBC on 9/11 -- some story "slugs" from VCR tape, also WTC7 collapse LIVE MSNBC with report from Ashleigh Banfield of what she thought was an explosion.... see also 42A0126 - G25D38 for better recording same length

42A0136 - G25D52
WABC NY local with timer, early on 9/11 to after collapses

42A0137 - G25D53
WABC afternoon Chopper7 shot of WTC7 burning, with WTC witness Bill Heitman - short clip

42A0138 - G25D54
WCBS NY local, early to after collapses on 9/11 - with timer

42A0139 - G25D55
NY1 - Questions Remain on Towers' Collapse (FEMA investigation hearings with House Science Committee covered -- see video. For the hearings themselves, see release 27, 42A0156 - G26D13.

42A0140 - G25D56
"Under Ground Zero" - CNN and WCBS at WTC site -- see video -- Ken Holden, DDC: "We're seeing very unusual circumstances thoughout this building." regarding WTC6

42A0141 - G25D57
MSNBC night, extended...

42A0141 - G25D58
NBC night, extended

42A0141 - G25D59
NBC ...

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 26 - 6,968MB (7GB), 59 files
View at

Images for use in the "Mechanical and Metallurgical Analysis of Structural Steel" described in NIST NCSTAR 1-3: see document (See also release 9.)

42A0142 = 50 NIST jpegs of steel beams in parking lot, each image has 4 photos -- examples:
WTC001.jpg, WTC009.jpg, WTC021.jpg, WTC031.jpg, WTC041.jpg, and WTC050.jpg

42A0143 = 3 .mov videos, WTC Tape 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3, each about 1GB and 20 minutes of steel
See a video or a playlist of videos here and here

42A0144 = 4 .mov videos similar to above -- see video

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 27 - 438,378MB (428GB), 1,229 files

42A0145 - G26D1 - DVD VOB files (All files in this release are VOB, or mpeg-2. VirtualDub MPEG2 is a free program that plays and converts these.): WTC: Rise and Fall of an American Icon - History 2002 -- see video
42A0146 - G26D2 - CNN 8:42 - 10:45, fuzzy quality -- Quality here: see video
42A0147 - G26D3 - FOX News, west coast 5:50 am - 7:45 am -- East coast coverage here: see video
42A0148 - G26D4 - FOX News, The Day America Changed ... Bill O'Reilly, Shephard Smith, Geraldo, Bush from Ellis Island, Gen. Richard Myers Chairman of the Joint Chiefs extended interview
42A0148 - G26D5 - FOX News The Day America Changed continued ... Rumsfeld, Pentagon heroes, O'Reilly, Shanksville story
42A0149 - G26D6 - History, "Relics from the Rubble" full length 9-11-02 -- see video
42A0150 - G26D7 - HBO, "In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01" -- See the mainstream documentaries page or download at the NIST website.
42A0151 - G26D8 - WTC: Anatomy of the Collapse, TLC 2002
42A0152 - G26D9 - David Vogler's home video
2nd plane Flight 175's engine impact zone on 50 Murray St. at 15:14, debris from that building in the street -- plane's engine seen soon after. At 15:56 skips to WTC 2 collapse dust cloud - running from it.
42A0153 - G26D10 - PBS-NOVA, "Why the Towers Fell" 2002
42A0154 - G26D11 - 1 VOB file: CBS2 WTC7 burning, Vince D reports
42A0155 - G26D12 - CNN Tribute: America Remembers (TV version)
42A0156 - G26D13 - 2:00:37 length -- CSPAN 5/1/2002, House Science Committee Investigation of World Trade Center Collapse - (2nd one, 1st was in March) Hearing on the WTC Collapse (held Wednesday - 2 and a half hours long) - FEMA, NIST, ASCE , Gene Corley, testimony -- "On March sixth, we delved into the procedures that were followed to assess what had caused the towers to collapse in those indelible moments of September eleventh. We were not happy with what we learned. We found that the study of the collapse had been hampered by bureaucratic confusion, hesitation, and delay -- by a lack of investigative tools and by excessive restrictions on the flow of information.
Nothing insured that investigations would begin quickly enough to preserve valuable evidence." -- see video
42A0156 - G26D14 - CSPAN, House Science Committee continued. WTC7 questions begin at vrt 5:55 -- see video
42A0157 - G26D15 - Vince Sabio footage -- 2nd hit missed, WTC towers burning, 1 hour
42A0158 - G26D16 - Vince Sabio footage -- 2nd hit missed -- see the archive entry
42A0158 - G26D17 - Vince Sabio footage -- WTC towers burning
42A0159 - G26D18 - 2 DVDs - First one: WCBS-TV - 1. Alt. WTC7 collapse with medical woman - 2. WTC2 collapse from below, dust cloud, man hides behind truck - 3. dusty streets - 4. interviews plane witnesses, women and guy with sunglasses, earpiece - 5. WTC3 footage between collapses - 6. CBS2 TV around 5PM with Vince D.
Second DVD: Scott Myers full tape, high quality
42A0160 - G26D19 - CNN poor quality, Steve Spak low res, NBC WTC7 collapse repeats, History WTC7 collapse on MSNBC at end
42A0161 - G26D20 - NBC low quality, MSNBC OEM WTC7 Richard Shierer -- see video -- Fireline video WTC1 collapse below, N behind building, Fireline continued WTC7 rubble - Naudet WTC7 collapse, other low res collapses
42A0162 - G26D21 - amateur video from across Hudson River, Jersey City. Witness to "airliner" incoming and 2nd plane hit, missed 90% of WTC2 collapse, tape ends before WTC1 collapse
42A0163 - G26D22 - Onno de Jong footage, high quality full length -- WTC2 collapse at 18:44 -- See the archive entry -- WTC1 at 48:08 (See also release 14.)
42A0164 - G26D23 - Sorensen amateur footage WTC2 collapse partial, good audio of initiation. "Creaking" etc. see video, "Audible Explosion at WTC" uploaded by the NIST FOIA 'creators' IC911STUDIES.
42A0165 - G26D24 - Josh Levine amateur video from across Hudson River, Jersey City -- after 2nd hit, missed all events - similar but not same tape as above ...21
42A0166 - G26D25 - amateur video by Jim Huibregtse 20 seconds after 1st plane impact... with minutes around 2nd plane impact cut from the tape (or camera powered off) at 11:50 --- WTC2 collapse here: see video -- WTC1 collapse obscured by WTC7 at 23:55 -- birds in dust at 24:47 .. minutes later WTC7 collapse is missed, but dust cloud ensues. Download full video at the NIST website.
42A0167 - G26D26 - HBO "In Memoriam: New York City 9-11-01" 2002 partial (See above, 42A0150 - G26D7.)
42A0168 - G26D27 - amateur video from Jersey City area, airplane witnesses in first few minutes, missed collapses
42A0169 - G26D28 - amateur video Star Reese -- See 911CTV archive entry for details (also release 14) -- 2nd plane impact missed, huge fireball explosion seen when camera turned back on... towers burning ... missed collapses, skips to after events-- good shots of WTC7 rubble - debris pile not included in release 14 -- see video
42A0170 - G26D29 - Videographer/s: Lou Angeli & Amy Steelman (Tape 1 of 2) inside Ground Zero (9/12 from a firefighter in the first minutes who says people were pulled out of the rubble today/last night -- tape likely includes other days) - 56:00 length not counting 5 minutes of black at end - day: dozens of military trucks arrive - inside EMS vehicle with doc. to bypass checkpoint on outskirts -- WTC7 rubble pile from three angles, in first 15 minutes -- darkness falls -- cutting steel at 14:40 -- spraying water on WTC7 rubble -- at 28:08 to kitchen for food -- 29:15 to Trade Center debris pile -- bulldozers --- cutting WTC towers' exterior wall steel at 31:00 -- bucket line at night at 36:50 (matches video from Lou Angeli -- see video) -- computer circuit board at 40:42 -- live find dogs at 49:00
42A0171 - G26D30 - Lou Angeli tape continued, night at Ground Zero first days after the attacks. The pile and the pit on Liberty Street -- remnant of a chair in the debris at vrt 9:43 -- first I've seen in the many hours of video I've watched! FDNY man digging with no mask at 10:45 -- bucket line at 12:10, FDNY and NYPD with respirators and paper masks -- body bag at 14:00 -- black spot in tape -- crane lifting steel at 14:50 -- crane with exterior column section onto flatbed truck at 16:50 -- at 21:10 robot looks under rubble, screen shows camera signal, robot at 23:51 -- day finally at 26:10.. then night again at 27:00 -- bucket line at 40:00, NYC Police mostly, some with respirators, others with paper masks -- WTC7 rubble pile closeup, still night -- day for a minute, flowers and FDNY -- ends with cherry picker water hosing down WTC1 core
42A0172 - G26D31 - FOX News 9/11 morning
42A0173 - G26D32 - Clifton Cloud amateur footage
42A0174 - G26D33 - FOX News 9/11 morning
42A0175 - G26D34 - CNN 9/11 -- see better quality video
42A0176 - G26D35 - WCBS short 9/11 broadcast clip Vince D.
42A0177 - G26D36 - vrt 6:38 compilation of impacts and collapses in decent resolution with timer, including Holy Bine CBS 2nd plane impact video, as seen in release 14
42A0178 - G26D37 - CNN 9/11?
42A0179 - G26D38 - MSNBC 9/11?
42A0180 - G26D39 - WABC 9/11 morning short clip
42A0181 - G26D40 - raw video with FDNY radio - Fireline Video, WTC 9-11-01
42A0182 - G26D41 - San Francisco news clips, WTC7 expected to fall on ABC 4:50 PM... falls with timer
42A0183 - G26D42 - Etienne Sauret footage, "WTC: The First 24 Hours" documentary, both versions with timer
42A0184 - G26D43 - Evan Fairbanks footage - 22 minutes (full length) poor quality, with timer
42A0185 - G26D44 - HBO "In Memoriam: New York City 9-11-01" 2002 partial (see 42A0167 - G26D26)
42A0186 - G26D45 - TLC - Super Structures - Pentagon
42A0187 - G26D46 - amateur video from New Jersey, WTC1 burns alone, missed collapse, then later afternoon, fire, smoke
42A0188 - G26D47 - Mark Molesworth raw tape before 2nd plane impact from near Naudet 1st plane video site, FDNY there "all morning" witness wondered if it was a conspiracy! ... see also below in multiple identical files
42A0189 - G26D48 - FLIR thermal camera - full tape starting Sept. 10 (see also release 14 with better audio)
42A0190 - G26D49 - CNN 9/11 (I think...)
42A0191 - G26D50 - History, "World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon" low quality partial length
42A0192 - G26D51 - PBS-NOVA "Why the Towers Fell" 2002 low res
42A0193 - G26D52 - History Channel documentary "The Pentagon" 2001
42A0194 - G26D53 - unknown documentary on warfare, biological weapons, CIA
42A0195 - G26D54 - "WTC: Anatomy of the Collapse" or similar
42A0196 - G26D55 - CNN Larry King (transcript at -- with NY Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen at Ground Zero 3 weeks after .. firefighter talks about the stench of death at 12:15. Then inside the burn unit... see video ... burned man's story inside elevator on fire, no elevation given. Thai woman burned when west side lobby blew out, likely at WTC2 collapse. Carmen Griffith at 78 in elevator during plane hit, opens door to let others out. Says darkness. Arturo Griffith in freight elevator, multiple explosions he believes broke his leg, far below plane impact zone.
42A0197 - G26D56 - "WTC Rise and Fall of an American Icon" not sure if it's complete
42A0198 - G26D57 - "WTC: Anatomy of the Collapse" I think
42A0199 - G26D58 - Naudet "9/11" CBS broadcast black and white
42A0200 - G26D59 - CNN 9/11 AM after 9:50 AM with timer
42A0201 - G26D60 - CNN 9/11 AM after 9:50 AM
42A0202 - G26D61 - Mark Molesworth raw tape, shorter version (extended version described below)
42A0203 - G26D62 - CNN ImageSource - 2 DVDs hi res -- DVD 1. CNN ImageSource 22:33 length CNN broadcast after 9:59 AM, replay of WTC2 collapse at vrt 10:15 .... DVD 2. length 1:31:38 -- CNN's Aaron Brown narrates after WTC2 collapse, before WTC1 collapse, no CNN logo ... vrt 2:45 2nd plane impact CNN 9:10 am angle replayed ... WTC1 collapse LIVE no logos... broadcast continues
42A0204 - G26D63 - Mark Molesworth raw tape (identical file next folder, described below)
42A0205 - G26D64 - Mark Molesworth raw tape (identical file next folder, described below)
42A0206 - G26D65 - Mark Molesworth raw tape -- early start on Canal St. and Church St. behind scene of Naudet 1st plane hit video, witnesses talk about Fire Dept. being there "all morning" ... then 2nd plane impact missed behind truck
42A0207 - G26D66 - FOX News 9/12 early AM (4:30-6:30 appx.) mostly all National coverage
42A0208 - G26D67 - FOX News Atlanta 9/12 5:00 - 7:00 PM
42A0208 - G26D68 - FOX News 9/12, 3 minutes only (2:30), New York commentary
42A0209 - G26D69 - FOX News Atlanta 9/11 afternoon, and CNN 9/12 or after, fuzzy but good compilation of footage, 2nd plane impact Park Foreman and FOX Marta, WTC1 CNN roofcam and CNN LIVE zoom out, many others
42A0210 - G26D70 - (see also 42A0225 - G26D94) - TLC "World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse" (documentary with New York Times) -- see also 42A0229 - G26D98, which is bad quality compared to this
42A0211 - G26D71 - FOX News Atlanta 9/11 or 9/12 night
42A0212 - G26D72 - FOX News 9/11, 2 hours length from 9:49 am -- 10:38 am subtitle: Fourth explosion rocks remains of WTC
42A0213 - G26D73 - FOX News 9/11, 1:58:37 length from unknown time -- Osama bin Laden hot topic
42A0214 - G26D74 - FOX News 9/12, 2:00:37 length, Colin Powell press conference, subtitle Bin Laden denies he was involved... Rumsfeld ... Ashcroft ...
42A0215 - G26D75 - FOX News 9/11 (Atlanta) - 2 hours from 5:22 PM -- WTC7 collapse at 5:28 pm, CNN view ---- at vrt 1:28 author Eric Darton says the engineers considered a plane impact. Something else brought the towers down. "They kind of imploded." (report replayed 9/12 morning - see 42A0221 - G26D89)
42A0215 - G26D76 - FOX News 9/11 or 9/12 -- 2 minutes only
42A0216 - G26D77 - FOX News 9/12 (Atlanta, national in New York) 2 hours from 12:29 PM - new WTC1 collapse from north at vrt 1:12:26
42A0217 - G26D78 - CNN
42A0217 - G26D79 - CNN
42A0217 - G26D80 - CNN
42A0218 - G26D81 - CNN
42A0218 - G26D82 - CNN
42A0218 - G26D83 - CNN
42A0218 - G26D84 - CNN 10 minutes only
42A0219 - G26D85 - CNN extended
42A0219 - G26D86 - CNN extended
42A0219 - G26D87 - CNN extended
42A0220 - G26D88 - FOX News (Atlanta) 9/12 morning, 2 hours from 6:10 am --- local mostly
42A0221 - G26D89 - FOX News (Atlanta) 9/12 morning, 2 hours from 8:13 am - (at vrt 9:15 new WTC1 collapse with audio - Eric Darton (author of "Divided We Stand") at 10:20 says he thinks something else compromised the towers, "They kind of imploded." -- planes hitting the towers was planned for...) at 44:05 collapses - WTC2 CNN Roof Cam/WABC, WTC7 CNN, WTC7 ABC Bill Blakemore; at 1:20:00 WTC2 Don C. Field Tape, West St. view; at 1:25:18 2nd plane impact, FOX Marta Mystery chopper extended, again at 1:26:40; 1:50:00 - Senators speak.
42A0222 - G26D90 - FOX News 2 hours 9/12
42A0222 - G26D91 - FOX News - gas prices, weather - 5 minutes only
42A0223 - G26D92 - History Channel "Relics From the Rubble" full documentary (see also 42A0149 - G26D6)
42A0224 - G26D93 - CNN 9/11 Broadcast with timer
42A0225 - G26D94 - TLC "World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse" (documentary with New York Times) -- see also 42A0229 - G26D98, which is bad quality compared to this
42A0226 - G26D95 - see also 42A0234 - G26D108 - History Channel "First Response"
42A0227 - G26D96 - "Why the Towers Fell" - PBS-NOVA documentary (alt version?)
42A0228 - G26D97 - History - "World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon" 2002 -- with timer (See full video now on the NIST website.
42A0229 - G26D98 - TLC "World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse" (2002) see 42A0225 - G26D94 for better quality
42A0230 - G26D99 - CNN broadcast "9/11 America Remembers"
42A0230 - G26D100 - CNN broadcast "9/11 America Remembers"
42A0230 - G26D101 - CNN broadcast "9/11 America Remembers" - "9/11 What Really Happened" extended
42A0230 - G26D102 - CNN broadcast "9/11 America Remembers" - "9/11 What Really Happened" 9 minutes only, UA93 story...
42A0231 - G26D103 - CBS broadcast 1-year anniversary special, Eugene Corley explains collapse to reporter, ...
42A0231 - G26D104 - CBS broadcast 1-year anniversary special, victim compensation fund, Koenig sphere moved, business lost in neighborhood, at 12:08 survivor story Josephine Harris, North Tower stairway B firefighters of Ladder 6
42A0232 - G26D105 - CNN broadcast "9/11 America Remembers" - "9/11 What Really Happened" extended
42A0232 - G26D106 - CNN broadcast "9/11 America Remembers" - "9/11 What Really Happened" , Al Qaeda, few minutes
42A0233 - G26D107 - NBC Today unknown date, 10 minutes length -- see video at -- Katie Couric interivews WTC1 Lobby explosion (during plane impact) survivor Kenneth Summers, and man who helped him -- see video
42A0234 - G26D108 - History Channel "First Response" 2001 -- watch the full documentary
42A0235 - G26D109 - 5 minutes of low quality WTC1 collapse video from TV broadcasts
42A0236 - G26D110 - History, "How the Towers Collapsed" - terrible quality, rare documentary similar to "Anatomy of the Collapse"
42A0236 - G26D111 - History, "First Response" - Giuliani, FDNY, Port Authority ... low quality, rare documentary (see above ...D108)
42A0237 - G26D112 - Fireline Video full length as seen at the website, WTC2 initiation missing, low quality picture (see playlist at the top of this page for a high quality version) -- It was on YouTube but the footage rights manager Global Image Works made contact to remove it for copyright reasons.
42A0238 - G26D113 - Craig Braden WTC towers burning and collapse footage, multiple tapes (see video/camera 1 and video 2., extended length. See also release 14.
42A0239 - G26D114 - TV footage compilation including rare closeup WTC2 demolition footage -- see video -- also on the NIST website for download, from "PBS Nightly Business Report" -- also CBS2 Vince D. (WCBS New York) with title introduction.. at vrt 21:52 2nd plane impact, Holy Bine slow motion no timer... later WTC1 collapse CBS blue angle... partial but beginning (rare) ... WTC7 collapse CBS West St. TV version.
42A0240 - G26D115 (see also 42A0164 - G26D23 for similar close SE view of WTC 2 impact zone, also similar to DK08 bestshotfootage 2nd plane hit missed) - Jay Zimmerman amateur footage WTC2 collapse missed
42A0241 - G26D116 - Ed Peterman amateur footage missed 2nd plane impact, South side of WTC2 impact hole - good shot - some witnesses talk, end tape before WTC2 collapse -- see video (see also release 14 for clips)
42A0242 - G26D117 - Sam Riegel amateur footage beginning after 2nd plane impact, no audio, elevated shot west of WTC3 and Liberty Street -- missed WTC2 collapse, skips to outside footage in dust cloud, darkness, people covered in dust - quick shot of WTC1 burning at 13:13 from South, then skips to after/during collapse obscured by buildings, another dust cloud
42A0243 - G26D118 - Craig Braden footage with timer. . 33 minutes length from after 9:03 to before 9:59 am
42A0244 - G26D119 - Craig Braden footage with timer continued, 25 minutes length, skips WTC2 collapse -- WTC1 collapse with audio at 15:00, then rewind and replays
42A0245 - G26D120 - NIST PR meeting, presentation update on investigation. Slide show with Shyam Sunder and others.
42A0246 - G26D121 - Mark Trottenberg amateur footage aka Videobiograph on YouTube, 13:30 length -- 2nd plane impact (street view from north, plane missed, obscured by trees) -- 1st plane witness in straw hat. Architect says buildings would not fall over.
No ...D122 folder in torrent
42A0248 - G26D123 - "The Center of the World: New York - A Documentary Film" or "New York: The Center of the World" part 1
42A0248 - G26D124 - part 2
42A0249 - G26D125 - "Collapse: How the Towers Fell" high quality - good resolution - documentary on Discovery Channel - lots of commercials
42A0250 - G26D126 - "9/11: A Tale of Two Towers" 2002 documentary by Michael Atwell, UK Channel 5 as aired on Maryland public television -- full length
42A0251 - G26D127 - "9/11: A Tale of Two Towers" - partial length only
42A0252 - G26D128 - WNYW FOX Chopper5 raw video 1:34:05 length -- Manhattan traffic after collapses, followed by towers smoking closeup - no 2nd plane shot, Kai (cameraman) says he did see the 2nd plane (29:30), but he wasn't sure if he caught it on video. Also says he can't communicate with the studio/desk at 42:00 (he also says this earlier) at 44:10 belly of chopper visible, then talks to "Mike" pilot? or Mike Sheehan the reporter from the truck on the ground Kai says he has contact with at vrt 59:30 ... 1st collapse was missed while looking at helicopter nearby, 2nd collapse is cut out, removed, two minutes before the end of the tape -- first 22 minutes is later on 9/11 day, perhaps some before 9/11, then cut to after 2nd plane hit

