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New 2021 additions: CNN 91628542, Bob Belden, Myrel Chernick, Paul_Lorie, and Chi-tien Lui, thanks to 911AnalysisVideo.
New 2020 additions: Brothers in Blue, Dada Post, Loni & Russ Efron, Manon von Gerkan, Sylvester Lukasiewicz, Colin/Keira, Reza Namazi, and from 2019 LSC 9-11-01 - the last includes audio and witnesses!


ABC NewsCopter 7   YouTube

ABC Chopper 7 image of Flight 175 impact

ABC footage on BBC

ABC NewsCopter 7 1st airs

Previously known as "Chopper X" because it was assumed ABC's Chopper 7 captured the LIVE "International Shot." Newly discovered eyewitness testimony shows Chopper 880 for WCBS-AM radio simultaneously broadcast the famous plane crash video... on ABC, CNN, Fox News, BBC.... NewsCopter 7 didn't air live footage until 9:08, upon finally arriving from the Linden, NJ airport 14 miles away. See the 3rd image at left for Chopper 7's first broadcast images.

The true Chopper 7 WTC 2 explosion video has only been seen in "Flight 175: As the World Watched," aired December 2005 on TLC ... and in a German version of the documentary on Discovery. See an image from the credits that reads, "ABC News Productions for TLC." The best evidence for ABC Chopper 7 shooting the video comes in this quote from the camera operator:

We were climbing through eleven hundred feet toward an assigned altitude of fifteen hundred feet, and then we saw it. Paul Smith, my pilot, saw it before I did -- an airliner, traveling from south to north, traveling low and fast. "Now what's this guy doing?" I asked Paul. "You see this yahoo?" he shot back. Paul was thinking the same thing I was: the jetliner was on an approach to Newark's shortest and most seldom used runway, and was, for some reason, slightly off course. Airplanes would come up from the south and then turn west near the Statue of Liberty onto final approach. Paul assumed that this airplane would do just that, and he was perturbed that Newark's air traffic controller hadn't advised us that there was an airplane in our vicinity.

I could see the rear profile with engines on both wings as it approached the statue. A Boeing 737, I thought. And then it dipped. Not a nice, gradual descent, but a brief dip and then a sharp turn to the right. Not a graceful, gradual airliner turn like you see in commercials; this was a sharp, abrupt turn that put the plane into a forty-five-degree bank, and it flew into the shade being created by the smoke plume from the north tower.

Something made me reach for the remote that controls our onboard tape deck and point our camera at the World Trade Center. I moved and focused the camera, placed the remote in my lap, pressed "play" and "record," and looked back up at my camera monitor. It now contained the image of a huge fireball.

- John Del Giorno, Helicopter Reporter, WABC-TV, New York
Covering Catastrophe: Broadcast Journalists Report September 11, Allison Gilbert, ed., (Bonus Books, 2002), pp. 29-30.

Interestingly, BBC showed this angle for 1 second at 9:17... a miscued, belated replay of the ABC 2nd hit missed footage. BBC was broadcasting the WABC feed (event at 26:20), which mistakenly keeps the LIVE banner on the screen during the last second of the Chopper 7 explosion replay... the only airing for some reason.

NIST Cumulus File(s): ABCNISTDubs\ABC NIST Dub #1\ABC Dub1 11 (and 12-16, 3 varying lengths all with same beginning time mid-fireball, 11-14 being rewound/playing in reverse)


ABC Brooklyn Cam   YouTube

ABC Brooklyn Cam explosion

ABC7 explosion LIVE TV

75 percent zoom

UPDATE 2019: Did this camera capture the 1st plane hit? It was on shortly after 8:46 am. (Thanks MrKoenig1985 for the upload.)

This angle is fascinating because at the precise moment of impact, the famous LIVE chopper shot of the plane crossfades to this extreme closeup of the North Tower (ABC7 local [WABC] and CNN). The broadcast switches back to the chopper shot before the fireball erupts into the screen, except in extended replays of the shot (see 1st photo at left). The timing of the angle change must have been a coincidence, but it's strange that the same thing happened within seconds on CBS and NBC.

The camera is most important in understanding the blackout phenomenon also seen on channel 5, FOX WNYW. In a similar fashion, the Brooklyn cam faded to black (not the helicopter cam). To compare the effects, a slideshow of the Chopper5 shot has been prepared (with an updated investigation of the fade to black/blackout) -- as well as a WABC slideshow. No exact explanation has been given for this blackout, other than "the plane," of course.

Notice at 8:51 am ABC7 used the angle as a wide shot. From this we can discern the camera location: Brooklyn Heights at 140 Cadman Plaza W, at Middagh, Henry and Prospect Street(s).

Watch the ABC7 NY (WABC) archive now. We last see the wide shot on ABC's Good Morning America at 8:59. At 9:01 the camera zoomed half way (see 3rd photo at left - compare with a cropped and enlarged section from the wide shot). At 9:02 it moved in tight.

"On the roof"
David Mulewski, Engineering Supervisor, WABC-TV, New York

"I immediately put more tapes in the machine. I rolled [recorded] extra copies. I knew this was going to be a big story. I got on the internal house paging system and announced to the newsroom that everyone needed to turn his or her attention to the helicopter shot. I called ABC's affiliate feed service, 'NewsOne,' and told them to roll on my chopper shot, as well. I ran to the control room to see the other live shots around the city. I looked at the shot from our mounted camera in Brooklyn and saw the towers and the smoke. I zoomed in and focused the camera tight on the first tower. I called our chief engineer, Bill Beam, to tell him what I was seeing, because I knew our transmitter operator, Don DiFranco, was on the roof of that building. Beam said they were trying to call him."

Covering Catastrophe: Broadcast Journalists Report September 11, Allison Gilbert, ed., (Bonus Books, 2002), p. 26. Free first chapter at allisongilbert.com

The ABC Brooklyn camera was remote controlled. The above quote confirms this. Also notice the jerky zoom at 9:02 that sets up the shot (as if Mulewski knew, which he didn't).

R.I.P. transmitter operator Don DiFranco, who was on the 110th floor of WTC 1 when Flight 11 hit, cutting him off from the world below.

NIST Cumulus File: ABCNISTDubs\ABC NIST Dub #5\ABC Dub5 01 (see frame 0, from avi compressed)


CNN 91628542 (NEW 2021)   YouTube

new CNN explosion

Somehow this angle was left out of the NIST FOIA materials and first released in April 2021 according to the original file name at the CNN website ("Related" tab). MrKoenig1985 comments on the YouTube post by 911AnalysisVideo: "Missing sequence on "CNN NIST Dub #20" tape (2nd segment)."

Appears to have been shot from the CNN NY headquarters building at 5 Penn Plaza, like the below "roof cam." J. Cantali operated the camera, according to 911AnalysisVideo.


CNN Roof Cam   YouTube 1 (NEW 2019 - LIVE) & 2. (NIST mirror)

CNN explosion

UPDATE 2019: Aired LIVE on CNN Headline News, as a phone interview with CNN V.P. Sean Murtaugh describes the 2nd plane approaching! ...after he saw the first plane also. UPDATE 2015: Another correction: changed title from "Static Cam" because the wide shot that did capture the plane was static. This one zooms periodically. And this one has audio in the NIST FOIA version (keep reading) that seems recorded indoors. This view is deceivingly similar to the 9:10 am angle that caught the plane. Camera motion indicates the shot is not the same. Also, the picture is too clear and in focus to be the same exact point of perspective. Both cameras operated from 5 Penn Plaza.

Aired on regular CNN at 9:13 am (correction 2019: once said "first aired at 9:13"). A replay of this shot aired at 4:22 pm, for one. Here's one clip from [9/12 morning. Also appeared in the documentary aired on PBS, "New York: Center of the World" here at 44 minutes.

