WTC North Tower Collapse/Demolition Video Collection

- select high quality footage from 10:28 a.m. on 9/11 -

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** New additions include A. Ciccone, HDNet, NY1 J. Simmons, R. McGregor, D. Skiles, and Getty Images 994471224 **


- numbered and individually linked for reference -


ABC NewsCopter7  YouTube 1, 2. or TV archive


UPDATE Oct. 2010: Quality raw video has been found in the NIST Cumulus Video Database (as released by FOIA). All entries on this webpage that are included in the NIST Cumulus database (or other NIST FOIA materials) will have the corresponding file names at the bottom of the entry.

NewsCopter7 hovered more than 5 miles from the scene, as other choppers had been advised to do. Hear John DelGiorno report the 5 mile limitation at about 9:18 am, 10 minutes after arriving at the scene. Paul Smith (R.I.P.) of Helicopters Inc. piloted the aircraft. To learn more of these men's experience on 9/11, see their 2nd plane impact video, rarely played because it missed the plane.

Raw NIST Cumulus File: ABC Dub 2_18 (YouTube HD)


CBS2 (WCBS) View 1: GM Building  YouTube 1 (LIVE), 2 (replay), & 3. (LIVE compilation)


UPDATE 2014: Nathan Flach found the CBS national news version, with anchor Dan Rather, in a web file he saved before it was taken down. New York local Channel 2 was running their GM Building camera, where The Early Show was/is produced. A recording has been available thanks to the Dr. Ebbetts DVD collection "September 11th As It Happened" (link 3 above). See one replay in the TV archive: CBS9 at 10:48 am (better quality link 1 above).

This camera didn't capture the South Tower event, apparently. As for the North Tower, there was also a missing CBS camera view: the Trump International Hotel & Tower that caught the 2nd plane hit at 1 Central Park West near the CBS Broadcast Center (at 530 W 57th St).

NIST Cumulus file: CBS2_clip42 (folder CBS_Broadcast_8-45A. No raw video available, only a TV broadcast recording.)


CBS2 (WCBS) View 2: Chopper2  TV archive or YouTube 1 & 2

CBS WTC1 raw

CBS9 Washington aired the first few seconds in a small, split window, then put the LIVE destruction on full screen. On CBS2 (WCBS) only the falling "spire" of remaining core columns was seen. FOX News aired the 2nd half of the shot LIVE. See it also in the TV archive 9/11 at 5:01 pm on CBS9 Washington or in higher quality on FOX5 Washington at 10:42 am.

Chopper2's angle from the south gave us a unique view of 1. the fire as it progressed [Note: see an important photo study of the suspicious fire progression -- ALSO see the full length raw NIST video] and 2. a bright gray dust cloud that emerged early, below the alleged initiation. (See Achimspok's video on the subject.)

Chopper2 was piloted by Ed Baker, with Jim Smith reporting. Hear the names mentioned during the broadcast at 9:10. WCBS reporter Joe Biermann was also aboard, according to one source.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WCBS Dub4 23 -- also see 911 FOIA release 25 folder 42A0092 - G25D2 for better mpeg-2 (stabilized by Nathan Flach)


CNBC - NBC River Shot, West  YouTube 1, 2., & 3

WTC1 collapse CNBC

"There you see the building imploding.... Do you see what's happening? ... This is clearly-- the way the structure is collapsing.... This was the result of something that was planned. It's not accidental that the first tower just happened to collapse and then the second tower just happened to collapse in exactly the same way. How they accomplished this we don't know. But clearly this is what they wanted to accomplish." CNBC News anchor, 10:30 am

UPDATE Oct. 2010: Thanks to new archive TV from CNBC, this angle has been moved to the LIVE category. See a more organized playlist here at the NBC archive.

Found in the TV archive on NBC4 Washington at 1:05 pm and 5:05 pm in identical event summary reports. Again at 6:35 pm in a similar summary (shorter view). The upper floors' descent is seen from beginning to middle only-- CNBC has the full shot. See the South Tower "collapse" from this angle in a VHS tape posted on YouTube... and on CNBC.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub9_17 (also see NBC Atlanta4 21) Best, see release 25, 42A0096 - G25D6.


CNN View 1: 5 Penn Plaza Roof Cam  YouTube 1 or 2. & TV archive

CNN North Tower collapse

CNN was using WNYW Chopper5 feed for the first two seconds of the LIVE "collapse." The shot then faded to this CNN camera at 5 Penn Plaza (their New York headquarters, also with another camera - see below), this view zoomed closest. Download the LIVE mpeg2. In the strange case of the South Tower footage - which missed it LIVE but did in fact capture it - the station didn't broadcast it until the middle of the night.

The WTC 1 LIVE shots changed 3 times: 1) After 2 seconds from WNYW Chopper5, 2) after 4 seconds of the zoom, the 5 Penn Plaza wide shot faded in, 3) After 5 seconds of that stationary angle, this closeup angle faded back in, while the camera zoomed out. To see this particular zoomed shot without fading out and back in, see CBC Newsworld LIVE (Canada). Notice CBC attributes the shot to WABC, as does this unknown broadcast. Hectic times, I suppose.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: CNN Dub5 15 (missing last seconds of core remnant falling) -- also NIST FOIA release 10, WTCI-329-I-#25 at 15:30 which has raw audio revealing that the camera operated inside where the CNN TV broadcast is heard.


CNN View 2: 5 Penn Plaza Wide Shot  YouTube or TV archive

CNN North Tower collapse

Static view, as opposed to other roofcam. Download continuous replay in high quality (69.2MB avi with WTC 2 airing). CNN had their stationary camera at 5 Penn Plaza (their New York headquarters) up and running early that morning. But no video of the 1st plane surfaced. See a clip from this news compilation from 8:00 am on the Ebbetts DVD "As It Happened."

LIVE coverage details can be found above-- under "CNN View 1."

Raw NIST Cumulus file: CNN Dub5 14 (full - YT link above) Note the release 10 "full tape" - WTCI-329-I-#1 - cuts out before WTC 1 collapse.

ABOUT THIS LIST: Only views showing the tower descending for at least two seconds will be listed, with the exception of Jules Naudet's shot from the famous documentary "9/11," a camera so close to the building it simply must be included here. For example, the WNYW View 2: CBS "Blue Angle" aired only the last seconds of the building core "spire" falling. That still counts as a LIVE view.


MSNBC - Chopper4  YouTube 1, 2., or 3. NIST FOIA enhanced

Chopper4 WTC1 collapse

It wasn't MSNBC's chopper, but WNBC's. This shot is titled MSNBC since it aired LIVE on that channel. This angle was seen for the first one second on NY Channel 4, if that. It was LIVE on MSNBC for the last seconds of the disaster, between the [FOX LIVE] NBC West St. view and the NBC GE Building cam, the latter of which only showed dust. Throughout the day, the NBC network broadcast bits of the shot, which I had to piece together to create a complete version (link 3 above [UPDATE: Quality recording newly available Oct. 2010. Link to come.]).

The LIVE broadcast was made available online at, as well as on TV for the 6 year anniversary. It replayed (for example) at 1:21, 2:52 and 6:34 pm on 9/11 (the versions I pieced together).

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub6 22, NBC Atlanta3 28


MSNBC West View  YouTube 1 & 2

MSNBC WTC1 collapse

UPDATE 2014: Recent uploads of MSNBC LIVE TV became available in February. Coverage begins as the story breaks. The uploads are missing some time between part 1 [length 1:06:28] and part 2 [length 2:51:24]). Better quality images than:

Previous rare source was "9/11 Television 1 of 12" uploaded by MSTS1. The Boston VHS tape is important not because of this footage, but because only MSNBC used the FAA-approved software called Flight Explorer [online] and broadcast it LIVE, displaying the constantly-updated information from the skies, some time after the collapse at 10:28 am... (see new version part 2 at 55:20) AND this industry standard application showed UA Flight 175 - alleged to have hit the South Tower at 9:02:59 am - IN THE AIR, STILL! Ongoing research by Seatnineb looks at this in depth.

No NIST FOIA file found, for broadcast recordings or raw footage.


NBC4 NY - WNBC from SoHo  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

NBC4 WTC1 collapse

UPDATE 2014: See Nathan Flach's enhanced version. WNBC's Joe Avellar broadcast LIVE minutes before the event, interviewing WTC survivors. The camera angle is seen again in that linked clip at 6:12 vrt, for a few seconds. His camera showed us the devastating action LIVE while reports came from the studio.

Avellar gives his location in SoHo as "Prince and Wooster St." six minutes before the "collapse." He didn't go far before training the camera on the WTC.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub10 54 - See also NBC_Broadcast_8-45A\NBC2_clip60 (LIVE), NBC_News Dub from Jim Remberg\NBC News Dub_clip12, NBC Atlanta3 20 (also 23, end cut short), and WNBC Dub4A 21 (low quality). Also see release 25, folder 42A0099 - G25D9 at 25:12 of joined VOB files/DVD for a high quality, raw version. Watch with resolution/color enhanced.


NBC, FOX & ITV - WNBC West St. #1  YouTube 1 & 2.

NBC North Tower collapse

Hear audio of the event. Behind the voices it's a muffled roar. Camera name not pegged. NBC's Walter Perez was nearby, as was Pat Dawson's crew, who was set up to the left of Perez, across the street. Both had the white pedestrian bridge in view (see Google map). Also, MSNBC cut to Perez seconds after the disaster. Only recently has the NBC network coverage (and raw video) become available. The more familiar D.C. archive was running local coverage at the time.

The shot was also seen LIVE on UK's ITV. Not aired LIVE on NBC4 Washington, nor in the WNBC NY. However, the shot did air LIVE on FOX5 Washington - missing the first few seconds-- and on KTTV FOX11 Los Angeles, the FOX5 WNYW flagship's sister station.

Ongoing research has been using this video to determine a proof for demolition, in that the antenna began to drop first. The collapse initiated in the core.

The national FOX News broadcast used CBS Chopper2. In the street (near Church and Murray), FOX News reporter Rick Levanthal says he can see the top of the building, but we can't because of the glare caused by the dust.

NIST Cumulus files: CBS-Net Dub7 22 (Note NBC's Pat Dawson is heard at the end of the clip right beside the camera. Another example of a "CBS-Net Dub" of NBC footage is the leaning WTC 7 video.), NBC_News Dub from Jim Remberg\NBC News Dub_clip28 (with news banner)


New York 1 (NY1) Empire State Bldg.  YouTube

NY1 - WTC 1

The video can be seen, along with many other 9/11 clips, at the NY1 website. The camera is located on the Empire State Building near the 80th floor, very near the WB11 (WPIX) Metrocam that shared its view with WNYW, WABC, and more. NY1 didn't share.

A NIST FOIA file including the North Tower footage hasn't been found, despite extended footage of the WTC 2 plane crash, fire, and collapse.


WB11 Chopper Air11 (WPIX-TV)  YouTube 1, 2., or 3.

Air11 LIVE

Rare west side angle, a wide shot in comparison with the nearby WNYW FOX Chopper5 (see below). Air11 pilot: Ray Rivera. Reporter: Melinda Murphy (won an Emmy for breaking news 9/11). Camera: Chet Wilson and Brenda Banon (training as photographer). The LIVE WB11 footage features shots from both Chopper 11 - aka "Air11" - and WCBS Chopper2. The WB11 Empire State Building camera also captured the action, but only broadcast LIVE for a moment-- as the dust cloud rose.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WPIX Dub4 17 (YT link 3 above) Better still is the release 25 mpeg-2 in folder 42A0111 - G25D21.


WNYW View 1: Chopper5  Youtube 1, 2, & 3


Chopper5 missed the South Tower "collapse," but not the 2nd plane impact. Reporter/camera operator Kai Simonsen was ready for the 2nd demolition. Much of America was expecting it. After all, the towers were "twins."

CNN aired the shot live for a couple seconds before switching to their network camera(s). They showed the whole thing at 11:33 am.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNYW DUB5 19 (incomplete - no initiation, or first half for that matter: should have been between 16 and 17) -- See release 10 for an afternoon broadcast that included the full shot around 12:05 pm... among other rarities.


WNYW View 2: CBS Blue Angle  YouTube 1 & 2


UPDATE: With NIST FOIA release 27, 42A0239 - G26D114 (clip), we can see the initiation full screen.

After Chopper5 this shot was used LIVE only for a few seconds of the building core (aka "spire") standing. Then the view changed to the CNN movable view. The "blue" cam caught the 2nd plane LIVE on CBS... hence the name. See all the 2nd plane impacts now, or jump to the YouTube clip of the full CBS LIVE plane crash. This view of the WTC 2 "collapse" was played on CBS in more complete form, however rarely. As seen at link 2 above, a small split window displays the scene.

NIST Cumulus file is partial: CNN Dub5 13 (only spire falling)


WNYW View 3 (KTTV) Dick Oliver  YouTube 1, 2., & 3.


This shot was only broadcast LIVE on WNYW's sister station in Los Angeles, KTTV FOX Channel 11 (link 1 above, final seconds only). Veteran reporter Dick Oliver and his cameraman were set up in front of the car wash at 124 Ave of the Americas, since before the 1st collapse. The camera shakes like in the non-TV "amateur" Sauret footage, but both occurences appear to be the fault of the camera operator.

WNYW's "Ollie" was in lower Manhattan with the camera lying on the ground recording, when the 1st plane hit. He brought us the first report on TV that morning, while WCBS-AM traffic chopper 880 was reporting from the sky on the radio... a few minutes later broadcasting video only for ABC.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNYW Dub 4 06 (also the last file in the WNYW Broadcast folder and "KTVT-LA Fox clip_62" in the misspelled file/folder (should be KTTV). UPDATE: See release 10 where rare afternoon coverage replays the event in WTCI-329-I-#12.wmv.


- numbered and individually linked for reference -


ABC7 (WABC) Reporter Jim Hoffer (partial)  YouTube 1 & 2

image - Hoffer WTC 1

Audio of the event is included, but not initiation. John Chow operated the camera, according to Hoffer in the broadcast excerpt (link 2 above at 5:24 - download avi). The clip aired nationwide at 11:45 am, for example. The horrible action is obscured by the pedestrian bridge crossing West Street to the high school. See the Jim Hoffer report on

One of few moments to turn a smile that day occured during Jim's escape from the destruction, when a civilian youth "flipped off" the camera! (i.e. held up his middle finger)

Raw NIST Cumulus file: ABC Dub3 41


ABC7 (WABC) Reporter Joe Torres  YouTube 1 & 2

image - Joe Torres WTC 1

Cameraman Glen Mayrose stands beside Joe in one report describing the earthquake rumbling below as the South Tower began to come down. The North Tower footage aired nationwide 9/11 on ABC at 7:06 pm, for example. Notably, a Port Authority engineer was being interviewed, talking about the strength and stability of the towers. Also see the Torres report on (alt. version on YouTube here).