no ...D129 through ...D140 folders in torrent

42A0265 - G26D141 - Shyam Sunder presentation - NIST
42A0266 - G26D142 - Shyam Sunder presentation continued
42A0267 - G26D143 - Raw CBS2 camera for reporter Vince DeMentri. Good quality video, bad audio (enhanced in video link) of sneaking to tape WTC7 fire, last several minutes black[ed out?]
42A0268 - G26D144 - CNN 9/11..
42A0269 - G26D145 - scrapyard - WTC steel -- see video. FEMA's investigation led by the American Society of Civil Engineers, here poking around at Hugo Neu (HNSE) Claremont facility in Jersey City - notice in the first seconds the name Kelman on a beam, Bob Kelman, senior vice president and general manager at Hugo Neu Schnitzer East.
42A0270 - G26D146 - WTC Steel in scrapyard, barge on bay vts1-5 scrambled, low quality
42A0271 - G26D147 - WNYW-TV 8:48 am with timer switches to WCBS-TV at 9:01 haha then back to WNYW after a few minutes - ends at 10:00 am
42A0272 - G26D148 - Skidmore, Owings, Merrill - Dean Riviere closeup east WTC2 collapse HQ -- see video links and details
42A0273 - G26D149 - April 2001 WTC video inside dark, unknown ... also post 9-11 low res underground....
42A0274 - G26D150 - Matthew Shapoff distant North view WTC towers burn, collapse
42A0275 - G26D151 - Barrie Zwicker "The Great Conspiracy"
42A0275 - G26D152 - vts1-2 = Webster Tarpley, Barrie Zwicker - "Confronting the Evidence" a call to reopen the 9/11 investigation - Jenna Orkin, WTC dust
42A0276 - G26D153 - Millenium Hilton amateur footage -- see video links and details
42A0277 - G26D154 - Brooklyn Bridge 2nd plane impact footage, high quality -- -- See also release 19 (avi version, same cropped view. For wider shot see Moussaoui trial exhibit)
42A0278 - G26D155 - "The Day the Towers Fell"

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 28 - 97,830MB (96GB), 1,087 files

DVD, 4 VOB files: Investigative Reports: "The Anatomy of September 11th" run time 58:03 (720x480, VCR dub uploaded here: see video) - however the full length of the documentary is about 90 minutes (not on YouTube anymore).

42A0280 - G27D2
DVD, 5 VOB files: CameraPlanet: "7 Days in September" (on A&E TV VCR dub) 720x480, 102 minutes run time. Finally posted to YouTube by CameraPlanetArchive in 2016, but tragically in 240p.