NIST Cumulus File: Release 14\42A0013\CNN NIST Dub #17 - RoofCam\CNN Dub17 03.avi -- UPDATE: Release 10, file WTCI-329-I-#17.wmv has an 1:02:00 length version starting at 8:50 a.m.... ending before the 1st "collapse." See vrt 12:19 for the plane impact.


NBC's Ralph Patterson   YouTube 1, 2, & 3

NBC 911 explosion

UPDATE 2015: Camera operator named thanks to MrKoenig1985. Quoting from his YouTube (link 3 above):

Patterson was the first NBC cameraman on scene and the only TV videographer who was located almost at the base of the towers before 9:03 a.m. See Jeff Scarborough's book "September's Camera" (2007), reading excerpt: pp. 10-11: 'WNBC cameraman Ralph Patterson happened to be almost right at the World Trade Center when the first plane struck, and he shot NBC's first video of the scene.'"

Also find snippets at the NBC Universal Archives. UPDATE Dec. 2011: Found dated May 25, 2010 at the NIST WTC Repository on archive.org, in extended length. The clip was shown on NBC on 9/12 at 12:03 am. Download mpeg2 or mp4 from archive.org (found in directory at http://ia341239.us.archive.org/2/items/911_News_Clips/).

Most important is the witness testimony to lobby level [B-4, 22, etc.] explosions when the 1st plane hit! With 99 percent of the elevator system taken out and the Security Command Center disabled, the Fire Department had no chance at extinguishing the cover story for the planned "collapses." We know there were low level bombs because the 3-tier elevator system prevented direct line of sight....

NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub4A 27


NBC LIVE   TV archive clip

tight shot of North Tower

NBC on FOX5 archive

Another LIVE camera angle switch during plane impact - as with ABC7/CNN above (and CBS) - to a tight shot of WTC 1. (See all the LIVE recordings with a plane.) This camera zooms out and adjusts after the impact, as can be seen in the FNN Japan version. Also, see the LIVE BBC version, where the zoom out happens during a different shot, but ongoing adjustments are apparent.

Most interesting is the use of this angle in the FOX5 Washington archive, which uses the audio from FOX5 NY (WNYW). It seems as if the famous Chopper5 plane impact footage was censored. Was it a conspiracy to alter the TV archive to hide the alleged fake video mistake (LOL), or perhaps a copyright issue forcing the D.C. station to improvise? Note that CBC also used WNYW audio, but with WABC chopper 880 video.

A bizarre loss of camera control occurs at 8:58 a.m., causing the view to pan diagonally down to the left in a blur (seen on BBC only). This static angle dominates the BBC coverage.

At 9:59 the LIVE South Tower "collapse" is captured from this angle. The WTC 1 "collapse" can be seen from the same angle later in the day, zoomed out further.

NIST Cumulus file: NBC Atlanta4 52 --- UPDATE: See release 25 (clip included in playlist 1 above), folder 42A0114 - G25D24 for raw NBC News broadcast, no NBC logo, starting with first report at 8:53 - 9:56 am.


NBC Producer Shachar Bar-on   YouTube

WTC attack on NBC

See Bar-on's story of the 2nd plane hit on MSNBC's website. The smoke rises from the South Tower in yet another video that misses the 2nd WTC attack. Still, 59 have been collected WITH a plane.



WB11, Michael Barbagallo (WPIX)   YouTube 1, 2, & 3

CNN explosion

UPDATE: Raw NIST video file "WPIX Dub2 11" is uncensored and features explosion audio. Previous update: Another version aired on Mike's now local station in Houston. He has won an Emmy or two. This shot was first attributed to WB11 (WPIX-TV) thanks to information provided by videographer Mike Barbagallo's wife in the 'more info' section of the YouTube version. Quote:

My husband Mike was downtown on the morning of 9/11. It was election day for a new NYC mayor. Mike and his coworker Tony Mazza were a few blocks away when the CW (WB at the time) assignment desk told them that a plane hit the WTC building. They walked over and begin to shoot the scene. After about 20 minutes of shooting they heard the second plane zoom overhead. Mike was able to capture the end of the plane entering the building. Glass and debris started to fall everywhere and Mike ran into the Millennium Hotel for shelter. Tony took off for the other CW truck. When Mike found it to be safe again, he began to record. After about 10 minutes of footage, he begin to return to the truck. By the time Mike reached the truck, the first tower began to come down. He took a gulp of fresh air and jumped into his truck for safety. When the smoke settled, he drove back to the station unharmed. . . .

This angle was also shown around the world on other networks, such as CNN at 3:42 pm. WB11 didn't air the video until afternoon. (UPDATE 2011: Afternoon 9/11 coverage recently became available from WPIX, thanks to the NIST FOIA. For morning and afternoon coverage, see this website's TV archive 2.

In addition to the avi Cumulus file named above, a longer, mpeg-2 version is in release 28, folder 42A0289 - G27D19. See YouTube link 3.


Amateur from Below, East   YouTube

WTC explosion - below East

"That's terrorists," he says. (Who is he?) Of course it was terrorists! Let's everybody assume that, shall we?

UPDATE: Appears in the NIST Cumulus Database (FOIA release 14) in the "CBS-Net NIST Dub #4" folder as clips 42 and 43. See also release 25, folder 42A0121 - G25D32 at 40:36.

TV airings haven't been found. Previously known only as a short clip from Discovery's "Inside the Twin Towers" (2006) and the German version on RTL DVD, "Die Letzten Minuten Im World Trade Center." Part of the footage also appeared in the 2008 History doc "102 Minutes that Changed America."


AmrAmAr (NEW 2012) YouTube or vimeo

WTC Footage

UPDATE 2015: Found at archive.org/details/911Wtc for download. At Vimeo it's titled "releasing unreleased WTC 9/11 raw footage 1&2/9" by AmrAmAr. At YouTube: "releasing unreleased WTC 9/1 footage 1/9" by wwwAmrAmAr. Available for download with jpeg images (for non-commercial use) at amramar.com, where we learn Amr's "ex-friend" shot the footage. This friend is probably named Egon Zippel, considering that playing the original .rm file displays the email address belonging to egonzippel.... A quick web search finds that somebody with the same name in fact lived in NYC. Yet another name, this on one of the downloadable zipped folders, is "franz_worldtradecenter," perhaps Franz being AmrAmAr's identity?

The plane impact footage includes a muffled explosion sound. The camera quickly began shooting on the streets. Also captured was the first collapse, from nearby on West Street, and a shaky glimpse of the second. WTC 7 burns later, also seen from West St.


K. Behrle (WCBS)   YouTube 1, 2, & 3

CBS amateur from Park Row

UPDATE 2021: See Keith's full footage in HD thanks to MrKoenig1985. The tape starts less than a minute after the first impact, as the added clock in the video shows.

UPDATE May 2012: Name changed from "Amateur from Park Row" thanks to discovery of the clip at wtcdata.nist.gov (click Continue, then return and follow this link).

Watch from 8:47-8:51 am in newly released material (Sept. 2010). Aired on CBS (only CBS?) as early as 12:44 pm... and many times throughout the day... at 10:18 and 10:30 pm, etc.

A photograph shot from a simliar vantage point was featured on papers around the world September 12, 2001.

NIST Cumulus file: WCBS NIST Dub #3 - Behrle, Miller, StatCamN\WCBS Dub3_04.avi


Bob Belden (NEW 2021)   YouTube (at 7:30)

Belden explosion

New to this list, but uploaded to YouTube by the camera operator in 2008 titled simply "WTC." The camera rides in a vehicle, so it's a bumpy ride while approaching the one burning tower from the north. Music almost drowns out the audio of sirens. An edit or camera recording pause comes at vrt 7:31, right before the plane hits.