NIST Cumulus file: ABC Dub5 21


ABC7 (WABC) Reporter Michelle Charlesworth  YouTube 1, 2, & 3.

image - ABC WTC 1

Camera operator was very near Angelo Martin, below. This shot, however, played many times across networks. Aired nationwide at 11:42 am, for example. Shot from the West Side Highway just north of Canal St, according to Michelle minutes before the South Tower demolition on WABC. She and her crew hadn't moved since then.

One interesting version appeared in the 9/11 Truth documentary/news & video footage compilation called "9/11 Revisited: Were explosives used?" (2009). Find high quality downloads at The North Tower footage is in version 2 of the film, at about 19:30 vrt. I'm not sure of the source for the audio when a woman voice over says the destruction sounded like the fireworks finale on the 4th of July.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: ABC Dub3 38; also release 25 folder 42A0103 - G25D13, Video #10


ABC7 Reporter M. Charlesworth Alt. Zoom (partial)  YouTube 1 & 2

ABC spire

Camera operator was WABC's Angelo Martin, according to YT link 1 above. Features a spectacular view of the "spire" of core columns before it fell straight down. (See also non-TV amateurs Veoh Anon. & NY Center of the World, for example.). This camera was a few feet to the right and behind the perspective seen on TV repeatedly (listed above). This shot aired 9/11 at 11:39 and 11:58 pm somewhere (not Eastern Standard Time in NY, and not in the AM -- I've checked) on ABC, according to this clip from femr2 and this one from Xenomorph911WTC. Other clips available with this time stamp have come from the Nashville, Tennessee Vanderbilt University Television News Archive, which rents tapes for $200.00US.

See the clip also in TLC's 2005 "Flight 175: As the World Watched," which was produced by ABC.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: ABC Dub3 46 (see a crisp image of the spire - new video is link 3 above)


ABC7 (WABC) Reporter Nina Pineda (partial)  YouTube

image - ABC WTC 1

The footage aired 9/11 on ABC at 12:42 pm and at 7:10 pm. A female with an ABC microphone says that the second building has just come down. The Woolworth Building obscures the view, after the automatic light meter in the camera adjusts to the brightness of the sky.

Nina places herself at City Hall - (31 Chambers St.) - about 10 minutes before the North Tower event. She was on the phone on the air up to 7 minutes before the disaster, and when the tower comes down, the studio anchor says she is only a few blocks away. Other female WABC reporters included Lauren Glassberg (who was at St. Vincents) and Stacey Sager-- see the ABC 9/11 video page.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: ABC Dub3 43


ABC7 (WABC) Reporter N.J. Burkett  Video 1, 2, 3, & 4

image - N.J. Burkett WTC 1

See Burkett's report on Marty Glembotzky was the camera operator (see In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01..." (HBO, 2002) at 27:30 vrt). Marty and N.J. got a much closer view of the first collapse. The scene begins with NYPD telling N.J. that the North Tower is leaning. That is why they were pulling people out of the area, N.J. learns... 20 seconds beforehand. This went out over NYPD radio at about 10:20 am (see NISTNCSTAR 1-8, p. 91/294), but due to the lack of FDNY radio interoperability, firefighters didn't get the advance knowledge. The fire dept. had the same radios that malfunctioned during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. When replaced in a $14 million no-bid contract by Motorola (Feb. 2001), the new radios failed. The new radios had to be taken out of service in March... and replaced. Was this part of the conspiracy, to ensure death of American heroes?

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WABC Dub1 101 -- also seen as "BBC_clip119" in less quality ... The NIST Cumulus folder was named "BBC Horizon - The Fall of the World Trade Center" -- a 2002 documentary similar to PBS/NOVA's "Why the Towers Fell." (Jan. 2012 merged here with a duplicate listing here. Thanks, Aldwinn.)


ABC - West St. Bridge: Spire, Dust  YouTube 1 & 2

image - Spire cu

UPDATE: Short clip found in the TV archive on GLVSN at 10:47 pm. Also see some Japanese news excerpts here, recently matched with this video and merged with a duplicate in this list (thanks, MrKoenig.) ABC network airings have not been found.

Shot from the steps of the pedestrian bridge, partially through a telephoto lens, catching the core remnant (aka spire) from the western stairs of the pedestrian bridge, where at the end of the clip the dust cloud moves ominously. That view of the cloud was part of an important ABC report by Robert Krulwich on 9/13 at 7:35 pm, titled by 11septembervideos "WTC Dust Contains Steel," and by ABC: "Health Risks."

Raw NIST Cumulus file: ABC Dub3 45


AP/APTN Below North 1  Youtube 1, 2, & 3

WTC1 below

This clip aired 9/11 at an unknown time on WNYW FOX5 (full broadcast at 9/11 TV archive 2, see"afternoon" news pt. 2). Available for viewing on the AP Archive website (or link 2 above), with a source listed as either APTN (AP Television News) or ABC (in part 11 and 13). Also the order of listed sources (or rights management) matches the order in which they appeared.

Download HD divx avi (37MB) thanks to Xenomorph911WTC, who also found a lower resolution version in a "German n-tv 9/11 news broadcast." UPDATE: Stabilized high quality version uploaded by Xeno July 2011, from "Loose Change Final Cut."

No NIST file found. See the similar angle NIST WNBC Dub4A 29 below.


AP/APTN Below North 2  YouTube

image - AP WTC 1

Unaired? After the zoom in, it looks very similar to the shot listed above. Unfortunately, the AP Archive files (original link is dead so I used the wayback machine) are not of the best quality. The mpeg2 clips look washed out and altered, in addition to the AP stamp, run time box, and story number box.

Note that there is another APTN shot of the 2nd "collapse" from nearby not listed here because buildings block the view of all but the dust/debris cloud.

No NIST file has been found. See instead the similar angle NIST WNBC Dub4A 29 below.


BBC Correspondent Steve Evans  YouTube

image - BBC WTC 1

Aired at 3:34 and again at 3:38 pm on 9/11, eastern standard time. Moments before the event, Steve describes a big explosion low in one of the towers (in 3:38 airing). He had no idea what could have caused that. To investigate this claim further, see the WTC demolitions playlists.


BBC Motion Gallery  YouTube

BBC WTC1 demolition

UPDATE Oct. 2010: Extended beginning found thanks to the NIST FOIA (here in a compilation vid) The initiation is missed, but the action slicing the west side faster than freefall is captured with a 2x zoom lens extender removed just before the BBC Motion Gallery version starts!

I haven't found this clip in the TV archive at, but it is most likely a Network angle due to the tripod and lens extender. Considering that it's one of about 25 views from the West Side Highway (West St.), it doesn't stand out.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: CBS-Net Dub3 38 (see also release 25 folder 42A0120 - G25D31 for HQ mpeg-2 extended version with gunshots, also heard in the NIST/Richard Peskin video and WNBC/PAX-TV West St. shots)


CBS on West Side Hwy.  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

CBS WTC1 collapse

High quality versions now available thanks to the International Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA, released in torrent form at Watch also in "Ground Zero Underworld," (UK Ch.4, 2007) more than once. The media had lined up on West St./the West Side Highway (you will notice). Byron Pitts presented the summary for CBS Evening News, during which this particular shot was the one used to show the North Tower event. Watch at the TV archive site and notice the edit. The 4:59 pm airing with an extra second reveals the zipper of explosions rapidly moving down the west face. (See "Acceleration + Serendipity" by DavidChandler911.)

Raw NIST Cumulus files: CBS-Net_Dub4 32 and CBS-Net Dub6 04 (29 seconds longer, of equal quality)


CBS Mark LaGanga  YouTube 1 & 2

image - CBS Dusty WTC 1

UPDATE 2018: 60 Minutes posted some of Mark's video with his commentary. Camera operator Mark LaGanga was named in the NIST FOIA, release 25, folder 42A0120 - G25D31 (Watch in full now), which features extended tape from CBS going into WTC Building 7 between collapses. As WTC 1 "falls" LaGanga doesn't budge— as people run for their lives! Somebody is knocked to the ground by the force of the wind, just before pebbles hit the camera lens and all becomes black. The camera lens is too dusty to see detail of the "collapse" initiation.

Aired in full 9/11 on CBS at 12:58 pm and on FOX at 10:02 pm. This shot has often been replayed starting after the building begins to crumble, as/after the camera operator wipes the lens clean. Other popular, aired moments from Mark's tape include 1. the old guy in the dust who says, "It collapsed. The top floors collapsed down. I saw it blow and then ran like hell. Thank God. I'm 69 but I can still run." and 2. the Secret Service agent (title: OST, name: Bennette) inside dusty, evacuated WTC7 as the alarm sounds, before the WTC1 "collapse" and 3. THE best shot of WTC3 (Marriott) before WTC1 collapse - U TURN sign, Marriott crushed, debris, looks up at WTC1, smashed ambulance on its side; and 4. Interview with man in blue shirt with shoulder bag who helped carry a woman in a wheelchair down stairs from floor 68 - Mike Benfante - worked at Network Plus communications company on 81st floor of 1 WTC... where the bathroom was blown out he says. Hmmm.

NIST files: CBS-Net Dub3 31 (and release 25 as mentioned above)


CNBC West St. (New Sept. 2010)  YouTube 1 & 2

CNBC unknown collapse

UPDATE Sept. 2010: New archive TV from CNBC is available. See a more organized playlist here at the NBC archive. However, I haven't found the clip air time yet-- only the two sources above. I think this is this a network camera because 1. The media was lined up on West St. and 2. CNBC seemed to air only network shots.


Extra, West  YouTube 1 & 2

Extra West collapse initiation

UPDATE March 2012: Found in the new TV archive Sept. 16 at 11:38 pm on ABC, where we learn the camera belonged to an Extra TV crew. Earlier this was moved from "CNN Extra" within TV amateurs to "Extra." Newly available in extended length thanks to RTL (also on liveleak. In Sept. 2010 it became available in hi res, extended length thanks to the NIST FOIA: watch now. And LISTEN (volume increased). Credited to WNBC in NIST volume 1-6.

Clear views from the west are rare. This one adds some insight. Femr2 point out that the video "[s]hows yet another part of the cap the fire near the south west the cap tilts, it *splits* into two halves which go in separate directions." Yet, it may be smoke blocking the line of sight to the fireball. Still, the cap - or top - of the building that supposedly acted like a pile driver, crushing the lower floors... was itself being destroyed from the instant of initiation.

Raw NIST Cumulus files: WNBC Dub7 14 and 15 (and CNN Dub5 11). See also release 25, 42A0094 - G25D4. Download the stabilized enhanced avi now.


FNN Japan, West Side Hwy.  YouTube 1, 2, & 3


Partial view of the descent. One of many many views from the West Side Highway (West St.), including another Japanese camera (assumed) next on this list. This one gives us a look at a news cameraman in the foreground who turns and begins to run! See that camera's view (ITN Clip 77 of 82, below).


FNN Japanese Reporter on Rooftop  YouTube 1 & 2

Japanese WTC 1

Download avi including 2 above FNN shots and other 9/11 footage from Japan, including shots with audio rarely seen. I can't be sure the network is FNN, but the title of the download file suggests it is.

The female reporter seen briefly isn't given the opportunity to speak... or she was edited out to concentrate on the spectacular and terrifying footage. Which, by the way, we have seen so many times now that the overall effect has either numbed us or made us more aware of the deception.


FOX News Building Roof - Verizon View  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

FOX News Building shot

See "FOX Report" anchor Shepard Smith on the roof of the FOX News building at 1211 Avenue of the Americas ... the camera location ... as he talks to witnesses, one of whom describes explosion sounds that traveled a great distance. The shot aired, for example, at 9:28 pm on 9/11.


FOX News West Side Hwy.  YouTube


Copyright FOX News at the stock footage site, clip 12 of 26. Update Jan. 2012, I found it in the new (2011) TV archive at, Sept. 14 at 3:16 a.m., but it's covered up by a giant banner. On September 11, 2009 was it seen on FOX News in "9/11: Timeline of Terror."

Note that the audio in the clip was from FOX reporter Rick Levanthal on Church St (at Murray St., where the "Flight 175" starboard engine landed). Levanthal's camera only saw a glare in the sky.


GLVSN 9/12 at 3:11 P.M. (Univision)  YouTube

Inside Edition WTC1

UPDATE 2019: Thanks to 911AnalysisVideo for finding the WTC 2 collapse shot from this camera in HD. New to this list 2011 because the new September 11 TV archive launched, with several foreign networks and in better quality. Blanca Rosa Vilchez and camera operator Miguel M. Pinzon were very close to the scene during the WTC 2 collapse. The footage playing right after that must be their WTC 1 shot from further back on West Street. Watch at the TV archive now.

If you know Spanish, please help translate the reporter and cameraman's stories for me and leave comments on the YouTube video. Thanks!


Inside Edition 1  YouTube 1 and 2.

Inside Edition WTC1

Matt Meagher reports on the scene. Brad Waite, cameraman ("Waite's camera work earned him and his crew the only national Emmy nomination given that year to photography.") This rare news clip is worth watching just to see yet another witness to the explosion in the lobby just before the first plane hit. Learn all about that event not properly documented by NIST at the Loose Change forum.

The camera view is similar to CBS Mark LaGanga, also dangerously close. The first collapse shot from this camera crew is impeded, but uniquely positioned due west.


Inside Edition 2  YouTube 1 & 2.

Inside Edition WTC1

Added to this list in 2014 with several others. Longer version found in "9/11/01 Inside Edition 3of5" -- after the above listed, better quality shot (at 3:00). This view is also briefly seen in the part 4 of 5 after the above angle which is positioned a little farther up West St. This listing does not appear in the alternate, [somewhat] better quality Inside Edition clip, which shows more time of the above listing instead of this.


Inside Edition 3  YouTube

Inside Edition WTC1

New to this page July 2014 (low res partial, but it counts!) This view is briefly seen in the "Inside Edition part 3 of 5," thanks to phillyvideofan at YouTube. Similar to ABC's Nina Pineda or NIST_WNBC_Dub4B_2.


ITN West Side Hwy.  YouTube

ITN North Tower

UPDATE 2015: Moved a mistaken link to a similar view in this list, "West St. Unknown 2." Updated video link. On BBC Newsnight the shot comes after NBC West St. (FOX LIVE) view. In the stock footage compilation it is clip 77 of 82. I haven't found it in the TV archive at

See nearby cameras: West St. Unknown 1 and 2, and FNN Japan, West Side Hwy..


NBC Northwest Distant  Watch

NBC NW view WTC1

Aired on NBC4 Washington on 9/11 at 12:41 pm. While this isn't confirmed as a "network view," NBC was known for its "SkyCam network" of easily accessible cameras. See this image for example-- an angle without a matching video on record (no 2nd plane video, either - source).

