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N612UA - Flight 175   N612UA - Flight 175
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NOTE: does not support claims of video/TV fakery, no planes, holograms, missiles, or pods.
That is because the author has investigated the theories with an open mind, from every angle. Research below.

NEW 2017: See radio transcripts from multiple sources on one page thanks to 911Maps on Google Docs. NORAD audio here.

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Chopper 880  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

ABC LIVE - Plane approaches WTC

FOX News LIVE - Plane approaches WTC

WABC raw airplane video

WABC airplane closeup

Although the anchor on local ABC News named it NewsCopter 7 (at 1:45 in the full version), it did not shoot this footage. Most people assumed it was the local "Metro Traffic" chopper N42F from Helicopters Inc., piloted by Paul Smith (R.I.P.), with ABC's John Del Giorno aboard. But no. A second chopper appearing at 9:08 on ABC turns out to be these two men. (See their video of the attack now (plane not captured on film), a rare shot once known only as "Chopper X.")

It was Chopper 880 for WCBS-AM radio that simultaneously broadcast video on WABC— local ABC7 and "Good Morning America." Hear the full radio mp3 that adds a whole new dimension to the unique video. Hear the mp3 from radio overlayed on ABC Good Morning America video, featuring the voice of Tom Kaminski who was aboard the chopper with pilot Arthur Anderson and another guy.

The video feed from Chopper 880 (tail number N8BQ) aired LIVE on CNN, FOX News, BBC World, and other channels worldwide. Replays of this shot have undoubtedly aired more than any other. A Euronews replay is seen here at 0:23 vrt.

Some are suspicious of the fact that the ABC7 New York broadcast cut away from 8BQ's camera at the precise moment before the impact occurred— to an extreme closeup of the North Tower shot from Brooklyn (See explosion only camera angles). See a slideshow investigation of the WABC angle switch and blackout (of the static Brooklyn cam, not the chopper video). ABC (Good Morning America), FOX News, and BBC did not "fade to black." Coincidentally, though, the same angle change happened LIVE on both CBS and NBC... not on NBC4 NY local, however. Of course that didn't happen at the exact same time... and camera angles were changing regularly on all channels. (More on the blackout below under WNYW Chopper5.)

Watch the archived first reports from ABC in high quality now, here at Included is the full text transcript until 10:01 am. Witness on the phone during the 2nd hit, Don Dahler, is often quote mined by no plane theorists because he didn't see the plane, only an explosion. But he was "four or five blocks just north of the World Trade Center," like another infamous no plane witness seen on FOX News - "no second fly it was a bomb" - a guy who saw the first plane, not the second, because he was north of the WTC. Chopper880 pilot Arthur Anderson didn't see the plane because the chopper was pointed the other direction (See "A Pilot Remembers," Fall 2003). However, he did see the first plane approach and hit.

See the chopper in the Paul-M plane photograph (see all plane photos) and plot its location on the map here: "elevation about 915 feet above sea level over the eastern air vent of the Holland Tunnel along the Hudson River; just under 1 mile from the NW corner of WTC1. Foot print of helicopter about: 40 deg 43 min 36.69 sec N; 74 deg 00 min 54.00 sec W." (Thanks YougeneDebs)

The South Tower was almost perfectly situated behind the North, as this short clip shows. To figure out the moment of impact, I did a drawing on a frame of the footage. The tail and part of the port wing were still visible at that moment. One common misconception is that the plane had a hump behind the cockpit like an Airbus. That was in reality the starboard engine tilting up behind the cockpit. Notice the "hump" get bigger as impact nears and the plane turns its starboard wing upward.

Raw NIST Cumulus files: ABC Dub1 05 and CBS-Net Dub4 35. (Find the ABC Good Morning America broadcast from 8:50 - 10:30 am in DVD VOB/mpeg-2 format in FOIA release 28, 42A0288 - G27D18. Apparently raw tape from the chopper - and from ABC NewsCopter7 - is found in release 25, 42A0100 - G25D10.)

2. CBS-1

WCBS Blue Angle  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

CBS LIVE - Plane approaches WTC

CBS LIVE - Plane approaches WTC

CBS airplane closeup

One of two LIVE CBS angles that caught the plane, this is the first to show the aircraft. "United Flight 175" descends from the top of the screen. About 5 seconds before impact the angle changes to CBS-2, listed below. In this first angle, the telephoto lens gives us a closer view of the early descent than it would seem possible. A famous "Good Fellas" clip shows how backgrounds can be made to appear larger.

It has been debated whether or not the swooping descent is possible, considering other videos that seem to depict a contradictory flight path. (No plane/TV fakery conspiracy theories called this shot the "Divebomber.") This, of course, is a matter of perspective. For a highly detailed study of MANY airplane videos all matching one flight path in 3D flight simulator software, please see "The last 12 seconds of the alleged flight UA175 refined," by Achimspok [now private, but mirrored] (CBS-1 seen at 1:30). An earlier version (also private) is mirrored here (CBS-1 at 2:33). A similar modeling analysis also based on radar data was done by conspiracy theorist Richard D. Hall. The flight paths all match the camera angles.

The LIVE CBS News broadcast (WUSA) features pseudo-witness Theresa Renaud talking (on the phone) to TV news anchor Bryant Gumbel. See for a 1-year anniversary article revisiting the broadcast, or hear a conspiracy theorist's list of suspicions about Renaud... her seeing and hearing the plane from 2.5 miles north in Chelsea, particularly. They could have got a better witness on the phone.

The CBS camera was 6.23 miles away from the WTC, on a condo building in Queens, near Astoria Park (-73.928882, 40.775984 -- see maps page for quick reference based on solid work of Yougene Debs, or get involved with Google Earth mapping with This camera was likely redirected from La Guardia Airport to a distance that tricks the eye when combined with high power zoom. This angle gives us one of the earliest views of the plane. Other long approaches include NY1 (NIST quality version), WNYW Chopper 5 (East Coast versions) and CBS 9:17 am.

NIST Cumulus file: WCBS Dub3_11

3. CBS-2

A Glimpse  YouTube (at 0:43), or see animated GIF

CBS plane starboard wing

CBS airplane closeup

A rarely mentioned LIVE shot of the plane approach, found in the 9/11 TV archive (WUSA). The camera view switched to this one 5-6 seconds before impact. Unlike the WABC broadcast, the coincidental CBS angle switch provided another view of the plane, albeit a slight glimpse of the starboard wing and tail (not visible on the WCBS NY local Channel 2 version because of the graphic/banner). Also unlike the WABC shot, CBS used a camera operating from a building near the CBS Broadcast Center (530 W 57th St), on the Trump International Hotel & Tower at 1 Central Park West (Lat 40.768982 Lon -73.981562, 207 meters tall on ground elevated at 78 feet above sea level.. (see maps page) .. Thanks YougeneDebs)

This angle is not to be confused with a 3rd camera CBS had (in addition to the bright blue CBS 1 shot above). See the non-LIVE network view at 9:04, 9:05, 9:17, and 9:22 am. In comparison with NBC, CBS got their building cam's footage fast-- in 1.5 minutes. Note that the South Tower collapse was never seen from either of these CBS angles... only from CBS-1 and Chopper2.

No raw NIST FOIA file available. The old 9/11 TV archive CBS News high quality mpeg-2 has been enhanced for viewing here at YouTube.

4. CNN

CNN LIVE on FOX4 :: on CNN at 9:10 AM  YouTube 1, 2., 3., and 4. (live)

CNN LIVE FOX version

CNN plane approach at 9:10 am

UPDATE 2016: Moved from Non-live TV to LIVE upon 11-Septembre OFFICIEL (on YouTube) finding/posting footage from FOX4 Dallas-Fort Worth, the only known network to use the CNN camera for a LIVE view. CNN had their camera at 5 Penn Plaza up and running early that morning (CNNfn, at 8:00am). One might wonder how this camera didn't capture the 1st WTC hit. Who knows, maybe it was the camera angle President Bush was watching LIVE before going into the Florida classroom. It's more likely the President is confusing the timeline. (See researcher Shoestring on the subject of Bush's actions on September 11.)

The 9:10 am footage of the 2nd plane hit came after some ABC7 feed and some "affiliate" FOX5 feed. The CNN news anchor was one of few who didn't jump to the conclusion of terrorism. Most famously, WNYW FOX5's Dick Oliver reported that "some people said they thought they saw a missile." Then after a couple minutes the airplane tape aired for the first time. Watch an extended clip from the CNN TV archive here or at

Notice the plane has yet to appear in color. Many of the amateur videographers got a better shot. Granted, once the news of the disaster broke, there were only 15 minutes to get to the towers before this event. Many journalists took off, literally "Running Toward Danger," like the 2002 Newseum book title.

Find this shot of the plane in a few documentaries, for example the 2006 "Building on Ground Zero" by PBS NOVA (at vrt 9:36).

NIST FOIA file: CNN Dub5 06 (slow motion) See release 25 for mpeg-2 VOB (DVD) file in folder 42A0112 - G25D22, at vrt 9:20 sequence starts. Full length video tape from this camera wasn't in the FOIA, apparently. Only on the NIST website as 520_WTCI_329_I_Part 1.mp4 (click link after agreeing to terms/clicking "Continue" on See link 3 above for parts 1-4 joined. Also see FOIA release 10 for CNN studio raw tape starting at 8:49 a.m.

5. NBC4

Chopper 4 - WNBC, MSNBC, CNBC  YouTube 1, 2., & 3.

WNBC 9/11 plane on LIVE TV

MSNBC 9/11 plane on LIVE TV

NBC plane LIVE

9-11 NBC plane closeup

UPDATE 2017, to note that this video single-handedly disproves the no planes theory of live video compositing. This is why the camera angle was not noted as one of the "THREE 9/11 AIRPLANE VIDEOS CONFIRMED TO HAVE BEEN SHOWN LIVE" in "truther" Ace Baker's no plane theory masterpiece of disinfo. See discussion at my "nose-out" page and my no-planer fringe page.

Could it be that the plane is heard (at 0:25) over the phone of the witness/NBC producer Elliott Walker who was talking to the news anchors from home in the WRC/national version?

Called "the ball" in no planer (no plane theorist) opus "September Clues," the "anomaly" was reposted and hyped by conspiracy guru Richard D. Hall in 2010 but recanted in 2012 when Hall apparently found this website here and used my compilation video and other materials to debunk Shack's allegations of video fakery with radar and 3D modeling (like Achimspok, linked in CBS-1 above). "September Clues" also compares the [non-live] WNBC video (shot from a building), mistaking it as the same camera with suspiciously different video(!) aired during the evening news, as evidence of TV fakery. More no planer nonsense including Chopper4's tape: If it's a LIVE video, it disproves Ace Baker's no plane theory of layer mask "keying." (The camera moves and the background isn't plain.) So Ace doesn't mention this LIVE video in his conspiracy theory "9/11: The Great American Psy-Opera." The obvious fact that the continuous version seen on local NBC4 was aired LIVE has been further proven by an amateur video released years later by YouTube user "johnstayhome." The camera operator focuses on the television as the impact occurs and the power flickers. Then he immediately sticks the camera out the window to show the towers from Queens, with smoke rising. Although it is certainly not a clear view of the TV or the plane, close inspection confirms the LIVE NBC4 footage.

A VCR copy of CNBC LIVE became available Sept. 2010. Notice the video feed disappear in static when the plane hits (a problem experienced by New York City cable TV subscribers [like Vince S. watching CBS2 NY] and antenna-only users [like this person watching NBC4 NY].) Compare to the WNYW Chopper5 feed that blacks out with no static, on all versions. Detailed research at my "nose-out" page.

The TV archive version as broadcast on WRC (the Today Show on NBC4 Washington D.C., also YT link 1 above) has raised suspicion from conspiracy theorists because the camera angle changed about 3.5 seconds before impact, to a shot of only WTC 1 and no airplane. To make matters more interesting, WABC NY local (also on CNN) changed angles at the same instant the plane hit. And WUSA/CBS9 Washington D.C. changed camera angles about 6 seconds before impact (to another angle that also showed the plane). Note however that if each U.S. network was compared over an hour or so, the average time between camera angle changes would be a matter of seconds. Like the nationally aired ABC helicopter shot, the NY local NBC4 (WNBC-TV) did not cut away to another view. Helicopter reporter April Amonica was flying with an as-yet unnamed pilot. See the chopper (in 2001), tail number N4NY.