Thanks again to 911AnalysisVideo for uploading a clip and bringing it to my attention!


Bob and Bri, "What We Saw"   YouTube (see 11:45)

What We Saw

Web only... no known TV airings. Uploaded to Revver 9/11/2006 (dead link revver.com/video/59686/september-11-2001-what-we-saw) with a suspicious edit during the plane impact. It could just be that the recording was stopped for a minute... bad timing... as with the towers' collapse. Then there's the fascinating comment (by Bri?) about the jetliner being a "military plane." Seriously. See the short YouTube version now. FYI, a similar viewpoint is found below as NIST 30 - Tribeca Apt.


Brothers in Blue (NEW 2020)   YouTube original or mirror

new WTC plane explosion

As seen in the 2010 YouTube clip "Brother in Blue 'Jersey City Gets Involved'" [sic] which has only 270 views. Lost until 2020, this comes from a 2003 documentary called "Brothers in Blue." Thanks for the find 911AnalysisVideo (mirror link above pointed it out). Another clip from the documentary is all I can find, only 2 more minutes "about the Brotherhood of the Fire Dept. Directed by Jason L Liebman."


CameraPlanet - Cynthia Malaran   Part 1 & 2

CameraPlanet - 2nd hit missed

Update: The woman on the roof is named in National Geographic's "Inside 9/11" bonus program "Witness 9/11." Malaran's shot is in the first few seconds. Online in the CameraPlanet Archive part one of the video is titled "Rooftop view from across Hudson on North Tower burning." LOL, it should say East Village. "Both Towers Smoking, dark balck smoke" is Part 2. LOVE the spelling, CameraPlanetArchive.

The camera operator says she was setting up the tripod when the crash occured, so we have an explanation for this missed shot. Not only did she have the wit to inform us of that issue, but also she lets us know at the beginning of her film that the date is September 11th. See also Cynthia's shot of the WTC 2 "collapse."


CameraPlanet - "Not an American Airlines"   Youtube

CameraPlanet - Shock

"That was not an American Airlines. That was not an American Airlines."
  - Woman

Allegedly, it was a United plane— Flight 175. She's right, then.

So, what's she saying? That what she saw from 2 miles away was different than a passenger airliner? And that all the other witnesses to a passenger airliner were wrong or lying? That the photos and videos we have seen are fake? Believe it or not, some people think that.

Or, is she in denial... a common response to devastating events? Could she simply be confused, responding to what another woman says: "another one," implying another plane?


CameraPlanet - Peter DiPilato   YouTube 1 - short and 2 - full

Peter DiPilato WTC attack video

CameraPlanet included Peter in the film "7 Days in September," made in 2002. Part of his interview is included above. Thanks to the CameraPlanet 7 Days website, we can discover the circumstances of this 2nd hit (missed) video:

"On September 11, 2001 I was sleeping on the couch of my apartment on the 27th floor-which faces the north side of the two towers. I started shooting when the phone rang and my friend told me to go out on my terrace to see what had happened. When I saw the indentation of what looked like a plane in tower #1, I grabbed my camcorder and proceeded to film the hole filled with smoke. I stopped it after a few minutes, then turned it back on just as the second plane hit.

See more of Peter's video including jumpers in "PD1_7-1_" ...and 33 seconds more in "Amatuer CU on North Tower after hit, man talking in...." Good titles and organization there, CameraPlanetArchive. Geez.


CameraPlanet - "PLANES"   Youtube 1 and 2. (extended)

PLANE impact

Rare view with interesting explosion audio (not found on the newest archive clip reel, linked under Star Reese below). Found at a forgotton link, the original CameraPlanet .mov file had the Brian Gately and Jen S. 2nd hit videos before this short clip. The file name as I found it was "PLANES." Other CameraPlanet videos with the plane include William Gibson and Luis Alonso. See the main 2nd hit page to have a look.


CameraPlanet - Star Reese   Youtube 1 & 2

CameraPlanet explosion

UPDATE 2017: See the clip in HD thanks to an upload by MrKoenig1985.

First name Andrea. See an interview. The videographer is named in National Geographic's DVD set "Inside 9/11," the bonus program called "Witness 9/11," as well as in the massive 2010 NIST FOIA (911datasets.org release 14 -- file name "Andrea clip_1C" - download HQ version). The longer CameraPlanet version of this clip, "Shot from right below North Tower," begins with audio from CNN in the background. For this reason we know there was an edit (or the camera stopped recording for a bit), just before the explosion happens. There is a gap in the broadcast. See also this shorter version, which begins with the explosion. Part of this video was uploaded again by CameraPlanetArchive to highlight the window washers on WTC 7.

Another low res version of this clip was included with a degraded frame rate in a CameraPlanet sample reel with a counter. The poor quality becomes evident when the birds fly across the screen moments after the fireball burns out. Like many low res YouTube clips, this is the subject of a conspiracy video "UAVs, Birds and Missiles."

Notice the poor quality of Director Steven Rosenbaum's archive in general. See YouTube user CameraPlanetArchive, and then count the 1,599 clips, MANY of which are only a few seconds long, with incorrectly spelled titles, or simply nondescriptive titles... Here's the newest archive clip reel for download. Watch it first if you have the quicktime plugin. The video timer and CameraPlanet logo are more centered and obtrusive. Why? Greed?


CameraPlanet - "Tower 1 on fire"   Youtube

CameraPlanet WTC

The plane impact seems edited out. Of course, the camera could have been turned off for a minute.

Obviously the two men behind the camera didn't see the plane, considering the dialogue. Man 1: "Why would it just explode?" Man 2: "How did that one just catch on fire?" Strangely, they weren't watching TV.


Carolyn Campora (NEW Feb. 2011)   Youtube 1, 2..., 3.

Campora explosion

Found mid-February, 2011 with the added online feature of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum's interactive timeline. The memorial sent an email to people who were signed up to receive updates, so I got a notification! A version with 13 extra seconds is on another page of the memorial site. There you can read "Carolyn's Story," which I'll paste here:

Moments after 8:46am on the morning of September 11, 2001, Carolyn Campora was doing laundry in her building on the corner of Canal Street and West Broadway when she heard her husband scream, "Grab your video camera! A jet plane just flew into one of the Towers!" Scooping up her camera immediately, she stepped outside onto the street, fixing her frame on the burning North Tower while other spectators began to converge on the sidewalks around her. A man nearby told her what he'd witnessed: "It was an American Airlines 767," he said; "it headed straight for the building...that building is coming down." Gradually, Carolyn migrated from Canal Street to the northeast corner of Franklin and West Broadway where she witnessed and recorded the unanticipated South Tower collapse before she and her husband evacuated uptown.

Most interesting, perhaps, is the man's voice in the video correctly identifying the plane as a Boeing 767, American Airlines... and also correctly foretelling the building's "collapse."


Myrel Chernick (NEW 2021)   Youtube clip or Vimeo original

Chernick explosion

Uploaded to Vimeo in 2015, but added here in 2021 thanks to a clip posted by 911AnalysisVideo. The 16:35-length video titled "Out My Window" also features a view of the North Tower collapse (VRT 6:18) not yet listed on my 1 WTC page.

Speaking of the first plane, Myrel says: "I can still hear Don's voice from the other room saying, 'Why is that plane flying so low? They shouldn't let planes fly that low.' I hear the rumbling of the plane's motor. I watch almost without knowing what I'm looking at as the impact slices a hole the shape of an airplane in the tower, as flames burst out at the impact point."