42A0281 - G27D3
DVD, 4 VOB files: A&E TV 2001 documentary on the 1993 WTC bombing -- see video - includes 9/11 segment near the end.

42A0282 - G27D4
DVD, 5 VOB files: ABC 9/11 One year anniversary special hosted by Peter Jennings, part one, includes interviews and footage mostly. Watch in two parts: see video and see video

42A0282 - G27D5
DVD, 5 VOB files: ABC 9/11 One year anniversary special continued, includes victims and rememberance. Some ABC news and commercials in between programs. Then Nightline: Pentagon Police interviews, which is uploaded in two parts: see video and see video

42A0282 - G27D6
DVD, 5 VOB files: 1. Inside Edition one year anniversary special. Notable moment when a WTC1 survivor says, "I think a bomb went off in the lobby, first. Then a plane hit the building." -- see video in this compilation of such evidence or link to rare views of the WTC2 collapse... and WTC1 collapse . 2. Pentagon rebuilding. 3 - 4. Pentagon rebuilding continued, then Oprah: 9/11 children and victims families. Genelle Guzman survivor story. Cee Cee Liles UL93, Amy Sweeney AA11. 5. Oprah continued, then Extra on ABC, "Remember September" people of 9/11.

42A0282 - G27D7
DVD, 1 VOB file: ABC Extra, "Remember September" continued from previous folder. People's stories of loss & hope.

42A0283 - G27D8
DVD, 5 VOB files: ABC News on 9/12. 4:00 to 6:00 A.M. Watch: see video -- 1. Peter Jennings and Lawrence Eagleberger interview replayed from hours before - Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden. Elizabeth Vargas replaces Jennings. Stock market, Ground Zero, hospitals, ABC reporter Joe Torres piece on WTC collapses, Naudet "home video," Boston Logan Airport suspects' car towed by FBI, short Ground Zero footage, ABC Alison Stewart reports the pile is quiet as people listen for survivors. 2. Summary of events then Robert Krulwich reports on why the towers collapsed - heat not planes. 3. National news changes to local Atlanta news, airport deserted before dawn. Blood drive. Palestinians celebrate, newspapers' headlines. 4 - 5. Atlanta coverage continued.

42A0283 - G27D9
DVD, 5 VOB files: ABC News on 9/12 continued, 6:00 - 8 A.M. 1 - 2. Atlanta news continued 6 to 7 a.m. 3. National news 7 to 8 a.m., NYC M ayor Giuliani interview, Sec. of State Colin Powell interview. Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer co-host -- see video.

42A0283 - G27D10
DVD, 5 VOB files: ABC News on 9/12 continued, 8:00 - 10:00 A.M. FEMA Director Joe Allbaugh at 25:30. Aviation questions by John Nance at 36:00. King Abdullah of Jordan interviewed on camera, asked about Palestinians celebrating at 45:30. Boston Logan Airport, 5 Arab men suspects, car towed at 59:00. Ground Zero night shots at 1:07:11. Bill Heitman WTC1 witness at 1:14:30. WTC7 at 1:39:00. Kevin Sutavee and Evan Fairbanks with Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer at 1:41:00. Peter Jennings returns at 1:54:40.

42A0284 - G27D11
DVD, ABC September 12th ~ 4:40 - 6:40 P.M. Barbara Walters on victims. David Angel, TV producer. Peter Jennings. Norman Mineta Dept. of Transportation Briefing, airlines stopped, only in process flights with stranded passengers allowed to resume (see also Then Atlanta local news (after only 20 mins or so).

42A0284 - G27D12
DVD, ABC September 12th ~ 6:40 - 8:40 P.M: Atlanta: Gun sales. Bush in Washington. Terrorism expert. GA state university student interviews. War veteran interviews. Neighborhood people. National news at 18:00 (see also TV archive). Pentagon. Rumsfeld. Powell. To Pakistan correspondent. Terrorism study. Arabs in US vandalized. Palestinians celebrating at 27:00. King Abdullah of Jordan. LIVE Attorney General John Ashcroft. Economy. Diane Sawyer, firefighters searching Ground Zero, Ladder 5 interviews. Rescue effort. Regular people interviews nationwide, in a mall. Fear. Peter Jennings, One Liberty Plaza danger of collapse, also Bill Blakemore, footage of people running from area. Manhattan quiet.... For next hour (also), see

(was no 42A0284 - G27D13)

42A0284 - G27D14
one DVD VOB file: 7:47 length video of ABC News, night some time. Military preparedness, NORAD. On to Salt Lake City Winter Olympics security.

42A0285 - G27D15
DVD partial of "Report from Ground Zero" (2002) - highly recommended FDNY history. This folder only shows the 2nd half (last 41min 27sec - see release 25, folder 42A0124 - G25D35 for the beginning), not ABC TV version (complete version two folders down). Firefighters stories & excellent footage collection. Also old man David Rockefeller at 8:40, says he saw the WTC collapse from his window.

42A0286 - G27D16
DVD, NYPD aviation unit, helicopters on ABC Primetime, 9:30 length high quality (seen partially, low res, in release 14, folder ABC Primetime Thursday NYPD helicopter -- The video almost completely missed the North Tower event while landed, so that wasn't aired. On ABC Lt. Glenn Daley famously says, "There were numerous secondary explosions taking place in that building. There was-- There were continuous explosions." UPDATE 2014: See Case of the Missing NYPD Helicopter Photos for a full study and links list of relevant data... etc. All choppers investigated.

42A0287 - G27D17
DVD, ABC televised version of "Report from Ground Zero" full length, minus the credits (see above, folder ending -D15 for last part only, in higher quality, with credits) aired 9/11/2002. FDNY, firefighters' families stories and excellent footage collection. Watch 4 part playlist. (high quality version in release 25, folder 42A0124 - G25D35, but missing the end, which is two folders above here (42A0285 - G27D15)

42A0288 - G27D18
DVD, ABC News 9/11/2001, 1st report on Good Morning America, high quality. Time 8:50 - 10:50 A.M. -- The picture becomes pixelated & blurred at about 10:30 A.M. (VOB 4). Also VOB file 5 is empty or damaged.

42A0289 - G27D19
DVD, WPIX TV. 720x480 high quality WB11 broadcast from appx. 10:05 - 10:45 A.M. also 2nd plane impact raw video (see also Release 14 file WPIX Dub3 03.avi - NIST image ) shot from FDR Drive (east of WTC). Then raw Michael Barbagallo closeup 2nd plane impact (plane not seen), below towers, full length tape including interviews... audio corrupt and spotty/mostly missing after the explosion.

42A0290 - G27D20
DVD, 2 VOB files: NBC "WTC7 compilation" also woman reporter narrates Ground Zero building descriptions during semi-aerial video shot from SE corner of WTC site between Sept. 12 and 18 aired the 19th, I think (see also Release 14, NBC Restricted folder). Date indicated by the other report in the folder (same DVD) by NBC reporter David Bloom who says it was 7 days after last survivors were pulled from the rubble (9/12). Bloom reports on NYC Office of Emergency Management new headquarters, LIDAR mapping (light detection and ranging), short clip of Dr. Sean Ahern of Hunter College, leading cartographer. OEM Director Richard J. Sheirer gets teary eyed. Video underground beneath the pile, NBC with FEMA urban search and rescue shot the 18th. See repeat in folder below ending -D25

42A0291 - G27D21
DVD, 4 VOB files. NBC camera - raw video of WTC7 burning. Extended version of Steve Spak video with FDNY on West St. looking at WTC7 burning.

42A0292 - G27D22
DVD, one VOB file showing Ground Zero from SE corner, above. See also folder above ending -D20 and Release 14, NBC Restricted folder. WTC7 collapse videos from NBC. See all WTC7 videos at the archive -- Have a look at one of the actual VHS tapes that says "Restricted" in folder below (ending -D23)

42A0293 - G27D23
DVD, 4 VOB files -- NBC WTC7 footage compilation, "Restricted tape 2" see screencap 1 2, & 3. Then extended Steve Spak video with FDNY on West St. as WTC7 burns.

42A0294 - G27D24
DVD, near repeat of above folder (ending -D23)

42A0295 - G27D25
DVD, near repeat of above folder 42A0290 - G27D20, with additional footage of WTC7 (nothing new). Ground Zero from SE above, OEM, LIDAR, FEMA Urban Search and Rescue. Director Joe Allbaugh seen.

42A0296 - G28D1
Folder - "AllenWaldner" contains low res clips and pics generic to 9/11.

42A0297 - G28D2
Folder - "BBC" only contains 2 folders "fromCD" and "fromCumulusComputers" .. 1. contains folder "rehm_stills" - fuzzy stills from the video also in the folder, the "Tinacart2" 2nd plane impact video (named "worldtrade_plane3_avi.avi" [and another .wmv version] here), same low res seen before - see 911CTV archive entry ... and folder 2. only has 2 images, one of WTC2 collapse one of 2nd plane (Moshe Bursuker)

42A0298 - G28D3
Folder - "ChristopheSALA" is one .pps file and one .ppt presentation (no description)

42A0299 - G28D4
Folder - "DiscoveryCanada" has 2 mpg files, both 720x480 each about 6:30 watermarked -- on NIST WTC investigation :: Video 1. Reporting on NIST investigation with interview of Dr. Bill Pitts at his computer looking at plane impact videos -- Scott Myers specifically. Motion detection by subtraction is described -- mapping the building sway and pressure waves (images from this study are in Release 22 in the folder "42A0080 - G21 D2of5"). Also fire modeling images. NIST has "150 hours of video" and about 6,000 photos.... Video 2. Parking lot in Washington, steel samples, interview with Dr. Tim Foecke who describes mapping the available steel pieces in the WTC towers. Most interesting piece to him was "M27" that was hit by 1st plane... which leads to discussion of experiments on high velocity steel impact using an air gun and a high speed camera. Fire reconstruction also discussed.

42A0300 - G28D5
Folder - "JonathanBarnett" has video 1:03:38, 640x480 :: "How the Twin Towers Collapsed on Thu, Dec 13 2001 21h00.wmv" -- a UK Channel 4 version of the 2002 documentary "World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse" (by TLC). Barnett is featured talking about the fires and steel.

42A0301 - G28D6
Folder - "NRCpictures_interiorWTC1993" has 14 jpg images of WTC towers' stairwells, an elevator lobby, and 2 office spaces.

42A0302 - G28D7
2 DVD folders, "WPIXCD1of7" and "WPIXCD2of7" -- 720x480 high quality -- 1. Never before seen raw footage from WB11 helicopter "Air11" of 2nd plane impact WITH plane and explosion -- see enhanced video clip. DVD footage runs for 20 minutes afterward. 2. Air11 same video starting as previously seen, after explosion and fireball burns out. No collapse video.

42A0303 - G28D8
2 DVD folders, "WPIXCD3of7" and "WPIXCD4of7" -- 3. 1:09:41 length, 720x480 high quality wide shots of Manhattan from Air11, east. No towers. WTC7 still standing, burns, Melinda Murphy reports from the chopper, time unknown. 4. 1:39:59 length, 352x480 (width by height) resolutionWB11 9/11 broadcast begins after 2nd collapse and includes a similar aerial shot to the clip in the next folder's file 6of7 when Melinda Murphy reports on the fireboats and tugboats pumping water .

42A0304 - G28D9
2 DVD folders, "WPIXCD5of7" = 2:46:19 length, 352x480 (width by height)-- see video and description of times: WB11 on 9/11/01, 11:30 am - 12:39 pm and 2:01 - 3:18 pm. "New television coverage on September 11, 2001. At 1:09:39 cut to 2nd segment, 1st segment time of day found using cable TV clock in VHS archive clip at (at vrt 7:05) ... 2nd segment timed using clock behind Giuliani in press conference after 2:38 pm. Times may be a minute or two off." At vrt 2:28:20 after a report on NYC terrorism in the past and the news anchor questioning how we were so vulnerable, the tape garbles into rewind. 2:31:00 to 2:39:00 is a still image of the WTC2 collapse from the ESB Metrocam, and the last 6 minutes are black.... "WPIXCD6of7" = WB11 3:15 - 6:18 pm -- see video. Includes LIVE chopper footage .. at vrt 12:22 Melinda Murphy on Air11 talks about FDNY water boat, 11,000 gallons per minute.