On March 8, 1996, WNBC unveiled the first-of-its-kind Skycam Network consisting of high resolution, remote controlled cameras perched at key points of interest across the Tri-State area. The Skycam Network is in operation 24 hours a day and features 24 cameras. The state-of-the-art Skycam Network is an investment in WNBC's overall coverage of the Tri-State area and is used in all local newscasts. Since its debut, the station has used the Skycam Network to highlight traffic situations; check on Newark, LaGuardia and Kennedy airports; present live pictures of developing weather situations; and, capture breaking news stories.... -


NBC View 2: GE Building  YouTube 1 & ...

NBC GE cam

The South Tower from this view aired LIVE and played much more often that day (on NBC4 Washington, at least). The camera was on top of the 70-story GE Building at 30 Rockefeller Center, which became an observation deck/tourist attraction - "Top of the Rock" - in 2005. The building is home to most of NBC's New York studios.

Notice the skewed, leaning view. Hear anchor Matt Lauer be prompted to say the towers WERE leaning. At 9:07 am! (NYPD reported the North Tower was leaning at 10:20 am. See above, ABC7 Reporter N.J. Burkett.)

NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub4A 24 (low quality)


NBC View 3: West Street HQ  YouTube 1, 2, 3, 4...

NBC North Tower

UPDATE 2014: I first thought this to be Pat Dawson's crew, which it is, but I changed it (after hearing Pat's voice in the audio) to the LIVE shot above... and changed it back 2014 upon seeing the NBC Universal Archives 9/11 Images details/descriptions with time index and camera names.

This video, as Achimspok notes, "helps to prove all theories." Downloadable HQ NBC archive clip as WTC1_NW_Corner.avi, with repeated zooms, thanks to Xenomorph911WTC aka Nate. He also made an HD version, perhaps from the PBS documentary version (link 2 above). The clip appeared in the 2006 History doc "American Vesuvius," as seen on YouTube here with NBC replays (WTC compared to volcano).

NBC did use the clip exclusively, for example, at 10:24 pm on 9/11. On 9/12 the NBC "Attack on America" graphic used it, at 6:30 pm.... The clip can also be found on the BBC Motion Gallery stock footage site.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub3_31 (see also How Towers Fell 02 [also 49 and 50, which name Dean, say he was on the 25th floor of his architectural firm, and comment on the perfect view])


NBC with Woolworth Building  YouTube

NBC WTC1 collapse

Download mpeg2 with rare archive timestamp, or a HQ zoom repeat slow motion .avi (Thanks Xeno!).

Some archive airings: 10:30 am, 10:40... and many others.

NIST Cumulus files: NBC_Broadcast_8-45A\NBC2_clip62 and WNBC Dub4A 23 (poor quality, unlike WTC 2, in a different folder with extended footage) and NBC Atlanta1 64 and NBC Atlanta4 39 (recordings of broadcast)... no high quality found yet, for example in release 25, 42A0091 - G25D1, the raw footage stops minutes before the collapse.


NHK Japan  YouTube

tower collapse

New Sept. 2011 with the release of the expanded 9/11 TV archive at, featuring broadcasts from around the world up through September 17th. New to this list Jan. 2012. During the initiation of collapse, the camera was zooming in on the antenna, shaking somewhat. Still it's powerful video. (Also notice the collapse was missed LIVE, as a clear, elevated north view turned to studio commentary for 2 minutes! No replay from that view, either.)

The view is exclusive to NHK Japan. It aired on 9/11 many times, as early as noon, EDT (full length, pixelated pre-initiation, no audio) . See also 12:51 p.m. (text over tower, extended length with audio), 1:26 p.m. (no text, but not full screen), 2:59 p.m. (text over tower, extended length), and 5:00 p.m. (no text, full screen, clipped short), for examples. FYI, there is no NIST Cumulus file, only the 640x480 mp4s on


New York 1 (NY1) Jeff Simmons (NEW 2019)  YouTube

NY1 - WTC 1

Not aired on TV to my knowledge (probably since most of the collapse was missed). Thanks 911AnalysisVideo for the upload notice that this isn't listed! "Original" first posted Sept. 2013 by "News Throwbacks" from an unknown source. Simmons and his camera operator also caught part of the WTC 2 collapse. See Simmons interviewed (without the WTC 1 footage) thanks to 11-Septembre OFFICIEL.


New York 1 (NY1) West St.  YouTube 1, 2., & 3

NY1 - WTC 1

UPDATE Jan. 2015: Consulting the Cumulus database MDB notes we read: "'WTC West Side bike path - both bldg. collapses' - Reporter/Shooter, Andrew Siff; Shooter: Jason Post - 17:50 (39:52-57:45 = 17:53)" The times are from the "Six Raw Field Tapes [...] total duration with black in-between the segments is 57:50." UPDATE March 2012: The footage aired on NY1 at 1:17 pm, as can be seen on All News Channel here. Also the video can be seen, along with many other 9/11 clips, at the NY1 website. About one minute before the collapse, the reporter and camera can be seen in the 2008 History Channel program "102 Minutes That Changed America."

Raw NIST Cumulus file: NY1 6 Raw 84


PAX-TV (WNBC) West St.  YouTube 1 & 2. (extended)


Update: Jeff Scarborough, WNBC camera operator. Full length aftermath features gunshots! Yes, gunshots... to break windows and escape the savage dust and debris clouds. Thanks to jonfromqueens for uploading this rare afternoon TV segment May 7, 2010 (link 2 above). It was first found in a bulk download with no audio and the "PAX" NBC logo (link dead).

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub10 87 (end cut off) -- see also release 25, 42A0099 - G25D9 at 37:18 (end cut off). Watch the news broadcast to see the camera point upwards and move north for most of the missing time.


WCBS West St. Partial  Watch

North Tower

UPDATE: Moved/renamed from "Unknown West St. Partial" upon discovery in the WCBS Channel 2 broadcast at 4:44 p.m. and 5:13 p.m (thanks to user 911Clips). You'll notice that many others filmed the event from West St./West Side Hwy. This camera was also one of several to capture the south tower west side falling into the street from very close.

NIST Cumulus file: Rise Fall Hist Part A Clip24 ("History Channel Rise and Fall" folder... which is part of the name of the documentary ... "- of an American Icon.")


West St. Unknown 1  YouTube

rare tower 1

Very close to several news cameras. Sorry to assume this is a network camera. See FNN Japan West St. above and West St. Unknown 2, for example. It seems like there were more cameras on this street than there were people!

The source is unknown. Thanks 911allcausticcamera for uploading.


West St. Unknown 2  YouTube

rare tower 1

UPDATE Jan. 2015: Seen internationally (crap quality), courtesy of ITN/Reuters. This link moved from above similar view, mistaken for ITN West Side Hwy. Very close to several news cameras. Sorry to assume this is a news camera. See FNN Japan West St. and West St. Unknown 1 above, for example. The source is unknown. Thanks 911allcausticcamera for uploading.


WNBC Tom Cooke  YouTube 1 & 2

WTC1 cloud

UPDATE 2014: MOVED. Formerly categorized as Non-TV Amateur, #124 titled "New York: Center of the World" Zoom on Spire since that DVD is the best source. New, slightly extended version zooming in from the street - found on NBC Universal Archives, with NBC NEWS watermark bold center screen. Hour-long tape of NBC 9/11 footage with source/photographer info and time index with action descriptions. Good find, MrKoenig1985. NBC Universal Archives site has the following clip details: "Local Tape #2 - Green Sticker - Cooke cameraman (note shot starts mid collapse of Tower One as WNBC crew was down at St. Vincent?s taping injured and catch it mid- collapse) - - different angle cu of standing walls collapsing - then cuts out to reax shot" [sic]

Partial view begins mid-collapse, same as at the Thought Equity stock footage site. The documentary is actually called "The Center of the World - New York: A Documentary Film." The 2003 PBS film tells the official fairy tale with tons of excellent footage (find it on now). Speaking during the clip is journalist William Langewiesche, author of American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center (North Point Press, New York, 2002), which was the product of unique unrestricted access for the duration of the "cleanup" recovery effort. While it stuck to the official story of natural, gravity driven collapse, the book documented "the streams of molten metal that leaked from the hot cores and flowed down broken walls inside the foundation hole." (p. 32). The cores were steel, of course. Please see Molten Steel & Extreme Temperatures at WTC for collected testimony to this particular proof for controlled demolition.


WNBC Walter Perez  YouTube

rare tower 1

UPDATE 2014: MOVED/renamed from Thought Equity Unknown, while I had already written here that this "Could very well be the missing view from Walter Perez of WNBC." Thanks to a NBC Universal Archive 9/11 Images tape (video clip at 58:43), with a large NBC NEWS watermark across the screen, we can read a timed index of descriptions, tape names, and some camera names. Lots of NBC cameras in that tape.

Watch him on NBC Channel 4 moments after the collapse, from very near another NBC crew (Pat Dawson), whose shot was aired LIVE and replayed often, unlike this rare clip. Here it is on the Thought Equity stock footage site.


WPIX (WB11) Metrocam   YouTube 1, 2, 3, & 4

Metrocam WTC1

As seen from the Empire State Building... called Metrocam by the news presenters. This camera was shared by WABC and WNYW from the start of the day's coverage, but WB11 aired the 2nd plane impact from this angle LIVE. Side note: See the new WPIX 9/11 memorial page now.

YougeneDebs used trig to discover the WB11 view "seems to be on the western half of the ESB at about the 88th storey. Notice the Staten Island shore line and structures there behind One Liberty Plaza, the old U.S. Steel building, the black building just to the left of center-frame for an estimate of the height of the perspective."

No NIST Cumulus (release 14) files were provided (in the FOIA folder WPIX NIST DUB #1, the last clip, 109, ends before the event). The same was true for the WNYW Chopper5 footage. The 9/11 TV broadcast continually replayed the footage halfway, often with a meddlesome banner of text reading "TERRORIST ATTACK." See also NIST FOIA release 28, 42A0304 - G28D9 for a poor resolution 352x480 (width by height) broadcast running into late afternoon/evening (at my TV archive 2, corrected) and 42A0289 - G27D19 for a high quality TV broadcast from appx. 10:05 - 10:45 A.M. (enhanced for YT link 1 above)


WPIX Reporter Jamie Colby (NEW Jan. 2011)  YouTube

Metrocam WTC1

Aired on WB11 9/11/2001 at 7:50 P.M. (full broadcast here). Similar to APTN Below North 2. Source: the 2010 Int'l Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA, release 28 folder 42A0305-G28D10, WPIXCD7of7. Resized from the odd 352x480 original.



All News Channel (NEW 2012)  Youtube

South Tower

New to this list March 2012, but uploaded to YouTube in May 2011. This clip aired 9/11 at an unknown time, apparently exclusively and repeatedly on ANC (See also YT link above). Possibly a network view, although the All News Channel used mostly New York 1 News clips, with NY1 times on the screen varying from the timeline on ANC. A very similar view was by FNN Japan. Other rare clips apparently exclusive to ANC included the distant plane hit footage from News 12 Long Island's chopper.

No NIST file found.


BBC Demo Wave 9/13 at 4:42 PM  YouTube 1 & 2

BBC WTC1 demolition

UPDATE: Seen briefly in a 2011 BBC website video (at 0:13). Important North Tower demolition footage: see it in the TV archive now. Download the mpeg2 - source: the original TV archive. Also watch it zoomed and stabilized, with a download link at YT.

The angle allows the viewer to see beneath the curtain of debris hiding the western face. The building is ripped open as if by a zipper of explosives. For a closer view see CBS on West Side Hwy.

No Cumulus FOIA file available. Update: Still none that I can find.


BBC Explains Why (ABC/TLC)  YouTube


UPDATE: Found at Getty Images (see YouTube). Collapse explained on BBC at 1:43 pm AND at 2:10 pm AND at 3:08 pm on 9/11 in repeat airings. See it in the TV archive now. It's good for a laugh— a quick explanation that the exterior columns supported most of the weight, so the buildings were done for... now here's Tom with the weather. Not exact words, but you get the idea.

Note that the shot aired full screen on BBC 9/11 at 2:52 pm and on 9/12 at 12:08 am, for example. It also appears in the 2005 TLC/ABC Productions documentary "Flight 175: As the World Watched." See it in the mainstream documentaries playlist to learn more about the second plane story.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: ABCNISTDubs\ABC NIST Dub #2\ABC Dub 2_10 (also in release 25, 42A0101 - G25D11 [watch] as an mpeg-2)


BBC NE View 9/12 at 1:03 am  Updated link


UPDATE July 2014: Thanks Nate for the updated high quality link above. Called "Rare collapse 37" by 911allcausticcamera at the now private link [like many of his videos for more than a year now]. See it in the TV archive now. I've not come across the mpeg2 (high quality) clip. (Here is the list of 1GB mpeg2 TV archive timeslots I do have.) If anybody has it, please contact me. Thanks. ... See a similar view of the South Tower collapse, aired in Portugal.


Craig Braden Angle 1 - FOX News  YouTube 1 & 2.

FOX collapse

UPDATE: Thanks to an update at the TV archive, the shot is found a few times in the WNYW broadcast after 8:00 PM, and without banner graphics around 10:18. (See also Craig Braden Angle 2 below under non-TV.) Aired on FOX5 D.C. 9/11 at 9:51 pm, with a shot of the 1st "collapse." Another appearance of this clip was in the History website clip "Collapse of the North Tower" at 3:45 of 4:27.

An important video study by Achimspok shows that the conventional "piston theory" explaining the west side dust jet (explosive ejecta about floor 78) IS INDISPUTABLY FALSE. If air pressure from collapsing floors didn't cause the explosion, then what did? Answer [not according to NIST]: the falling core.

Download high quality 30MB divx avi now, which comes from the May 9, 2005 Showtime TV broadcast of the "Penn & Teller Bullshit!" Conspiracy Theories episode (part 2/3 at 1 minute vrt)... which resorts to personal attacks and ridicule rather quickly. See much more of this genre at my comedy-entertainment page.

NIST Cumulus files: Craig Braden 35 (with timer only, and in lower quality than seen in documentaries) and A&E Investigative Reports\A&E IR2 clip85 (slow motion, and 86 in regular speed).

UPDATE June 2013: Thanks to David Cole and another FOIA obtained the the 2-tape video set on DVD with source note credits and unfortunately a time code stamp running, over fuzzy video as in Release 27 (42A0238 - G26D113, Video #2). NIST_FOIA_12-044, folder 3, "301-WTCI-106-I_video_ID_140" Tape 1 is 33 minutes. Tape 2 is 25 minutes. A photo of the VCR tapes shows each tape has professional labels with info on the cameras used, although it is hard to read. Text in the next frame of video follows that says "Cameras used were (1) Film: Aaton XTR Prod., 16mm/Super 16mm | (2) Video: Sony BVW-D600, Betacam SP"... In a typo/mistake it continues: "When and where was this material shot: 9/11/2002, Shot from roof of Varick St. and Canal St." The next screen reads: "How did this material come into the possession of the WTC Study: Through the 'Here Is New York' exhibition, the filmmaker Craig Braden was contacted by Val Junker acting on behalf of FEMA/ASCE; Braden created VHS copies of his original material, and provided them to Junker for LIMITED USE in the WTC Study; audit trail of this is reflected in emails between Here Is New York, Braden and Junker, dated from 2/11/02 to 3/4/02." The South Tower collapse is not included in the DVD.