Sources: One short version comes from a DVD collection titled "As It Happened: September 11, 2001 - A Composite," news and footage gathered by renowned Beatles record collector Dr. Ebbetts. An extended broadcast version comes from a DVD collection (including virtually all local NYC networks from early morning to about 11:00 a.m.) obtained from radioskip at The WRC version was mentioned in the previous paragraph. Then in 2010, the NIST FOIA:

NIST Cumulus files: NBC_Broadcast_8-45A\NBC1_clip18 and WNBC Dub10 48, also WNBC Dub10 02, less clear. (See DVD VOB/mpeg-2 "raw" studio recording without NBC logo in release 25, 42A0114 - G25D24.)

6. NY1

New York 1  YouTube 1, 2., & 3.

9/11 NY1 plane

NY1 LIVE - Plane approaches WTC

The longest view of the plane - about 25 seconds if you adjust the contrast - now in the high quality NIST version (download original below or watch on YT). For a breakdown of times (in seconds per network) the plane was seen LIVE:

17-second chart of the plane live on TV across networks.

This was done in response to a[nother] ridiculous theory by Simon Shack called the "magic 16-second sequence," which again says the networks conspired to sell fake planes.

The NY1 video was shot from the Empire State Building— once again the tallest building in NYC on that day. As was WB11 LIVE in that building. See a NY1 - WB11 composite image.... The two angles were previously thought to be the same (WB11 being a cropped version). However, recently (July 2009) YougeneDebs used trig to discover the NY1 view "seems to be on the eastern half of the ESB at about the 80th (or so) storey; there is a setback on the floor in mind with lots of gizmos. Notice the horizon behind One Liberty Plaza for an estimate of the height of the perspective." WB11 camera position is detailed below.

Raw NIST FOIA file: NY1 OnAir plus 5 Raw 6. See also FOIA release 30, 42A0349 - G30D3

7. WB11

WB11 (WPIX-TV) Metrocam  YouTube 1, 2., & 3.

WB11 LIVE airplane

WPIX plane hit zoomed replay

One of the news anchors during the LIVE broadcast - when the plane entered the shot - said "You can see there are choppers... I believe that could be a police helicopter..." But no.

This video was shot from the Empire State Building, like NY1 above, but from a different camera. It may seem that WB11 (now "WPIX Home of the CW") cropped the NY1 wide shot to create a zoomed view with better aesthetic balance... but no. YougeneDebs used trig to discover the WB11 view "seems to be on the western half of the ESB at about the 88th storey. Notice the Staten Island shore line and structures there behind One Liberty Plaza, the old U.S. Steel building, the black building just to the left of center-frame for an estimate of the height of the perspective." The NY1 camera location is described above. (see maps page)

Get the WB11 mpeg2 (0.99 GB) now. As with the WNYW footage seen at my TV archive 2, the source is the radioskip DVD collection (an email address at used to get the disks). Aside from that, a short clip has been available thanks to the Dr. Ebbetts's 9/11 news collection "September 11, 2001 - As It Happened: A Composite." (Includes other local NYC channels NY1, WCBS, WNBC, and WNYW— mirror).

The WPIX angle can also be seen during the WNYW FOX5 LIVE broadcast, before and after the 2nd hit. Replays aired on UPN9 and CNN (Sept. 13 at 1:59 a.m.) ... both also slow motion.

It would be about 5 minutes before WPIX would switch cameras to Chopper 11 (Air11 - see below), which also caught the plane and impact (but was not aired on TV, or seen anywhere else until the NIST FOIA in 2010).

NIST FOIA files include broadcast clips that start after the event... so no LIVE shot is available... and all are slow motion. See WPIX Dub1 09 and WPIX Dub1 11 (similar slow motion partial approaches), WPIX Dub1 25 (slow motion more complete approach with witness describing secondary explosions), WPIX Dub1 43 (slow motion crop no banner, only time 9:33-4 and temp 64), WPIX Dub1 53 (slow motion no banner, only time display of 9:42 ...) WPIX Dub1 61 (cropped closeup replay 9:52 am)


FOX5 & FOX11 L.A. (KTTV) — Chopper5  YouTube 1, 2, 3, & 4

FOX5 WNYW 9/11 plane wide shot

FOX5 WNYW 9/11 plane wide shot

FOX11 KTTV Los Angeles 9/11 WNYW plane

WNYW FOX5 plane crash replay

WNYW FOX5 plane crash replay 2010 no logo crop

UPDATE 2017: Watch the 2012 release in HD with the extended WNYW broadcast thanks to MrKoenig1985. UPDATE Sept. 2012: Watch in high quality at the new TV archive here, where it's shown replayed dozens of times into the night, with a less obtrusive logo (4th image at left from part 4 at 18:15) - or even no logo. See slow motion enhanced "Plane in the wide shot" taken from that new mp4. See Chopper 5 nose-out page for details, including a slideshow of the LIVE west coast version from FOX11 Los Angeles and numerous related videos.

The FOX11 L.A. source file was found at, 71.3MB, Eric Salter/Jim Hoffman. This digitized VCR recording may be the only source file for such a west coast version (unless Ace Baker's version is different). Study an east coast version in slideshow format, using frames from the Ebbetts mpeg2 ("As It Happened" DVD). A third source (also in slideshow format) comes from VHS dubs spanning several New York City networks, ABC Channel 7, NBC Channel 4, CBS Channel 2, WPIX/WB11, and FOX News (Radioskip told me he worked somewhere that recorded television for the commercials, at the time on VCR of course). UPDATE: This "HQ" (high quality) version is not as crisp as the new (2011) mp4 on Regarding other new sources, NIST (2010) did not release the LIVE shot in its FOIA materials (source info below, last paragraph in entry.) -- only a replay of the last half second, as seen at 9:08 a.m. on CNN (but from WNYW FOX5 and NIST, without the CNN news banner graphic in the way). However, release 10 does have the LIVE clip in full, but only a lower quality deinterlaced wmv. (Release 14 was 720x480 NTSC interlaced avi.)

Kai Simonsen was the camera operator/reporter. Read a short interview/witness account or listen to Jeff Hill's telephone interview. The pilot saw the plane and warned Kai.

News Helicopters on 9/11

This is the most contested LIVE airplane video by no plane theorists. If you consider yourself one of these people (like Ace Baker), please reconsider. If not, FYI, reasons for suspicion include:

1. "Fade to black" seems to purposefully hide the "nose-out" of the alleged composite airplane image passing through the tower (Ace Baker website, or 2008 PDF, or see his 2011 video "The Key" [which fails to mention Chopper4 and other LIVE videos] Watch "Debunking 'The Key'" now. Baker's Luma Key live compositing theory was impossible because - for one - the explosion appeared in front of the "nose.") During the blackout the absence of static, in addition to the professional opinion of video production expert Steve Wright and the contradictory testimony of Kai Simonsen, all seem to suggest the blackout phenomenon is not signal interruption. Wright weakly asserted the camera's automatic gain control overreacted to the sudden brightness of the explosion. (See Wright's debate with Ace Baker on TV's "Hardfire.") Simonsen has said (in Jeff Hill's phone interview) that the blackout was caused by an untimely equipment change (attaching a 2X lens extender). However, no zoom was seen (as in the NBC LIVE footage when their chopper zoomed 2X 3:30 after the plane hit), only a total sudden fade. Was it simply the well documented power flicker? Or did some "compositraitor" quickly react to the mistake by pushing a button as Ace suggests? One big thorn in that theory is the plane's deceleration... planned according to Baker and company, as opposed to the chopper's "drift" left that supposedly moved the layer mask at the last second. It seems to me the chopper was traveling about 60 MPH, roughly following the Helicopter Route 280 (just north of it at about 2 o'clock above the gray circle surrounding Newark International Airport) from Essex Co./Caldwell N.J. airfield quickly to its plane impact perspective point here on a satellite map. Again FYI, investigate for yourself the reasons for the "fade to black."
2. "Miracle zoom" (camera's 3rd zoom in) ends with the next frame of video introducing the nose of the plane. Coincidence? Must be.
3. The FOX5 Washington D.C. TV version does not include this shot, but instead features a closeup of the North Tower that misses the plane... yet with the WNYW audio. [UPDATE Nov. 2011: The CBC broadcast also ran the WNYW audio only.] Was this a copyright issue? Only the Los Angeles "sister station" KTTV was licensed to air the video? Additionally, no mainstream 9/11 documentary has included the footage. (That is, excluding a German one.) Broadcast quality footage seems to be unavailable, although Ace Baker's taunting $100,000 challenge does open WNYW to ridicule for dealing with Ace... and amateurs who captured the plane on video probably wouldn't get the money anyway, after all of Ace's stipulations. Of course, the shot is now on the WNYW website, unchanged. But Ace only accepts the authenticity of the poor quality west coast version from Eric Salter, where the "plane in the wide shot" can't be seen... a fact Ace exploits to support his theory that the plane was added into the final frames at high zoom. Yet in an authentic VHS recording from the east coast we CAN find the plane in the wide shot, most easily during the first zoom (frames 191-201). This fact didn't stop Ace from using this claim in his conspiracy video opus "9/11: The Great American Psy-Opera," Ch. 7 - "The Key".

So again, if you accept this live composite video/no plane theory, please reconsider by viewing evidence to the contrary: The Lies of Ace Baker.

NIST FOIA files DON'T include a high quality "raw" tape of the 2nd plane impact. No full Chopper4 tape, like we see with other networks' tapes. The FOIA files do include WNYW_Broadcast\WNYW 1Clip27.avi -- a 2-second long 9:08 a.m. replay -- and WCBS Dub4 03.avi (same thing, but without the timer). Get this: The NIST FOIA rel. 14 folder "WNYW_Broadcast" was replaced between 9:01 and 9:04 with clips from WCBS. Haha. Note that release 10 has the broadcast starting with the opening frames of the LIVE Chopper5 sequence in file WTCI-329-I-#25.wmv at vrt 12:48. Watch the broadcast replay without a Good Day banner, aired about 11:29 a.m. in release 10 file WTCI-329-I-#12.wmv at vrt 21:18. See the full WNYW playlist here.


- TV camera views of "United Flight 175" -

9. CBS-3

9:04, 9:05, 9:17, 9:22 AM - GM Building Cam YouTube 1, 2., & 3.

CBS plane circled at 9:22 am

CBS plane 9:05 zoomed version

This is the 3rd angle WCBS used on 9/11 to show the plane... all in 3 minutes. Here the plane passes the distance between the Empire State Building and the WTC in two successive playbacks (9:04 and 9:05). The full approach of "Flight 175" is shown from this angle later at 9:17 (and 9:22, abbreviated). That is, the tape starts from pause— with the plane in a circle. The full descending approach version isn't available.

This is important when looking at a "fake" (cropped) version used in "The Center of the World - New York: A Documentary Film" (PBS 2003 - mirror clip). This is the origin of the "Detroit Public TV" shot made available by the Danish conspiracy website Watch the plane appear as if out of nowhere, while the smoke from WTC 1 jumps and gives away the splice in the film that erased the circle around the plane used in the extended approach 9:17 a.m. airing. See "RE: 9/11 TV Fakery: Smoke & Mirrors by Elpiper" (I don't recommend it.... just watch if you want.) for a study of a similar "fake" of unknown origin, also made available at These two examples of video editing are not examples of a conspiracy within the mass media - "9/11 TV fakery" - because the "mirror" versions weren't part of a TV broadcast until the PBS documentary aired 2 years later.

The camera location: General Motors Building, aka FAO Schwartz, E 58th St at Madison Ave... 215 meters tall on ground elevated at 48 feet above sea level Lat 40.763595 Lon -73.972781 (Thanks, YougeneDebs)

No NIST FOIA file available, besides the PBS clip featuring the cropped edit..

10. FOX5

9:09 AM - Mystery Chopper  YouTube 1 (FOX), 2 (FOX), 3 (raw FOIA), and 4 (raw FOIA)

FOX5 plane at 9:10 am

FOX5 9/11 airplane video crop

Before the 2nd hit, FOX5 Washington showed the angle at 9:01 a.m. And FOX4 Dallas-Forth Worth showed it moments before the plane came into view, cutting to CNN.

UPDATE 2017: I've found several helicopters on Newark RADAR, but this one doesn't appear, perhaps because of low altitude.