42A0305 - G28D10
1 DVD folder "WPIXCD7of7" = 2:54:50 length total, 352x480 (width by height). More newly available 9/11 news coverage, WB11 6:04 - 9:02 pm -- see video part 1 (first minutes clipped overlap with previous folder's file) see video part 1 and video part 2 -- at 2:27:40 in the DVD President Bush addresses the nation.

42A0306 - G28D11
1 folder with one .avi video file in folder "ABC_Stabilized032205" file name "RptGndZero2_clip5Comp1.avi" which is the Gary Pollard WTC2 collapse initiation (CameraPlanet shot from Trinity Church) -- 2 seconds long, high quality

42A0307 - G28D12
2 folders each with 2 low res CameraPlanet WTC2 collapse avi videos, one with molten metal drip

42A0308 - G28D13
1 folder "RamonGilsanz" containing 3 low res WTC7 collapse videos and 1 ppt presentation, "WTC7 Collapse Study" 57.8MB (no description here sorry)... videos: 1. Window shot 2. CBS West St. black-positive-negative combined 3. CBS GM Building cam

42A0309 - G28D14
1 folder "fromCD_WTCI-139_I" has 4 WTC7 videos, none new, and 1 ppt presentation titled "WTC7 Videos" 1. NBC W. Broadway collapse 2. low res ABC NewsCopter7 shot of burning WTC7 and damaged south face 3. WTC7 collapse 6:22 length mpg, no audio "not Peskin" shot (likely Roberto Rabanne), descent at 6:05, missing initiation/east penthouse falling. 4. CBS GM Building cam

42A0310 - G28D15
5 folders and 5 videos in main folder. Videos: 1. CBS-VMS-Wtc7.wmv = CBS West St. Channel 2 low res; 2. ConEd-WTC7-11Sep2001.wmv = WTC7 burns, better quality than in release 14; 3. Dimentri-wtc7vid.WMV = CBS Channel 2 small; 4. FOX5wtc7.mpg = CNN WTC7 collapse shot and ABC shot of burning before collapse; 5. NBC-collapse wtc.mpg = low res Window Shot of WTC7 collapse; 5 folders: 1. Bazzy, Siham = 5 tif images, 1 of WTC5 on fire, others of burning buildings; 2. McHale, Dawn = 8 jpgs of towers; 3. NY Transit = 6 jpegs of Ground Zero damage and WTC7 fire (more complete version in release 18, folder titled "GeorgeMillerNYCTAfromCD" -- see see images ; 4. Salomon Smith Barney = 2 subfolders with images of WTC1 and 2, and WTC7; 5. "Steficek, Gary - videos" = 3 videos, 320x240 resolution, of Ground Zero debris removal. 1. 33:24 WTC5 exploration; 2. 37:58 partially at scrap yard with WTC steel; 3. 5:54 maybe December

42A0311 - G28D16
1 folder: fromCD_WTCI-135-I = 1 subfolder "Koutsoubis steel video" = 1 subfolder "Video - Keasbey 2001 12 27" = Six 2-minute long mpgs (really 3 each with low and medium resolution versions) = steel pieces named K18 (see video), K19 (see video), K20 (see video) documented "at the Keasbey scrapyard" as heard in "K20 web best.mpg"

42A0312 - G28D17
1 folder: fromCD_WTCI-136-I = 1 subfolder "WTC1&2 videos" = 2 subfolders "Videos-WTC1&2-Jan11-12-Baker" and "WTC1-Feb 9-10 Presentn-Baker" ... 1. has low res videos of collapses (including "wtc_7_collapse_2.m1v" of "not Peskin" aka Roberto Rabanne shot, no initiation, no audio) also 3 low res plane impacts, and towers construction, and one ppt presentation titled "WTC Investigation Progress" from 2002; 2. has 3 low res videos of towers collapse and one clip of WTC3 before WTC1 collapse, as seen on NBC -- nothing new.

42A0313 - G28D18
1 folder: "fromCD_WTCI-137-I" = 6 low resolution videos of WTC7 collapse/burning, nothing new... and 4 ppt presentations, 6 or 7 slides each, on the WTC7 videos

42A0314 - G28D19
1 folder: "fromCD_WTCI-138-I" = 2 subfolders, 2 low res WTC7 videos, nothing new, "ConEd-WTC7- 11Sep2001" video in .mov and .wmv formats... and 2 ppt presentations, 1. eastcollapse.ppt (203KB) and 2. World Trade Center 7.ppt (10.2MB). Subfolders = "WTC7-Feb 9-10 Pres-Gilsanz" and "WTC7-Jan11-12 Pres-Gilsanz" = 1. has 5 WTC7 videos, collapsing, burning, nothing new. 2. = only 1 subfolder "Video-NBC" = one non NBC video, the Window Shot, low res.; and what appears to be a clip from the WTC5/Ground Zero exploration video seen in "Steficek, Gary" folder above (...310 -...D15), and 2 ppt presentations, "World Trade Center 7.ppt" (33.1MB) and "WTC 5 Presentation compressed.ppt" (20.7MB)

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 29 - 30,199MB (29GB), 1,584 files

42A0315 - G29D1 = WTCI-9-W&C.pdf (poor quality images, black and white scan)
42A0316 - G29D2 = WTCI-21-W&C.pdf (poor quality images, black and white scan)
42A0317 - G29D3 = WTCI-24-I LACLEDE (HQ images of truss and floor section manufacture/installation)
42A0318 - G29D4 = 3 folders, 1. Fireproofing, 2. Mock up, 3. Shear Knuckle Test (corrupted images)
42A0319 - G29D5 = WTCI-226-I Hughes Bill Levin = DVD Bill Levin WTC Tour (Jan. 3 1996 according to camera timestamp -- DVD length 48:07 (4 VOB files --">see video)
42A0320 - G29D6 = WTCI-407-STB LGI 2of2 = 24 images of Ground Zero (aerial high quality)
There is no ..321 - ..D7 folder
42A0322 - G29D8 = WTCI-409-STB David Hammond = 6 folders of photos, 1. 22CtldRf9-24 (13 jpgs Ground Zero 9/25/01), 2. AirPhoto (2 folders, Air9-13 (low quality) and Air9-18 (high quality), 4 photos each), 3. DJH9-15 (28 images of GZ), 4. MATF9-13 (35 images of GZ), 5. Subway (20 images of Subway, 1 map), 6. WFC3Rf9-15 (14 images of Ground Zero 9/16 probably, high quality)
42A0323 - G29D9 = WTCI-410-STB Bart Pajor = 26 photos Ground Zero, surrounding buildings, aerials, HQ
42A0324 - G29D10 = WTCI-411-STB Michael Reiger = 12 folders of photos, 1. AIR (poor aerials), 2. Allbaugh (FEMA Director at GZ), 3. Army Corp. (2 photos of USACE trailer) 4. DASC &Vol-lag (service center, volunteers, Red Cross), 5. DFO (people), 6. God's House WTC 6 (cross with molten metal drape), 7. New York (Union Square, Times Square), 8. Photos by Gene Romano (Ground Zero), 9. Photos by Amanda Bricknell (ground zero December), 10. US&R Task Force edit, 11. WTC- Dogs FEMA (Ground Zero), 12. WTC Ground Zero
42A0325 - G29D11 = WTCI-412-STB SIPA = 417 images, 527MB, 2nd plane impact, ground zero, collapses, dust, destruction
42A0326 - G29D12 = WTCI-413-STB LGI 1of2 = 25 aerial photos of Ground Zero smoky, hi res
42A0327 - G29D13 = WTCI-414-STB WTC Photos Roll 3 = 26 photos South Tower coming down high quality
42A0328 - G29D14 = 2 rolls of high quality photos of 2nd plane explosion only, WTC1 coming down
42A0329 - G29D15 = 45 photos of steel at Fresh Kills probably
42A0330 - G29D16 = 20 photos rebuilding Ground Zero 2002 probably
42A0331 - G29D17 = HAI = 20 photos of WTC tower inside lobby, chiller plant, concourse, mall, Vista front
42A0332 - G29D18 = PANYNJ "Building the World Trade Center"
42A0333 - G29D19 = PANYNJ WTC Fire Safety Video (uploading)
42A0334 - G29D20 = Naudet raw -- "NOT FOR REPRODUCTION / NOT FOR BROADCAST / © Goldfish Pictures" -- on screen for first 1:23:20 -- final 31:00 is a replay from a minute after 1st plane hit until within WTC1 lobby, without text on screen
42A0335 - G29D21 = Two World Trade Center 85th Floor Harris Beach & Wilcox (forensic photography intl. group) trusses, fireproofing
42A0336 - G29D22 = Two World Trade Center (forensic photography intl. group) trusses, fireproofing
42A0337 - G29D23 = Two World Trade Center (forensic photography intl. group) trusses, fireproofing
42A0338 - G29D24 = Two World Trade Center 85th Floor Harris Beach & Wilcox (forensic photography intl. group) trusses, fireproofing
42A0339 - G29D25 = WTCI-223-I_Site_Inspection_Photos_from_FPI.pdf (forensic photography of WTC2 85th and 86th floor ceilings/trusses
42A0340 - G29D26 = WTC7 MSNBC - NBC raw from dvd repeated over and over
42A0341 - G29D27 = repeat from release 14, poor quality collapses and FDR plane impact
42A0342 - G29D28 = DVD, Second Line Search, A Sekani Company (stock footage, low quality)
42A0343 - G29D29 = WTC7 burning closeup (WCBS probably)
42A0344 - G29D30 = Skidmore, Owings & Merrill WTC2 footage (somewhat fuzzy, with timer. Good quality is in release 27, 42A0272 - G26D148)
42A0345 - G29D31 = Bill Levins WTC Tour repeat of 42A0319 - G29D5 (Jan. 3 1996 according to camera timestamp .. first few seconds show later date .. DVD length 48:38 (4 VOB files)
42A0346 - G29D32 = 1:33:36 length DVD VOB files (when joined) - Les Robertson of LERA (Leslie E. Robertson Associates, the primary structural engineering firm involved in building the towers) at Stanford University, WTC presentation -- see video in full or watch the most important part (in my opinion), which IC911STUDIES (James Gourley, et. al., who procured the NIST FOIA to begin with) uploaded as "Les Robertson Confirms Molten Metal in WTC Basement" ____________________________

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 30 - 16,297MB (16GB), 62 files

42A0347 - G30D1: BBC Horizon "The Fall of the World Trade Center" 2002 televised version with ending minutes including domestic and international BBC news, terror report in Israel, etc. (nearly identical to "Why the Towers Fell" 2002 PBS-NOVA/BBC)

42A0348 - G30D2: raw 9/11 WTC footage may be all NY1, some is for sure... audio at low volume: CONTENTS: VTS_01_1.VOB: both towers burn, seen from one camera to NE street level. VTS_01_2.VOB: same camera for a minute, but view changes before collapse then another camera to north, street level as both towers burn for a minute. Then a different view closer of WTC1, below to NNW behind building. Then a different view after a minute... from north street level of WTC2 burning. Then a different view from NNE of WTC2...shaky tight shot similar to Star Reese. Then back to closer camera behind building below WTC1.... Then later from behind WTC7 after WTC2 collapse... WTC1 out of view... FBI/police clearing the area. VTS_01_3.VOB: Continued north shot behind WTC7 and smoke from a distance on street -- West Broadway ... WTC1 comes into view ... "COLLAPSE" = NY1 6 Raw 52.avi (release 14) ... after collapse a different view from West Side Hwy., a couple miles away, also in release 14 (NY1 6 Raw 60.avi -- see video) , of WTC2 "COLLAPSE" ... VTS_01_4.VOB: NY1 WTC2 aftermath cloud... camera moves closer .. fighter jet flies overhead ... after a few minutes WTC1 COLLAPSE: also release 14, NY1 6 Raw 84.avi - see video --- and VTS_01_5.VOB is only a few seconds long, continued from 4.

42A0349 - G30D3: 2 DVD (VOB) files - (no audio). 1: "Today in New York City History" title graphic changes to NY1 broadcast, complete from 8:50 to 9:04 a.m. File 2 continues 9:04 to 9:06 a.m. then changes to Naudet 1st plane impact bad aspect ratio with Gamma Press text, plus slow motion replay, then people hanging out of North Tower, then CNN Roof Cam for a minute around 9:01 a.m., then Jersey or Staten Island harbor shot of lone North Tower before and after "collapse" -- without the descent.... dust cloud envelops Manhattan. Then WTC2 COLLAPSE footage from West St. below = Release 14/Cumulus files: WABC Dub1 59, NY1 OnAir plus 5 Raw 22, and WNYW Dub 4 06.avi //end

42A0350 - G30D4: 2 DVD files. 1. Isolatek International Cafco Blaze-shield fire protection, application instructional video, pneumatically applied sfrm ... -- see video 2. last minute of clip.