Colin/ Keira Boetel (NEW 2020)   YouTube

new plane explosion

Powerful video. New to this list thanks to a notification/mirror post by 911AnalysisVideo. As in several other clips we hear the plane approach off camera. I've named the video such because Keira Boetel posted the video (March 2020) titled, "Colinís 9/11 Story-Senior English Survivor Project." Colin's last name is unknown.


Cruzate.com - "NY Hell"   YouTube

Cruzate.com - 2nd hit missed

The source file was made available at the camera operator's website cruzate.com/nyhell. Unfortunately, the video quality was/is terrible. See the photo at left (and on the website) for a clear view from this person's perspective.

The guy had an experience with no plane theorist Nico Haupt, who quoted the "Hispano amateur cameraman, who didn't see any object hitting south tower . . ."

"...When I was back in the roof I saw just before my eyes the explosion on Tower 2. I didn't see the plane, nor did any of the other guys on the roof. We speculated for a few minutes. The only thing we could imagine was on of the wings of the first plane hitting the other tower and provoking the explosion, but that was very unlikely...."

Note the cameraman's response, currently at the top of his website:

I find it very upsetting to find my name associated with videos trying to prove that there wasn't a second plane on the 9/11 attacks. I totally reject that view and in any case my words were used totally out of context and without my permission. To be more explicit, I totally reject the videos hosted in livevideo.com by "no plane witnesses" and "socialservice". Both use my name and my words without my permission for the purpose of proving their lunatic theory.


Dada Post/Berlin (NEW 2020)   Watch

Dada Post 2nd plane explosion

From the description: "9/11 Geisterschatten Gregory Hilton's Film '9/11'" (The German means ghost shadow.) New to this list thanks to a find by 911AnalysisVideo.

Unfortunate removal of audio leaves us with a weird noise. Chinese girls dance again before we see a clip from the Hezarkhani video with the alleged pod circled, then more of the video in question. The street sign says Chambers. Rewind the video to 3:20 to see the tower before it was hit.


DK08   part 1 & part 2

DK08 bestshotfootage.com

UPDATE August 2011: Video available on the NIST website (also here with a download link, but wtcdata.nist.gov requires agreement to copyright terms before watching, so first go to the main page, agree, then re-click on this link, if necessary). Found also in the NIST FOIA 911datasets.org Release 20 as 42A0065 - FBI #11 -- Watch full 21 minutes. Images are 352x240 low res.

First seen courtesy Dan Klein at bestshotfootage.com. (I think the DK in the title/video code is a coincidence.) I personally corresponded with Dan, during which time he attached this video in an email (in 3 parts), as well as an extended version of the Columbine 2nd hit shot. Thanks, Dan.

In the footage we see our camera operator watching TV minutes before the 2nd attack, ABC7. Suddenly, the camera is pointed out the window recording chaos in the street below. The counter in the footage skips no time when the video jumps ahead to moments after the explosion in nearby WTC 2. If this were quality footage, it would be the best look at the gash in the South Tower.


Caroline Dries   (YouTube link)

Caroline Dries video

Caroline Dries video

UPDATE 2011: Full HD thanks to viewer mail (Merlin S)! As seen in "102 Minutes that Changed America" (THC, 9/11/2008 rebroadcast for the 10th anniversary... aka "102 Minutes that Changed the World" CBC, 2010). Follow the link to history.com... which tells us Caroline's location was at the NYU dorms. In the video we learn the girls (Megan [spelling?] and Caroline) are on the 32nd floor (with a boy!)... where they immediately head for the elevator to evacuate. The artistic documentary "102 Minutes..." aired again on March 23, 2009. This is why Caroline's footage appeared on the Sky News website March 20. (Watch)

It appears there are frames missing from the sequence, which is not at all surprising considering the artsy 102 Minutes doc. See 2:19 of the TV rip or 0:42 in the SkyNews version. (ANOTHER UPDATE 2011: CNN featured an extended version, including both WTC towers' destruction... missing frames included.)


Loni & Russ Efron (NEW 2020)   YouTube

new 2nd plane explosion

New to this list in 2020 thanks to notification from 911AnalysisVideo. The video was posted in January by The Ripple Podcast on YouTube (link above). Despite choppy audio we can clearly hear the plane off frame. Before the 2nd plane we get another view similar to Richard Helfer of the water pouring out of the north tower's upper floors. Quoting from the description:

This video was shot by Loni & Russ Efron on September 11, 2001. Shot at their apartment in Gateway Plaza in lower Manhattan, then a ferry on the Hudson river, and then from New Jersey where they escaped to after the towers fell.


Footage File 9932 (renamed Sept. 2019)   YouTube

2nd plane explosion

UPDATE 2019: Name changed from "myfootage.com 026001" (as titled in the Flash video playist above - see image) after the upload onto YouTube by 9/11 analysis video... found at the new source footagefile.net. Original source video for this listing (was #36 [35 before adding new video "LSC 9-11-01"]) is now unavailable at YouTube, so my 026001 source link is lost. Originally from myfootage.com, once found at the YouTube channel footagefile13.


francisbaconegg 1 (NEW Sept. 2011)   YouTube

911 explosion

Another man with a videocamera stands adjacent to shot number 2. Just before the explosion the shot cuts to that (this) better recording. It's a steady, tight shot focused on the fireball. This part of the tape makes up 2:06 to 2:14, and before the explosion also, from 1:35 to 1:47. The majority of the footage seems to belong to "francisbaconegg 2," who apparently uploaded the video.

Thanks for finding this and pointing it out by uploading a shorter mirror version, 911allcausticcamera.


francisbaconegg 2 (NEW Sept. 2011)   YouTube

911 explosion

In the same video listed above, just a different angle. This was apparently captured by the owner of the YouTube clip "9/11 home video" posted by francisbaconegg. Quoting from that: "Outside our loft on Greenwich St. in Tribeca; around downtown. Took me years to even look at the footage." The tape extends into September 13, and shows missing persons posters to document the city's grief. This footage does not include the collapses.


Manon von Gerkan (NEW 2020)   Watch on Instagram

new plane explosion

9/11 through my lens Part 1: Today i finally edited my footage after all these years. Wow, I didnít realize how much it would take me back to this day and relive every moment and emotion...

That quoting Manon's Instagram Sept. 12, 2018. The view is new to this list thanks to a notification/mirror by 911AnalysisVideo. The wide shot for whatever reason missed the plane and the fireball.


Jamie Grenney (NEW Sept. 2011)   YouTube and archive.org

The morning of 9/11 I was working downtown on Maiden Lane. By chance I brought my digital camera to work because I was going to go look at apartments later that afternoon. When the first plane hit we heard a big boom. We looked out the window and saw paper falling and black smoke. A co-worker and I decided to walk up the street past the Federal Reserve to Broadway to get a better view. As we asked people what had happened and there were all kinds of conflicting accounts. The general consensus was that a small plane had mistakenly crashed into the Trade Center.

Standing on Broadway I pulled my camera out, pointed it up towards the sky, and this is what I caught. After the explosion panic struck and everyone started to run. At this point I don't think I realized that my camera was still recording. Had this been 2011 I'm sure there would have been lots of iPhones that would have caught this moment.

I've held off posting the video for years. It is disturbing but it feels like a small piece of history and a reminder of how quickly life changed for many, many people. It was a surreal feeling having an entire country so deeply connected to a single point in time.

Thanks for finding and mirroring, 911allcausticcamera.