The mystery comes in when researching local network helicopters, because the point of perspective was "hovering over Tonnele Ave, near Bleecker St and Terrace Ave in Jersey City, NJ at about 625 feet above sea level (above ground elevated at 11 feet); 40deg 45min 14.73sec N, 74deg 03min 24.00sec W" (Thanks, YougeneDebs) -- We can detect movement slowly toward north. So what chopper filmed it? According to (WPIX, what was WB11), which shows [now, showed -- luckily I downloaded before it went offline!] an image of a patch "with all the tail numbers of all the News ships flying that day in NYC," those 6 choppers were [2014 UPDATED links] 1) N27M, or CBS Chopper2; 2) N311WB, or WB11 Air11; 3) N42F, or ABC NewsCopter7; 4) N4NY, or NBC Chopper4; 5) N5NY, or WNYW Chopper5; and 6) N8BQ, the WCBS-AM traffic chopper that captured images of the LIVE 2nd hit for WABC local and ABC Good Morning America. Of course, the FOX mystery chopper wasn't flying "in NYC," like said. It was in Jersey. Also note that News 12 Long Island had a chopper in the air, too. And what's this about a private helicopter?

The shot has been named "Marta" for the version available for download at (at bottom of page -- or see it in context with the extended news summary. It comes from a FOX5 Atlanta broadcast (in the NIST FOIA release 27 - see a segment here. In Atlanta, Georgia the public transportation is called MARTA). The Danish 9/11 conspiracy website - although wrong in several theories - pioneered research of the plane videos. Killtown named the shot Marta in his 2nd hit page. The fascination with missiles at points out a speedy object flying at the same level as 175, but from the North, just after the impact. It turns out the "missile" pilot took photographs! A man named Yuri was the Russian photographer/pilot in a Cessna 172SP, who captured the impact (not the plane) on film while flying down the Hudson.

Additional replays of this airplane shot aired at 5:01 pm and 9/13 at 12:45 am, zoomed/cropped. A NIST Cumulus version can be found as FOX1 Clip 28 in the folder "FNC (FOX News Channel) Broadcast." Also find it in extended length (4 minutes long starting at 9:02:29 according to the FOX News screen clock at the beginning, 30 seconds before impact) in release 10, CNN folder, WTCI-329-I-#10.wmv (Watch that raw extended version now.) UPDATE: Also in the NIST WTC Organized Video Repository as FOX1Clip28


News 12 Long Island, aka "Earthstation"  YouTube 1 & 2

Chopper12 angle of 9/11 plane

Chopper12 angle of 9/11 plane crop

UPDATE 2014: Check out the old chopper N12NN (other news choppers listed above under FOX Marta.) UPDATE March 2012: Identified and moved from non-TV section. Renamed upon finding the All News Channel clips uploaded by "therobz" May 5, 2011. The source is named at vrt 11:19 here. The footage aired again, not zoomed, later in the day. Plus I just found the shot in the new TV archive briefly Sept. 17 on ABC at 12:03 am. - see image at left.

UPDATE, May 14, 2010: New version found at the F.I.L.M. Archives stock footage website. Extended length makes it more obvious that the camera was on an aircraft. Older version was allegedly found on (link dead). Also it's at This is the most distant angle known, a bit further than that of Fred Hadley below.

Camera position details: "near Garden City on Long Island, some 18-plus miles east of the WTC. Google Earth shows the latitude as 40deg 43min 33.57sec N; and the longitude as 73deg 39min 57.86sec W. In other words, near Stewart Ave and Sackville Rd. The ground elevation is 87 feet above sea level (Google Earth). The altitude seems to be a bit lower than the tops of the WTC." Thanks again, YougeneDebs.

No NIST FOIA file available.


Reuters - "Another One" (NEW 2019)   YouTube 1 and 2. (see old versions part 1 & part 2)

Reuters WTC plane crash video

plane zoom

"Another one! Another one! Another one!"
    - witness, upon seeing the plane before it hit

63rd to appear on this list, yet the plane crash video wasn't aired on television that I'm aware (I've watched almost the entire TV archive). Believed to be shot by Ted Yasi.

Moved in 2019 from the plane missed page since we can finally see the shot in good quality and full length. Thanks 11-Septembre OFFICIEL for the upload this September! Notice in the description of a decent-quality old version (where you have to pause at zero seconds to barely make out the plane) I said, "Zoomed view, only available in low res. Plane probably in frame." It was strange that I received an email urging me to look more closely for the plane in this low res video just days before the full length high quality version was uploaded!

News giant Reuters (once at has the footage available for licensing at, Record ID 915822, "USA: NEW YORK: WORLD TRADE CENTER RUSHES COMPILATION TAPE ONE - 9/11 compilation" - where it has a timer at the bottom and watermarks at the top reading both "Screenocean" and "Reuters" ... or see the POND5 version of the same video "tape one" with POND5 watermarked in the center of the frame... although again not blocking the plane. The footage appears in the 52-minute reel twice. 1. At 22:03. It's a short, partial version with a shot of tower 1 burning, then it jumps to the second the plane seen going behind the towers (one frame of plane, perhaps). This is how it was seen before it was added to this list. After this clip we go down below the towers and watch people jump or fall. Then...

2. At 29:07 we see the name "T YASI" on the color bars. (The cameraman says his name is Ted, after he gets his interviewee's name.) Then we get 7 minutes of nearly uninterrupted footage as the North Tower burns and a witness gives a report of seeing and hearing the first plane fly over and hit the building. The camera turns back to the towers and stops moving in time to catch the 2nd plane between buildings (at vrt 31:54 or timer 10:31:54) -- and part of the explosion. The footage cuts off in the middle of the explosion, skipping a minute or so.

Old versions before the plane was visible: Notice the photo at left has no giant ITN watermark as seen in old version linked above. Another version came from the 2006 UK documentary "9/11: The Falling Man" - and only shows footage after the 2nd hit. Additionally, the camera angle can be seen in a 9/11 ITV newscast in the UK. That clip only shows the WTC before the 2nd hit, however. The A&E documentary with the New York Times "Anatomy of September 11th" shows short clips of the tower/towers burning from this camera.

No NIST FOIA file, although snippets of the footage are seen in "A&E IR1 clip23" (and 57 from release 14 - thanks WTC911videos for the info) come from the documentary "Anatomy of September 11" (2002). Images filmed from Varick Street (an extension of Vestry Street, at the exit of the Holland Tunnel), but not added to the map below.

13. WNBC

Leaning Towers  YouTube 1, 2., & 3.

WNBC plane 9-12 at 12:27 am

WNBC 9/11 airplane crop

The leaning camera angle provided additional, subconscious uneasiness for NBC viewers— to the benefit of the real terrorists that day. Literally, viewers would not get the story straight. Hear anchor Matt Lauer be prompted to say the towers WERE leaning. At 9:07 am!

NIST said (see V8) that the footage was taken from a helicopter (source). See also the NIST hi-res image from the WNBC shot. However, the leaning towers - and their stability in that position throughout an hour of archived NBC TV - show that the angle was not taken from a helicopter. The camera was, in fact, on top of the 70-storey GE Building at 30 Rockefeller Center, which became an observation deck/tourist attraction - "Top of the Rock" - in 2005. The building is home to most of NBC's New York studios.

Unlike the 3 CBS views that showed the plane in 3 minutes, NBC gave us one (Chopper 4). This "WNBC" angle doesn't appear in the NBC4 Washington archive until 3:02 pm. However, a VHS tape has surfaced that shows the shot on MSNBC at 10:23 am. Update: another MSNBC VHS recording shows the footage 3 minutes before the 1st collapse.

Raw NIST FOIA files: WNBC Dub4A 12 and WNBC Dub10 56

14. WPIX

Air11 (NEW Jan. 2011)  YouTube 1, 2, 3.

WPIX Air11 2nd plane

Not until the International Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA ( release 28) was the full video showing the plane available -- specifically as a DVD VOB/mpeg-2 file in the folder 42A0302 - G28D7\WPIXCD1of7. Previously this was listed on the 2nd hit explosion only page. Video links included the actual WB11 broadcast and the new release 14 version -- WPIX Dub4 01...again with no plane.

Chet Wilson, helicopter cameraman (with Brenda Banon training). Ray Rivera, pilot. Melinda Murphy, loquacious, Emmy award-winning reporter. See for reference. Perhaps the 2nd plane was captured from Teterboro Airport shortly after takeoff (see NYC helicopter map -- not plotted on the maps page), before Melinda was picked up in Manhattan (see the broadcast at vrt 8:30 when the chopper is taking off again, heading the other way [Melinda is breathing heavily in the new raw version at 5:10... after silence until then]).

Notice in the broadcast how the LIVE graphic is accidentally left on the screen during the short airing of the clip recorded a few minutes beforehand. My guess is they tried to air the footage, but the studio cut to the chopper video feed too late to see the plane hitting. Watch the archive of CNN airing the plume footage at 4:23 pm.

Throughout the day WB11 (now "WPIX Home of the CW") would repeatedly air their LIVE Metrocam shot of the plane hitting. In addition they had their closeup from below (that missed the plane) and the "PAX-TV" shot -- both clips shared with CNN and others. The Air11 clip was apparently lost in the mix until now.

15. WPIX

FDR Drive, aka "PAX-TV"  YouTube 1, 2., & 3., or see hi-res image

WPIX FDR Drive angle of 9/11 plane

WPIX airplane HD crop

Through his lens, Mr. Lopez's eye was fixed on the north tower. When the south tower burst into flames, he thought he'd seen a bomb explode. Only later, when he paused to rewind the tape - he was worried he'd forgotten to press the record button and missed the explosion - he saw the airplane.
- Andrew Sarris,, 9/16/02 (mirror)

Shot from a moving vehicle on Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive. Videographer: Keith Lopez, WPIX-TV with reporter Pauline Liu. UPDATE Jan. 2011: Moved from TV Amateurs to Network Angles upon finding the full length DVD of raw footage (with interviews by the female WB11 reporter) in the Int'l Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA, release 25, folder 42A0110 - G25D20. It was assumed to be "amateur" video by the FOX5 D.C. female anchor during one replay at 7:49 p.m.

Looking at the photo used by NIST in their WTC 2 impact study, we see the ownership of the video was in question. Watching the version on CNN, and listening to (ex) anchor Aaron Brown, we learn PAX-TV owns the footage. The NIST photo not only says "copyright 2001 WPIX-TV" - which was WB11 and is now "WPIX, home of the CW" - but also beneath the photo it reads, " provided by New York 1." (Note that the above WNBC angle is an example of another mistake by NIST - but with camera location, not ownership. See the WTC 7 demolition page for another example of a NIST source mix-up.)

In response to claims of a "missing wing" in the alleged hologram - or fake video as alleged on YouTube using such low quality versions like a reposted KTLA5 tape - a high resolution image showing the plane's wing in the sunlight can be seen included in the NIST report linked above. Also find the clip in the TV archive on FOX here.

NIST FOIA files: WPIX Dub3 03 or in regular speed or slow motion... FOIA repeat file: CNN Breaking News 400 to 530pm\CNN 4-to-530 77. Also find in release 10 file WTCI-329-I-#16.wmv at vrt 1:18:40 (slow mo). Best quality is a dvd vob file/mpeg-2 720x480 of raw WPIX footage - release 25, folder 42A0110 - G25D20. The 2nd plane impacts at vrt 2:05 with audio, followed by some interviews on the street.

As the FOIA folder says, the camera was on FDR Drive. Point of perspective, according to NIST (see V9).... More specifically, at -73.998633, 40.708562


- alphabetical order, numbered for convenience -


Luis Alonso (NBC)  YouTube 1, 2, & 3. (720p HD)

Luis Alonso plane MSNBC

Luis Alonso plane wing lights blink

UPDATE: Moved from Non-TV Amateurs after the new 9/11 TV archive released the 15th through the 17th. Luis Alonso's footage first aired September 17, 2001 at 1:08 a.m. on MSNBC, again on Sept. 22nd, on MSNBC Investigates - 24 Hours at Ground Zero. Watch. The shot of "Flight 175" also appeared briefly on National Geographic's 2005 documentary "Inside 9/11, Pt.2 - Zero Hour" and in BBC's 2007 "Conspiracy Files" at 11:00 (see these mainstream 9/11 documentaries here at

Point of perspective coordinates according to Mr. Achimspok: 40deg 43min 17.69sec N, 73deg 59min 35.38sec W, 30m elevation.

See some more clips of his footage from CameraPlanetArchive on YouTube. Another here... a bit more here. See also Brian Gately, William Gibson, Antonio Rosario (each non-TV amateurs), and Jennifer Spell (NBC) on this page all from CameraPlanet "fame." Many more videographers from CP Archive missed the plane and are listed elsewhere in my collection of "2nd hit [plane] missed" shots.