42A0351 - G30D5: 1 DVD file: timestamp July 1, 1993 .. video inside the ceiling of 22nd floor WTC Tower 1... fireproofing truss work.. also 17th floor fireproofing on truss work

42A0352 - G30D6: 1 DVD file: video inside 14th floor of WTC1 -- sign lists tenants Allen C. & Co. Inc [1413?], Cosmopolitan Shipping Co, Inc. [1411?], Hirschbach & Smith, Inc. [1407], Keenan Powers & Andrews, P.C (?) [1415?], Port Authority Federal Credit Union [1467?], and 35 U.S.A.J. Inc. (?) [1463?] ... some finishing construction work, some ceiling tiles/light fixtures missing -- then inside the ceiling of 14th floor (see also 42A0351 - G30D5) - fireproofing on trusses/corrugated floor pan, then short view of office windows/vents along floor

42A0353 - G30D7: 1 DVD file: video inside 27th floor -- shot of finished walls, doors, windows with drapes, open office floor with trash, then inside the ceiling to see fireproofing on truss work and floor pan, some spotty material application coverage - see also 42A0351 - G30D5 and 42A0352 - G30D6

42A0354 - G30D8: 4 DVD files -- VOB 1: 9/11 and after WTC footage NW of towers from nearby ~20th floor Tribeca apartment (similar to David Vogel, Bob & Bri) after 1st plane hit -- see video by Greg Silberman (according to NIST WTC Repository site) 2nd plane impact off camera at vrt 7:58, explosion somewhat audible. VOB 2: WTC2 COLLAPSE EDITED OUT at vrt 0:39 after rumble becomes audible, video pauses for a second, screen goes blue for 2 seconds, cuts to just after the descent. Edit at vrt 2:35, blue screen for 2 seconds, WTC1 demolition missed apparently. Ground Zero, West St. under blanket of dust, smoke. Edit at 4:47 (missing time). Water/harbor, police boats, firemen sitting along West St... Another edit in tape (missing time) at 12:41 ... zoom on collapsed pedestrian bridge. VOB 3: Ground Zero 9/11. Cuts to Sept. 21st at 2:30 p.m. (after "Susan and I" "moving back in") same view with cranes... later 8:25 p.m. ... Pier 25 crane after dredging, barge loading area. Then Sept. 23, morning. Ground Zero. Then from harbor window, Pier 25 crane loading barge with steel, also clam-shell dredging. Then Sept. 24th night loading debris on barges...and Ground Zero. Then Sept. 25 day... good shot of barge with steel at 12:49. Then Oct. 1 a.m. ... VOB 4: Oct. 1 continued. Barge/crane. then Oct. 3, 4:50 a.m. (darkness) Ground Zero equipment at work, also crane ... Then Oct. 6th day... good shot of equipment unloading steel from dumptruck.

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 31 - 539MB, 7,408 files photo collection, with many new, high resolution versions available. For all photos of United Airlines Flight 175, see the 2nd hit photos page.

See also this release 31 slideshow in 480p.

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 32 - 19,889MB (19GB), 58,466 files

42A0321 - G29D7 - 1 folder = WTCI-408-STB NYPD = 8 subfolders
9-11-01 from NYPD Aviation-show #1 (and folders #2 and 3 all Greg Semendinger.)
Internet pictures (12 jpegs, comics, bin laden)
WTC Day 3 from NYPD Aviation 2 (Greg Semendinger 148-197, Ground Zero. gjs-wtc156.JPG is Liberty St caved in beside WTC2)
WTC Days 5 & 9 from NYPD Aviation 2 (Semendinger 198-251, only 40 images though-- gjs-wtc199.JPG is WTC7 pile)
WTC Ground Zero Slide Show #1 (all images no dates or info)
WTC Ground Zero Slide Show #2

42A0361 - G32D6 = many subfolders named:
Andrea Star-Reese (3 images, same one with time 9:35am and copyright), Craig BradenGIF (2 images, WTC1 with/without smoke [of 10:18 pressure pulse I guess]), Ed PetermanTIF (1 image of WTC2 hole), Infraspection Inst (2 images comparing fires to infrared shots), Jay Zimmerman (contains folders with repeats of Jim Huibregtse, Luigi Cazzaniga, Mark Molesworth, Mark Trottenberg, Onno De Jong, Richard Peskin, Sam Riegel folders), Jim Huibregtse (few images), Luigi Cazzaniga (WTC2 collapse video frames, WTC2 molten metal drip images), Mark Molesworth, Mark Trottenberg, Onno De Jong (WTC collapses video frames), Richard Peskin (WTC7 images), Sam Riegel, WTC2_Cindy Weil_jpgs (WTC2 collapse video frames, images)

42A0363 - G32D8 = Scott Myers jpeg images/video frames, motion detection of 2nd plane strike video

42A0364 - G32D9 = Scott Myers TIF images, 2GB of grayscale .tifs

42A0365 - G32D10 = Scott Myers TIF images, 4GB of grayscale .tifs

42A0366 - G32D11 = Scott Myers TIF images, 1GB of grayscale .tifs

42A0367 - G33D1 = 1 subfolder = "WTCI-95-I-GMS-multiple" = 8 subfolders:
1. "Arbitrio, Vicki" = 3 jpg images of airplane debris. 1st is corrupted/half gray, next 2 seen at pumpitout forum here
2. "Basel, Joe-FireProof" = 10 jpg images of truss/beam fireproofing THICK coating
3. "Bought-Duval-Gilsanz-Marrion" = 61 jpg images, scans, many small, of collapses/fires/2nd plane explosion - WTC2 here: see photo
4. Galarza, Arquelio - jpgs some from water W, some ground zero
5. Marrion, Chris - 5 jpgs of WTC7 screenshots of ABC chopper shot south side low res
6. Patz, Stanley - some jpgs of towers burning from N
7. "Steficek-2001-10-18" = good jpgs of ground zero .. DSC00478.JPG and DSC00479.JPG are high res UAL175 debris closeups
8. Steficek-2001-10-25 = good jpgs of ground zero/inside WTC6

42A0368 - G33D2 = 4 subfolders, Drew, Galarza, Miller, Nilsson -- each with 1 or 2 pics, high resolution -- Drew/Nilsson each 1 pic of WTC2 collapse

42A0371 - G33D5 = 1 subfolder "WTCI-97-I Multiple" = 4 folders with low res videos seen before

42A0372 - G33D6 = Mitchell-6-08-85-p1a.tif and other like named images of WTC7 construction, each image is 3 scanned photos taken likely June 1985

42A0373 - G33D7 = more Mitchell photos of WTC7 construction dated through July 1985

42A0375 - G33D9 = subfolder "WTCI-102-I -GMS-CD#8-Multiple STEEL" has 5 subfolders each with more (See also releases 9 and 26)
1. Claremont = 8 subfolders: 1. "AA-HH-W14A&B" has 9 subfolders starting with "_AA 2002-01-30" then _BB, CC, etc., to HH then "_W14B 2002-01-30" each with average 5 photos of steel in scrapyards, 2. ASCE#s, 3. C10s&20s&30s, 4. C40s&50s, 5. C60s&70s&80s, 6. C90s&100s&110s, 7. C120s&130s&over, 8. C-Misc
2. FreshKills = 31 images of steel beams
3. Ground Zero = coupon images only
4. Keasbey = 3 subfolders 1. K10-20 = many subfolders with steel beam images, 2. K40-41-50 = a few subfolders with steel beam images, 3. K-A-B&C = jpgs of steel beams and coupons
5. Newark = 5 subfolders 1. M02-09 = each number has a subfolder with less than 10 images of steel beams, 2. M10s&20s = 3 subfolders (M10, M11, M12 = each with a few images of beams) and images of steel beams, bolts, 3. M30s&40s = 1 subfolder (M30 has images of beams and a pile of small debris) -- plus images, 4. M-Misc = 1 subfolder (W14x730 Filled = a beam from different angles), 5. NIST- N1-6 = 1 subfolder (NIST N-2 (Floor Joist) = images of destroyed trusses) and a few images of rusty steel beams

42A0376 - G33D10 = WTCI-102-I GMS-Keasbey = 3 videos each with 2 quality options, K18 web best.mpg and K19, and K20... also found in release 28\42A0311 - G28D16\fromCD_WTCI-135-I\Koutsoubis steel video\Video - Keasbey 2001 12 27\ -- see video

42A0377 - G33D11 = many folders with images of steel beams -- 313MB (see also release 26)

42A0378 - G33D12 = WTCI-134-I WTC7 Analysis Photos = several folders with jpegs, of WTC7 mostly, some WTC1 collapse images from hereisnewyork (see release 31)and 2 high res aerials, undated, 1 black n white and 1 color known as NOAA 9/23

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 33 - 4,860MB (5GB), 1,786 files

First, the notice of copyright protection. And I quote:

"Notice for Release 33
Please take notice that the City of New York ("City") has asserted that each of the enclosed FDNY photographs
is protected under the Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. sections 101 et seq. The City expressly reserves its rights
in these materials, and requires that you obtain the City's permission prior to any reproduction, modification,
adaptation, recompilation, or other derivative use of each photograph, and prior to the commercial distribution
of any photograph, or reproduction thereof in any medium, by sale, rental, lease, lending or other means.
The City requires that the instant notice accompany any photograph that you disseminate for any reason, including
dissemination that complies with the fair use authorizated by section 107 of the Copyright Act, and requires that
each recipient of these materials comply with the instant Notice. Please call Counsel to the New York City Fire
Department at (718)999-2040 for information about obtaining an appropriate license."

42A0247 - G26D122
1:05:33 length, Tim Main and Mike Ballou footage starting after 2nd plane crash, WTC 2 collapse at 33:12. WTC 1 collapse at 1:02:34. See release 14 for links.

42A0368 - G33D2
4 subfolders: 1. Drew: one large jpg image of WTC 2 column sections (one apparently cut or snapped in a straight line, not staggered) falling on WTC 3, "Drew_004SQ_RAW.jpg" 2. Galarza: 2 images, one of smoking city, one of WTC 7 burning shot from south Jersey, above Winter Garden. 3. Miller: one jpg image of street scene, debris. 4. Nilsson: one tif image of WTC 2 collapse during initiation, shot from Park Row, appx.

42A0383 - G34D1
4 subfolders: 1. FDNYCD1= 2 subfolders. 1. Pictures: 58 jpg images on 9/11, before and after towers collapse. WTC 7 burning, street scenes. 2. Previews = 2 subfolders, Roll1 and Roll2, same images as "Pictures" folder, but smaller. 2. FDNYCD2 = 11 subfolders, FDNY images of Ground Zero dated 9/11 . 3. FDNYCD3 = 26 giant images, fire engines wrecked on the streets, distant aerials, distant from car. 4. FDNYCD4 = 8 subfolders, 2 dated 9/11, 7 dated 9/13, 1 not dated but shot 9/11 with WTC 7 burning

42A0384 - G34D2
one subfolder, WTCI-101-I -GMS-CD#7-FDNY = one subfolder NYTransit-FDNY-NYPD, four subfolders = Baker select, NY Transit-Miller+Cruz+Gorvetzian, WTC, and WTC2. = assorted images, some popular reproductions

42A0385 - G34D3
one subfolder, WTCI-253-ITK Gross = 22 jpg images of fireproofing on trusses, etc.

42A0386 - G34D4
WTCI-102-I GMS-Keasbey = repeat of Release 28\42A0311 - G28D16\fromCD_WTCI-135-I\Koutsoubis steel video\Video - Keasbey 2001 12 27\K19 web best.mpg -- see video (also K18 and K20 in identical folders)

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 34 - 68,607MB (67GB), 949 files

WTC tower elevator shaft photos... high resolution, elevator cables, pit: see slideshow 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.... Many thanks to TheMKMonarch for putting these together with plan architectural drawings to demonstrate locations in the towers.