Richard Helfer (NEW Feb. 2011, more in 2019)   YouTube 1, 2., and 3 (reassembled)

911 explosion

UPDATE 2020: Missing frames of the video have been found at the 9/11 Memorial site (at vrt 2:16) in the 2019 webinar by researcher 911AnalysisVideo (see that YouTube clip here or see it combined in YT link 3 above.) As I wrote in 2011:

New release at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum's interactive timeline... which teases us with the dramatic thumbnail image that was cut from the video! Why edit out the most spectacular part? Did the people falling out of the North Tower make the video too graphic? (As the fireball burned out, in Sauret's video for example)

More of the Helfer video [was once] be found at another page of the memorial site (Archived here.) Water pours from about the 90th floor of the south face of the North Tower, minutes after it was hit. There you can read "Richard's Story," which I'll paste in part here:

Richard and Colleen Helfer were also at home that morning in their 10th floor Gateway Plaza apartment at Battery Park City, just a block west of the WTC complex. Intent upon investigating the source of a very loud noise, Richard began to videotape out his window as soon as he caught sight of the large gash in the North Tower, recording close-up views of the building facade and heavy smoke emitting from it that grew increasingly more opaque. His camera also documented paper fluttering from broken windows, strange plumes of smoke and debris, and human bodies falling through the air. Audible off-camera is Colleen on the telephone, describing the unimaginable sights she is witnessing as she verges on hyperventilating. From a nearby television or radio covering the late-breaking news, reporters can be heard speculating about what was happening at the WTC, followed by abrupt new references to an explosion that has rocked the Pentagon.


Pascalle Horst   YouTube 1 & 2

Horst 911 explosion

New addition to this list Dec. 2010. Google Video user Horst uploaded the 16:05 minutes December 5, 2008 titled "New York, 11 september 2001." Watch the full original upload at 2:29 to see the explosion narrated by a foreign language... Dutch? The explosion starts immediately after an edit or stopped tape.


Johnstayhome   YouTube

Johnstayhome 9/11 video

In Queens Johnstayhome was watching NBC Channel 4 with his videocamera pointed at the TV. The screen blacks out - with static - upon impact. By request, he uploaded a clearer second version of the explosion on his TV. (He deleted it, but I ripped it before that.) Notice the TV has an antenna. This explains why the signal is lost, you would think, since the WNBC transmitter was on WTC 1. But when the plane hit, electricity flickered (see the Evan Fairbanks video-- the lights on the left). Also, don't forget WABC (see ABC Brooklyn Cam above) and WNYW LIVE. Follow that WNYW link to study the blackout.

In Sept. 2009, Johnstayhome uploaded the rest of his 9/11 video in 10 parts. (He deleted them.)


Vincent Kennedy (NEW 2012)   YouTube

Kennedy 9/11 attack

"Now On corner of Platte and Pearl Streets when I captured this video. What captured my attention was the screaming sound of a missile. I heard a tremendous explosion. I looked towards a fire ball. The heat was so intense I raised my hand with camera and noted camera was on and in Standby mode. I immediately pressed the Rec. Button and started filming. I figured I started filming four seconds into explosion of South Tower." - quote from YouTube

Uploaded to YouTube Sept. 10, 2012. Added to this list thanks to researcher OacousticS at YouTube. Only the fireball is seen (and heard), with smoke rising for less than a minute. Vincent Kennedy only has a few short clips on his YouTube channel... all from 9/11. One features an elevator crew standing around talking on the radio.


Clifford King (NEW 2019)   YouTube

Kennedy 9/11 attack

Titled "King 9-11-01.wmv" at the September 11 Digital Archive, where we read the description: "A seventeen minute video of the World Trade Center following the attacks of September 11, 2001." (Resolution is 240p, unfortunately.) Recording begins seconds after the first plane hit. I found this at 911digitalarchive.org in 2014 but didn't add it to this list because the plane was missed by a long while.

The second plane hit and explosion are missed by about 20 seconds, roughly. See vrt 8:45 for the missing time that skips ahead to after the plane impact, whether by accident or on purpose nobody knows. After the loud male reaction, "Oh no!" the clip only lasts 3 seconds before another cut or power down. Again, here's the YouTube link. WTC Building 7 stands in view looking south in this handheld shot.

No FOIA file. Not yet mapped.


Michael Kovalenko   YouTube

Kovalenko 9/11 attack

UPDATE: Found in the NIST Cumulus Video Database as "RptGndZero2_clip3" aired on ABC in "Report from Ground Zero" (Sept. 2002), specifically, part 4 at 33:18. This clip also comes from HBO's "In Memoriam: New York City 9-11-01" (2002). Watch the entire program now. It is a rare occurance that the videographers are named. (Notably, the famous loud WTC 7 explosion video - while not shown in the HBO special - IS identified.)


LolLoosechange - "Big Fire ball..."   Watch

LolLoosechange - Big Fire ball

Rediscovered thanks to new YouTube user 911allcausticcamera, who is currently uploading some rare videos (week ending October 25, 2009). His 1st upload, "The moment in a second of explosion . 1" was thought to be new. Notice Killtown's comments. The video is in fact a no audio version of "Big Fire ball from plane hitting The World Trade Center," from YouTuber LolLoosechange - uploaded May 14, 2007, source unknown.

The video was also uploaded Dec. 2, 2007 by NavyFalcon, titled 9/11 Witness: It's a bomb. ... with 8 extra seconds of replay. Thanks to quantumflux432 for pointing out that version (also with audio).


Paul_Lorie (NEW 2021)   Facebook or YouTube

Lorie explosion

Posted to Facebook by Mario Lorie in 2018 with the caption, "Short video provided to me by my little brother, Paul, he was near the WTC on September 11, 2001." I'm assuming "little brother" is literal. Thanks to 911AnalysisVideo for posting on YouTube. Although the video is grainy, it does have audio that lets us hear one of the spectator's suspicion of terrorism even before the 2nd hit... which reminds me of the Evan Fairbanks video (FBI audio released 2011).


LSC 9-11-01 (NEW 2019)   Watch - (mirror)

LSC 9-11-01 image

New to this list in 2019 thanks to a find and repost last week by 9/11 analysis video, who has some rare material. Originally posted by RGBMEDIAVIDEO on Sep 11, 2018 with the description, "Memorial to the victims of 9/11/01."

You can't see the plane, but you CAN hear it. People audibly react to the approaching plane as much as 10 seconds before impact (again disproving the no plane theory). Jet engine audio is rare in the missed plane videos.

Camera location is across the Hudson River in the Liberty Science Center (according to text in the video). Exact elevation undetermined.


Chi-tien Lui (NEW 2021)   YouTube

new plane explosion video

New to this list in 2021 thanks to a mirror upload by 911AnalysisVideo. The clip originates from Facebook, where the caption reads: "911 on Murray Street About 8:50AM sitting infront of computer I felt the chair shock!! Went out with a camcorder...."

The explosion and engine flight was captured with good audio from West Broadway. Run time is 9:33. Impact is at 3:14 immediately following an edit or camera recording pause. The camera operator finds the engine (2 pieces) at the corner of Church and Murray Streets at the 7:10 mark, as we see in this YouTube clip by 911AnalysisVideo. For a full analysis of the engines, see my 88-page PDF detailing all the airplane debris.


Sylvester Lukasiewicz (NEW 2020)   YouTube

new plane explosion video

New to this list in 2020 thanks to a notification/mirror by 911AnalysisVideo. The clip originates from a Borough of Manhattan Community College 9/11 video uploaded in 2010 titled "BMCC 9-11 Part 1." Shot from Reade St. according to the street sign in the shot. It seems the camera turns on mid-explosion. Sylvester was a college lab technician, according to the short vid.