CBS 9/14 at 4:33 am Unknown  YouTube 1 & 2

CBS WTC1 collapse

UPDATE: Found with audio at the producers library stock footage website, with audio. Thanks 911allcausticcamera for uploading (YT link 2 above).

See the new 9/11 TV archive site in high quality. Or see a collection of 9/14 TV archive clips. See file number 3 at vrt 35:27. The list of broadcasts from 9/14 includes also CBC (Canada), BBC World, and more. Additional CBS news from that day can be seen on the DVD-with-book "What We Saw" (CBS News, 2002... sorry no link). It rained in New York City that day, Friday. The images of terror slowed down (having sufficiently numbed the populace) and grief began to sink in, as seen on TV. Bush declared it a day of prayer and rememberance. Church services seemed to bless the coming "War on Terror." Dissent from the patriotic consensus became sacrilege.


CBS 9/14 at 11:20 am Unknown  Watch

CBS WTC1 collapse

Watch at the new TV archive site. The WTC 2 shot seen in the same clip is more interesting. The discussion during the clip concerns skyscraper integrity, but nothing specific to the towers. This particular angle is almost the same as killtheartist1 below, and similar to the above BBC NE View 9-12.


Clifton Cloud  YouTube 1 & 2

Clifton Cloud collapse

Clifton captured the 2nd plane impact and both "collapses" with his videocamera. Also, untelevised amateur Devin Clark and TV amateur Chris Hopewell caught all 3 events. Network cameras that did that include the CBS "Blue Angle" view, CNN 5 Penn Plaza (one of 2 cameras), NBC GE Bldg. (leaning cam), WPIX Metrocam, and NY1 ESB cam. The footage linked above comes from an interview on NBC 9/12 at 11:50 am.

Raw NIST Cumulus files: WNBC Dub4A 10 and Clifton Cloud2 Clip_6 (on screen timer) -- both missing initiation.


Peter Damas  YouTube 1 & 2


UPDATE Jan 2012: Videographer first name found in a rare WCBS Channel 2 broadcast recording originally at the YouTube channel 911Clips. See also the NIST video repository where a download is available, or the FOIA Cumulus folder "WCBS NIST Dub #1_Damas home video." Peter captured the 2nd plane crash (explosion only) and both collapses.

Seen at -- in full. PBS used it in the 2002 Frontline production "Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero." Many thanks to YouTube user emscrazy001, who has uploaded hours of 9/11 TV coverage and video footage (link above). For a similar view, find network view ABC Reporter Joe Torres.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WCBS Dub1 29 ... See also release 25, 42A0115 - G25D25


Lucia Davis  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

Lucia Davis North Tower

Aired September 22, 2001 in "MSNBC Investigates: 24 Hours at Ground Zero" (link 2 above). Also included in the 2002 TLC program "World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse." Davis is credited as working with BNN in the 2002 HBO program "In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01." (see full docu. here) BNNtv more or less became CameraPlanet.

Lucia Davis filmed the controversial explosion audio near WTC 7... around 11:15 am (see details). For more on WTC7 explosions, see "WTC7 in 7 Minutes" -- which includes witness accounts of Barry Jennings, Michael Hess and NYC Office of Emergency Management's (OEM) Richard Rotanz.

This North Tower footage is available in mpeg2 DVD quality from the 2002 CameraPlanet production "America 911." (See YT link 2 above.)


Dr. Mark Heath  Youtube 1 & 2, & 3.

Dr. Mark Heath WTC1

Short HQ version on FOX5 Washington at 7:46 pm. Also see a CNN extended version with audio at 4:24 pm. Also, there's a darkened version on CBS9 Washington at 5:21 pm. Suspicious minds may think this has something to do with the apparent explosive flashes on the west face (Frame 1154 [or 2308 in doubled frame rate] of the NIST version, for example) .. flashes that are more likely attributable to camera tape static or glass shards reflecting light. Yet a flaming ember DOES fall on the darkening ground beside the camera, when Dr. Heath ducks behind the car (see slow motion version at 2:30).

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub7 12 ::: for extended length see FOIA release 25 folder 42A0094 - G25D4 (mpeg-2 VOB)


Chris Hopewell, "Eyefull" (aka Tinacart/Naudet)  YouTube 1 & 2


"Eyefull, Inc." is credited at (see screener), video archive for Associated Press and AP Television News (APTN)... and ABC. See a screenshot of details, since navigating that site requires registering. The footage (a copy?) was acquired by the Library of Congress September 11 collection, and is credited/listed under "Film Makers." Quote: "World Trade Center Attack. Courtesy Chris Hopewell + Carol Wells, Eyefull Inc."

Nathan Flach uploaded a rare segment of CBS coverage featuring the full length footage in good quality. The angle also appeared briefly in the famous Naudet documentary. The angle's old name Tinacart comes from the YouTube channel tinacart, which features the famous 2nd plane impact footage from the same angle. The footage aired, for example, at 7:00 pm on 9/11 CBS.

The point of perspective was 475 Kent Ave, Williamsburg, as the camera operator's address shows. While the 2nd plane hit was shot from inside behind a window, this shot was taken after moving the camera outside, I believe. Coincidentally, one of the many other people/cameras known to have photographed the plane (31) or videotaped it (59 total), Robert Clark, was also there... as was 1st plane hit photographer Wolfgang Staehle.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: CBS-Net Dub1 05 (watch on YT) -- see also release 25, 42A0098 - G25D8, at vrt 18:30 (YT link 1 above).


NBC 9/11 2:59 PM American Flag (partial)  YouTube

anon NW North Tower

An American flag. I'm surprised this angle didn't get more attention... although the edit takes away from the shot. It may be a network camera. Also found as an mpeg1 with other news from 9/11... at in the impact collection, specifically in this video file.

NIST Cumulus file: NBC Atlanta4 70 (69 is pre-collapse, also repeat air in files 80-81)


NBC Ch. 10 Philadelphia, WSW  Low res only


A more complete version was made with joined clips from two segments found in rare news coverage posted by September11thArchive, who has unfortunately closed his/her YouTube account.


Etienne Sauret  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

Sauret North Tower

Aired on CNN at an unknown time (see link 1). Professional quality. His shot features the earth apparently shaking ~10 seconds before the "collapse." Comparing other videos finds no verification of the phenomenon (see for instance Rick Siegel 911 Eyewitness Hoboken compared). Camera location at 145 Ave of the Americas was about 1.54km away, and considering the time it takes for seismic waves to travel ("surface waves" (?) being half as fast as primary waves, or sound waves... the speed of sound through granite is 5,000 m/s), the shake would have taken about a second to travel to Sauret's camera.

To use his video as proof of demolition (or at least to prove NIST lied in their exterior column failure claim), analysis of the slow motion video shows the antenna dropped first. The collapse initiated inside the core.

The acclaimed Sauret documentary is titled "WTC: The First 24 Hours." Scenes from the film were featured in the famous Naudet documentary "9/11," among many others. The footage of Ground Zero, empty and quiet, is particularly striking. The DVD is really 2 films, one artistically short and one extended.

NIST Cumulus file: CNN Dub 6 02 (see also in low quality in the folder "Etienne Sauret - WTC The First 24 Hours" - or decent quality in "CBS Naudet\Naudet 2 clip_13") UPDATE: Release 10 has a good quality 28-minute wmv file (640x480 px) as file CNN\WTCI-329-I-#6.


SWM (FOX5 Atlanta 6:50 PM)  YouTube

North Tower

UPDATE: Moved from untelevised amateurs once found in the NIST FOIA release 27, folder 42A0215 - G26D75 (The FOX5 Atlanta report was replayed 9/12 morning - see 42A0221 - G26D89). More interesting than the footage is the opinion of Trade Center historian/author Eric Darton, who noted that the towers "sort of imploded."

The clip was discovered by Beatprophet with the SWM logo, not on FOX, but the vid has since been made private. At the pumpitout forum YougeneDebs located the camera perspective near here. MrKoenig found an immense photograph from a similar vantage point... near parking lots that are now 9 years later the skyscraper HQ for Goldman Sachs.


TLC West - "Anatomy of the Collapse" (ABC)  YouTube


UPDATE 2012: Found in the new TV archive site Sept. 17 on ABC at 12:11 am. (2014 finally moved to 2001 TV amateur section.) The 2002 TLC program World Trade Center - Anatomy Of The Collapse contains some rare stuff, but draws incorrect conclusions about the cause... even according to NIST. Truss failure wasn't the right answer. PBS-NOVA made the same error in "Why the Towers Fell" (2002)... also Discovery's "COLLAPSE: How the Towers Fell" (2002) [neither doc has this WTC 1 angle, fyi]. Lead investigator and spokesman for NIST, Shyam Sunder tells us in 2006 (PBS-NOVA's "Building on Ground Zero") that the "pancake theory" forwarded by ASCE lead man W. Eugene Corley was in fact - for want of a better word - bullsh!t. So, how long before the exterior-columns-bowed-in-and-snapped theory gets tossed? BECAUSE the initiation was inside the core. -- Download avi on


WCBS from Chinatown, Unknown (partial)  YouTube

tower collapse

Found on YouTube channel 911Clips during the Channel 2 broadcast at 10:21 p.m. "A rare shot from," says prolific YouTube uploader IranContraScumDid911, who shared the video on Oct. 7, 2011 (YT link above). After searching that website I could find no coverage from 9/11, but perhaps it was a temporary feature during the recent 10th anniversary.


WCBS from Queensboro Bridge Park (partial)  YouTube

tower collapse

Found on YouTube channel 911Clips during the Channel 2 broadcast at 10:48 p.m. (now a dead link, but available at my TV Archive CBS page), after a report that a "truck" full of explosives had been stopped by police. Notice a banner reads "Explosives found under the GW Bridge," when reports only spoke of a van/truck stopped in Jersey. Watch compiled reports across networks where the story quickly died. Was this the same van driven by the uber-suspicious dancing Israelis?

for the purposes of this list, the "TV archive" will also include any 2001 television

- numbered and individually linked for reference -


Andrés Barrilá   Youtube 1, 2 (HQ), & 3

Andres Barrila WTC1

One version uploaded by Barrilá aka inoutcut titled "9-11 TWIN TOWERS Original Video and Sound ANDRES BARRILA" (YouTube 1 above - low resolution), another titled "9/11 HQ 'TWIN TOWERS ANDRES BARRILA'.FROM THOMPSON & WATTS ST" (link 2 above, with another identical version at by his other account barrila9112001, but titled en Espanol.) Version 3 by Barrilá is in slow motion. FYI, you will find the South Tower clip under televised amateurs. Thanks, Andrés!


BBC Website 2011  BBC website video

North Tower collapse

NEW to this list in 2018 after being noticed by researcher All911rec/911allcausticcamera. Thanks for the tip. The full BBC TV special hasn't been found. "Ten years on, Talking Movies' Tom Brook has been looking at the impact of 9/11 on Hollywood."


bkaye  YouTube 1 & 2

North Tower

New Sept. 6, 2011 as posted by YouTuber/videographer bkaye who said: "This is footage I shot on 9/11/2001. It was from 14th Street and 6th Avenue. Note about 3:49 seconds in, Bernard Goetz, who lives in the neighborhood."

Handheld view from the street far away. Still the entire collapse was well captured. The crowd doesn't react much, perhaps due to the distance... and numbness. Audio may not be synched. Found by researcher 911allcausticcamera and thus added to this archive.


Bob and Bri - "What We Saw"   Youtube 1 & 2

Bob n Bri WTC1

Uploaded to Revver 9/11/2006, with a suspicious edit during the plane impact. It could just be that the recording was stopped for a minute... bad timing... as with the South Tower's "collapse." BUT what about the edit during the North Tower demolition? Why? Then there's the fascinating comment (by Bri?) about the jetliner being a "military plane." Crazy day.

Thanks Bob and Bri for uploading your video.


Nick Buzzell (partial)  YouTube

WTC 1 collapse

New Sept. 13, 2011 as posted by WagnerCollegeNYC (deleted March 2012), who said: "This short documentary, posted on our YouTube channel by permission, was produced by Buzzell from the video footage he shot that day from Harbor View Hall." That's in Staten Island. WTC2 falling was also captured partially... and set to ambient music for YT (removed by 911allcausticcamera in link above).


Craig Braden Angle 2  YouTube 1 & 2

Braden collapse

UPDATE Jan. 2015: Thanks MrKoenig1985 for info findings: "soundless "Tape #1" ("Aaton XTR Prod. 16 mm / Super 16 mm" camera). ?No version with the initiation is available. Newly found in the NIST Cumulus FOIA, yet not exclusive to that. See Craig Braden Angle 1 in TV amateur views above, although Craig isn't an amateur. He's a pro, but not a network camera (or cameras plural... I don't know how he operated two at the same time with adjustments being made to both simultaneously). See the two angles shot by Craig in his demo reel at 5:10... with many celebrities and world events. The video link above is from that, not NIST.

Also uploaded to YouTube May 26, 2010 by footagefile (see or watch at link 2 above.

NIST Cumulus file: Craig Braden 17 (dl link on YT. Thanks, Nathan)

ABOUT THIS LIST: The CameraPlanet Archive has collected 500 or so hours of 9/11 footage (says NY Times), but the Archive does not necessarily own the rights to all of it. A few of the camera angles titled "CameraPlanet..." below have been matched with a videographer's name. Still, the videos will appear in this list alphabetically under "C," to provide a consolidated collection of North Tower "collapse" videos from "the Archive." Note that televised amateur Lucia Davis is excluded from this portion of the list.

Criticism aside (below, really), thanks are in order to CameraPlanet for their valuable work. THANKS!


CameraPlanet: Cynthia Malaran  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

Malaran WTC1

Shot from an East Village apartment. Cynthia's artistic WTC photos poster gives a beautiful, extended time lapse of the World Trade Center's life and disappearance. National Geographic (and CameraPlanet) featured her footage of the North Tower destruction in the bonus program "Witness 9/11," in the DVD documentary set titled "Inside 9/11" (2006). Cynthia nearly captured the 2nd plane impact on film, but was setting up her tripod.


CameraPlanet - Driving Away  YouTube 1 & 2, updated

North Tower from vehicle

We hear the name Brian mentioned in the vehicle... and one Brian Tunney is on where we can read the camera owner's story: "... Rushed downtown from 30th Street to lower Manhattan (Church Street) while filming. Left the van on the street. Hopped out with the camera and went looking for Matt. Filmed first collapse. Found Matt running uptown. Hopped in van, passed camera to Matt, who filmed out the window while the second tower stood alone and then collapsed." The high quality link 2 above comes from the 9/11 Truth documentary/news & video footage compilation "9/11 Revisited: Were explosives used?" (2009). Find high quality downloads at This particular clip is in version 2 of the film, at 19:57 vrt.