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 35 - 90MB, 400 files

In addition to the NIST FOIA Terms of Use txt file in all the releases, this one also has a Release 35 Notice.txt for a copyright notice from the City of New York and NYPD: "The City requires that the instant notice accompany any photograph that you disseminate for any reason, including dissemination that complies with the fair use authorized by section 107 of the Copyright Act, and requires that each recipient of these materials comply with the instant notice. Please write to the New York City Police Department, Legal Bureau, 1 Police Plaza, Room 1406, New York, NY 10038, for information about obtaining an appropriate license."

1 folder = NYPDfromMikeDavisCDsets = 2 folders, CD1 and CD2.
CD1 = 1 folder, WTC NYPD Aviation = 196 JPGs 1,600x1,200 res, beginning with the 9/11 Greg Semendinger photos also seen in releases 8, 17, 18, and 32. Includes Ground Zero shots of debris pile on 9/13, Liberty St. caved in -- see photo and see photo -- WTC2 core stump, cranes and recovery workers
CD2 = 202 JPGs most 1,600x1,200 same Greg Semendinger 9/11 aerial photos and 9/13 debris pile shots with a few ABC TV screencaps of the Evan Fairbanks plane impact footage

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 36 - 10,862MB (11GB), 3,622 files

8 folders:
42A0514 - G37D1 = 15 folders with photos:
Aaron Wong = 1 photo, elevated, of street with paper no dust
Abe Conby = 15 jpgs, some 1,280x960 some cropped and adjusted, of WTC7 fire, WTC7 south side burning, covered in smoke. Also, on the opposite side of the complex, water was being sprayed out of a window onto the burning 90 West St., whose facade was covered for construction -- see photo (see also release 2)
Abramson and Sabio = 3 jpgs of the same image of WTC1 burning at 8:54:34, as NIST text says in two of them (from the Vince Sabio video that includes the 2nd plane impact explosion)
Adam Schreiner = 1 jpg of the towers burning from below, ESE
Albert P. Ros = 31 jpgs, most thumb size, 9/11 lower Manhattan, man includes self in pictures, dusty streets, WTC2 collapse thumb, WTC7 burning thumb, 2,400x1,800 shot of 90 West St. burning from west with fire hoses in street from fireboats
Bill Black = 29 jpgs, many high res of WTC2 impact hole, east face damage, some labeled with floor numbers and times as included in NIST report
Bill Garcia (Moodys) = 80 JPGs 1,536x1,024 metadata says 9/19 and 9/25, Ground Zero area, equipment, men in cherry picker cleaning walls with water, WTC7 debris pile, possible plane part found in gravel (images also seen in release 16)
Bob Boyle = 32 JPGs of towers burning, Times Square TVs (see also release 13 for more)
Brian H. Lenius = 14 JPGs, some of towers burning, distant view
Brian Manning = 1 high res JPG of WTC1 impact hole closeup with woman standing at the edge waving, some people think it's Edna Cintron
Brian Tang = 2 jpgs same image of WTC2 plane hit explosion, different sizes, with name and time as used in NIST report (see release 13 for better quality)
Carmen Taylor = 6 jpgs of 2nd plane hit, explosion, fireball (low res), WTC2 impact hole (hole image has floors and columns numbered with name and time as used in NIST report) -- airplane image only 175x131 res (links and more at the archive)
Charles Burch = 9 jpgs, high res shots of Ground Zero labeled with building numbers, WTC5 mostly, also WTC2 shell with Koenig sphere
Charles Marsh = 13 jpgs, 5 the same shot of AA Flight 11 tire/wheel/landing gear, all low res, with name as used in NIST report, also streets near Ground Zero with smoke, one of burning towers from south below
Chris Sorensen = 29 jpgs, many repeats of WTC2 plane impact hole, Church Street before collapse (see release 13 for high res, additional images)

42A0515 - G37D2 = 17 folders with photos
Siham Bazzy = 3 jpgs of WTC1 burning with name and time as used in NIST report -- and one folder, Siham BazzyTIF, with 5 images of WTC4/5 fire
Stan Honda, AFP = 1 jpg low res of towers burning from ENE with caption
Star Ledger = 4 folders (Jennifer Brown = 2 images of WTC1 burning with floor/column numbers, John Boyle = 2 of his WTC1 shots with floor/column numbers, Star LedgerBMP = 4 images of WTC2 burning, and Star-LedgerTIF = 16 unlabled images of towers burning) -- and 218 jpgs seen also in releases 18 and 21. This release includes photographer names on many of the images as used in the NIST report
Steve Leibel = one image of WTC1 burning from north
Steve Truglio = 24 jpgs, some small some high res of Ground Zero area, dumptrucks, equipment for debris removal
Terry Schmidt = one image, 6 versions, of WTC7 burning (floors 7 and 12) - some versions with floors numbered and color adjusted (see original in release 13 -- see photo)
Thomas Viscelli = one image, 2 versions of WTC1 burning alone, from south - low res
Tim Tobiasen = 3 jpgs of WTC7 burning (floors 7 and 9) from north street level, one with floor/window numbers
Todd Garringer = 18 shots, some from airplane of Manhattan, some low res from near Ground Zero during recovery
Todd Rengel = 6 jpgs including 600x800 WTC2 plane impact explosion fireball, smoke rising with name and
Trent Good = 1 low res shot of WTC1 burning from distance
UNKNOWN = 3 jpgs of towers burning from east below, WTC7 burning from north, and one folder "UnknownGIF" with a static gif image with text "National Need" etc etc
Unknown Photographer = 5 jpgs of towers burning from different angles, one folder "UnknownTIF" with 7 aerials of Ground Zero like the 9/23 NOAA aerial crops
Vincent Poydenot = 1 jpg of lower Manhattan/Ground Zero elevated medium shot from NNW with street and building names in colored text
Viraj Siriwardena = 14 jpgs 600x405 res of WTC1 collapse sequence (see release 16 for better quality) -- see video
William Delaney = 6 jpgs of towers burning from south street level, 2 cropped with name and time 9:54:24 am
William Wolfrum = 23 jpgs from SW in Jersey, WTC2 and WTC1 collapses, one shot each, with name and time (see release 13 also)

42A0516 - G37D3 = 15 folders with photos
Owen Bossola = 1 shot of towers burning 640x480 from NNW, Jersey
Patrick Madden = 3 jpgs - 2 of WTC2 burning from SSE below with name, one of WTC1 burning alone from north
Paul Corrigan = one image of WTC2 plane impact explosion from north distant, 2 versions low res, one bmp high res version in a separate folder
Paul MitchellTIF = 52 scans of 3 photos each, during June and July 1985 construction of WTC7 -- steel beams, cranes -- see video for slideshow -- see also Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters episode on WTC7 construction -- see video
Peter D. Davis = 2 jpgs of towers burning 640x480 from NE, several of a man in a chair (seen in other releases)
Peter Mathews = 1 folder "Peter MathewsTIF" and 4 jpgs of WTC1 fire, tight shot with floor/column numbers, name and time 10:17:33 am. In the TIF folder are 51 shots (2 copies of many) from Ground Zero area, dusty streets, fires, crushed firetruck, FDNY
Pico Ben-Amotz = 7 JPGs of towers burning from north street level medium shots, people reacting
Pieter Van HattemBMP = 12 bmp images of towers burning from north, elevated distant - and WTC7 burning alone
Ramona Zabriskie = 7 jpgs dated Oct. 4 from Hudson River
Rik Millhouse = 4 jpgs, 1 of towers burning from SE, 2 of dust cloud, 1 of towers gone
Robert Fisch = 2 jpgs of WTC1 collapse from north, mid progression, med-high res, cropped with his name (see his airplane photos at the archive)
Roger Morse = 956 jpgs of WTC1 and WTC2 elevator shafts, elevator pits, elevator cable (see release 34)
Ryan Maas = 4 jpgs of towers burning, WTC1 burning from across Hudson River from pier, long shots
Scott Molski = 2 jpgs of towers, med res, burning from distant NW across Hudson
Shawn Hutchinson = 1 folder "Shawn HutchinsonBMP" and 3 jpgs of identical image of WTC7 burning closeup with window numbers. The BMP folder has 3 contact sheets also seen in release 13 with additional images of WTC7 burning, FDNY with hose

42A0517 - G37D4 = 3 folders with photos
Maggie Masetti = 2 jpgs of office inside WTC towers, one as seen in NIST report showing open office space, one with a scale model of the WTC
Marcus McConnell = 2 JPGs of towers burning from east a few blocks away, but mostly obscured by buildings
Mark Wickham = 1 jpg of non-original low res WTC7 burning in background behind Ground Zero pile

42A0518 - G37D5 = 312 jpgs, high resolution scans, from Lyle Owerko/Wonderlust (see also release 11), of towers burning, WTC2 NE corner fire closeup, some with floor/column numbers as seen in the NIST report, several jumpers falling, 2nd plane impact missed, debris falls, people running from the collaspe (obscured), airplane parts (wonder-R1-E039_2547.jpg and wonder-R1-E054_2637.jpg look like engine parts, also wonder-R1-E034_2543.jpg on Vesey St.) also WTC1 collapse sequence, one early shot missing (see next folder): see photo -- see photo -- see photo -- see photo

42A0519 - G37D6 = 1 folder, Lyle OwerkoTIF = 23 images, some missing from previous folder, specifically a WTC2 plane impact explosion fireball photo (1,923x2,681, 19.6MB) from below NE and a WTC1 collapse shot that comes before the others in the sequence, but with WTC7 cut from the picture in Photoshop, leaving a blank white shape -- see photo. Also, closeups of jumpers falling... cut from the picture leaving a blank white shape.

42A0520 - G37D7 = 12 folders of photos
KV Johnson = 163 jpgs 2,000x1,312 res of WTC collapses from north, distant. 5 or 6 in WTC2 sequence, 20 or so in WTC1 sequence -- used in NIST report (see also release 6) -- see video
Mark Phillips = 1 low res jpg of towers burning from Brooklyn with inset of zoomed section
Mark Roddenberry = 12 jpgs some also seen in release 24 that is only Mark's photos, including collages of photos pieced together loosely, some in black and white
Matthias KriesbergTIF = 6 high res tif scans of WTC7 burning from north, street level
michael bragitikos = 1 low res jpg of towers burning from west, wide shot, titled view from west by michael bragitikos for interactive wsj_2782.jpg
Michael Chan = WTC7 before 9/11, 3 high res jpgs including closeup on south entrance and SE corner (the 3rd is both combined) -- also seen in release 16 --
NatashaSealyFraser = 23 jpgs of towers burning, closeup on WTC2 NE corner damage/fire, some with floor/column numbers as used by NIST
Neill Frogel = one jpg 1,792x1,200 of WTC2 plane hit explosion fireball from WSW below -- see photo
Nicolas Cianca = 252 JPGs also seen in releases 13 and 22
NIST_RandyLawson = 15 jpgs of a man and a fireman in an stairway side by side as if for measurement/comparison with WTC, also empty stairwell
Noah Bast and Steve Mayer = 44 JPGs 1,600x1,200 of Manhattan from Brooklyn near water, includes WTC7 collapse dust cloud and WTC1 collapse smaller cropped -- also one folder, "Noah Bast" = 1 jpg med-low res of WTC1 collapse with name
NRC Canada = 18 jpgs from 1993 of WTC interior, stairwells, elevator waiting areas, office space with added walls and furniture