Ric McCurdy (NEW 2019)   YouTube

McCurdy plane and explosion missed

Explosion missed by several seconds. Nevertheless, thanks to 9/11 analysis video on YouTube for the tip (see YouTube link above). Clip is part of a larger documentary first uploaded to Vimeo September 2019 (apparently), minimalistically titled "911 documentary." (Short 11-second clip at vrt 5:58.) The title at the beginning of the video is more elaborate: "New York nine eleven: The story of 3 Santa Barbara residents in New York City on September 11, 2001."


MKus1001   Watch


Uploaded to YouTube April 29, 2010 by MKus1001. Titled "September 11, 2001 (Airplane hit)." Audio contains music. Building obscures explosion. Thanks to 911allcausticcamera for pointing this one out.


Mark Molesworth   YouTube 1 & 2

Molesworth WTC 2

Videographer named in the new video (6:08 long) made available by Sept. 2010 NIST FOIA (911datasets.org release 14 - ALSO release 27 - 42A0188 - G26D47 [watch link 2 above]). The much shorter clip was previously titled "Why the Towers Fell." Older version includes the "Spiegel TV" shot of the 2nd plane impact. That shot was so named because a European version of "Why the Towers Fell" (PBS, 2002) aired on Spiegel TV, with their logo... which appeared on the Internet in 9/11 research circles.

This shot from Church St. gives excellent views of the debris exit hole in the corner of the 81st floor. (The closeup of the flames was shot from the same camera.) See the damage to this corner being made - many shots of the plane, explosion, and ejecta in HQ slow motion and reverse. At first glance it seems obvious this corner of the tower was, or appeared to be, the initiation of "structural failure."


Moment of Explosion 2   Watch

911allcausticcamera 2

UPDATE: Earlier source found at radarheinrich.de, thanks to Prishep aka 1979000. Thanks also to 911allcausticcamera, a valuable resource who has posted hundreds of rare videos shot by anonymous others on 9/11. This video was posted earlier by 911PL - in January as opposed to October - but the newer post seems to be of better quality. You be the judge.

Point of perspective according to YougeneDebs is at S 8th St at Roebling St, Brooklyn... a similar view to the Tinacart 1 airplane shot.


Reza Namazi (NEW 2020)   Watch

new plane explosion

New to this list thanks to a notification by 911AnalysisVideo. The original comes from the YouTube video (34:52 length) uploaded in October 2018, "911 documentary By Reza Namazi." At 18:57, after a few edits, we see smoke rising from the missed explosion.

Reza started filming right after the first plane hit, as found at vrt 16:58. After a minute or so we hear witnesses to the plane.


NIST 14 - CBS-Net Dub2 29 (NEW Sept. 2010)   YouTube

2nd hit missed

UPDATE Nov. 2011: Hubert Clark named as photographer by NIST at archive.org/.... Found as clip 29 in the "CBS-Net NIST Dub #2" folder of the NIST Cumulus Database finally released Sept. 2010 thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by the International Center for 9/11 Studies. First on YouTube Sept. 27, 2010 posted by 911allcausticcamera as "9/11 Explosion 53 ( New )."

UPDATE: Also found in release 25 as the 2nd amateur clip in mpeg-2 form, folder 42A0119 - G25D30


NIST 14 - Damas Home Video (NEW Sept. 2010)   YouTube

WTC 2 explosion

Peter Damas says "I can't believe I didn't get that on tape," as the fireball burns out. Footage comes from the NIST Cumulus video database, the folder "WCBS NIST Dub #1_Damas home video." The recording begins just as the fireball burns out. After the shocked, reflexive "Holy sh!t," the man behind the camera says "That thing is going down!" This opinion stands in stark contrast to that of an architect heard in the Mark Trottenberg video, and a Port Authority engineer in the WTC 1 "collapse" video by ABC Reporter Joe Torres.

UPDATE: This video can be found in full length in release 25, folder 42A0115 - G25D25 (It starts at the exact same time as the release 14 version, also with collapses on r25, 42A0119 - G25D30). Both collapses were captured as well... and televised on CBS.


NIST 14 - Kevin Segalla (NEW Sept. 2010)   YouTube 1, 2, & 3

2nd crash WTC South Tower

Video link 1 above comes from the first compressed version of the NIST FOIA 911datasets.org release 14 torrent, distributed to perhaps 10 people, one of the video files showing the explosion wasn't encoded properly... the clip with the explosion that was only 17 frames (download animated slow mo gif). The original NIST file is so short!

Full version at NIST WTC Website (must agree to terms at wtcdata.nist.gov [click Continue], then re-click link here). Filname 491-WTCI-430-I.mp4


NIST 14 - Richard Peskin (NEW Sept. 2010)   YouTube 1 & 2.

WTC South Tower explosion

UPDATE Dec. 2011: Found dated May 25, 2010 at the NIST WTC Repository for download. [Thought to have been] newly available thanks to the work of the International Center for 9/11 Studies. In September 2010 NIST answered a FOIA by releasing 4TB of data, including the 942GB Cumulus Database, also available compressed into less than a tenth of the size.

Additional Peskin footage has been posted on YouTube. From about 11:00 AM - 5:22 PM. The WTC 7 "collapse" was barely missed, however somebody very close in the same building did tape it.... See the WTC 7 page for more info.


NIST 14 - WPIX Amateur (NEW Sept. 2010)   YouTube 1& 2

WPIX Amateur - NIST video

UPDATE March 2012: Found in the new TV archive, Sept. 16 on ABC at 11:35 pm. The American flag flies in the foreground. Millions more of them would be flying after 24 hours. Video made available by recent NIST FOIA. Unknown amateur footage found in the folder titled WPIX NIST Dub #5 -- clip 11. The time between clip 10 and 11 is unknown (see all of the clips [01-12] joined in link 2 above). The plane was barely missed, while the camera was pointed down at a neighboring roof.


NIST 18 - Ed Peterman (NEW Nov. 2010)   YouTube 1 & 2

WTC towers South view

Rare view from south... where not much is seen. Some of Ed's video came in release 14... as 14 files (some only seconds long) that total 3:39 run time. The moment of explosion (where only smoke, not fire is seen because of a building in the way) came in release 18, which is one file 5:15 in length. The extended version appeared as Release 18\42A0052 - G15\EdPetermanfromCD\wtc_012903.avi. Witnesses are heard describing a "commercial airliner" flying into the building. Ed also missed the towers' "collapse."


NIST 19 - FBI #8 (NEW Nov. 2010)   YouTube 1 & 2

amateur video

UPDATE Nov. 2011: Found at the NIST archive.org Video Repository (link to moment before impact in video), also missing the plane impact. NEW November, 2010 from the giant NIST FOIA release available at 911datasets.org (release 19, folder 42A0056 - G17D3). Seems to match the point of view in Penttbom FOIA video NE521, of which part 2 was never released. Sept11attacks uploaded to YouTube with that name.

FOIA tape starts seconds or minutes after the 1st plane impact, when the male videographer heard what sounded like a missile. Later he agrees it sounded like a jet. Then a jumper is clearly seen falling. The 2nd plane hits at 8:28 when clips are joined (link below)... NOTE there are only 6 files in the folder, named FBI #8_1, FBI #8_2, ..04, ..05, ..06, and ..07. However, the explosion started at the beginning of 05. The next folder in release 19 has files 08 - 12 and the last folder has 13 - 19. Both "collapses" are missed. Watch all 49 minutes of tape in 4 parts beginning here.


NIST 20 - FBI #4 (NEW Nov. 2010)   YouTube

amateur 911video

NEW November, 2010 from the giant NIST FOIA available at 911datasets.org in release 20. Images are 352x240 low resolution. Camera shakes. Audio is entact, but only local noise. The video is more than an hour long, one of few to capture the full time from before 2nd plane until after 1st "collapse."