CameraPlanet "HL" West Side Hwy  YouTube 1 & 2

Anonymous North Tower video

Titled "hl_2nd_tower_coll_" with little effort for quality archiving. Several clips titled "HL..." appear in the CameraPlanetArchive YouTube channel, hiding the identity of the videographer. The full length documentary "7 Days in September" (no video link available?) provides the name Harry Lapham. See him in this brief interview clip, less than 20 seconds long like many of the videos posted by "the archive."


CameraPlanet "Rare collapse 12" NE  YouTube

CameraPlanet North Tower

UPDATE: New, better quality version available at the 9/11 Memorial website. [Jan. 2012, dead link now]

Uploaded by 911allcausticcamera from a compilation sample reel released some years ago. Also, see the South Tower collapse from this angle.


CameraPlanet "Shot of Tower 1..."  YouTube 1, 2, 3, & 4 (new)

CameraPlanet North Tower

Note that I shortened CameraPlanet's incorrect title to remove "from east side." Since it's NOT. UPDATE 2014: Nate made a combination of partial versions to create a high quality extended length version! New in ~2010: extended version available at the 9/11 Memorial website -- with audio, including a notable comment from a bystander: "That's a f__ing bomb." ... audio that incidentally is not included in the Getty Images archive sample.

Best quality (abbreviated length) found in "Rudy" docudrama, which included also the Pollard CameraPlanet shot from Trinity Church (download mpeg2). Uploaded twice on YouTube channel CameraPlanetArchive (see links 1 & 3 above). Also found on an older sample reel titled "Collapse of North Tower." The latest sample reel (download) is less specialized. It's an all-events-in-one production, complete with the distracting timer and CameraPlanet logo, which is now centered higher... to the increased detriment of the footage, of course. For CameraPlanet's collections of short, over-compressed, and disorganized 9/11 video clips, also visit, or


CameraPlanet - Suzanne Kaufman (partial)  Source & YouTube

CameraPlanet North Tower collapse

Video owner's name found at This angle was one of the first cameras rolling, but the 2nd plane hit and South Tower collapse were completely missed, while the second collapse only has the spire falling behind WTC Building 7. The dust cloud starred in both shots of this 2-minute video. A shorter clip is also on the CameraPlanetArchive YouTube channel (YT link above). The footage was aired in the 2002 PBS/NOVA documentary "Why the Towers Fell" (at 42:40).


CameraPlanet - Ted C. (West partial)  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

amateur WTC1 collapse

Seen from Jersey City, the tower started to crumble before the camera was set up. Best version in Nat'l Geographic's "Inside 9/11" DVD bonus program (2006) "Witness 9/11," which was produced by CameraPlanet. See Ted discussing the day. Parts of the same interview are on the CameraPlanetArchive YouTube channel, most not much longer than 5 seconds long.

Posted to YouTube by user reflectingpool Oct. 26, 2007 as "WTC North Tower Collapse New Footage," with zoomed replay.


CameraPlanet - West Wide Shot (partial)  YouTube 1 & 2

amatuer North Tower collapse

UPDATE Sept. 2010: The videographer has put together a short documentary with narration: "THE VIEW FROM SUMMIT AVE- Never before seen 9/11 documentary footage." Additional footage before the South Tower event from this Jersey angle was included in "7 Days in September" (CameraPlanet, 2002) with narration by Rob Santana, the camera operator. It was his birthday.


CameraPlanet - Women in Shock (partial)  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

CameraPlanet North Tower collapse

Named December 2011 after finding the February 2011 upload at (at 3:11 into video). Previous CameraPlanet compilations have not included the collapse sequence, only the women's reactions. However, the video is on the CameraPlanetArchive YouTube channel (YT link 1 above).


Zabo Chabiland aka doodletv (East)  YouTube 1 & 2

doodletv WTC1

Uploaded to YouTube by doodletv May 23, 2007 with the following info: "911 From Dumbo beach under the Manhattan bridge." Original is 9:58 in duration.


chlarkfan73 - Jersey City View  Watch

chlarkfan73 wtc vid

Handheld wide to medium shot. Uploaded to YouTube November 01, 2008 by chlarkfan73. Original title: "WTC 9.11 (Jersey City, NJ view)." Other Jersey views include Hoboken by Siegel (non-TV), Meridianmulti (non-TV)...


Alex Ciccone (NEW 2019)  YouTube

Ciccone WTC collapse

Thanks again to 911AnalysisVideo for posting this clip -- another new view, although missing the initiation. Original was uploaded from an Italian source on Sept. 16, 2016, crediting "director" Alex Ciccone. Collapse occurs at vrt 9:44 of total 48:10 with a jump/cut or power down starting with the collapse about 10 seconds late.

abstract: New York, September 11, 2001: Twin Towers in flames after the attack and the collapse of the tower two filmed from West street. Shooting of the following days (September 12, 13, 14, 15) in West Street, where the passage of direct aid is greeted by the people with banners and handclaps. Union Square, September 14: vigil in honor of the missing 11. Mosque on Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, September 17: shooting of a prayer meeting.


Devin Clark  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

Devin Clark WTC1

Originally found on Devin's website— see archived videos page, where his 8 minute "What I Saw From My Window" is NOT available. (download .mov here) Devin's video is also "United Airlines Flight 175 Witness Reactions III" on the tinacart YouTube channel. UPDATE: Also see his collapse footage (both towers) in the highly recommended "Oil, Smoke, and Mirrors" (at vrt 29:20).

His location: 1 Penn Plaza, close to CNN.

NIST FOIA files: Release 10, CNN folder, WTCI-329-I-#7.wmv (Only WTC 1 burning and collapse portion of footage included, 43:12 length. CNN didn't air the footage, to my knowledge. Yet, at the end of Devin's video "CNN NEW YORK" is displayed on screen.)


Jason Dare (NEW 2014)  YouTube


New Sept. 2014 as posted by YouTuber Jason Dare (no longer available). Thanks 911allcausticcamera aka All911rec for the mirror upload. It would seem Jason provides commentary audio during the clip - which was apparently televised somewhere sometime. The event made him feel sick. I second that emotion.


Discovery Partial NE (New Sept. 2010)  YouTube 2019 & Discovery link


UPDATE 2019: Extended version found by 911AnalysisVideo. Thanks for the upload and link to the source, a blue-colorized version from the New York Department of Sanitation. This means the clip is no longer "barely 2 seconds long," as found in the documentary "After the Towers Fell" (at 1:15 in) which is not available at the mainstream documentaries page.


DejabaWalkie888 (NEW 2012)  YouTube dead. See links below.

WTC initiation

UPDATE 2018: Video has disappeared from YouTube. Thanks for the short mirror by All911rec, as well as an posting of the 47-minute original (event at 41:32) and time-lapse version. Uploaded to YT in April 2012 by DejabaWalkie888. Full collapse captured. WTC 2 and 7 events not (WTC 2 burning, yes). Full length 47 minutes, static shot of cloud/ash covered Manhattan. Added to this list 2014 -- Thanks All911rec for the notice.


diablodelbronx (NEW 2012)  YouTube


Uploaded to YT in Sept. 2012 by diablodelbronx titled "christian martinez ,september 11 WCT." Shaky distant camera, but the full collapse was captured. WTC 2 and 7 events were not. Added to this list 2014 -- Thanks All911rec for the notice.


Caroline Dries (NEW 2011)  YouTube

Dries WTC

Caroline's footage premiered on History's "102 Minutes that Changed America" in 2008, but only the plane crash explosion.

CNN found Caroline 10 years after her NYU dorm room experience... the only known source for the collapse shots. The WTC 2 collapse also was captured, minus the initiation.


Ilse Fernandez  YouTube

Fernandez WTC1

Titled "9.11 World Trade Center view from Thompson Street in NYC" -- uploaded by 'ilsefernandez' September 20, 2007 with 'more info' that reads, "9.11 view of the towers from thompson street right before they fall." The shot quickly zooms out to a medium-to-wide shot, pretty stable for a handheld. The core remnant collapse in last second fades out. Ilse's video also captured the South Tower demolition.

Another version can be found titled 10h28 : Rare vue : Effondrement de la tour nord du WTC, but with ambient audio.

99. 366140616 (NEW 2012)  Vimeo or Source (also in German)

Tower 1 collapse

Added here 2014. Shot begins mid-demolition, after a long shot of the one tower burning, and stunned pedestrian's reactions. German stock footage site where a high quality version - although watermarked like this WTC 1 shot - can be found of the plane impact vid by Courchesne. Found by 911allcausticcamera aka All911rec, again, thanks.


FireLine Video  YouTube 1 & 2

North Tower

UPDATE Oct. 2010: Renamed thanks to the NIST FOIA/Cumulus video database. More info on the videographers can be found in the WTC 2 webpage entry. Extended version found in 10 parts at, with audio of FDNY radio chatter. A similar view of the WTC 1 event is APTN Below North.

One brief documentary source "On Native Soil (L. Ellman, 2006) looks at the 9/11 Commission in detail, with no interest in "conspiracy theories."

NIST Cumulus Files: NY Firefighters Discovery 20B and Firelinevideo 20 (also see release 27, 42A0181 - G26D40 -- [download extended upscaled portion now, for sharing only])


German - Greenpoint, NYC (partial)  YouTube (private)

Greenpoint view of WTC

Only the spire is seen falling, but a new view. Thanks for pointing that one out, Prishep. Update 2014 -- Video unavailable or private. No mirrors available ... ... ....


Getty Images 994471224 (NEW 2018) Getty Images, YouTube, clips joined

Getty WTC1

New to this list 2018, anyway. Thanks All911rec for pointing it out. The camera is zoomed in tight when the collapse begins. Flame shoots from the building. The camera zooms out slowly. Camera Location: Greenwich Street between Harrison & North Moore Streets. Thanks WTCFOIAVideos for posting!


Getty Images, North (NEW 2012) YouTube

Getty WTC1

Found at the Getty Images archive films website with radio in the background from WCBS-AM 880. New to this list in March 2012, having been overlooked perhaps due to the similarity to the Craig Braden Angle 1 shot. High quality is unavailable so far. After the zoom out, we notice the similarity to the below "Watertowers" wide shot.


Getty Images, Watertowers  YouTube

Getty WTC1

UPDATE 2019: This video was actually used in a Super Bowl commercial in 2016 for Colonial Williamsburg tourism. Update 2014: Footage by Steven Mudrick whose 2002 work with Bryan Kortis "WTC Uncut" appeared as a 75-minute documentary with various mixed audio (Mado Productions). Notice at Getty how two different camera angles are attributed to the same production company/photographer. Look closely. Both views also captured the WTC 2 event.

Found at the Getty Images archive films website and seen in HD (YT link above) during History Channel's 2008 "102 Minutes that Changed America." The distance makes it almost seem peaceful. It was used twice in History Channel's "World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon" (2002), as evidenced by NIST Cumulus file "Rise Fall Hist Part A Clip23." Incidentally, also at Getty is the Onno de Jong shot.


Richie Gibbs  YouTube


New Sept. 10, 2011 as posted by YouTuber "richiegibbs," who said: "This is my footage from that day and beyond. At the end is footage of a Daniel Suhr memorial service. Daniel Suhr was the first nyc firefighter killed on 9-11-01. I'll always remember the look in the eyes of his father." The footage, shot from a rooftop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, doesn't include the initiation. Same for WTC 2.

That first firefighter death happened at the exact moment as a civilian from above the impact zone, having fallen. I won't say jumped. Pushed certainly, by some force.


Guy van Grinsven (NEW 2017)  YouTube at 7:37

WTC collapse Guy van Grinsven

Uploaded for the 10th anniversary. New to this list in 2017 thanks to a YouTube message from MrKoenig1985. Dutch photographer/videographer featured on TV (not on 9/11). See more at Titled "9/11 -NYC 10 JAAR LATER- Uitgebreide ooggetuige documentaire van Guy van Grinsven in New York" on Guy's YouTube channel. Run time 22:43. WTC 2 was also captured.

No NIST FOIA file.


Fred Hadley  Watch

queensdude wtc vid

Steady wide shot. Uploaded to YouTube September 10, 2008 by Queensdude. Original title: "World Trade Center 9/11 from Queens/Nassau Border." Description: "Possibly the most distant (16 mi.)video footage of the second jet hitting the South Tower and the collapse of the North Tower." Also find Fred's video on the website, with a current total of only 16 videos. FYI, there was a more distant view of the plane hitting: the "Earthstation" aircraft (unknown) was about 18 miles away. While most camera locations for the 2nd plane videos have been plotted, the South and especially North Tower videos remain mostly uncharted.


Hallmark  YouTube 1 & 2

Hallmark WTC1

UPDATE 2014: Another version "extended" posted by 911InvestigationVids, with many zoomed replays with slow motion. One (the?) source is Seen in an unknown TLC program. Found also by femr2 and/or clauzii. These two researchers deserve much thanks for their hard work! Thanks.


David Haverty (partial)  YouTube 1 & 2

North Tower

Posted Jan. 2011 on YouTube by "dvdvanity," who "was 2 blocks from the World Trade Center when we were attacked that day." Video was found by researcher 911allcausticcamera and listed as collapse 123. Low resolution with the tower obscured by buildings, the footage also includes chaotic running from the WTC 2 catastrophe.


HDNet (NEW 2019)  YouTube


Thanks to 911AnalysisVideo for the upload notice that this wasn't listed! New upload to YouTube by HDTV Archive July 2019, which says: "A clip taken from a broadcast made by HDNet channel in the early 00s. This footage was recorded onto D-VHS from the HDNet channel in 2002 and archived until now." Similar closeup angle as "Hallmark" above, which catches the initiation but not much else, as buildings obscure the view from north.


ilchaco  YouTube

ilchaco  wtc vid

Stable, extended length (9:11 - clever) wide shot. "Collapse" begins at 3:01. Uploaded to YouTube August 27, 2007 by ilchaco. Original title: "New 911 world trade center september 11 wtc ." The audio is an ambient music.


jacob7207 - Brooklyn View 1  YouTube 1 & 2

jacob7207 wtc vid

Handheld wide to medium shot. Uploaded to YouTube December 22, 2008 by videographer jacob7207. Original title: "911 Home Video Documentary, filmed from Ft. Greene Brooklyn, 2/3 ." Description: "I filmed and edited this. Sorry for the poor quality, it hasn't been easy putting this together." Rare Brooklyn view.