42A0521 - G37D8 = 33 folders of photos
Dave Thom = 5 jpgs 1,280x960 of: Ground Zero debris field elevated view dated 9/15, Towers burning from west across Hudson River, WTC1 collaspe mid progression, WTC towers med shot several seconds after 2nd plane hit explosion (fireball shot not included). See release 6 for more.
David Turner = 6 jpgs with his name, some high res, of WTC1 burning, tight shots from below, WSW
David Westra = 9 JPGs including towers burning from west below, WTC1 (9:52:27 am) and WTC2 (same) from south below, crowds walking toward camera north on FDR Drive
Dennis Gage = 22 jpgs 1,280x960 of WTC1 burning before WTC2 hit from Jersey, NW, some after 2nd hit, some after collapses
Dom Foulsham = 53 jpgs (see also release 13) of WTC2 plane impact hole closeup, some with added floor/column numbers
Dominic Lauber = 1 jpg of WTC towers seconds after 2nd plane crash explosion (more from the set at this archive)
Doug Welch = 2 jpgs, one low res of towers burning from below on Church St., one in dust cloud with people, faces covered, specks on lens
Drew Diskin = 2 jpgs of nothing identifiable. blue space
Ernest Ozuna = 6 jpgs of towers mostly obscured, burning in black and white, from east street level
Firehouse MagazineTIF = one scan of the April 2002 cover titled "south view of towers from firehouse_3.tif"
Geoffrey Notkin = 1 low res long shot from west of WTC1 burning
George Bell (Moodys) = 42 JPGs -- see release 16 and also this release, 42A0514 - G37D1, Bill Garcia (Moodys)
Gilad Rosner = 30 jpgs 640x480 of WTC1 burning from south with name and time 9:41:30, dusty streets, cars, city smoke, NYPD with helmets, masks
Grant A. Moyle = 17 JPGs 800x600 WTC1 burns before 2nd plane hit from east elevated blocks away. Last 8 images are 1,600x1,200 of streets below
Harris Beach & Wilcox = 139 JPGs of WTC interior, office with furniture, boardroom table, chairs, kitchen area with drink machine, refrigerator, corner office during construction showing windows, open floor, office space, cubicles, file cabinets, copy machine, towers from outside before 9/11
Here is New York = 310 jpgs most near 600x400 res, from (featured in release 31 with many larger and high res) including many shots of collapses, 2nd plane impact explosion fireball, black and white and color... sequences of collapses, WTC during construction
Infraspection Inst = infrared shots from FLIR thermal camera, black and white and color, towers burning some with name Jersey Infrared Consultants. See also releases 17 and 18, release 27, 42A0189 - G26D48 for video
Isolatek = 6 jpgs (2 images with 3 versions each) of trusses floor supports in 1993 with fireproofing. See commercial fireproofing video in release 30, 42A0350 - G30D4.
Jack Aaronson = 2 jpgs, towers burning from north, WTC7 only burning from north, distant 480x640
James Spahr = 24 JPGs from Brooklyn, 1,600x1,200, 1 before 2nd plane hit, 2 after with smoke rising, others nondescript -- also a folder "James SpahrGIF" with a gif image of a map showing the camera location
Jay Boucher = 45 JPGs from NNW of WTC7 burning alone, also after collapse dust cloud 1,600x1,200 -- also 2 shots of WTC1 and 2 contact sheets from negatives including WTC1 burning, moments after WTC2 collapse
Jay Comella = 14 jpgs of WTC7 burning from south with photographer name, floor numbers, some cropped and enhanced to show south side gash (see also release 18)
Jeff Galloway = 7 jpgs of towers burning from below SW, one high res with name focused on WTC1 south side fire
Jerry Scott - Grant Moyle = 7 jpgs - towers burn from east, obscured by buildings, elevated shot of street below, also of FDR Drive filled with people walking north toward Brooklyn Bridge in a dusty haze
Jim Green = 1 jpg titled "George Fex on 9th Floor West of 1 Liberty_1839.jpg" -- dusty office space with broken windows
Jim ReillyBMP = one high res bmp image of smoke/dust covered Manhattan seen from NNW Jersey side wide shot
John Buskin = 25 jpgs 640x480 of towers burning from below, west and southwest, WTC2 collapse dust cloud from north on West St. (see release 17)
JohnG_NFPA(seeFEMA) = 75 JPGs, 1,280x960 of dusty, paper-filled streets on 9/12 (metadata says), Ground Zero area, muddy street with fire hose, WTC5 fire burned out, NYPD, burned cars/trucks, outskirts of debris pile, WTC7 debris pile, bulldozers, a few 9/11 shots - blood and flesh in the street with a shoe, metal debris in the street from 50 Murray where 2nd plane engine hit
Jonathan Corum = 2 jpgs low res of WTC1 burning before 2nd plane hit from north on Church St.
Joseph E. Rouillier = 18 jpgs 640x480 of dusty streets, WTC1 plane impact hole. WTC2 east side fire with photographer name
Josh Levine = 21 jpgs medium res of towers burning from NNW Jersey side, some several seconds after 2nd plane hit up to after collapses with dust cloud (see also release 17)
Kenneth Gross = 51 jpgs of towers burning from below, west and southwest, some lower res with floor and column numbers (see also release 1) Also inside dust cloud after WTC2 collapse on waterfront Battery Park. Some high res shots of WTC1 fire with times 9:02, 9:54, 9:55 am
Kevin Ready = 5 jpgs of subway outside somewhere and 2 (identical shot, on high res) of the 2nd plane impact explosion fireball from NE

UPDATE April 2013: New material available at!

NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 37 - 2,674 files, 9,593MB (9GB)

Includes 14 folders

42A0522 - G38D1: contains 2 folders: ImagesfromWebsites (1.4MB, 28 files, 6 folders) and VideoFrameStills (1.85MB, 18 files, 6 folders)
42A0523 - G38D2: contains DVD files including 4 VOB (mpeg-2) files each .99GB and total 58 minutes length. FDNY video (gathering from the txt file in the main Release 37 folder stating "the City of New York ("City") has asserted that each of the enclosed FDNY photographs is protected under the Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. sections 101 et seq. The City expressly reserves its rights...." Images show bucket lines in the first days and nights after 9/11... documenting the growing presence of machinery, walking the pile and exploring voids below with unnamed guides (VOB 3 at 12:00). I recognize a couple shots used in the History doc "WTC: Rise and Fall of an American Icon" (2002), above ground with orange plastic stretchers. Rubble, debris, smoke, with audio, no dates displayed or spoken, that I have found in my partial listening so far.... Can probably be found to watch at or the NIST Review.
42A0524 - G38D3 is 1 DVD with 3 VOB files. Closeup video, WTC 2 collapse footage by Dean Riviere and architects. South Tower core structure is clear of smoke for a second before and during falling apart.
42A0525 - G38D4 contains 2 main folders, WTCI-415-STB Andre Booker (403 files and 25 folders) and WTCI-63-FEMA (1,218 files and 52 folders). See WTCI-63-FEMA\CD1\Bankers Trust Roof to view 12 high quality JPG shots of Ground Zero and airplane debris from Flight 11, the American Airlines life vest, a seat cushion, aerial/roof shots of the debris, facing north to view the largely intact WTC 5 and not at all intact WTC towers.
42A0526 - G38D5: Only 5 folders, total 15 low res jpg images, frames from common videos showing fire/collapse.
42A0527 - G38D6: One folder "WTCI-62-FEMA FDNYclaimed" containing one folder "FDNY Ariel" with one folder "FDNY" containing 5 TIFs (between 2 and 7.5 MB each) and 14 JPG images (between 1 and 1.35 MB each), some apparent original JPGs (2000x1312 px named DSC_0008 through DSC_0015 and DSC_0026 (Statue of Liberty) and DSC_0031 through -34 and last one -49.) from NYPD helicopter(s) (perhaps with FDNY photo unit on board) on 9/12 and 9/13 over Ground Zero, smoke, debris, rubble...
42A0528 - G38D7: 5 folders, GaryTaustinefromNetwork (21 JPGs showing the burning WTC from north from a distant rooftop, and WTC 1 collapse in bad light, and sunset), GeorgeMarengofromNetwork (29 jpg images -- famous shots of the Flight 175 starboard engine turbine at Church and Murray streets, caution tape around building sheet metal from where the engine collided, debris perhaps mistaken for airplane parts, and shots of the towers burning), GeorgeWeldfromNetwork (2 JPG and 2 jpg images showing the towers burning and an overexposed shot of the explosion of the 2nd plane hitting), Mike DavisfromNetwork (one folder with a BMP image of high res Ground Zero looking at WTC 7 - WTC 7 burning, and 31 JPG images from 9/11 in NYC, many including FDNY men at Ground Zero on the pile of new dusty debris, and MikeDavisfromCD (3 folders, "CD1" with 314 JPG originals at Ground Zero, "CD2" with 488 JPG images including pages with the faces of lost FDNY brothers and Port Authority Police [tags: Fire Department, dead firemen, victims, 343] and some quality Ground Zero shots and many generic 9/11 images. Folder "video" has only 6 low res news clips of planes hitting or towers falling, duration 1:08, 0:31, 0:15 (3), and 0:18... less than 400 px wide in mpg format.
42A0529 - G38D8: 3 folders: EdPetermanVideofromCD (Contains one video 5:15 duration, 1.09 GB 740x480 px .avi file), KevinReadyVideofromCD (2 videos each 0:05, 160x112 px, of the towers burning from NE.), MikeDavisVideofromCD (Notice the folder name repeat, but this only has the same 6 low res news clips...)
42A0530 - G38D9: Only 5 jpg (All the same vantage, same name except the numbers, "Silverstein Pics_3711. of 7 WTC on Sept_3711. 11 #1 (cropped) with column and floor numbers_3711.jpg," WTC 7 burning from North street level with red arrows and numbers naming levels as the 8th floor burns.
42A0531 - G38D10: Only 1 file: "cropped photo from Bill G_1359._1359" showing overexposed backlight for the sculpture Cloud Fortress by Masayuki Nagare at Ground Zero. See Steve Warren's blog for theories about that.
42A0532 - G38D11: Only 1 file: "Aerial view_of_WTC_from desktoplabs_family_3941.jpg" Showing the location of the videocamera, owner Scott Myers whose famous 2nd plane impact video shows the tower sway, and highlights the spiraling smoke from the twisting airplane turbine escaping from the corner "window" in the steel columns that repeated every other story.
42A0535 - G38D14: Note folder numbers skip 12 and 13, because in the source there were no 12, 13, 15, or 17. In this is a folder "NY transit George Miller from Network" which contains 6 jpgs of two photographs with minor variations in the repeats - WTC 7 east face, street level, with an arrow pointing at the camouflaged door on the south/left edge; the other jpg repeated shows color enhanced debris in the street, a firefighter walking by WTC 7.
42A0537 - G38D16: One folder: "GMSfromNetwork" includes a folder with one 121 MB tif image, a giant aerial composite image, black and white, over Ground Zero several days after 9/11, obscured greatly by smoke.... and outside that folder in the main one are 36 jpg images including one aerial of Ground Zero/Manhattan shot Sept. 23rd by the U.S. Coast Guard, 9,372 px square (also on Wikipedia Commons), and several shots of WTC 7 burning, including more of NY Transit Miller and some WTC 1 collapse shots.
42A0539 - G38D18:

Release 38 - 309 files, 9,653MB (9GB)

42A0452 - G39D3
1 DVD with 3 VOB files. Rare but too bright (and dusty) shot of WTC 1 coming down. Seen also at NIST Review on Later WTC 7 is seen from a few blocks North, at 11:57 a.m. according to the camera man standing street level. FDNY or NYPD video likely... radio in the background of and on. After a cut and break in the video we get a view inside the NYPD "Command Control Center" (sign at 41:40), which became a hub for numerous agencies, as seen at 41:40 - 42:30 on little signs reading: Secret Service, FBI, ESU, EMS.... Later FDNY men raise the American Flag at what was already being called Ground Zero.

42A0536 - G38D15
1 folder of images - Greg Semendinger NYPD Aviation 1600x1200 size originals plus NIST versions, 280 JPG photos and 2 folders with BMP and TIF versions.

42A0540 - G39D1
1 DVD with 5 VOB files, 2:00:37 length, with low audio... Begins on West St./West Side Highway as camera time below SEP 11 2001 says 6:07 PM. WTC 7 pile hidden, smoking. Walking up to beside burned out WTC 6. Time skips to 7:00 PM and later 8:29 PM, FDNY sprays water from ladders.... At vrt 43:00 cut to daylight, no time/date on screen and no audio. Blocks from Ground Zero. Walking dusty streets. Darkness again at 58:00. Water sprayed on WTC 7 seen from distance. Then again at Ground Zero in night, but well lit, rubble at 1:10:00. FDNY crews resting at 1:11:00. Still no audio. Paper fire burns at 1:12:15. VRT 1:16:13 audio returns with time/date on screen: SEP 11 2001, 9:50 PM. Male voice confirms time. Walking up West St. a few blocks away.... Arrives at scene vrt 1:32:00 WTC steel and disaster rubble. Between 10 and 11 PM, noise of generators for lights... paper and dust, water in the street. Burned out vehicle and upside down car at 1:59:00.