No NIST FOIA file. The best quality comes from the DVD "America 911" by, 2001 (YT link 3 above). There and the new TV archive. See it enhanced/stabilized by Nathan Flach or zoomed/stabilized in slowmo by me. Notice the wing lights blink before it passes behind the Woolworth Building. See also P. Hlava, Ronald Pordy...


"BBC World" (ABC)  YouTube

BBC World airplane

One of many anonymous amateur videos, the "BBC World" (seen at 4:59 pm) angle was actually shared by the ABC, BBC and NBC networks. Due to the dramatic fireball shot after the zoom in, the plane was cut from many of the airings— including its first broadcast by ABC at 1:50 pm. ABC showed a second of the plane at 2:19... and again with no plane at 2:53 pm. See the full length shot on NBC at 11:52 pm (above, with ABC 4:36 pm). It was played many times other than these listed. The plane can hardly be seen.

Regarding camera location: "The point of perspective seems to be along the east bank of the East River beyond the end of Greenpoint Ave in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, Long Island and about 3 miles away from the WTC. Or, at about 40deg 43min 45.35sec N, 73deg 57min 39.57sec W. Note the ConEdison power plant on the other bank." (Thanks, YougeneDebs)

NIST FOIA File(s): ABCNISTDubs\ABC NIST Dub #5\ABC Dub5 33.avi. Files 29 - 34 contain the 1:29 length footage, split up and out of order.


Holly Biné (CBS) - NEW Sept. 2010 YouTube

CBS2 - Holly Bine 9/11 airplane

UPDATE 2016: Moved alphabetically from "H" to "B," changing numbering from 25 to 17 (upon figuring the name on the screen was not "Holy Bine" like some sort of church entity, but instead Holly). Video available thanks to the International Center for 9/11 Studies FOIA request of NIST. Found in the NIST Cumulus Video Database in the folder titled "FOX and CBS clips - Selected events" as clip 8. Aired on WCBS Channel 2 in New York on 9/12 at time unknown. Another appearance in the NIST FOIA comes in release 27, 42A0239 - G26D114, also slow motion but no timer...and washed out color. "The camera seems to be on the roof of a building on Cranberry St between Hicks and Henry; about 40.699800, -73.992866 ground elev 63 ft." (Thanks, Debs)


Clifton Cloud (NBC)  YouTube

Clifton Cloud plane from NBC

Clifton's airplane crash video aired 9/11 at 5:34 pm with audio, which was muffled but audible. Few 9/11 plane videographers were interviewed on television. Clifton Cloud was one of them, in addition to Evan Fairbanks on ABC (9/11 and 9/12) and Luis Alonso on MSNBC. Find another Clifton Cloud interview 9/12 at 11:50 am.

Also, few videographers captured both tower collapses and the 2nd plane hit. See also Devin Clark, Chris Hopewell, and Jim Kosior. Raw NIST FOIA files: WNBC Dub3_1 -- or see the Clifton Cloud folder, clip 1 which has an on screen timer - and find an mpeg-2 quality version in Release 25, 42A0113 - G25D23


Susan Cook (WNBC)   YouTube

NBC east 9-11 plane

UPDATE May 2012: Camera operator name discovered at the NIST WTC data website thanks to TheMKMonarch. (Organized Photos and Video Clips/VideoClips/WNBC NIST Dub 3, clip 10). Although the air time is unknown, this shot is listed under Amateurs in the TV Archive because the graphic on the NBC version matches the 9/12 and 9/13 graphic on NBC. I just haven't found the clip in the archive. See it in a compilation of plane videos.

On 9/11/2002 the clip aired in an NBC program called "America Remembers: 9/11 Air Traffic Controllers." The History Channel version comes from a documentary of unknown name.

Raw NIST FOIA files: WNBC Dub3_10 (regular speed) and 11 (slow mo)


Luc Courchesne (CBC)  YouTube 1, 2., & 3.

Luc Courchesne films Flight 175

Luc Courchesne films Flight 175

Luc Courchesne plane closeup

UPDATE Nov. 2012: Better quality extended version found at (thanks to a tip from OacousticS), yet with an unfortunate watermark across the picture.

It was broadcast first on CBC Newsworld at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 13. An older page of TV broadcasts from Sept. 14 provided a quality mpeg2 format (see 7:20 into the 05 file).

The full length Courchesne 2nd hit footage comes from -- watch (see also link above), or download wmv file. One of the broadcast clips above comes from the CBC News program The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney, which aired Oct. 6, 2004. One typical complaint of video fakery theorists is that the wing seems to disappear as "United 175" flies in front of the tower (of the same color).

The second hit occurs at 3:45 in the full version. At 19 seconds later, after first panning left and then apparently twirling in place in a clockwise motion, we get the first reaction from Courchesne (French translated):

Courchesne: "Damn. Did you see that?"
Friend: "WTF?" (roughly translated)
Courchesne: "Are we dreaming, or what?"

- Right after the "Are we dreaming?" exchange, a guy comes in and says, "Did you see that? A plane flew right into that on purpose, that wasn't an accident!" Courchesne says, "No, no accident, I think I got it on tape".
- At about 5:45 Courchesne says, "Hey isn't that structure unbelievable? A plane crashes into it and it doesn't fall." His friend then says, "It's unbelievable that a plane just went right into it, before our eyes" in a very matter-of-fact voice.
- Around 6:45 his friend tells him of another person falling, and he doesn't see this one either:

Courchesne: "Where? To the right, the left?"
Friend: "It's too late now."
Courchesne: "They started from the top or what?"
Courchesne: "How do you know they're people?"
Friend: "It's the way they fall, how they move the head and the arms, they go down a bit faster than the pieces of paper."

- At 7:55 he asks about someone named Joseph and whether they were gone back inside. "Was he there when the plane arrived?" Friend: "Um yeah, he left..."
- At around 8:30 someone comes by to ask if they saw it, and the person says "So... they hit both buildings?" and Courchesne says to his friend, in French, "The first one was a plane too?" His friend doesn't reply and then quickly points out to someone falling to the left of the tower. This is where the second strike footage ends.
- After being in the building for a bit, Courchesne goes out in the dust and comes back in to tell his friend, whose name we learn is Etienne, to come out by the water because the air is clearer there.
- While walking along the dock he says (on the phone?) "Hey Henri it's our lucky day, we (filmed?) this and..." nothing else is heard.

Info on the videographer is linked here: A taste of Luc's 3-D interactive artwork can be found on YouTube here: Panoscope360 - Where are You? Also, listen to the Jeff Hill phone calls from Aug. 6 and Aug. 17, 2008. The clip is also featured in the 2011 documentary 9/11: Day That Changed the World (Smithsonian Channel, 2011) - Not in full on YouTube as of Jan. 2015.

The point of perspective, as calculated by Achimspok is -74.015817, 40.709083 (video linked is a mirrror, as the original is now private).

No NIST FOIA file available.


Evan Fairbanks (ABC)  YouTube 1, 2., & 3., or see HD slideshow

Evan Fairbanks 9/11 plane impact

Fairbanks HD plane zoom

Evan Fairbanks appeared on primetime TV the night of 9/11, after speaking with ABC anchor Peter Jennings earlier at 5:00 pm. This was the first airing, which is not available in the TV archive at (UPDATE: Timeslot now finally available in Sept. 2011 at the new TV archive site... where the interview is cut short in a transition to local news.) See the rare extended interview now, where the plane is compared to "a bad special effect." Video fakery supporters (no planers) enjoy that one. The next appearance of the Fairbanks shot in the available TV record is at exactly 6:00 pm on ABC Channel 7 in Washington, WJLA. For premium quality of the plane image, an HD clip (224 MPEG-2, 1280 x 720, 16:9, 59.939998 fps, 18.00 Mbps) was gleaned from the 9/10/2008 HD airing of History's "102 Minutes That Changed America," where Evan appeared on TV in a witness interview segment after the program. (In the "102 Minutes" version the audio comes from the Sutch brothers footage.)

In Evan's 10:40 p.m. interview with Connie Chung, he says he saw the plane in his videocamera's viewfinder: "I suddenly saw a white flash from the left side of the frame. And I... And it lasted long enough for me to be able to identify it as a jet."

Listen to Jeff Hill's telephone interview from Jan. 2008. Evan says the FBI made him a copy of his tape that morning. It's uncertain whether the lack of audio in the footage is due to operator error - as Fairbanks says in the phone call - or if the FBI dubbing removed the audio:

"'And it was only after the first tower collapsed and FBI agents conducted me to a safe place, that I stopped shooting. When I told them what I had on videotaped, they brought me to their command center. They have the original, which has five minutes of audio. This is a copy. Sorry there's no sound.'" - Fairbanks quote from Linda Linguvic, Greenwich Village Gazette

UPDATE Oct. 2011: That five minutes of audio has been found [here with better video swapped] in the redacted FBI/NIST version of the footage (faces are blanked out). Audio ends a minute before the plane hits... as if the nearby radio caused Evan to adjust and accidentally kill the volume (?) UPDATE Sept 28, 2010: Audio has been found in about 10 seconds of the Fairbanks tape, about a minute before the plane impact. UPDATE May 2010: A 22-minute long, high quality version of the Fairbanks tape has become available.

The point of perspective, as calculated by Achimspok is -74.011906, 40.709742. (video link is a mirror, as the original is now private)

Raw NIST FOIA files: ABC Dub3 10 (extended - watch ABC Dub3 clips 04-19, joined, to see portion with audio), CBS-Net Dub7 02 (ABC slow mo) and WNBC Dub10 38 (see also Evan Fairbanks folder, which contains low quality video). Additionally, release 25, 42A0103 - G25D13 has most of the silent Fairbanks footage in high quality.


Park Foreman (CNN)  YouTube 1, 2., 3., & 4.

Park Foreman airplane nears WTC

Park Foreman airplane early approach

"'I heard a plane fly overhead,' said Park Foreman, 37, an Internet security consultant. 'Then I looked out the window and saw the first tower on fire. I saw another airplane approaching from the south. I put my camera on it and followed it straight into the building. It looked like it went right through.'"

First appeared on CNN at 3:15 pm as 4 still images, since Foreman emailed a few screenshots (being unable to email the entire video). It took a while for CNN to send a car to Brooklyn Heights. (Source: Jeff Hill's telephone interview)

CNN owns Park's footage— and didn't even give him a copy of the digital 8 tape. But Park says he made a digital copy before CNN picked up the tape (Jeff Hill interview). I wonder how much money Park made off the video. You can see a quality but short showing of the plane impact video in HBO's 2002 special "In Memoriam..." and in "New York: Center of the World" (2003, PBS).

The point of perspective, as calculated by Achimspok is -73.994422, 40.690908 (mirror video link, as original is now private) -- see maps page See "NAKA NOTA PARK," by YougeneDebs to understand similarity to Naka Nathaniel below.

NIST FOIA file: CNN Dub5 05 (with "CNN Exclusive" text, YT link 4 above) and release 10, WTCI-329-I-#23.wmv (full length without CNN text, YT link 1 above)


Andrew Foster (NBC)  YouTube or Vimeo

West angle of United 175

UPDATE 2019: Thanks to 911AnalysisVideo for the notice that Andy posted his footage on Vimeo! UPDATE Oct. 2011: The new NIST website collection has named the videographer (see link at left for photos and videos, then follow links to organized video clips, WNBC [direct link not possible due to copyright agreement requirement]). New high quality version with 1st collapse has been released (Sept. 2010) by NIST, thanks to the IC911Studies FOIA request.

See the new 2011 TV archive Sept. 14 at 2:07 am for a viewing.... Another version aired in the NBC News production "America Remembers: 9/11 Air Traffic Controllers." Aired 9/11/2002 (and 9/9/2006 with additional material not included in the version available at the mainstream documentaries page). The clip plays as if it were shot from the Newark Air Traffic Control tower, or nearby... at vrt 28:25 and 28:50, but the location is actually 5 miles north, here on a map. See maps page for other camera locations -- and the plane approach path.

Previous title was "History Channel West" because it was discovered in "The 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction" - aired Aug. 20, 2007 - shown in 3 clips spread throughout the documentary/hit piece.

Raw NIST FOIA file: WNBC Dub9_01 -- the plane and the WTC2 collapse are in release 25, 42A0096 - G25D6


"Gamma Press" (ABC)  YouTube 1 & 2.