Tim Jervis - North on West Side  Google Video & YouTube

wtc vid

Handheld wide shot, low resolution. Tim did put a good still from his video on his blog, though (or a photo). See


jimnxsq - Brooklyn View 2  YouTube 1 & 2

jimnxsq wtc vid

Handheld wide to medium shot. Uploaded to YouTube July 18, 2006 by jimnxsq. Original title: "9/11: As It Happened - from Brooklyn; The North Tower Falls." Brooklyn views are rare! Maybe that's due to poor quality angle, considering the smoke.


johncira  YouTube


New Sept. 8, 2011 as posted by YouTuber "johncira" who said: "When I stepped outside my apartment door and onto 6th Avenue, it seemed such a perfect day, nothing could go wrong." John chose a choice word to describe people's reactions that day: bewilderment. Although a quality shot, it's only 360p resolution (except where enhanced.) Unlike the north tower collapse, the WTC 2 shot wasn't fully captured due to early focus on the closer tower.

Moments before the collapse, the footage includes a clip showing the 10:18 a.m. pressure pulse, not explained by the NIST report, although examined briefly.


Onno de Jong  YouTube 1 & 2.

Getty WTC1

Still images from this video appear in NIST volume 1-6, for both the North and South Tower events. The video can be found at the Getty Images archive films website. It's a well-framed, stable shot. Find it in extended length with the South Tower demolition at link 2 above. The shot was used in the first 30 seconds of History Channel's "World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon" (2002), link 3 above. This video is not to be confused with a nearby "Unknown NNE" shot below.

NIST Cumulus file: Onno deJong Clip_13 (at 2:50 in) ... also release 27, 42A0163 - G26D22 in high quality mpeg-2


Noah Klersfeld (East partial)  YouTube 1, 2 & 2

Klersfeld wtc vid

"September 11th" was uploaded to YouTube Oct. 1, 2007 by talkingdoggirl and can be found as a .mov file at The collage video features 2 (or more) videographers in Manhattan. One is Alfie Alvarado (see the South Tower collapse collection). Alfie isn't named, but the footage has been matched. The other videographer is named at the end of the 9:44 length video... Noah Klersfeld. We see a street sign "Catherine St." -- which places the camera about here. Thanks, Martin, for your efforts.


Pascale Labout (partial)  Vimeo at 7:12

North Tower

The camera focuses on the actual videographer's television, which is playing the old format tape. Pascale made the French documentary linked above. He wasn't the camera operator for the footage. As far as the collapse: again, the beginning is missed. Thanks again to All911rec who sent me the link to this footage by email.


Bruno_Levy (partial)  YouTube

Bruno Levy North Tower

Beginning of destruction is missed. Seen with "SY01" below, thanks to Dan Klein at, who emailed me the video "LV01" upon request. So far I haven't found it elsewhere.


Lkungfu (partial)  YouTube 1 & 2

North Tower

New Sept. 2011 as posted by 911allcausticcamera, titled collapse 120. Originally posted by the apparent videographer on YT Jan. 2011. It's an incomplete shot in low resolution with the tower obscured by buildings. Also found on a low res flickr photostream.


"Love Rome"  Watch

North Tower

North Tower footage not included in the "Love Rome" trailer, but found after watching the 1 hour 19 minute documentary online. Note the South Tower destruction is included in the trailer.


Richard McGregor (NEW 2019)  YouTube

McGregor North Tower

Thanks to 911AnalysisVideo for the upload notice that this wasn't listed! (See also his enhancement with stabilization.) This is a rare closeup of the initiation. Original was uploaded July 18, 2019 by the videographer's wife, although the full 58-minute video she mentions in the description is not available. She says, "He videotaped the North Tower going down while standing with others in Foley Square."


Meridianmulti (Rick Spilman)  YouTube

Meridianmulti North Tower

The videographer has expressed his unwillingness to create an unedited version of his video, which is a shame because in the South Tower event recording, bold text with the incorrect time is emblazoned on the screen AND the descent is edited, clipped in the middle! It seems the WTC 1 initiation was missed. .............


Merrill Lynch, AP (partial)   YouTube


Using the process of elimination, it can be discerned that AP credits Merrill Lynch in the title info at the beginning of the video "screener" file. The APTN and ABC clips come first, as listed in the titles. This view is not to be confused with the Moussaoui Trial Exhibit Clip 10. Both were shot from the unfinished Hudson River Greenway... this shot closer to the WTC and the river.


Gabriella Messina, West Side Hwy (partial)  YouTube

Messina North Tower

This comes from the 2002 HBO documentary "In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01," which focuses on NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani's experiences. The wonderful thing about the doc. is that the videographers are named! Locations are given as well. Find that program and many more on the mainstream documentaries page here at


Metro Staff - Brooklyn View 3 (partial)  Google video

North Tower

This low res shot starts about 2 seconds after the initiation. Titled "Metro Staff watching WTC on 9/11," the description tells us: "This video was shoot on the roof of our office at 17 Menahan st. I remember looking at this, and screeming [sic]: OH My God! OH My God! The comments you hear on this video are from Marty W., who is filming, and tries to discribe [sic] what is happening..."


Danny Miller (NEW 2012)  Vimeo or Vimeo

North Tower collapse

Shot begins mid-demolition, standing less than a block behind TV amateur Lucia Davis. Full length 15:55. Music plays loudly over any natural audio. Miller got a much better shot of the first demo, especially the crumpling corner spouting orange molten fluid. Uploaded to Vimeo in 2012. Found by 911allcausticcamera aka All911rec, again, thanks.


Modern Marvels Demolition Episode (Partial)  YouTube 1 & 2

NW North Tower

Unknown amateur shot - plus Ground Zero testimony of red hot steel up to 2 weeks after the "collapses." Clip from Modern Marvels Demolition segment on WTC Ground Zero recovery. Project Superintendant Michael Casale of Mazzocchi Wrecking discusses "steel coming out red in certain areas for the first couple weeks, at least." Which opens the door to a flood of molten steel research: Molten Steel & Extreme Temperatures at WTC.


Moussaoui Trial Exhibit P200015, Clip 10  YouTube

WTC1 rare

First, here is all you need to know about the Moussaoui case, including the obvious obstruction of the investigation pre-9/11 (and even after 9/11, until it was deemed acceptable for the FBI to get their search warrant). Moussaoui could have led to the other alleged hijackers and spoiled the cover for the entire black op.

The video used in court to doom the "20th hijacker" was one of 1,202 exhibits admitted into evidence. One of the clips actually shows jumpers' bodies splattered at the base of the towers... not up close, of course. Download U.S. vs. Moussaoui trial exhibit P200015 now from the source. YouTube user LolLoosechange posted this video with the title "The Collapse of the North Tower (Rare)" (link above), as well as other obscure 9/11 videos.

UPDATE Dec. 2010: NIST FOIA from release 20, 42A0060 - FBI#2 --- also see the extended version (the site requires agreement to copyright terms before direct links to video pages will work)


Moussaoui Trial Clip 11 & Penttbom FOIA  YouTube North Tower

UPDATE August 2011: Available on the NIST website. Video online since May 4, 2006... according to United States District Court Eastern District of Virginia. Without knowledge of its use in this case, it was uploaded to YouTube November 07, 2008 by YouTuber bronco2121, who received 10 DVDs from the FBI on November 3rd, 2008. See for the story on Scott Bingham's FOIA request for 9/11 material. (No relation to Flight 93 passenger Mark Bingham, as far as I know.) Scott operates the website, which tells more of the quest for the missing Pentagon plane impact videos.


MurderManCConan (NEW 2011)  YouTube

North Tower

Uploaded by YouTuber (cancelled) MurderManCConan one day before the 10th anniversary of the attacks (original no longer available). The black bar across the screen is the window. Found and mirrored by archivist 911allcausticcamera. Many thanks for the updated link.


Jules Naudet, "9/11"  YouTube

Jules Naudet WTC1 collapse

UPDATE: Jules's brother Gedeon was recording a short distance away, and also caught some audio, newly released by CNN in 2016.

Although the tower is in view for a moment during the initiation, the collapse is not seen (the only such example in this list). Still, this angle must be included here. Audio is preserved, assuming no artistic license or censorship has occurred (as with brother Gedeon's airplane impact shot, with missing frames). Notice the vacuum effect as the dust and paper is sucked up the street back toward Ground Zero! This phenomenon is investigated briefly by Achimspok in NORTH TOWER part2 - Ch18.

The clip comes only from the famous Naudet-Hanlon documentary "9/11," seen on CBS March 2002 for the 6 month anniversary, and on UK TV (at least) in Sept. 2006 for the 5-year anniversary. See the VHS/DVD version here. James Hanlon the actor/producer/firefighter narrated the film, which includes the only quality shot of the 1st plane impact at 8:46. I personally think that shot was staged. The gas leak that caused the intersection to be blocked off... was planned long in advance by people who knew there had to be one good video of the event... and it had to be controlled. What better propaganda than the best 9/11 documentary, with unsuspecting FDNY heroes as the stars!


Lance Nealy  Watch


New addition Nov. 2010 thanks to the work of 911allcausticcamera (Then the video was removed due to a copyright claim by Lance). The video was once found at The view is from Jersey City Heights.


New York Times Online  YouTube 1 & 2

NY Times North Tower

Original source: Naka Nathaniel plane impact edited out for YouTube clip linked above. South Tower demolition view from across East River. North Tower seen from distance through telephoto lens.

NIST Cumulus file: ABC Dub3 02.

•     NIST "Cumulus" Video Database Released (Partially)     •
Quality Source Material for 9/11 Truth

New 2010 additions listed below (and some TV network views listed above) come from a NIST Freedom of Information Act request thanks to James Gourley, Justin Keogh, and the International Center for 9/11 Studies -- who are uploading to YouTube channel IC911Studies, along with others. The first release of many in progress was the NIST Cumulus Video Database, which is not totally complete due to some copyright claims (sorry no details). It's 942GB of 6767 files in original uncompressed avi format or 83.9GB compressed (still good quality - see YouTube user 911Crasting - and still the same number of files). Download yourself using the torrents found at the wiki site (or keep reading). Cumulus is release number 14, first in a list of many releases to come, totaling more than 4TB. Release 25 is 190GB, in original mpeg-2/VOB/DVD files. Release 27 also, which is 430GB. Sorting all 36 releases (Update 2013: more now) is [still] a work in progress.

UPDATE: Download much of this data at the homepage. Watch most of it in enhanced resolution at YouTube THANKS to TheMKMonarch, WTCFOIAvideos, and especially Nathan Flach, who has taken the time to stabilize much of the event footage, also in HD.

This release comes with the terms below. Note that is non-profit, using no advertisements.

Terms of Use for Enclosed Records Released by National Institute of Standards and Technology under Freedom of Information Act

By downloading these records, which were originally released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology under the Freedom of Information Act, you hereby agree to the following terms:

1. You acknowledge that some of the enclosed records may be protected by copyrights owned by private individuals or organizations, and agree that you will not use any of these records in ways that infringe such copyrights, if any. You may want to obtain legal advice regarding any contemplated further use of these records.

2. You hereby fully and finally release and discharge the persons and entities who released these records or helped release these records (the Releasees), from any and all claims, demands, and liabilities whatsoever of every name and nature, whether past, present or future, including (without limitation) those with respect to copyright infringement, against the Releasees.

3. You acknowledge and agree that the release of these records is 'fair use' under the Copyright Act, 17 USC Section 107, and comparable international common or statutory laws, if any.

If you do not agree to these terms, immediately erase all copies of these records in your possession. By maintaining a copy of any of these records, you confirm your agreement with these Terms of Use.

To find the exact spot you linked from, press your BACK button.

NOTE: The number following "NIST" in the titles below denotes the FOIA 09-42 release number.


NIST 10: CNN North, Partial Street View  Video

rare North Tower

WTCI-329-I-#20.wmv at 14:49 = While focusing on the NYPD helicopter the camera operator missed WTC 2 fall behind buildings in the foreground. The angle that captured the WTC 1 event only saw 2 seconds of debris falling in a glare. Some of the footage was aired on CNN, particularly people running. The camera operator didn't catch much of interest, but focused on the bewildered people mostly. Watch also at the NIST website. (To view link you must first go to the homepage and click Continue to agree to terms. Then re-click the link.)


NIST 10: CNN's Tom Muccio  YouTube

new North Tower

The South Tower shot was televised. It's included in the YouTube link above. I named the camera angle for the reporter who narrated his footage 9/12 at 1:07 am-- footage which also included a closeup of a small numbered bracket belonging to a Boeing jet.

A nearby camera was WPIX "PAX-TV", famous for the shot of the 2nd plane... but which only caught a partial WTC 1 (listed below as NIST 14: WPIX Dub3 73). From the International Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA, release 10, WTCI-329-I-#19.wmv.


NIST 10: East Partial  YouTube

rare North Tower

Source: International Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA, release 10, WTCI-329-I-#23.wmv at 42:49 vrt -- after a long video containing a new WTC 7 collapse (partial). Both videos start after initiation, although WTC 1 burns in this shot for about 15 minutes after the WTC 2 collapse... which was totally missed. Found also in low res in the Dec. 2012 NIST FOIA, Group8_Disc_37


NIST 10: WNYW James Ford  YouTube

new North Tower

UPDATE: Might be found televised on 9/11 in the newly available Fox5 News TV archive entry -- which includes a new high quality shot of the WNYW Chopper5 plane impact video, albeit mp4.

Found in WTCI-329-I-#12.wmv at vrt 24:25 (video also includes a rare audio of the 1st plane hitting, accidentally captured by WNYW's Dick Oliver). See also vrt 1:00:50 where James begins reporting (after Jim Ryan, the anchor in the studio, refers to the area as "Ground Zero"). Other interesting shots by James's cameraman include two wounded women who were struck by falling debris (it is assumed from the second plane exploding out of the north side of the South Tower).


NIST 14: CBS-Net Dub2 11 (Unknown)  YouTube

new North Tower

Also found in release 25 in mpeg-2 form, folder 42A0119 - G25D30. The camera operator and apparent friends speak Hebrew. Unknown amateur shot also found at the NIST WTC Organized Video Repository.


NIST 14: Cindy Weil  full length on YouTube

new North Tower

Extended length tape shows no visible shaking before the "collapse," as is the case in the Sauret footage (TV amateur above). This is clip 23 in the Cindy Weil folder from NIST. Cindy's camera was stationed in her window long enough to capture the 2nd plane impact (explosion only) and the 1st collapse.


NIST 14: CNN Dub4 28 (partial)  YouTube

new North Tower

UPDATE: Videographer named "Robert Bery" with footage for download at the NIST WTC Repository on Probably network camera footage, since four clips from before the collapses were included as a CNN folder in the NIST FOIA release 14 like "Kiederling" who did work for CNN. The shot was only made with overloaded audio rumbling like a train on gravel. A TV airing of this clip has not been found. Thanks to 911Crasting for uploading dozens of clips from the NIST FOIA, including the one linked above (and below).


NIST 14: CNN Dub4 38 ("spire" partial)  YouTube

new North Tower spire

Added 2015 after reconsideration of the 3-second sighting of the final core columns falling virtually straight down. Frame 1 of the video is seen at left. The previous clip in the series ends before the event begins. Find at the NIST WTC Repository on See in HD at the YouTube link above thanks to the excellent collection of TheMKMonarch.