42A0541 - G39D2
1 DVD with 3 VOB files, 30:01 length. A continuation of previous DVD at 11:01 PM on Sept. 11, at Ground Zero, with audio. Ladder 113 truck half burned out. Fire in 90 West St. (bordering on South of WTC devastation) being fought from windows of adjacent building. WTC debris - aluminum paneling, rubble, steel, paper, dust. Bulldozer drags upside down car down street at vrt 6:39. Inside the Winter Garden at 7:30 with flashlight, for a few seconds. Rescue 3 truck seen... Audio ends at vrt 8:31 and time jumps back from 11:24 PM to 9:51, then jumps to 10:29 PM scene of pedestrian bridge fallen in street. WTC 7 firefighting at vrt 20:11. Jump to 7:19 PM with audio, 7:32 PM, 8:21 PM shaky camera zoomed on WTC 7.

Release 39 - 542 files, 5,250MB (5GB)

42A0533 - G38D12
300 images from NYPD on 9/11 of towers and surrounding area, some as used by NIST.

42A0534 - G38D13
153 images from NYPD, others.. WTC 2 collapse initiation from below, east: Roll_6_27_3769.jpg

42A0538 - G38D17
88 images in folder titled "FDNYfromNetwork," and one .txt file Release 39 Notice, a strict warning of copyright by NYPD:

Please take notice that the City of New York ("City") has asserted that each of the enclosed NYPD photographs is protected under the Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. sections 101 et seq. The City expressly reserves its rights in these materials, and requires that you obtain the City's permission prior to any reproduction, modification, adaptation, recompilation, or other derivative use of each photograph, and prior to the commercial distribution of any photograph, or reproduction thereof in any medium, by sale, rental, lease, lending or other means. The City requires that the instant notice accompany any photograph that you disseminate for any reason, including dissemination that complies with the fair use authorized by section 107 of the Copyright Act, and requires that each recipient of these materials comply with the instant Notice. Please write to the New York City Police Department, Legal Bureau, 1 Police Plaza, Room 1406, New York, NY 10038, for more information about obtaining an appropriate license.

One folder says some are FDNY photos... Several from beside WTC 7. Burned vehicles. Building 7 burning. Some shots of the towers burning.

Release 40 - 338 files, 225MB

42A0543 - G40D1
221 images including numerous stills from videos, especially the Main/Ballou WTC 1 collapse initiation, one shot beside WTC 7 after both collapses. Ed Peterman shots/video stills of WTC towers.

42A0544 - G40D2
116 images, various, most from Sept. 12, in the surrounding area of WTC complex. (SORRY NO GOOD DESCRIPTION HERE)

Release 41 - 933 files, 1,431MB (1GB)

One folder: 42A0545 - G41D1, which holds three folders:
Richard Rotanz of the OEM: Total 37 stunning 2000 x 1312-px JPG files each dated 9/20/2001 by metadata, picturing Ground Zero from aircraft at low altitude.
WTCI-62-FEMA has 5 folders: NYC-OEM-WTC Disk 1-5.
NYC-OEM-WTC Disk 1 has one folder, HI REZ, which has 35 jpg images in good quality, 2400 x 3000-px, dated 9/18/2001 and titled "NEW YORK CITY; OPERATION NOBLE EAGLE; WORLD TRADE CENTER, and shot by U.S. Navy PHC(SW/DV) Eric J. Tilford" - aerials of the Hudson River and mostly the WTC ruins.
NYC-OEM-WTC Disk 2 has 2 folders: HI REZ (184 jpg files around, some dated 9/17 to 9/18 but no titles or names, though likely PHC Tilford and company.) and HI REZ PRIME (35 jpg shots in, around, and above Ground Zero... some dated 9/18 or 9/20 (not all checked) again shot by U.S. Navy's Tilford).
NYC-OEM-WTC Disk 3 has 192 quality jpg photos, some without dates and titles, some with 9/19 or 9/21 (not all checked) featuring some Coast Guard shots on the water and on land, Ground Zero and the people in day and night.
NYC-OEM-WTC Disk 4 has a folder "HI Rez Prime" 63 jpgs with dates in image names ranging between 9/14 and 9/19, some no name, some U.S. Navy's Tilford again, same images as in above 2 folders.
NYC-OEM-WTC Disk 5 has 356 Files, 9 Folders. "John_G#2r" has more jpgs in original quality from around Ground Zero, some dated 9/12 morning, some on 9/11, morning: burning buildings, shoes litter sidewalk with airplane part, cops, blood on the street... then dust and rubble. "Pictures" has 180 generic/famous shots and video stills totaling only 19.4MB. Others yet have the famous images of explosions, planes, mushroom cloud collapses.
Next folder above, finally, WTCI-62-FEMA CD 5 has one folder, "Video," which has 30 generic/famous videos from news clips, low res mostly.

Release 42 - 73 files, 11,073MB (11GB)

42A0546 - G42D1
1 DVD with 1 VOB file. Titled "WTCI-FBI-#5-Redacted" dated Dec. 18, 2009, 18:17 length -- Low quality Evan Fairbanks video WITH audio (until Evan turned it off a minute before the plane hit) -- "redacted" meaning some faces were blurred out including the man describing inside basement of WTC 1 when plane hit, his ears popped and smoke filled it... and the Asian man who says he heard 2 explosions when the [first] plane hit, "two separate ones," and another man who said "smoke was in the train station" below the WTC ... that talking a minute or two before the second plane hit at 6:45. WTC 2 collapse at 17:20.

42A0547 - G42D2
1 DVD with 1 VOB file. Titled "WTCI-FBI-#6-Redacted" dated Dec. 22, 2009, Video is 10:39 length. Distant elevated shot from North of 2nd plane incoming and hitting (new find on NIST site in 2012). Plane enters frame at vrt 2:17. WTC collapses are missed.

42A0548 - G42D3
1 DVD with 1 VOB file. Titled "FBI#8 Folder Clip #3 - Redac..." dated Dec 18, 2009. 4:31 length shot from below WTC, west on or beside a pier moments after 1st plane hit. Bad, choppy audio. Good early shots of WTC 1 fire on south and west sides.

42A0549 - G42D4
1 DVD with 3 VOB files. Titled "WTCI-FBI-#8-Redacted" dated Dec 22, 2009. 53:12 length, same as previous video but good audio, tape beginning earlier, moments after 1st plane hit. Jumper at 12:00. Somebody says they are evacuating, then at 13:00 the tape cuts to mid explosion of the 2nd plane hit. At 31:00 they depart by boat traveling a few hundred feet south, then north. At 46:46 fades to after WTC 2 collapse.

42A0550 - G42D5
1 DVD with 2 VOB files. Titled "WTCI-FBI-#9-Redacted" dated Dec 22, 2009. 36:44 length with audio -- Famous NYPD aviation helicopter video, approaches WTC 1 roof, circles around, lands in grass nearby. At 4:21 cut to mid flight, moments after WTC 2 collapse. "It's gone - the whole tower!" At 12:27 cut to WTC 1 mid-collapse, seen from landing pad across Hudson River. At 16:55 fade during long shot of WTC skyline in cloud of dust, chopper landed. Begin new video in dusty street presumably near Ground Zero, but at 19:10 cuts to black before anything happens.

42A0551 - G42D6
1 DVD with 2 VOB files. "WTCI-FBI-#13-Redacted" dated Dec 23, 2009. 28:15 length. Driving south on West Side Highway, right up to West St. .. handheld shot, standing south of WTC then at 11:20 WTC 2 collapses (not listed on yet), only falling debris on west side seen. Escape north. WTC 1 collapse missed.

42A0552 - G42D7
1 DVD/1 VOB file. "WTCI-FBI-#14-Redacted" dated Dec 23, 2009. 6:07 length. At 3:48 WTC 1 collapses, handheld in street behind a person's head for a moment, distant north, street reactions. Initiation missed. Listed on as "Unknown N. View Collapse 127" by 911allcausticcamera's numbering on YouTube, not mine -- currently #163 of 172 collected.

42A0553 - G42D8
1 DVD with 2 VOB files, 26:01 length. Handheld rooftop view from northeast/Queens begins after 2nd plane hit. WTC 2 collapse missed/skipped at 7:06... WTC 1 collapse missed at 23:10.

42A0554 - G42D9
1 DVD/1 VOB file 9:33 length. Handheld inside office, elevated, not many blocks northeast. Tape begins after 2nd plane hit. Female voice insists there was no plane. Of course, the plane came from behind the tower. WTC 2 collapse missed at 7:05, but the tape starts moments afterward as people run down the street. A minute later the tape goes black/static as a voice is heard: "Please evacuate-"

42A0555 - G42D10
1 DVD/1 VOB file 16:05 length. Handheld east shot, elevated, towers behind Brooklyn Bridge. Wide shot and zooms. Both towers burn. WTC 2 collapse missed at 2:25. At 12:02 cut to moments after initiation of WTC 1 collapse, with the skyline already a blue, smoky haze.

42A0556 - G43D1
1 DVD/1 VOB file 17:03 length -- NYPD aviation, helicopter footage (again. See 42A0550 - G42D5). Chopper flys by WTC 1 roof... WTC 2 collapse missed, dust envelops the area. At 12:29 WTC 1 collapse in progress, seen from landing pad across the Hudson River. (See YouTube.

NIST_FOIA_12-044 - 101 files, 22 folders (24.2GB)

Added to this page June 2013. Thanks David Cole for obtaining this data (see PDF inside main folder for a legal U.S. Dept. of Commerce/NIST FOIA document). DVD video (VOB files).

11 main folders, described in the included PDF document copied below, [my notes in brackets.]:
1. Tape ID #160-- CNN Dub for BPAT Team - Time Code (8:00A-8:30A) [This is actually 30 minutes of fuzzy CNN starting at 10:00 AM EDT, with time code counter added.]
2. Tape ID #161-- CNN Dub for BPAT Team - View Copy (8:00A-8:30A) [This is 30 minutes of fuzzy CNN starting at 10:00 AM EDT, with no time code counter added.]
3. Video ID #140-- Craig Braden - 9/11 [The tape cuts at 33:28 before WTC 2 falls, restarts at 34:07 after it has fallen, unfortunately a time code stamp running, over fuzzy video as in Release 27 (42A0238 - G26D113, Video #2).]
4. Video ID #141-- NIST DV #1 (Four short 9/11 videos) [These include, as listed in credits at the beginning: "Tape #1 of 4 = PBS Nightly Business Report, 6 min. {This tape is shot from Trinity Church, nearby Evan Fairbanks and Gary Pollard. Includes some good video of most of the WTC 2 collapse.}| Tape #2 of 4 = CBS Vince DeMentri, 10 min. | Tape #3 of 4 = CBS via VMS, 11 min. | Tape #4 of 4 = Amateur Footage {actually a CBS camera} Collapse WTC7, 5 min." Photos of the VHS tapes are included.
5. Video ID #151-- WNBC NIST Dub #1 - WTC Explosion/Chopper 4 [Video name was also used in the NIST Cumulus files of Release 14... Here, high quality version of 2nd plane hit, 9/11 replay, then an hour-length static shot from "Waterfront NY NCC" (1:29) cam with the Woolworth building centered between the smoking towers. WTC 2 collapse at 47:01. No WTC 1.]
6. Video ID #152-- WNBC NIST Dub #2 - WTC Explosion/Chopper 4c [The chopper video and audio starting just after the 2nd plane hit. Tape length 2 hours, but video stops before WTC 1 collapse. WTC 2 collapse at 54:32. After about 1:06:00 the screen is blue (Have a GB of blue screen video!).
7. Video ID #153-- WNBC NIST Dub #3 - WTC Comp Reel Tape 1 [1:03:00 of many quality NBC clips, 2nd plane and both collapses from several angles, including some of the best 9/11 Ground Zero footage and WTC 7 fire video.
8. Video ID #157-- CD #12 - WTC 1 & 2 Videos and Presentations - Baker, Rabanne [includes low res WTC collapse clips, including one of WTC 7 with frames cut or missing during the initiation.]
9. Video ID #158-- CD # 13 - WTC 7 Videos_2 - Rabanne [5 low res tv clips of WTC 7 burning or smoking or falling, copies of which are found in the following folders.]
10. Video ID #159-- CD #14 - WTC Video 7 - Gilsanz, Con Ed, Steficek, FOX 5, NBC
11. Video ID # 160-- CD #15 - WTC 7 Videos / Full - GMS- NIST"
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