Gamma Press plane on 9/11

UPDATE 2017 to include the "nose-out" conspiracy theory gaining 3.2 million hits on YouTube in 7 months, Ron Johnson's ridiculous argument for "NO PLANES." (Edit: Ron's channel was deleted by YouTube, but I made a video response here, letting the ridiculous conspiracy theories live for history's sake.)

Named for the FOX News version. This shot is most famous for 1. the "missing" wing (See also "PAX-TV"); 2. the "UFO" at the end (which is a bird visible best in the 2005 TLC version [YT link 2 above] and in the new NIST file); and 3. the "nose out" effect... or is it dust and debris? This of course relates to fringe video fakery theories involving ALL the images of the plane impact-- starting with the alleged compositing error made in the LIVE WNYW shot. To confront the disinformation head on, watch some fringe no planer videos...

This angle of the plane impact was first broadcast on ABC7 at an unknown time of day on 9/11, with a mention of camera location that didn't make sense— Beekman Towers, which is too far North. Other networks played the clip, but without audio. Gamma Press was given credit not only for this shot, but also for the Naudet 1st hit footage shown on CNN 9/12 at 3:07 am and for the Jennifer Spell 2nd hit shot on NBC 9/13 at 8:11 am (old TV archive not new (WRC/NBC)). Why? Who is Gamma Press? It was a French group, like the Naudets.

Raw NIST FOIA files: ABC Dub5 20 and CBS-Net Dub7 03


Michael Hezarkhani (CNN)  YouTube 1 & 2, or see NIST image - source)... NEW - HD slideshow

Hezarkhani plane approach

Hezarkhani airplane zoom

Hezarkhani gave it/sold it to CNN. CNN doesn't want him to talk about the video for legal reasons. Hear Jeff Hill's phone interview #1 and call #2, made during a period of suspicion that Jeff and many other ex-No-planers have given up.

First aired after midnight— 9/12 at 12:15 am, this angle became the second of about 5 that showed the plane impacting the face of the tower in plain view. That includes Park Foreman's angle with the green roof of the Woolworth Building obscuring the crash. See Evan Fairbanks for the debut of images showing actual impact. For No-planers who doubt the plane's authenticity (theorizing hologram-cloaked missiles or even bombs and/or energy weapons!), Evan's words apply for the Hezarkhani/CNN shot: "It disappeared like a bad special effect." This famous shot is sometimes called "Ghostplane" (see Ace Baker video [this is not an endorsement]), for the seamless melting of the plane into the building frame. No planers cry "cartoon physics" and "impossible" when it's not that simple. Of course, video resolution and aircraft mass/speed are to blame. Other shots showing the south face impact in half-decent resolution include TV amateurs Luc Courchesne, Evan Fairbanks, Jen Spell, and Non-TV amateur A. Rosario

UPDATE 2017: The following link is dead because somebody complained about the violence, so YouTube removed the video for violating policy... Here's a link to perhaps THE BEST QUALITY copy of Hezarkhani on YouTube (in slow motion HD). THIS HD-quality version comes from the DVD "CNN Tribute: America Remembers September 11 (2002), but not slow motion.

The point of perspective, very near 2nd plane still photographer Carmen Taylor, as calculated by Achimspok is 40.702286 N, -74.01685 W at elevation 9.5m (see maps page). (video link is a mirror since original is now private)

Raw NIST FOIA file: CNN Dub4 41 -- see also release 10, WTCI-329-I-#4.wmv at vrt 50:56 for the longest version yet, including a shot 20 minutes after the plane hit.


Chris Hopewell, aka Tinacart 1 (CBS)  YouTube 1, 2., & 3., & 4.

Hopewell 9/11 airplane

Hopewell airplane video 9/11 TV news

Shot by Chris Hopewell and Carol Wells of Eyefull, Inc.... the company name credited at (click link 4 above to video with credits, obtained after registering at The September 11 Acquisitions at the Library of Congress credits these names, also. On the CBS 9/11 evening news, where the plane footage aired during the introduction, it was anonymous... and replayed often.

Nathan Flach uploaded a rare segment of CBS coverage featuring extended length footage in good quality. Aired as early as 5:31 pm on CBS9 Washington (not included above - for the lack of an airplane approach, only an explosion), this shot played as Dan Rather introduced the CBS Evening News on 9/11 (without the expletives [see the uncensored extended version]). The angle's old name comes from the YouTube channel "tinacart," which features the footage (and 2 other 9/11 plane clips including "Tinacart 2" and Devin Clark. This particular video was filmed from inside an apartment (slight reflection on window) at 475 Kent Ave., Williamsburg, as the camera operator's address shows. Coincidentally, UA175 photographer Robert Clark was also there (Clark says the address in a phone interview by Jeff Hill). And very nearby was Wolfgang Staehle, automatic webcam photographer of "Flight 11."

It's interesting to note one of Tinacart's favorite YouTube videos is "New 9/11 Footage clearly showing fake planes!" - a satirical piece by Lassegg. For real accusations of fakery in this video (involving the no planes theory), see "How NOT to Fake Plane Crash Videos" by Killtown. That is not an endorsement.

Raw NIST FOIA files: CBS-Net Dub4 37 (good version) and CBS-Net Dub7 23 (see glitch in frame 342 corrupted, wing separates) and best quality in the release 25 mpeg-2, 42A0098 - G25D8.


"Jersey Shore" (Anonymous, CBS)  YouTube 1 & 2.

Jersey Shore CBS plane

UPDATE 2017: Adding links to conspiracy theories about the video: 1. Anthony Lawson's 2014 video "The Legend of 911 - 13 Years On" suggests the camera person was waiting with foreknowledge (Another of Anthony's videos pinned the camera location with a similar suggestion. watch here). 2. 911TruthNOW's 2016 video took Anthony's edited YouTube version and suggested the video was fake because the plane seems to pop out of thin air. We have no full length tape to check - only the anonymous CBS clip where in original versions nothing "pops."

"Jersey Shore" is an old name that stuck - not an accurate location for this shot. A better name would be "Jersey Turnpike." Watch YougeneDebs's informative video, "Jersey Shore." The shot is credited only to "CBS News Archives" at

A time of 9:04 (instead of 9:02:59) shows in the bottom left corner (all versions?). It was a popular shot for TV networks worldwide, seen in a medley of other plane impact shots repeatedly aired the night of 9/11. The ITV version shows us a rather long approach for "Flight 175," compared to the other angles. Other long approaches include CBS-1 (LIVE), CBS 9:17 am, NBC Chopper4, NY1 LIVE and WNYW FOX5 Chopper 5.

Raw NIST FOIA file: CBS-Net Dub7 01. See the video also at the NIST video repository, where no name is given for the camera operator. Also release 25, 42A0102 - G25D12 has the CBS plane crash medley that aired repeatedly on 9/11 - also including Evan Fairbanks, Gamma Press, Boris Miller - not a full length tape.


Joshua Lentz - 3 Frames (NBC)   1., 2., & 3.... YouTube 1 (slow), 2. (TV clip), & 3. (full)

NBC 911 explosion

UPDATE 2017: Joshua Good YouTube upload in full length discovered after his post in Sept. 2016. UPDATE 2011: Camera operator's name found at the NIST Video Repository. This entry was moved from the 2nd hit explosion only page upon finding the extended version in the NIST Cumulus Video Database ( release 14)... with 3 frames of plane nose as the camera operator turned away for just long enough to miss the actual impact. Thanks 911allcausticcamera for finding the plane in the video. For slow motion, see an animated gif (Technical note: I was able to get 3 frames of plane nose by enhancing the video to 60 FPS. A regularly-deinterlaced version will only show the plane nose in 1 frame.)

The explosion aired on NBC 9/12 at 12:03 am (for example). See YouTube link 2 above.

Raw NIST FOIA file: WNBC NIST Dub #4, clip 32. Also see release 25, 42A0118 - G25D28 at vrt 1:00:10.


Boris Miller (WCBS)  Youtube 1 & 2.

CBS Boris Miller 9/11 plane

"There's another plane coming down, see?" - Witness

UPDATE May 2012: Named Boris Miller according to the website. (Thanks 911allcausticcamera. Previously I had mistakenly named this "K. Behrle" because that was one of three names in the release 14 folder that contained this clip and others: "WCBS NIST Dub #3 - Behrle, Miller, StatCamN," the "K" found only in the release 25 DVD file. That name belongs to a closeup explosion-only shot.) Before that, this amateur shot was previously named "CBS11" for the version on 11News in a VHS tape no longer available (see image at left). The video was not exclusive to CBS, either. BBC played it several times the night of 9/11— see clips at 8:23 and 8:48 pm.

Update May 4, 2010: Source found with audio (July 2009) at Getty Images, <>, is no longer available. Find it now on a clip with other plane hits (Int'l shot, Fairbanks, Gamma Press) at as story number 314952.

Raw NIST FOIA file: WCBS Dub3_07.avi . Also in DVD format in the 911datasets release 25 folder 42A0117 - G25D27.


Naka Nathaniel, New York Times (ABC)  YouTube 1, 2., & 3.

Naka Nathaniel plane approach

UPDATE: A "new" plane video by "D. Stanley" (mirror of what is now private at source link in the mirror's description)-- is a proven fake using this Nathaniel video with added foreground (in the wrong location), added camera motion, black and white and increased speed.

Aired exclusively on ABC— at 6:59, 7:50, & 8:49 pm. Also currently available for download from, with audio in extended length (included above). Naka apparently worked for the New York Times. Either he or someone nearby says he saw the plane. This angle from the East is strikingly similar to the NBC unknown east angle (below), not to mention the Park Foreman shot. To help sort out the angle location issue, YougeneDebs provides assistance. See NAKA NOTA PARK.

Raw NIST FOIA file: ABC Dub3 03 and release 25, 42A0103 - G25D13 -- features audio of the plane and explosion heard from Brooklyn here.


NIST 14 - WT Comp Reel, FOX (NEW Sept. 2010)  YouTube 1 & 2., & 3.

new FOX 2nd plane hit

Note the clock time is an hour behind. UPDATE Oct. 2012: Moved from NIST Cumulus/not-TV section. Thanks to an update at the TV archive, it can be found in the WNYW FOX5 broadcast around 10:47 P.M. Shot through a window by a shaky camera (see stabilized YT link 2). Newly available thanks to the International Center for 9/11 Studies FOIA request of NIST. Found in the NIST Cumulus Video Database, release 14, in the folder titled "WNBC NIST Dub #10 - WT Comp Reel #1." Another new televised 2nd hit video from the NIST FOIA is listed as "Holy Bine." The North Tower "collapse" seen from this angle is also in the database, under "WNYW NIST Dub #1" as clip 113, with the FOX5 station ID and audio commentary.

Raw NIST FOIA file: WNBC Dub10 44 or release 25, clip found in 42A0099 - G25D9.


Ronald Pordy (CNN)  YouTube 1, 2., & 3, or see animated GIF

Ronald Pordy angle with alleged Flight 175

Update Jan. 30, 2010: Moved from Amateurs list to TV amateurs, when an early airing was discovered— CNN 9/13 at 2:49 am. Seen in the 2002 TLC program "World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse" and in the CBC News program The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney, which aired Oct. 6, 2004... playing after the Luc Courchesne shot. The Pordy angle of the explosion - not the plane - was included in HBO's 2002 "In Memoriam: New York City 9-11-01." Also the plane appeared in "CNN Tribute: America Remembers" (CNN, 2002), but the scene of impact was cut in half, placing the end of the explosion after another scene... and leaving out a half second of the appearing fireball. By cutting and pasting these two portions together, an online version was created that had an unexplained edit seeming to black out the moment of plane debris exit (as the Gedeon Naudet shot did on purpose in every version-- see above.). Full version available at

"About the Photographer:
pordyworks represents the work of New York-based photographer, Ron Pordy. Although largely self-taught, he has studied formally at FIT and The Maine Photographic Workshops. We are now premiering two new series of images stemming from the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. Many of these images are contained in the permanent collections of the Museum of the City of New York, New York Historical Society and the Smithsonian Institute. However, they have never before been shown to the general public by the photographer and depict the magnitude of the horror and heartbreak of that day as captured from a unique elevated position on the East River...." -

Unfortunately, Pordy's website is down. Hear the Jeff Hill - Ronald Pordy phone call now... from back when the plane videos were suspicious.

The camera was in Queens (Long Island City, says HBO's "In Memoriam...") at -73.956989, 40.744339.