NIST 14: CNN Dub4 31  YouTube

new North Tower

Richard Lee Brennan, photographer, according to the NIST video repository on This appears to be amateur footage shot from a tripod in the window of a home, the occupant of which happened to be watching CNN, the network that would air the WTC 2 demolition from this angle (see Richard Lee Brennan). This WTC 1 clip wasn't aired, as far as I know.


NIST 14: FDNY Tape1 54  YouTube

new North Tower

For some reason the camera is continuously zooming in and out, in and out, like a child was playing a game. This camera missed the 2nd plane impact, apparently.


NIST 14: Matthew Shapoff  YouTube

new North Tower

Clip 10. Static camera, wide shot... and crooked. This of course could be an artistic statement. Compare to the NBC GE Building shot. That leaning view created a false impression the towers were unstable... which was abused. Note the footage is available in mpeg-2 in release 27, folder 42A0274 - G26D150.


NIST 14: MSNBC OutOfRubble 18  YouTube

new North Tower

UPDATE: Seen on MSNBC at the new TV archive site, Sept. 16 at 4:26 am.

Excellent construction footage in these documentary clips. Hear the trusted narrator say the exterior load-bearing columns of the WTC could withstand the impact of a Boeing 707. You can also hear WTC construction manager Frank DeMartini say the same. The "MSNBC Investigates" episode "Out of the Rubble: The Aftermath of 9/11" originally aired 20 December, 2001 (according to IMDb, which has only the title and air date). NIST's version is incomplete, so the clips when joined aren't clear.

Another MSNBC Investigates program on 9/11, 24 Hours at Ground Zero is also partially available for viewing (not from NIST).


NIST 14: NY1 6 Raw 52  YouTube 1, 2., & 3.

new North Tower

UPDATE Jan. 2015: Videographer Ralph Franco, at West Broadway and Reade Street. NIST incorrectly notes "'WTC Bldg. II - first collapse' - Shooter, Ralph Franco - 3:00" on its Cumulus MDB videos list. Fail. NIST website file here. (Click Continue at to agree to terms, then re-click the link) High quality video although WTC 7 blocks most of the tower. Close camera views from West Broadway: CNN Dub4 28 and Lucia Davis.

Other crew for NY1 in the "Six Raw Field Tapes" include Reporter/Shooter JD LaRock, Shooter Shazia Khan, Shooter Amanda Farinacci, Shooter Rafe Levy, Reporter Kristen Shaughnessy, Reporter/Shooter Andrew Siff, and Shooter Jason Post. Found elsewhere on the web: NY1 crew in the area included John Schiumo (heard at 9:21 am say "here in Battery Park City" - nearby), Wiener Milien (named with a caption in HBO's "In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01 - not nearby), Yogi Colon (seen narrating his collapse aftermath footage in the studio at 2:04 pm). UPDATE: This view is found in release 30, folder 42A0348 - G30D2, file name VTS_01_3.VOB.


NIST 14: NY Firefighters Discovery 18 (partial)  Watch

new North Tower

Comes from "New York Firefighters: The Brotherhood of 9/11" (Discovery Channel, 2002 - sorry no full video link). Title should say "NY Firefighters Discovery 18 and 6", because 18 features only this new view... in slow motion from an earlier point. File 6 is in regular speed and continues later into the collapse of the core remnants (after the FireLine Video clip).


NIST 14: Richard Peskin 25 (partial) YouTube 1 & 2

new North Tower

UPDATE Dec. 2011: Download found at the NIST video repository. No known version exists with full collapse. Only the "spire" of tower core is seen. Amazing shot of the developing dust cloud.

Gunshots can be heard as the dust cloud spreads (0:52), as heard in the PAX-WNBC Jeff Scarborough footage shot from nearby. In the race to beat the suffocating dust cloud, police officers used their side arms to break windows of locked buildings (need citation), in order to find shelter.

More explosions are picked up by Peskin's camera, and are the subject of a few comments from the videographer. This of course could be exploding gas tanks from the many burned out vehicles recorded by WCBS Channel 2 reporter Vince Dementri. See the Richard Peskin combined clips from about 11:00 am to after 5:21 pm.


NIST 14: RptGndZero1_clip36  YouTube

new North Tower

The 2002 ABC Program "Report from Ground Zero" aired Sept. 10, based on FDNY veteran Dennis Smith's best-selling book, Report from Ground Zero: The Story of the Rescue Efforts at the World Trade Center, Viking/Penguin, New York, 2002. The rare WTC 1 clip comes at about vrt 35:08.

One unfortunate sound editing detail inserted an explosion sound (clip 34) during the molten metal splash in Luigi Cazzaniga's video (link to original). Of course there is debate about the splash or explosion, dating to before the appearance of the ABC/NIST audio. Was it thermite igniting or a splash on the facade?


NIST 14: Tim Main & Mike Ballou  YouTube

new North Tower

Shot from the eastern bank of the East River just north of the Williamsburgh Bridge. Video also includes the South Tower's explosive, engineered collapse. A shockingly serene view.

At the moment of initiation, just as the east side fire flares and the antenna drops, a person walks in front of the camera.. for half a second. See it in extended length in release 33 (mpeg-2) , 42A0247 - G26D122.


NIST 14: WCBS Dub1 32  YouTube

new North Tower

Appears in the folder "WCBS NIST Dub #1_Damas home video," however this is not the Damas home video, considering two things: 1. This angle makes up 2 of 32 clips from this folder not coming from the same camera, assuming the male voices are the same in both the WTC 2 and WTC 1 clips both from the NNE (and pretty close, unlike the 2 last clips in the folder). 2. The other 30 clips were shot from angles that actually aired on WCBS... and are much better quality. See above - Peter Damas.


NIST 14: WNBC Dub4A 29 (partial) YouTube 1 & 2

image - new WTC 1

Shot by WNBC camera operator Craig White starting at 10:28:21 a.m., according to the NIST website ( requires agreement to copyright terms [for cookie], then reclick this link if necessary). This angle is very similar to three others: APTN Below North 1 and 2, and one by WPIX. This one doesn't include the initiation, though.

An additional, identical clip (but shorter) also in the NIST FOIA release 14 is NBC_News Dub from Jim Remberg\NBC News Dub_clip27. Another high quality version is in release 25, 42A0118 - G25D28.


NIST 14: WNBC Dub4B 2 (partial) Watch

image - obscured WTC 1

This view is obscured not unlike the ABC Reporter Nina Pineda shot, from behind the Woolworth Building, north and east of the Trade Center. Similar view by Inside Edition (3) above. Thanks 911allcausticcamera for uploading, although by some people it might be considered a waste of time to watch.


NIST 14: WNBC Dub9 09 (partial)  no link available

image - obscured WTC 1

Another obscured shot, this only of the core remnant aka spire standing in smoke and dust... north and east of the Trade Center. A video link might be considered a waste of time... considering the wealth of video listed here.


NIST 14: WNYW FOX5 SW  YouTube

new North Tower

Aired on TV at an unknown time. Listed in non-TV category despite the FOX5/WNYW logo. It's a rare view from southwest, similar to amateur Meridianmulti (partial)... and WCBS Chopper2. . Also see the newly available 2nd airplane impact video from this angle, listed as a non-televised amateur found as "WT Comp Reel."

Cumulus files: FOX and CBS clips - Selected events\Selected events clips_16, and WNYW Dub1 113, and WNBC Dub10 89 -- see also release 25 42A0099 - G25D9, for high quality, but shorter in length, mpeg-2 (Watch enhanced HD version now).


NIST 14: WPIX Dub3 73 (partial)  YouTube

new North Tower

Recorded on FDR Drive - the same camera that captured the second plane, "PAX-TV." Also found in Release 25, 42A0110 - G25D20, a DVD with extended footage (vrt 1:01:10. From this view the WTC 1 event is not much to see in comparison with the dozens of astonishing views above. ......


NIST 20 - Crane, FBI #3  Watch


FOIA release 20 folder 42A0061. Stable view, low 352x240 resolution (like others in Release 20). North Tower event begins at 1:32:48 in the original file. Named when the 2nd plane video was released by in a 2008 FOIA. This camera caught the 2nd plane impact and both collapses. I doubt the FBI learned anything from the video.


NIST 20: FBI #10  YouTube

new North Tower

Release 20, folder 42A0064. 352x240 resolution. North Tower event begins at 58:10 in the original file. This camera caught the 2nd plane impact and both collapses... but it was handheld. I doubt the FBI learned anything from the video.


NIST 27 - FOX News North 1  Watch


Release 27 is 427 GB, huge... although much is already available material. This upload comes from 911allcausticcamera, who credits folder 42A0213 - G26D73. Thanks.


NIST 27 - FOX News North 2 (partial)  Watch


Found in release 27 folder 42A0216 - G26D77 at about frame 11200 in the DVD (VOB files joined, same as DVD). FOX News at an unknown time. What a giant banner blocking the view! Argh. .....


NIST FOIA - NIST-FOIA-06-32-13-39-3 (partial)  Watch


New, FDNY video I think. Exclusively found at the NIST Review collection, Jan. 2012... only viewed 5 times since it was uploaded Nov. 2011. Not yet found in the above NIST FOIA releases from IC911Studies and, after intensive searching.

Notable shots from the other hour and 17 minutes of video includes a clip showing the raising of the flag as famously captured by Tom Franklin.


NIST WTC Repository 618_WTCI_468_I (partial)  YouTube

North Tower

New from the NIST WTC Repository at (May 2010, apparently), posted Nov. 2011 by 911allcausticcamera and titled as collapse 128. Smoke spoils the shot, like in other Brooklyn views. Initiation was missed, or edited (see 11:57 in original). WTC2 collapse was also missed. Low resolution and blue tone washout. Location by the Brooklyn Bridge is similar to the new 2011 Flight 175 shot by Howard Schickler.


E.C. Norbro (NEW Sept. 2011)  YouTube

Norbro North Tower

Uploaded Sept. 1, 2011 by massasvassa and titled "9/11." Quoting from YouTube:

I've kept these photos and video(s) in a box for the past decade. Not looking at them. Once or twice upon my return to Europe I showed them to a friend and to my mother, but that is all. [...]


nyaroma (amateur)  YouTube & 2

nyaroma North Tower

The face in this video seriously conveys the horror of September 11. It's a shame some viewers will laugh at the person speaking Japanese (?) in red hair and lime green attire. (UPDATE: Link 2 above is currently private, like many videos from All911rec.)


NYPD Helicopter  YouTube

NYPD North Tower
WTC1 NYPD NOT Semendinger
WTC1 NYPD Semendinger
WTC1 NYPD Semendinger
WTC1 NYPD Semendinger

UPDATE 2014: Added this camera angle, despite its limited view of the building. This of course led to a bigger discussion I haven't had to do yet because this video missed the other major events around which I've based my archive. See my blog post "Case of the Missing NYPD Helicopter Photos" to read about 9/11 NYPD helicopter photographer Detective Dave Fitzpatrick (who took "thousands" of aerial images not yet found on the Internet) and another, unknown camera operator aboard the chopper with the videocamera... and of course Det. Greg Semendinger. But first:

Footage shot aboard a NYPD helicopter aired on ABC Primetime Thursday Nov. 8, 2001 as described in an accompanying ABC News article "Why No Rooftop Rescues on Sept. 11?" (Answer: Door to the roof was locked. Also, quoting Chris Bornag's "Aired Video Taken by Jordan's NYPD Chopper" and, "Police Officer James Ciccone of the police Aviation Unit told the 9/11 commission staff that he did not see anyone on the roofs and that the police helicopters were hard to handle. 'The heat actually made it difficult for us to hold the helicopters because it would interfere with the rotor system,' he told investigators.")

Footage was televised, but the WTC 1 shot wasn't aired. For the purposes of this list, then, I can't classify the WTC 1 shot as "2001 TV amateur" footage (nor is it a TV Network's hired camera), so instead of being #67 or so in this list, it's near the bottom of the page and out of view, unfortunately. The entry will be lengthy, however. So it WILL attract more eyes.

Read a famed quote (among truthers) from the ABC Primetime segment by NYPD Lt. Glenn Daley:

"There were numerous secondary explosions taking place in that building. There was-- There were continuous explosions."

The footage surfaced in "full" length and went viral in March 2011 ("raw" footage without commentary or too many apparent edits [1st collapse edited out? -and most of the 2nd, for that matter?] - full length 17 minutes and a few seconds), thanks to a NIST FOIA by ... and thanks to YouTube, where it was re-posted (RT) ... ad infinitum (CNN). It was touted as "leaked" by some, though much of the tape had been seen before, as critics in March 2011 were keen to point out. A year before that I (CTV911) had posted a FOX News version I gleaned from their website (part 1 of 2 is 7:45 in length. Part 2 of 2 is 7:34). That was "released" in Feb. 2009, to no such media buzz. Known TV spots before that, pre-2008 include one Israeli TV version of the footage with Hebrew commentary (source file dead link).

After ABC acquired the footage in the weeks after 9/11, the network decided for ethical reasons it should not air it again, even after careful editing (like a "snuff film of innocent Americans" the ABC guy tweeted). So Fox News Channel acquired the footage in 2002. All of this according to Alex Weprin aka TVNewser at I'll quote that article some more. "A source at Fox News forwarded along the clip's description from that network's video vault, which describes the video in part:

Aerials of the terrorist attack of the WORLD TRADE Center (WTC) as seen from police helicopter. Aerials of black billowing smoke emerging from Twin Towers. CHOPPER lands, low angle shot of the Twin Towers on fire. Aerial shot aftermath of Tower collapse. Aerials of white smoke engulfing downtown Manhattan. CHOPPER landed at heliport. Long shot of the second Tower collapsing.

By long shot I hope it means far away, not in time length (I would prefer the vernacular 'wide' shot.). This in no way clears up the missing moments/minutes. Notice the videocamera moved several feet to the left between pre- and post-collapse clips, as if the camera were turned off for a bit... or the tape edited.

Apparently there were four NYPD choppers in the air that morning. I can only quote an article now dead on the Internet ( "Where Credit is Due." Lt. Glenn A. Daley, NYPD Aviation Unit speaking:

As a guest speaker at the recent SAR 2001 conference in San Diego, California, I had the honor of addressing attendees and relating the airborne law enforcement response to the World Trade Center disaster. Specifically, I outlined the role of the NYPD Aviation Unit and the difficult situation facing the responding aircrews. However, at no time was I airborne during the morning of the attacks.

Rather, I helped coordinate the response from the NYPD Aviation Unit Operations Center. My recollection is that I made this clear at the conference.

Consequently, the responding aircrews deserve the proper recognition: NYPD Unit #3: Officers Schub and Kelhetter; #6, Detective Semendinger and Officer Ciccone; #12, Sgt. Rowley, Detective LaGarenne, Officers Diaz and Jordan; and #14, Officers Walsh, Hayes, Gromling, and Maier.

