Alex Jones vs. William Cooper

Alex Jones playlist, featuring Bill Cooper's 9/11 prediction

William Cooper link: Hour of the Time site & memorial

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Alex Jones cartoon

Alex Jones, radio/web personality

NOTE: The below list has changed with the updating of my playlist on YouTube. Below is preserved for posterity.

~ Bill Cooper Predicts 9/11 - 3min 21sec (NOW last on the playlist above)

~ Bill Cooper: Alex Jones sensationalist FRAUD - 9min 32sec

~ Bill Cooper Exposes Scaremonger Alex Jones Pt 1, 9min 20sec

~ Bill Cooper Exposes Scaremonger Alex Jones Pt 2, 10min 43sec

~ Bill Cooper Exposes Scaremonger Alex Jones Pt 3, 11min

~ End Game: Blueprint for Global Enslavement, by Alex Jones - 2hr 19min

~ The Hour of Our Time: The Legacy of William Cooper - 1:26:11
Full length feature on Milton William Cooper (R.I.P.), murdered by police

~ Martial Law 911: Rise of the Police State (2005) - 3 hrs

~ The Obama Deception, HQ Full length version, Alex Jones (2009) - 1hr 53min

~ Terrorstorm 2nd ed, by Alex Jones - 2hr 14mins

~ 9/11: The Road to Tyranny, Alex Jones (2005) - 2hr 22min

~ Truth Rising: The 9/11 Chronicles Part 1, Alex Jones feat. WeAreChange - 1hr 55min - Since 9 Feb. 2008


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