NIST FOIA file: CNN Presents 20 (partial) UPDATE: NIST FOIA release 10 contains an extended length copy of the Pordy video, in wmv format... CNN folder, WTCI-329-I-#21.wmv


Jennifer Spell (NBC)  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

Jen Spell 9/11 plane

UPDATE 2020: I've created an HD, 1 fps slow motion version where 2 or 3 frames show us a clear shot of the United livery. Update, Sept. 2009: Sky News reports as this "Rarely Seen 9/11 Attack Video Surfaces." Apparently Sky News saw the video on the new National September 11 Memorial & Museum. The shot 1st aired on NBC 9/13 at 8:11 am (as far as I know), with the ownership tag "Gamma Press USA." Again, as with the Naudet 1st plane footage (which, incidentally carried the obscure French name 'Gamma Press' along with 2 other 9/11 airplane videos), the FBI picked up the tape (as they did many other videos, naturally. Naudet mentions this in the Charlie Rose interview at 31:00). Quoting Jennifer: "The very first people I gave it to was NBC and then to ABC. All my copies were made from my master and put on VHS, including the one I gave the FBI." (Update: that link is dead now, sorry.)

Spell appeared in the film 7 Days in September, by Steven Rosenbaum and CameraPlanet Archive (See CameraPlanet version. Yet Jennifer didn't sign over rights to her footage, just for the interviews. Jennifer insists the footage belongs to nobody but her. (source) Hence, her videos have been taken down from YouTube for copyright infringement. (This before the Sept. 2009 release as reported by Sky News... see above.) For CameraPlanet's collections of short, over-edited, and disorganized 9/11 video clips, visit or or On YouTube, more of Spell's footage is seen: papers-1 and papers-2...

Much to Jennifer's chagrin, her footage has also been aired in the 2007 History Channel documentary "The 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction" (Pt.1 at 1:25). One controversial conspiracy theory centers around Spell's video. Is it floating paper or a guidance laser target on the spot the plane hits? I vote paper. Camera location: Degraw St near Van Brunt St standing on ground elevated to 11 feet above sea level (Thanks, Debs!).

Raw NIST FOIA files: WNBC Dub7 25 in the folder "WNBC NIST Dub #7 - StJohn, Heath, Spell, RM", also see WNBC Dub3_2 (duller color than Dub7) and HC_First Response_clip15. UPDATE: A high quality mpeg-2 version is in release 25, 42A0113 - G25D23.


- alphabetical order, numbered for convenience -


American Requiem (NEW 2020)  YouTube at 11:24, or mirror clip

American Requiem 2nd plane

NEW to this list in 2020 making the total number of known airplane videos 64. Thanks to 911AnalysisVideo, who also created a zoomed version.

The documentary "An American Requiem" is quite good, for the parts I've seen. Released on YouTube in May 2017 by "WTC Program 911 Responders," somehow it's only attracted 659 views (as of April). From the same camera that caught the plane, the first collapse is caught (here in the video at 20:18 and the 2nd at 33:29). However grainy the shot is.

No NIST FOIA file.


bbbats212 (NEW 2020)  stills only

Flight 175

The video hasn't been shared yet, as the camera operator said on Twitter when he tweeted Sept. 11, 2020: "Screen captures from my home video. 9:02am, 9/11/2001." Only 2 still images. Regardless -- Great job finding and posting this one, 911AnalysisVideo! This makes 66 on the list.

No NIST FOIA file, obviously.

37. 62 (NEW 2018)  BBC website, or YouTube at 0:19

BBC Flight 175

NEW to this list in 2018, making a total 62 videos showing the plane, thanks to a find by All911rec (alt. version). The airplane video was first seen on BBC's website Sept. 8, 2011 for the 10th anniversary in a video story called "The legacy and aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 9/11." Video from the same angle shows the North Tower collapse, as seen in a BBC video story, "Hollywood's take on the 9/11 attacks."

Yet another BBC website article shows the plane earlier in approach, as noticed by All911rec here... which comes from the Sept. 11, 2011 BBC website article "9/11: Images from New York that shocked the world." Footage moments after the crash is found in a story about FAA man Ben Sliney. (See entries on him.)

No NIST FOIA file.


Brooklyn Bridge  YouTube 1 & 2.

Brooklyn Bridge 9/11 plane

UPDATE August 2011: NIST says the video source is Richard Numeroff. For a previous source investigation, see Christian Bornag's article, Tracking 9/11: "The Brooklyn Bridge Footage" and its use on the 2003 PsyOps for War. By comparing the credits in each of the documentaries that have featured the footage, Bornag has concluded that ITN/Reuters was the source. Seemingly contrary to Bornag's study, gives these details: Story No. X01885; Title: September 11th Anniversary Clipreel: Part 8. Source: Tiger Aspect. Apparently it's both-- basically managed by ITN/Reuters.

For a while the shot was attributed to terrorists due to a mistake (or deception) by the mainstream media and/or FBI. Just as the Iraq war was beginning, the video appeared on an "al-Qaida-linked site" as "may be never-before-broadcast video." Never mind that it had been seen in four documentaries prior to 2003! The fact that this piece of video is mistakenly identified by Associated Press (, coupled with the fact that the FBI in 2008 released the video on a DVD in response to a FOIA request, suggests deception. Yet another mistaken case of video identity came in 2009 by CBS News who attributed it to a [still] photographer featured on the 9/11 Memorial "Make History" website.

See it and hear it with audio enhanced. Thanks 911allcausticcamera. Watch the Penttbom version now -- a 2008 FOIA release.

NIST FOIA files include one version in release 20 as "FBI #1" in low resolution 352x240, and in release 27 as high resolution: G26D154... although the frame is cropped, leaving out the edges that in the Moussaoui trial exhibit P200015 video shows a longer approach-- 7.9 seconds. (This approach is not level, and not contradictory to other videos, like the CBS-1 LIVE "divebomber" shot above, where 3D modeling proves it.)

The point of perspective, as calculated by Achimspok is -73.994125, 40.704294. (video link is a mirror since original is now private)


CameraPlanet New (2016)  YouTube at 7:52

CameraPlanet Flight 175

NEW to this list in 2017 (number 61) thanks to a pumpitout forum post alert from MrKoenig in the thread I created for that purpose! The only known source is from the May 14, 2016 YouTube CameraPlanet Archive "Impact" screener. There is no audio in this short clip (1:21).

The CameraPlanet Archive compiled its second plane hit collection mixing shots of the plane and shots of the explosion only, which for the purposes of this website the explosion only shots are listed separately. Six of them are from "The CameraPlanet Archive." addition to some on this list: Luis Alonso, Jennifer Spell (both televised and listed above with many links), Brian Gately, William Gibson, and Antonio Rosario.

No NIST FOIA file available.


Devin Clark  YouTube, or see animated GIF

Devin Clark films Flight 175

UPDATE Sept. 2011: Aired on NY1 for the 10th anniversary coverage, the quality not much better than the 320x240 original. Found on Devin's website— see archived videos page, where his 8 minute "What I Saw From My Window" is NOT available. Devin's video is also on the 3rd 9/11 airplane video on the tinacart YouTube channel. His location: 1 Penn Plaza, close to CNN.

Listen to Jeff Hill's phone call to Devin (from 2007).

No NIST FOIA file available.


"Columbine" (Jehovah's Witnesses)  YouTube 1 & 2., or see animated GIF

Jehovahs Witnesses angle of United 175

UPDATE 2019: Another extended version with audio resides at It's been called "Columbine" since the clip appeared in the Michael Moore film "Bowling for Columbine" (2002). The footage is also in the Dr. Ebbetts DVD collection "As It Happened," which draws largely on television broadcasts from 9/11. It is possible this footage aired on TV, although a National Public Radio (NPR) reporter talks during the start of the footage in the Ebbetts classic.

In June 2009 an extended version surfaced, also with audio. See YouTube upload Oct. 2010. The camera operator testifies to seeing the plane, pointing at the flight path. The shot comes from (emailed to me [Matt] by Dan Klein, Best Shot, Inc.). The muted Columbine clip also appears in the same video file with a previously uncirculated angle of "UA 175" - SY01, again courtesy of

Location: "Filmed from the Jehovah's Witnesses Dormitory, 84-92 Sands St, Brooklyn; 380 feet tall, 30 floors above ground elevated to 61 feet; at about: 40d 41m 58.49s N, 73d 59m 13.99s W" (YougeneDebs)

No NIST FOIA file available.


Doug & Courtney (NEW 2020)  YouTube 1, 2. (mirror clip), & 3. (slow)

Flight 175

it's originally vhs from a family member.... then she and her husband made a dvd for many of us.... I used my cell-cam to youtube it off the tv screen.... - davidbp4, YouTube comments

First uploaded Sept. 16, 2020 by David P., likely the same person as commenter davidbp4. Original DVD/VHS quality not available. Thanks to 911AnalysisVideo for finding this!

The DVD is titled "Doug & Courtney's 9-11-01 Video" and includes a slow motion replay of the plane impact at the end (10:43 of 10:58) with the title "9-11-01 Plane Crash into World Trade Tower Slow Play."

The loud plane crash happens in the first seconds of the video. After about 7:30 camera operator Doug comes down from his 10th floor (estimated) balcony and walks the streets. He immediately finds a singed piece of mail (seen at 7:44) from one of the planes that had been carrying it, bound for California. See my PDF "Airplane Debris, WTC 9/11," p. 12 for more mail examples.

No NIST FOIA file.


Jimmy Fountain (NEW 2012)  Watch

Flight 175

I shot this from my bedroom window in the West Village in Manhattan. At the time I didn't know what was going on, I thought the WTC was just on fire. I didn't see the second plane hit until I watched the video later. I tried to turn it into the police that day but no one I asked knew where to take it. I copied it onto my hard drive and It's been there until posting it here. -

UPDATE 2017: Now seen on YouTube on channel "RockHouseImages," apparently for licensing. Thanks 911allcausticcamera for the email tip. Titled "9/11 from my bedroom window" at Vimeo, it's a 1-minute, 16-second clip available in 640x480 resolution (20MB MOV original or 6MB MP4). I've enhanced the original to HD here. The plane is visible for about 33 frames, or 1.1 seconds. No surprise Jimmy missed the plane in real time.

No NIST FOIA file available. Point of perspective not yet pinned for map (see maps page).


Brian Gately  YouTube

Brian Gately angle of United 175

Note the clock time is an hour behind. Brian Gately appeared in 7 Days in September, by Steven Rosenbaum and CameraPlanet Archive— but his plane footage didn't. Likewise, William Gibson's plane footage (seen also in the CameraPlanet Archive) wasn't included. Jennifer Spell's shot provided a much better view. See Gately's 2nd hit video in the CameraPlanet Archive, or in the 2005 Nat Geo doc "Inside 9/11," in the bonus program "Witness 9/11."

Plus, listen to Jeff Hill's phone call from Dec. 2, 2008. Regarding camera location: "6th floor window at the NW corner of the building at 910 Park Place, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY; ground elevation is 92 feet; 40 deg 40 min 23.40 sec N, 73 deg 56 min 52.21 sec W" (Thanks, YougeneDebs)

No NIST FOIA file available.


William Gibson  full length Vimeo or YouTube 1, 2.

William Gibson angle - with alleged Flight 175

UPDATE 2014: Found Gibson's story online. 2012 update: This was listed as Gary Pollard's footage mistakenly until the video appeared for the 10th anniversary on Vimeo with Gibson's name - "9 11 Proximity." See the reason why I misnamed it. Thanks for finding the video on Vimeo and pointing it out to me, OacousticS.

First seen on the web as part of the CameraPlanet Archive but not featured in the CameraPlanet film "7 Days in September" (2002). By comparing some of the "7 Days" footage with the dark blue CameraPlanet YouTube video, I thought I had discovered the identity of the videographer. See also Jennifer Spell and Brian Gately— also featured by CameraPlanet. The Gibson shot was not counted as a video of the plane for a long time since the dark blue color drowned out the shadowy plane image. Thanks to Nathan Flach for brightening the video and featuring it in his 43-angle compilation.

See a clip of the Gibson explosion in BBC's "The Conspiracy Files: 9/11" (sorry no current link) at about 11:06, beginning mid fireball. In Sept. 2010 the Nat. Geo. documentary "Witness D.C. 9/11" began with Gibson's plane impact footage... and his name appeared in the credits. Note this documentary cropped the image slightly, losing the important debris ejecta/"nose out" at the top of the frame.

No NIST file.