NIST 20 - FBI #15 (NEW Nov. 2010)   YouTube 1 & 2

amateur 911video

NEW November, 2010 from the giant NIST FOIA release available at 911datasets.org. Rare point of view shows some sort of smashed material directly east, as if from looting or vandalism... certainly not in the path of airplane debris. Shot from Fulton St. (I haven't watched the whole 28 minutes of video, which is of poor resolution.)


NIST 27 - Millenium Hotel (NEW Nov. 2010)   YouTube 1 & 2

moments before WTC plane hits

Features a suspicious edit - or power down - at the moment the plane is heard crashing out of view. Found in release 27 as 42A0276 - G26D153. Recorded from the 35th floor of the Millenium Hilton, according to the woman talking in the background (Tami Michaels) at vrt 7:02 of the full version (link 2 above [update 2014 - FIXED link time]). More specifically, the couple was in a corner suite, according to an interview transcript on mynorthwest.com (Tami and her husband Guy Rosbrook were from the northwestern U.S. state of Washington).

The footage was also included in release 25 as part of DVD 42A0094 - G25D4, at 30:03 as televised briefly on NBC4 NY. That undated report announced that the tape would be used in the U.S. v. Zacarias Moussaoui trial, which took place in 2006. The footage used to persuade jurors was exhibit P200315. It was chosen for graphic scenes of splattered bodies at the base of the towers -- jumpers. [Independent investigation of the Moussaoui case reveals one of many missed opportunities to prevent 9/11 from happening... due to a suspicious blockade of the FBI's attempt to search the famous laptop computer.]

In addition to missing the plane, the camera missed the towers coming down.


NIST 30 - Tribeca Apartment (NEW Nov. 2010)   YouTube 1 & 2

new 911 plane hit

UPDATE August 2011: Source listed with video download at the NIST website - Greg Silberman. [update 2014, corrected spelling the last name!] NEW release video footage December, 2010 from the NIST FOIA available at 911datasets.org, found in release 30 as 42A0354 - G30D8. "All shot from 41 River Terrace (a.k.a. Tribeca Pointe)" [Thanks for comments MrKoenig]. The point of view is similar to that of Bob and Bri, listed above. Impact at vrt 7:58 of original DVD VOB file 1 - continuous handheld video - explosion somewhat audible... fire seen flaring up during impact. Thanks 911allcausticcamera for posting on YouTube.

In addition to missing the plane, the camera missed the towers coming down (or it was deleted for some suspicious reason). See part 2 of the DVD at 0:30. The blue screen and frozen frame suggests tampering... and just as the collapsing structure comes into frame. The video continues into October, documenting Ground Zero activities, perhaps the most interesting -- Pier 25 barges being loaded with steel and debris.


NJN News   YouTube 1 & 2

NJN explosion

Found in a newly posted (Aug. 2010) segment - link 2 above - from 9/11 TV archivist September11thArchive (dead). This channel features also NBC 10 Philadelphia, however in low quality. The camera perspective looks very similar to the Newark angle that DID catch the plane. See details on THAT clip at the 911conspiracy.tv 2nd hit page.


Uscha Pohl   YouTube 1, 2, 3 (short), & 4 (extended new)

U Pohl explosion

The following info was gathered by YougeneDebs (Thanks!). Quote: "Filmed from the front fire escape of 257 Church St, Manhattan, NYC. See the Google street view."

In 2001, Uscha Pohl and her Very Up & Co were located there. Her bio is here, in pdf. On her list of TV credits is 'New York In Ashes' German Spiegel TV. Spiegel TV calls it 'New York in Gloom and Ashes.'


Alan Roth (NEW 2019)   YouTube 1 & 2.

Alan Roth WTC hit missed

Uploaded to YouTube Sept. 7, 2011 by Alan R titled "My video from September 11, 2001 (part 1 of 8)." Text on screen at the beginning says copyright Alan Roth. Not added to this list until 2019 due to the length of time after the explosion, roughly 30 seconds. The description reads:

Like many others, when I saw the burning tower, I went up to my roof in brooklyn, and before I turned on my video camera, I watched the second plane crash into the building. For most of my life, I have been an activist against U.S. wars, and its economic and military domination of much of the world.

As I watched the burning towers, having an idea of the forces behind the event, I was more focused at that moment on the details of the day, the places and the people of New York. This was not the images of CNN, which began the drumbeat for war. I continued to shoot a little each day after. (shot with a Sony ZR10)


Vince Sabio   YouTube 1., 2., & 3.

Sabio fireball

Sabio fireball

UPDATE 2011: Available for download at the NIST website (agree to terms then re-click link) and the NIST WTC Repository on archive.org. One of several clips used in the United States v. Zacarias Moussaoui trial, in exhibit number P200015. Notice the TV outage, as in Johnstayhome above... except here the network is CBS2 (watch). I emailed Vince to ask about that, specifically if he was watching cable TV. He was. So, it wasn't the WTC 1 transmitter.

Download without the timestamp (and in better quality) at Mr. Sabio's website, wtc.vjs.org. Also, find some of the earliest recorded footage that morning of the North Tower burning-- and more.

A portion appeared in "World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon" (THC, 2002) - and in the HBO documentary "In Memoriam: New York City 9-11-01" (2002)... where you will notice a name other than Mr. Sabio's is credited for the video. Kim no longer wishes to be associated with the 9/11 controversy. When her name appeared on YouTube, she filed a copyright complaint... my 3rd ...and my 911footage channel was suspended (in addition to my 911conspiracyTV channel, which used the same email). I quickly filed a counter claim, pointing out the videos were on Vince's website. My channels were unsuspended. THEN Kim talked to Vince. He changed his website, removing the links to the videos and creating a copyright notice. When I didn't delete the video titled with Kim's name, he filed a copyright claim. My channels were RE-suspended. After some correspondence with Vince, it came out that Kim's name could not appear with the videos. Once I changed the title from her name to Vince's, it would be OK. Vince contacted YouTube and removed his copyright claim. And we lived happily ever after (until months later when, for other reasons, my channels were finally stricken down).

NIST FOIA files: Release 27, 3 folders with repeats. 42A0157 - G26D15 has the 2nd hit missed, WTC towers burning, 1 hour mpeg-2 VOB. 42A0158 - G26D16 also, similar. 42A0158 - G26D17 has WTC towers burning only


SasssyMami - YouTube user   YouTube new & old

SasssyMami South Tower explosion

"Sept 11 2001, from my kitchen window" was recorded with an old videocamera, so SasssyMami played the tape on TV and recorded THAT with a new camera. Her first version was deleted due to harrassment from conspiracy theorists ... and reuploaded in Nov. 2011. The following quote is from her Sept. 7, 2008, third upload (which has music instead of original audio):

"I REMOVED ANYONE FROM BEING ABLE TO MAKE COMMENTS ABOUT MY VIDEO AS IT APPEARS TO ME THAT I AM SIMPLY ATTRACTING THE MOST IGNORANT AND WEIRDEST PEOPLE THIS WEBSITE HAS SURFING IT. THIS IS MY PERSONAL PAIN WHAT I WENT THRU, I DIDN'T PUT IT ON HERE FOR YOU IMBECILES TO SIT THERE AND SAY OH IT ISNT TRUE, OR THAT I MADE THIS UP. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT NONSENSE, AND I DONT WANT TO HEAR WHAT ANY OF YOU FREAKS HAVE TO SAY. I AM KEEPING IT POSTED FOR THOSE THAT ACTUALLY RESPECT MY PAIN, AND ARE INTERESTED IN SEEING THE FOOTAGE THAT I AM ABLE TO OFFER. I also removed the sound because I don't want to share that with youtube anymore either. This video is on vhs tape, and I am using another camera to record the playback of the original tape to my tv, until i get it from the tape to my computer. This week marks the 7th year anniversary of 9-11-01 and it always brings me great sadness. I want to share this video so that people will not forget why our great nation is at war to begin with. Support our troops! . . . "


Etienne Sauret   YouTube 1 & 2

Sauret explosion

Aired on 9/11 at an unknown time, and on 9/12 at 5:04 am (until recently believed to be a different camera because of the giant news banner covering the bottom part of the picture -- thanks Aldwinn for pointing that out!).