Fred Hadley  YouTube, or see animated GIF

Fred Hadley angle of United 175

September 2008 release, thanks to a find by Nathan Flach. Update: Fred has posted his video on the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, (dead link now) along with Jen S. (TV amateur, above). On YouTube Fred Hadley is Queensdude. His video appeared there on September 10, 2008. Quoting more info: "Possibly the most distant (16 mi.) video footage of the second jet hitting the South Tower and the collapse of the North Tower." Quoting comments: "I was shooting from the 25th floor of North Shore Towers on the border of Queens and Nassau Counties facing southwest...." Another: "I was talking to a friend on the phone watching the live TV coverage when the second jet hit. The tripod-mounted camera was unattended in another room."

No NIST FOIA file available.


Pavel Hlava  YouTube 1 & 2., 3., & 4. - or see new HD slideshow

Pavel Hlava angle of United 175

UPDATE: This clip - and the 1st plane hit and the extremely shaky 1st collapse - was released Sept. 2010 by NIST thanks to the International Center for 9/11 Studies FOIA request (Hlava's name is misspelled "Hlavel"). First aired September 2003, in time for the 2 year anniversary of the attacks. Hlava sued cable news station New York 1 for airing the videotape without his approval. The lawsuit saught unspecified damages against the cable news station, part of AOL Time Warner, and Michael Cohen, Hlava's boss, who the station said gave it a copy of the tape for free. In the lawsuit, Hlava said he licensed the video to ABC News to be broadcast for the first time on ABC's "Good Morning America" on the two-year anniversary of the attacks. Hlava managed to catch both planes on his video, making his the 2nd video of the 1st attack (the other being Jules Naudet - link to his brother's 2nd hit shot)

Meet Pavel Hlava, thanks to Also see this informative slideshow at that tells the story. More: Sept. 7, 2003 article

Raw NIST Cumulus file: Pavel Hlavel 03 (misspelled)


Marc Kehoe (NEW 2020)  YouTube 1 & 2. (mirror clip)

new Flight 175

Uploaded Feb. 9, 2011 by kapwal999 as "new york-venezia autumn 2001" with the filmmaker credited at the end of the 2 minute 36 second video (still only 135 views). Miraculously found by 9/11 researcher 911AnalysisVideo and added here in 2020 for a new total of 67!

No NIST file.


Jim Kosior  YouTube 1, 2., & 3.

Kosior 9/11 2nd plane

UPDATE April 2014: High quality version seen here. UPDATE July 2011: New extended length version released. Also, on this page I renamed the shot from "Tuesday Morning in September." UPDATE Jan. 2011: Jim has posted new trailers for his DVD, "Tuesday Morning in September." Unfortunately for the purposes of this web page, the plane crossing the sky has been edited out. New addition as of May 27, 2010. Amateur videographer Jim has two or more YouTube channels: TuesdayMorningInSept and Supersynapsis. Visit the website if you're interested in buying the DVD of extended length, lightly edited footage shot from the New Jersey side. While to some it may seem greedy and disrespectful to be selling 9/11 DVDs for personal gain, know this: It's the American way! Many others have sold their footage. Take Park Foreman, for instance.

Online versions of the footage have appeared artistically as a video recording of either one or two TVs playing the original video. (This was not televised, FYI.) Researchers note: The DVD won't play on (or copy to) your computer. UPDATE: Thanks, 911allcausticcamera for (I guess) getting a video of the TV playing the DVD (dead link).

No NIST file. Regarding camera location: -74.055763, 40.727583


Manos Megagiannis aka "Mindblower"  YouTube, or see animated GIF

Manos M angle of United 175 plane crash

Posted online in two versions - one closeup slow-mo and one full length - here: (or the archived version of his site). Photographer Manos E. Megagiannis has this to say on his blogspot:

Over the years there is a lot of talk about the WTC attacks and the videos about them. Many make references to my videos. The latest one is:

An Extremely Good Fake?

Here is the story behind my videos: The distance is about 6 miles, (according to Google Earth), recorded using a Sony PC1. After I got a call from a friend of mine about the first plane, I started filming from inside my apartment. To get a bit better view I went to the roof of the building, and the moment I pointed the camera to the WTC and started recording, without even realizing it I captured the second plane hitting the tower. Actually if you see the original tape you will notice that I move the camera so I can confirm with my own eyes the explosion that I saw through the viewfinder. The rest is just very basic digital zoom (very amateurish I admit). The woman's voice, was some tenant in the same building.

The videos have NOT being edited to make the plane disappear or anything like that (as some claim). One of these days, if I find some free time I may go back to the master and re-master the video.

Download full-length original .wmv file here:; and get the slow motion here: See more by Webfairy, who named the video.

No NIST FOIA file available.


Scott Myers  see YT list or slow motion HQ

Scott Myers angle of United 175

Scott Myers 9/11 plane partial images joined

Intense sound as the plane crashes into the building. High quality view of plane's belly - seen in full at left, as two video frames attached so we can view the whole plane. See a zoomed repeating swf image here. The video has been used to show the plane's deceleration upon impact and to show the building's sideways sway upon impact (NIST version here), famously described by witness Brian Clark, who was inside on floor 84.

NIST website hosts footage (to view page, click Continue at agreement, then follow link above). License the footage from Getty Images, where one "Mark Rudolph" is mistakenly credited for the footage. The Scott Myers video is a rare example of amateur footage online, being hosted by the videographer. Notables: NIST used his video to study the South Tower damage and especially the leaning and swaying which instantly debunks any no plane theory nonsense about video fakery. The '08 GOP National Convention propaganda video featured his plane footage (see 0:36). The footage was posted on YouTube in 2006 as "Never before seen Video of WTC 9/11 attack" despite the many airings before then— "In Memoriam..." by HBO (2002, explosion only); "Anatomy of September 11th" by A&E (2002); "New York: Center of the World" by PBS (2003).... See Jeremy Morrison's web page to hear his explanation for his YouTube video title. .. A more recent airing in HQ is from "9/11 Hotel" (UK Ch. 4, 9/10/2008)... also from Xeno - see download link in video description.

Hear the Jeff Hill - Scott Myers phone call now. Check out Scott's awesome PDF resume... or his career timeline. Some have been suspicious of his video editing interest. Regarding the camera position: 12 John Street, according to the NY Times.

NIST Cumulus Files: Myers_plane_strike and Myers_clip6 (extended), and A&E IR1 clip62, in slow motion from the "Anatomy.." documentary listed above-- Additional material is in release 22 in the folder "42A0080 - G21 D2of5." In addition to two video files - an mpg and an avi (both with the same pixel artifacts in early pre-plane frames), dozens of still images use a technique called "motion detection by subtraction" to trace movement of the swaying tower and pressure waves (See a 4 fps motion detection video with the frames). Also plain frames from the video are included in jpg format.


Gedeon Naudet  YouTube 1 & 2.

Gedeon Naudet angle of United 175

UPDATE 2017: CNN has purchased the rights to all the Naudet footage and released the film for the 2016 anniversary with an introduction by Dennis Leary... and the same cut frames during the 2nd hit (Like the 10-year version and all others). Apparently CNN plans to digitize the master tapes and release the original footage in full (according to Variety, "CNN Marks 15th Anniversary of 9/11 With Deal for Landmark Documentary, Digital Archive Plan" Sept. 8, 2016). Some new footage was released -- for example Gedeon's North Tower collapse audio -- at an interactive CNN website.

The Naudet story requires much attention. The TV program "9/11" included the 1st plane impact and an edited 2nd hit clip, in addition to building collapses and Ground Zero closeups. It was 1st broadcast March 10, 2002, on the eve of the 6 month anniversary.. on CBS. In Sept. 2002 it was released as a DVD by Paramount called "9/11: The Filmmakers' Commemorative Edition," edited differently but with the same missing frames in the 2nd hit explosion. A day before the DVD release on 9/11/2002 the TV version aired in 142 countries. Some call it the "9/11 snuff film" or simply propaganda. Please visit Leslie Raphael's website for an introduction to the staged 1st hit shot. (I don't agree with all her stuff, FYI.) See a slideshow of the Naudet first crash in the highest quality, along with my collection of video clips including the first plane. I also made a little documentary called "9/11: The Naudet-Hanlon Conspiracy."

One glaring example of tampering with the 2nd hit video by Gedeon and brother Jules... and actor/firefighter/filmmaker James Hanlon, et. al., is that they EDITED OUT several frames from the 2nd hit explosion sequence. As if to feed conspiracy theories involving their 2nd plane video (instead of their famous, more suspicious first plane shot). Interestingly, the missing frames are [nearly] synched with the LIVE blackout of WNYW, as well as with the timely angle changes of CBS, NBC, and WABC. Had it not been edited, Gedeon's angle would have given us the best view of the debris ejected from WTC 2... engine parts, a landing gear assembly, a wing flap actuator, and assorted scraps (See my 60 MB PDF e-book chapter "Airplane Debris" for full inventory). Gedeon's video of the engine (HPT) is one of the best.

Much time has been spent in identifying that engine part -- and its path down into the corner of the building at 50 Murray St and onto the intersection of Church and Murray. Investigation continued here - thanks, Darren). Even though it was photographed in the street smoking, no plane theorists still think it was planted with all the other plane parts. Note the starboard engine part made its way to Fresh Kills Landfill, the debris sorting site on Staten Island. See the high res shot of it there. Later it was preserved for display use in museums. (2016 correction: This used to say no museums displayed the engine parts.) Now updating this in 2017 I can write that the Newseum still displays a Flight 11 engine without knowing it, and calling it Flight 175's. See my article on the 3 plane engines, "9/11 Plane Engine [Mis]Identified: FBI/NTSB Failed."

No NIST FOIA file exists, but brother Jules's video was made available in terrible quality in release 29, 42A0334 - G29D20 (mirror, pt. 1)

•     NIST "Cumulus" Video Database Released (Partially)     •
Quality Source Material for 9/11 Truth

New 2010 additions listed below (and some TV network views listed above) come from a NIST Freedom of Information Act request thanks to James Gourley, Justin Keogh, and the International Center for 9/11 Studies -- who are uploading to YouTube channel IC911Studies, along with others. The first release of many in progress was the NIST Cumulus Video Database, which is not totally complete due to some copyright claims (sorry no details). It's 942GB of 6767 files in original uncompressed avi format or 83.9GB compressed (still good quality - see YouTube user 911Crasting - and still the same number of files). Download yourself using the torrents found at the wiki site (or keep reading). Cumulus is release number 14, first in a list of many releases to come, totaling more than 4TB. Release 25 is 190GB, in original mpeg-2/VOB/DVD files. Release 27 also, which is 430GB. Sorting all 36 releases (Update 2013: more now) is [still] a work in progress.

UPDATE: Download much of this data at the homepage. Watch most of it in enhanced resolution at YouTube THANKS to TheMKMonarch, WTCFOIAvideos, and especially Nathan Flach, who has taken the time to stabilize much of the event footage, also in HD.

This release comes with the terms below. Note that is non-profit, using no advertisements.

Terms of Use for Enclosed Records Released by National Institute of Standards and Technology under Freedom of Information Act

By downloading these records, which were originally released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology under the Freedom of Information Act, you hereby agree to the following terms:

Terms of Use for Enclosed Records Released by National Institute of Standards and Technology under Freedom of Information Act

By downloading these records, which were originally released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology under the Freedom of Information Act, you hereby agree to the following terms:

1. You acknowledge that some of the enclosed records may be protected by copyrights owned by private individuals or organizations, and agree that you will not use any of these records in ways that infringe such copyrights, if any. You may want to obtain legal advice regarding any contemplated further use of these records.

2. You hereby fully and finally release and discharge the persons and entities who released these records or helped release these records (the Releasees), from any and all claims, demands, and liabilities whatsoever of every name and nature, whether past, present or future, including (without limitation) those with respect to copyright infringement, against the Releasees.

3. You acknowledge and agree that the release of these records is 'fair use' under the Copyright Act, 17 USC Section 107, and comparable international common or statutory laws, if any.

If you do not agree to these terms, immediately erase all copies of these records in your possession. By maintaining a copy of any of these records, you confirm your agreement with these Terms of Use.


NIST 14 - Unknown - Jersey (NEW Sept. 2010)  YouTube

Jersey view of 9/11 plane crash

Found in the NIST Cumulus Video Database in the folder titled "CNN NIST Dub #4 - Clip Tape 1" as clip 32. The footage was shot very near the 2nd hit photo location of "Paul-M" in Weehawken, New Jersey. There is no audio. UPDATE: Another version is in release 10, WTCI-329-I-#4.wmv at vrt 41:29 and again in WTCI-329-I-#25.wmv at vrt 19:18. Both have a second of time missing a second before the plane appears. Notice the helicopter (WCBS-AM Chopper880 recording LIVE for ABC, BBC and FOX News) jump across the screen.


NIST 20 - FBI #10 (NEW Nov. 2010)  YouTube

new second plane shot

Found in NIST FOIA release 20 in the folder titled "42A0064 - FBI#10." The VOB file comes from a DVD of course, but the image quality is low resolution 352x240, like all other FBI DVDs in the release. The video is 59:24 run time, but the camera was handheld! The video includes both tower "collapses" as well as the plane hit, but shaky camera and distance makes the clip unworthy of television.

Also included in the numerous FBI videos (release 20) are, for example, the Brooklyn Bridge shot, Antonio Rosario, and the Penttbom Crane vid.


NIST 2010 (NEW Nov. 2011)  YouTube

NIST amateur plane

New to this list but apparently released May 25, 2010, and with only 1 download before mine in November 2011! Named "605_WTCI_455_I" at the NIST "Original Video from Tapes Repository" at Noteworthy clips found in this collection include the Evan Fairbanks video with 5 minutes of audio... discovered also recently (in lower quality) at the NIST .gov website.


Penttbom Black & White, or "Smokefloat"  YouTube 1 & 2 plane Black and White - Smokefloat

November 2008 marked the release of 3 airplane videos, among other rare footage. See for the full story on the Freedom of Information Act request initiated by Scott Bingham (website owner). Scott received 10 DVDs from the FBI, the first installment (2nd delivery Feb. 1). See also "Brooklyn Bridge" and "Spiegel TV," which had both previously appeared in September 11 documentaries.

"This is a clip from FBI FOIA releaseed DVD labeled: NE513 under the title:
'Videos submitted to FBI Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, under cover of communication dated 2/19/2002, all depicting WTC footage'"   - bronco2121 aka Scott Bingham

UPDATE: jmdewey60 has pinpointed the point of perspective in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. See maps page


Penttbom Crane  YouTube 1 and 2. Crane - with alleged Flight 175

Palm tree gets in the way for a minute. The video was delivered by FBI November 3, 2008 among a pack of 10 DVDs with Pentagon and WTC footage -- see (uploaded by youtuber bronco2121) for the full story on the FOIA request initiated by Scott Bingham (website owner). Original filename was NE518.

UPDATE: This video has again been released in response to the more recent NIST FOIA, as part of release 20, 42A0061 - FBI#3. Quality is not improved, however the "source:" watermark is absent.

YougeneDebs says it was "[f]ilmed from Building 62 of the Brooklyn Navy Shipyard. ... 40d 42m 01.72s N 73d 58m 26.90s W. Ground elevation is 3 feet." See maps page


Penttbom End of the World  YouTube 1 & 2. video alleged Flight 175

Named for something the camera operator says. Footage delivered by FBI November 3, 2008 among a pack of 10 DVDs with Pentagon and WTC footage. See for the full story on the FOIA request initiated by Scott Bingham (website owner). See full version code name NE514 at YT link 2 above (since made private). Not found in the 2010 NIST FOIA as far as I know.


RocerNY aka Roberto Cervantes  Watch

SpanishNY angle - with alleged Flight 175

UPDATE Jan. 2012: Due to a copyright claim we have learned his name. Unlike older versions, the new, clean version has original speed and audio, as uploaded by "spanishNY" at (His YouTube video has been made private). Thanks 911allcausticcamera for notifying me. Quoting from the Vimeo page:

Liberty State Park, NJ. This is the only video from this angle at that distance. The only with the sun. The only one with the loud airplane sonic approaching for so many seconds prior to the crash. The FBI calculated the point of perspective of my video -74.039786, 40.710953 (whatever it means). / El único video con el sol visible en ese preciso momento. El único con sonido del avión aproximándose desde una gran distancia. El único tomado desde Liberty State Park. Corté el audio, es espeluznante, gente gritando, llorando, etc. / Original format: SONY miniDV stereo.

First discovered by Spooked Feb. 2007 on Yahoo! Video in slow motion, and with abundant text. Note: the version linked is not the first upload, which was reportedly from "rocerny". Quoting Rocerny's new identity "Roberto C" on Yahoo! (linked above):

"My video. I was right on the other side of the Hudson. After doing some math, I know I visited those buildings literarily about five thousand times over several years. The last time was the night before; I went to a store called Lechter's. The sonic of the aircraft getting near at a cruising speed and at a very low altitude is real. It was way too loud to be normal. The aircraft was coming from my right hand side, where the only 'obstructions' were the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We were actually much closer to the towers than it seems in the video. I tried to hide the voices since it's very difficult for me to listen to them again. The ferry approaching from the Hudson is the 40M Tatobam, it used to dock every day right in front of my apartment until 4pm, but that was the last day I saw it."

Unlike many "UA 175" videos, you can hear the plane. (See also Courchesne, Hezarkhani, Hlava, Myers, Naudet, Gibson, Shizzham, and Strid.) Although questions have been raised by Killtown about the trajectory, the angle is featured in Achimspok's study "The last 12 seconds" (now private) which seems to resolve the issue. The point of perspective, as calculated by Achimspok is -74.039786, 40.710953. (video link is a mirror, as the original is now private)


Antonio Rosario aka "Spiegel TV"  YouTube 1 & 2

Rosario shot of plane impacting the tower

Rosario 9/11 plane impact flash

UPDATE 2017: Found new 2016 release in largely watermarked CameraPlanet Archive 2nd hit compilation version (at 6:25). Update May 14, 2010: Prishep found the videographer's name at, where the full length videos are... watermarked. By the looks of his professional blog, Rosario can hardly be called an amateur. It's strange that CameraPlanet Archive was credited for his work in the PBS TV documentary seen around the world, even though CameraPlanet did feature Rosario's video.

Spiegel TV (Germany) was playing the BBC documentary, which aired on PBS NOVA in the U.S. titled "Why the Towers Fell" (2002). Watch the American version on YouTube. The German version was available for download at, pioneer collector of the plane crash videos. More recently in 2006, BBC-PBS-NOVA used a cropped enlargement of Rosario's images in "Building on Ground Zero" with no credit to the camera operator or to CameraPlanet.

In addition to the Spiegel TV/NOVA versions - the closeup/crop and the regular view - there is one in the CameraPlanet Archive with audio (uploaded twice). Another longer version with audio was released Feb. 1st by Scott Bingham of, titled "K3074 FOIA release. Second plane impacting the WTC." As with so many other videos, the FBI collected.

Regarding camera location: "Park Tower (the building's name), One Plaza Street, Brooklyn, NY - 53.34 meters tall, 16 floors, 120-foot ground elevation, 40 deg 40 min 31.00 sec N, 73 deg 58 min 17.67 sec W" (Thanks YougeneDebs)

NIST Cumulus file: NOVA PBS - Why Towers Fell\PBS NOVA Clip 79. Release 20 contains the folder "42A0068 - FBI#16" which is a 352x240 resolution DVD VOB file.


Howard Schickler (NEW Sept. 2011)  YouTube - Source

Schickler angle with Flight 175

UPDATE: See a tweet from Mr. Schickler with more 9/11 images of his. Plus a still of his plane video. The airplane video was released Sept. 8, 2011 near Howard's home town in Florida, on From that:

This previously unreleased video begins at 9:02 on Sept. 11, 2001.

It was shot from the window of the warehouse gallery of Howard Schickler in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, on the waterfront next to the Brooklyn Bridge.

The north tower of the World Trade Center had been hit by American Airlines Flight 11 about 15 minutes earlier.

Schickler positioned his video camera on the window sill and caught this horrifying image: At 9:03, United Airlines Flight 175 slams into the south tower of the trade center, igniting a massive fireball and eliciting screams from the crowd below.

'I immediately thought: 'We are at war,'' recalled Schickler, who now lives in Sarasota.

Thanks to 911allcausticcamera for the discovery and mirror on YouTube. (link updated 2014)


"Shizzzham"  YouTube 1 & 2, & 3

Shizzzham angle - with alleged Flight 175

Released horizontally 10/14/07 on YouTube. We know this thanks to Killtown's efforts in collecting information on the 2nd hit airplane videos. On Killtown's page there, the crowd's "unreaction" is pointed out as possible evidence of fakery. Also, Killtown saved the story from the now deleted YouTube info. "Joined: July 22, 20 06 - Age: 37 - Country: Japan -

"A new hire from our company captured this while in NY for training. He was on the way to the office and saw one tower on fire and then started filming. In full view you can see the second plane smashing into the second tower. Amazing footage. I wish I remembered the man's name to give him the credit." - Shizzzham


Peter Strid  YouTube, or see animated GIF

Peter Strid 9/11 airplane video

Strid made his video private on YouTube. Maybe it was the accusations of fakery. I had a link here to odd claims from Simon Shack at forums, but the board was shut down due to inappropriate behavior. Dialogue from this video is more interesting than the degraded picture.

Male 1: "Wha, what just hit it?"
Male 2: "An airplane."
Male 1: "Another one?"
Male 2: "Did the, wait, was the first one an airplane?"
Male 1: "No, the first, no.  What was that?  Just now?"
Male 2: "That was a... as far as I could tell, that was a United -- it looked it, I swear, a United airplane that crashed into the side of it."
Male 1: "The one just came in now?"
Male 2: "Yes!"

In 2008 History's "102 Minutes That Changed America" featured this half minute of Strid's tape, not including the plane - just the dialogue. The extended version is longer than 18 minutes... posted on Liveleak in Sept. 2007.


"SY01"  YouTube & 2

SY01 shot of alleged Flight 175

Angle similar to the Anthony Cotsifas photo; a November 2008 discovery by Xenomorph911WTC. The unknown amateur shot is available for licensing at the original source. Shoot them an email to get a sample in an email attachment. (I received an email personally in a response from Dan Klein, who also posted some clips temporarily on the Best Shot web server.) The camera missed the South Tower falling, apparently, but not the North Tower "collapse".


Techmac Inc.  YouTube, or see animated GIF

Techmac shot of alleged Flight 175

Source file download: found here: See the bottom of the page where it reads, "Low quality clip."


Tinacart 2  YouTube 1 & 2, or see animated GIF

Tinacart 2 amateur airplane video

UPDATE Jan. 2011: Found in the Int'l Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA, release 28, as 42A0297 - G28D2\BBC\fromCD\worldtrade_plane3_avi.avi (also a .wmv file of similar low res). So named thanks to one of three YouTube uploads by "tinacart" titled "United Airlines Flight 175 Witness Reactions, Part II ." See also "Tinacart 1" aka Chris Hopewell, and Devin Clark.

An extended version is still available for download in .wmv format in the web archive of, a directory listing of videos where only Tinacart 2 ("amazing home video.wmv") plays. It's interesting that the long-distance witness (male) suggests the Boeing 767 was a "rocket... fast." Indeed, the alleged plane was flying fast. Estimates range widely from 503 MPH (MIT) to 590 MPH (FEMA, p. 2-31). An average of the two is more accurate.

Regarding camera location: "Filmed from the roof of (aprox.) 24 Devoe St, Williamsburg, about 3.25 miles east of the WTC. Ground elevation 19 feet. 40 deg 42 min 46.84 sec N, 73 deg 57 min 01.88 sec W. The Williamsburg Bridge is prominent in the foreground." (Thanks, YougeneDebs)


Unknown - Corrupted  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

Dumbo with 2nd plane attack towers

UPDATE 2016: Thanks to an email from Josiah H., we have a more original source, "Dumbo Jets." Sorry the cartoon is still there. UPDATE 2011: Correspondence with the video source, 911allcausticcamera, has revealed that his source was in fact a video showing the plane approach with a crude Dumbo cartoon drawn almost completely over the plane... which was whited out aka "corrupted" before being uploaded by 911allcausticcamera. Smart, because the cartoon is annoying. No real original has been found yet.

New addition to this list August, 2010. The plane is only visible in 5 frames, cached. For this reason, they have been removed in the 2nd and 3rd YouTube versions linked above.

Regarding camera location: to be determined. ** See MAPS page for camera locations. **

§   Note that independent research into the 2nd plane hit has shown significant error in the NIST investigation.   §

Special thanks to Aldwinn and Google Earth (see spreadsheet data), YougeneDebs, and Achimspok for their work finding camera locations.

Airplane Debris, WTC 911 - Since 9 Feb. 2008

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