The Sauret DVD is called "WTC: The First 24 Hours." It contains only footage with original audio, no commentary. The production is obviously made by an industry professional. His use of a tripod helps display the tremors felt during both the 2nd hit and the North Tower collapse. However, no other WTC1 video corroborates the pre-collapse shaking.

Various scenes from Sauret's video were featured on Frontline's "Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero" and in the famous Naudet-Hanlon film "9/11." The footage of Ground Zero on 9/11 is particularly important. Where did all the building material and office equipment go?

See also Sauret & company's moving documentary film with NYC firefighters "Collateral Damages" (2006), the source for a famous FDNY quote testifying to "molten steel" flowing "like lava" at Ground Zero (Captain Philip Ruvolo, thank you). More on that subject is compiled in the article "Molten Steel & Extreme Temperatures at Ground Zero."


Sunnylicious   (Watch on YouTube)

2nd plane hitting the WTC South Tower

The videographer uploaded to YouTube September 11 2009, but his coworker uploaded a longer version Sept. 2007. Discovered in the research community thanks to a mirror upload by 911allcausticcamera Nov. 16, 2009. From the Sunnylicious blog, we read:

I was at work on the 5th floor of 111 Fulton Street, which is 3 blocks away from the World Trade Center site.

I was speaking to a client at my desk when, I heard a loud bang and felt my seat shake. At first I looked around and thought the elevator had fallen through the elevator bank and tried to ignore it. My colleagues and I all looked at each other as we all felt the rumble, and thought it was probably the elevator. My heart and mind thought otherwise; and, so my curiosity led me to the window in the kitchen facing Fulton street.

Upon looking to the street I could tell something was off, as there was a larger crowd than usual. I had seen the street full of people on their way to their destinations before, but not like this. It was almost instantly that I looked up and to the right when I saw flames and smoke coming out of WTC 1 Ė better known as the North Tower. I thought to myself; what could possibly have made this happen? I instantly recalled 02/26/93 when the WTC was first bombed, and prayed that this was not another incident.

Taking a few moments to try to assess the situation, I remembered my Sony digital camera I had recently purchased. So I grabbed my camera, and went back to the kitchen which was now somewhat crowded with co-workers.

The following is the video I captured from work on 09/11/01; but please be advised that it does contain profanity, as it was a very emotional moment.

RIP to all those we lost that day.


Super 8 (NEW Sept. 2011)   YouTube

WTC fireball

The videographer uploaded to YouTube September 10 2011 this short clip of 18 frames-per-second video. The plane hits during a tight shot of the north tower. Frames are missing before the fireball (or the camera stopped recording for a minute). On YouTube we read:

A few minutes of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center as captured on a Super 8 camera with Ektachrome film. Vantage point: Jersey City, NJ 09/11/2001

911allcausticcamera uploaded a mirror here. Another good find.


Sutch Brothers   YouTube

impact shot near WTC7

UPDATE Nov. 2011: Jeff Sutch named as photographer by NIST at archive.org/.... Brothers Jeff and Scott Sutch appeared early in the morning of September 12th on CBS at 3:50 am. You can grab the CBS news clip with the interview and portions of their footage here: http://xenomorph.s3.amazonaws.com/CBS-9-12-350am.avi (Thanks Nathan Flach/Xeno)

See an interview with the photographer(s) at 10:18 pm, and 9/12 at 3:50 am, Notables: The jumpers scene aired on CBS at 6:33 pm and many times thereafter (on CBS at 8:17 pm, for example). Curious debris in the street looks like building material. (Click the link to see photos from another angle.)

Audio from the 2nd hit explosion was used in a televised documentary to spice up the muted Evan Fairbanks shot. More audio was used also... and edited for bad language! The History Channel's 9/11/08 special "102 Minutes that Changed America" is not found on YouTube, but won an Emmy in 2009 for sound editing!

Finally, watch the demolition truck drive by in slow motion, as the video originally came (source file). Interesting detail, at least.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: CBS-Net Dub2 18 (clips 12 - 23 are theirs) and best quality mpeg-2 file in release 25, 42A0119 - G25D30, as seen here.


"Thompson 25" by Annakin Slayd (NEW Sept. 2011)   YouTube

Thompson 25 by Annakin Slayd

The footage plays in the background of a thoughtful song by the videographer. See annakinslayd.com. The video begins with the text:

On September 11th, 2001 Annakin Slayd and his roommate Elan Zafir were in lower Manhattan when the World Trade Center was attacked. As they walked the 13 blocks between their Thompson Street flat and the towers, they captured what they saw on a home video camera. This past summer Slayd walked that path once again, returning to Ground Zero for the first time.

This also included both the WTC 2 and 1 collapses.


Mike Toole   YouTube

Toole - In Memoriam 9-11-01

A short clip from HBO's "In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01" (HBO, 2002). This and many more mainstream 9/11 documentaries are collected here at 911conspiracy.tv. Download the documentary in HQ if you like (at your own risk).


Mark Trottenberg   YouTube 1, 2, & 3

Trottenberg explosion

New high quality available in the Sept. 2010 NIST FOIA, 911datasets.org release 14, which named the camera operator. Extended length was found in mpeg-2 format, better than avi, in release 27, folder 42A0246 - G26D121 (mirror link 3 above).

"WTC 9-11-01 Newly posted amateur footage" appeared on the YouTube channel Videobiograph April 2, 2008. A witness to the 1st plane wears a straw hat, telling his story to the camera. A self-proclaimed architect can be heard praising the design of the two towers. The tower would not fall he said.

Quoting the 'more info' on YouTube:

This is amateur footage accidentally showing the second plane hit the World Trade Center on 9-11-01. It has been sitting unseen in a video camera since that day. The footage has been shortened to fit here but was not staged in any way and was filmed by a private individual on vacation. It was a surprise to the cameraman when the second plane hit and as the dialog that's captured relates, some thought it was part of the first plane that had somehow dropped and caused the second explosion...remember, people down on the street were not aware of what was going on till later.
More to come.


Steve Vigilante (NEW Aug. 2010)   YouTube

Vigilante explosion

Uploaded by YouTube user vignyc first with the title "9-11 WTC Attacks," changed Aug. 6 to "9-11 WTC Attacks Original Sound. Steve Vigilante." Quote from his upload:

Some footage I shot on 9-11-01. This is never before seen footage and has never been released. I chose to upload it because I feel it has historical importance. Like many New Yorkers I know some of the people who have passed and I know many people who have lost a loved one. Some of the footage is considered graphic as is some of the language. Unfortunately, this is a day I will never forget. May God Bless those who we lost on that terrible day.

Superb quality footage with clear, loud audio. Steve went to the street and captured the South Tower demolition from the same location used by Jules Naudet to film the 1st plane impact.


Cynthia Weil (NEW Sept. 2010)   YouTube

Cynthia Weil - NIST video

UPDATE 2021: See the video in HD with an added clock thanks to MrKoenig1985. The source is NIST file Cindy Weil 05.avi.

UPDATE August 2011: Now available for download at the NIST website. Video made available first by Nov. 2010 NIST FOIA. Previously this page said "video unavailable." Click on the image at left to see the video frames used in the NIST report. See page 202 of the PDF.

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