Responding to the events of 9/11 was difficult enough for these aircrews, without giving credit where credit is due.

#3 - Officers Schub and Kelhetter — And Det. David Fitzpatrick taking pictures. "Police officer and pilot William Schub and his copilot, police officer and pilot Yvonne Kelhetter, had taken off in the NYPD's Bell 206BIII JetRanger just after the second jetliner hit the South Tower." This fits Dave's story and timeline. (few details at, "The Longest Day: One year after the terrorist attacks, a squad of NYPD's unsung heroes looks back," by Phil Scott, Sept. 2002)

#6 - Detective Semendinger and Officer Ciccone — Tail number N206NY per a dead video link, fortunately transcribed by Chris Bornag. Still pictures by Greg Semendinger (JPG mirror) are famous (ITN video interview), having been "new" releases in Feb. 2010 (seen before to some extent [need link]). These images of the WTC 1 event are far more valuable than the distant video listed here. See the "exact" times the photos were taken (actual time minus 1 minute, we can deduce by seeing image 028.JPG of the 1 WTC event named at 10:27:31 instead of reality: 10:28:22 according to one timeline, or 10:28:31 exactly - according to The image times list leaves JPG #001 details blank. One mystery.

Most puzzling are at least two photos attributed to Semendinger BEFORE the 2nd plane hit (one obvious, seen on ITN at 0:26 zoomed to make it less so!?). Here we have photos of only one tower burning, labeled as Semendinger's, with no accompanying airplane explosion 2nd hit shot. And those photos had been renamed before the FOIA, which implies Semendinger may not have taken them. Point in fact: Semendinger/NYPD Aviation photos in NIST FOIA Release 32 folder 42A0321 - G29D7 include "gjs-wtc242.jpg," before the WTC 2 hit -- and the shot after the WTC 2 hit is numbered 240 -- NOT like a set of chronological photos would be. In other words they were renamed and perhaps mislabeled.

Semendinger's images appear in release 8 in the same folder with the pre-2nd plane images (42A0007 - 1of3\WTCPlaneCrash). Another subfolder titled "WTC2" has 32 what appear to be original images - not labeled or named Semendinger's - including the #12 chopper landed, but with no Exif metadata and all sized 1536x1024 (like scanned film photo CD format [Ctrl+F 1536]). It seems the camera was aboard the same chopper as the videocamera. (See video at 12:20 when a guy can be seen carrying a small camera in one hand [I think]). We see no other chopper landed nearby...

FYI the images pre-plane hit are not included with the 32 unnamed shots, but are included with Semendinger's (not all 32 are sequential, 16 are from the chopper or of the chopper and others on the ground near Ground Zero); release 17 has the screenshots of Semendinger's image times mentioned above (not including the shots before the plane hit); release 18 (like release 8) includes several shots of the #12 chopper landed from Mystery Shooter during (before and after) the second "collapse," when Semendinger was in the air. [images at the link, although attributed to Semendinger in the page title, are not his]); release 32 as mentioned above, but note also that no shots of the #12 chopper landed are included; release 35 (not including 4 before plane hit or the #12 chopper), and 38 (not including 4 unidentified photos or [and not including] those of NYPD helicopter 12). Real Semendinger photos are 1600x1200px. Those before the plane hit (and shortly after) are 576x720px. None of the non-Semendinger shots have any exif data that I can find. Real Semendinger shots do (sorry, not the re-named versions [gjs-wtc...jpg] linked at left, but apparent identical originals in a different folder). See 911datasests rel. 8 version of the WTC 1 collapse shot 028's metadata, for example. Notice the time at one minute behind. NIST took this into account, by the way, in their final report naming the time 10:23 (on page 33) when no there is no image between "10:21:52" (027) and the first collapse photo (028) at "10:27:31." See their use of Semendinger's image 027 to "prove" their theory of external column inward bowing leading to collapse.

#12 - Sgt. Rowley, Detective LaGarenne, Officers Diaz and Jordan — Tail number N412PD from what we can see in Mystery Shooter's photos (another image seen at left - 911datasets releases 8 and 18) At one point in the video, Jordan's name is visible on the back of his pilot's helmet (see 6:36 for one frame), so we know this is the source of the video camera. The owner was apparently a "medic" aboard (, who was sitting on the left side of the cabin (pause and arrow through frame by frame after WTC 2 collapse). Note that our mystery shooter is sitting on the right in his/her photos.

The South Tower event features a police chopper (our #12 I think) veering away from a position closeby the North Tower only seconds before initiation (see similar WTC 2 collapse videos). The crew would later be accused of foul play by the conspiracy video "911 Eyewitness Hoboken" / Rick Siegel, as if a remote detonator was being used, creating flashes on the chopper. Anyway, that collapse event is missing from all versions of this footage (see 4:05 in Cryptome's or 4:29 in NIST/FBI's admittedly "redacted" version (faces blurred, at least [see 2:07, with enhanced audio]) from NIST FOIA 09-42 Release 42 folder 42A0550 - G42D5. The DVD title is "WTCI-FBI-#9-Redacted" and dated Dec 22, 2009 [runs 19 minutes with 2 minutes of street views and blackness at the end]. The 17 minutes appear also in Rel. 42 DVD folder 42A0556 - G43D1). The question is, then: Was this missing time caused by camera operation or post-production editing/both? And what about those "secondary explosions" of Daley's?

One WTC 2 collapse video in particular shows the chopper beside the roof of the North Tower in slow motion... which looks just like #12. I think the photos of chopper #12 landed [and, I think, the ones shot from inside it minutes before] -- help us to track the missing part of the NYPD Helicopter video. The missing collapse footage. Unidentified images P0004247.JPG through P0004256.JPG (not missing any in the series, all shot in the air) begin with both towers standing. The chopper approaches and photographs the WTC 1 roof closeup from the west, twice -- same route taken by the identical-looking chopper in the last seconds of WTC 2 -- then in the next shot the chopper is some distance away to the northeast and the first collapse cloud has filled lower Manhattan. FYI, Semendinger's earliest shots [that we've seen] are from over Brooklyn, and missed WTC 2's descent between image 01 and 02.

No other police units had a video camera, apparently. Omitting at least pilot Semendinger, NYPD photographers were listed and pictured in the book Above Hallowed Ground: A Photographic Record of September 11, 2001, Christopher Sweet, Ed., Viking Studio, 2002, p. 6. All aerial images in the book are credited to Detective Dave Fitzpatrick (See my blog post!) Funny: "The [Semendinger] images were taken from a police helicopter carrying the only photographer allowed in the air space near the towers on Sept. 11, 2001." WRONG! (AP/ "Aerial Photos of Trade Center on 9/11 Released," Feb. 10, 2010.)

#14 - Officers Walsh, Hayes, Gromling, and Maier — Hayes was interviewed by ABC and id'd as piloting (Walsh was really, according to a quote coming shortly). The 2002 HBO program "In Memoriam: New York City 9-11-01" (see 12:00) featured Pat Walsh but mistakenly labeled the helicopter video as being shot by him and Hayes. Most remarkably of any helicopter's level of peril during the day's events, this aircraft was barely missed by the 2nd plane's impact. See Detective/Pilots Timothy Hayes and Patrick Walsh in the 2002 New York Times-aided documentary by Investigative Reports: "The Anatomy of September 11th." In that film Hayes says "I told Pat, 'You have to climb. He's gonna hit us.'" From elsewhere: "Theirs was the first helicopter on the scene after Tower No. 1 was hit." No camera. (One Nation: America Remembers September 11, 2001, Time, Inc., 2001, p. 146.) "Walsh and Hayes, along with crew chiefs John Maier and Donald Gromling and scuba divers Steve Bienkowski and J.P. Felin, boarded the Bell and they were airborne within four minutes." (, "The Longest Day One year after the terrorist attacks, a squad of NYPD's unsung heroes looks back," by Phil Scott, Sept. 2002) Did they snap any photos? Surely they would tell us.

While there were four NYPD Aviation units, more choppers would join the effort (that day? week? time not specified): "With their rescue plans in shambles, NYPD aviation personnel devised new tactics, literally on the fly. 'We started to disperse our aircraft throughout the city, to keep them safe and ready for response. We realized it was time to regroup,' Daley said, describing how his unit designated new landing zones (LZs) around New York City and New Jersey, and began coordinating with other assets that immediately began pouring in. These soon grew to 12 helicopters and crews from neighboring Suffolk and Nassau Counties, New York and Massachusetts State Police." (Harry Weisberger, "Aero-cops ponder 9/11 rescue lessons learned," Aviation Int'l News, Sept. 2002.

"Daley, who was flying over ground zero in New York City on September 11, showed the audience a gripping video taken in the cabin of his NYPD Bell 412 during the attacks. At one point, his helicopter was about 150 feet from the hijacked Boeing 767; indeed, the commandeered commercial airliner dove to avoid Daley's helicopter." ( Sorry to quote bad journalism, but I have to correct this error. Lt. Daley was in command. So technically they were all his choppers. But, Daley said himself: "at no time was I airborne during the morning of the attacks." (unfortunately dead link, "Where Credit Is Due,"

An mpeg-2/DVD VOB of the ABC TV broadcast version -- minus the WTC 1 footage of course -- is found in release 28, 42A0286 - G27D16. The raw footage on the NIST website under "FBI Original Video from Tapes (Redacted)" file name "607_WTCI_457_I" has no audio. Release #42 DVD version in folder 42A0550 - G42D5 does have audio. Other NYPD FOIA files listed above.


Michael Parker - NW Jersey View  metacafe

Parker Jersey view

Perhaps identical to the Vietnam 2011 TV shot. Steady medium view with original audio of conversation mixed with added bass guitar sound for dramatic effect (I guess). Uploaded to Dec. 31, 2008 by videographer Last Wolf, titled "9/11 Remembered." The 2:24 length video has both "collapses," as seen from beside the Hudson River in New Jersey. The South Tower was perfectly lined up behind the North.


passenger247 (partial)  YouTube

North Tower

YouTube user passenger247 has removed his video, but 911allcausticcamera ripped it and archived it. Considering the degraded quality and complete lack of audio, its only value seems to be another digit in this list.


Paul Petronella (partial)  YouTube

WTC North Tower

New to this list 2018. Thanks again for telling me about this video by email, All911rec! Full length is 37:17. Lots of footage. Thanks Paul. "Ends with the announcement of Osama Bin Laden's Capture in Times Square."


Peter J Rini (partial)   Watch

North Tower

New 2011, uploaded to vimeo in memory of the 10th anniversary. Found by 911allcausticcamera. View nearby Rick Siegel, who - unlike this - recorded the whole event. . . . . . .


Zulma Sanabria (partial)   YouTube

WTC North Tower

New to this list 2018, thanks to All911rec for the email. The video is titled, "LAS TORRES GEMELAS, NEW YORK 11 SEPTIEMBRE 2001." -- "The Twin Towers..."

172. - "Unseen Footage"  YouTube 1 & 2 North Tower

Copyright 2001 by Titled "Unseen Footage from September 11th 2001. Ground Zero" as uploaded 9/19/2006 by YouTube user PA7. A pretty rare shot, but of poor quality, unfortunately. Another low res, glitchy version from is also online (link 2 above).


SexiRich Mi (NEW 2016, partial)  YouTube

New North Tower video

New, medium resolution shot added to this list 2017 thanks to a mirror at YouTube by WTCFOIAVideos, even though it's not FOIA, as far as I know. Handheld, mostly wide shot. Unlike the better WTC 2 video, the WTC 1 descent is only a partial shot of the event, beginning mid "collapse," with camera shake.


Richard Sherwin (NEW 2012)  Vimeo 1 and enhanced YouTube

rare North Tower

UPDATE 2018: Thanks WTCFOIAVideos for the enhanced version on YouTube. UPDATE 2016: Thanks All911rec for finding the longer video(s) including WTC 2. The WTC 1 descent (at vrt at 3:04 here) is only a partial shot of the event beginning mid "collapse," with camera shake. The WTC 1 shot was first posted in 2012 on Vimeo by Professor Sherwin as part of a film produced by the New York Law School Law Review titled, "Civil Liberties Ten Years After 9/11" Quoting the text description: "The film addresses the impact on civil liberties in the United States of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC." This featured only brief views.

In 2015 Sherwin shared the original videos, #3 title including the word "edited"- which implies the other 2 videos weren't. Some time is spent filming WTC 7 burn, and its cloud... but he missed the building going down. No initiations for either collapse may seem suspicious, of course. Or not.


Rick Siegel "911 Eyewitness Hoboken"  YouTube 1 & 2

Rick Siegel North Tower

UPDATE Jan. 2015: See femr2's version with no text, focusing on the core remnant. (At least I can't tell the difference if this is a different, very nearby camera.) See and, where the footage is unavailable. The audio is in question due to deep explosion sounds, as analyzed by Dave Shaw in the "911 Eyewitness Hoboken" DVD (YT link 2 above), or at (where you can download the Siegel clip). Quoting the audio engineer at

The dramatic nature of the blast sounds which occur in the 4 minutes prior to the collapse certainly raises some puzzling questions. Since other long stretches of unedited pre-collapse footage (with audio) from other angles has not yet been made public, it is not possible for us to hear if other recordings also caught these blasts. In other recordings from closer to the tower, though only short snippets are available, we don't see much of any indication that intense explosions have be registered [sic] by any people in the area.

Certainly this webpage can help address the question of existing video with audio in the minutes before the first "collapse." See also this website's extensive 9/11 TV archive. Why is the video and especially audio record near the towers so slim during this time period? Or is it? Just because of the sensational nature of the destruction and otherwise uninteresting smoking towers? Please participate in the discussion on this bizarre audio debacle.

The footage was used in the popular Truther documentary "9/11 Mysteries," with different audio added, including other explosion sounds and sirens (see video). That prompted a legal battle by Rick, who won the lawsuit against Sofia Shafquat/Avatar LLC. This touched close to home when my YouTube channel got a copyright strike or two, eventually cancelling/deleting my 2 channels with about 1,000 videos, for my uploading "9/11 Mysteries," which was removed by YouTube for a copyright claim by "911 Eye Witness." "9/11 Mysteries" can still be found on YouTube despite Rick's efforts.


Duncan Skiles (NEW 2019)  Watch (mirror)

North Tower

"What I Saw on September 11, 2001" provides a clear picture of the people in the streets. Filmed using a Sony VX-1000 (per Duncan in the comments). Thanks to All911rec for finding this so soon after the original release in May 2019. (mirror link above) Original video is 17:53 in length, uploaded in HD quality, obviously upscaled from original. In the video description, Duncan says, "I was living in NYU housing on Broome Street, roughly a mile north of the WTC. I quickly put on some clothes, grabbed my camera, and went outside." Thanks to added text on-screen, we know the video starts at 9:27 AM. We see both towers burning, but the real news is seen in people's faces.

The South Tower collapse is missed during an edit/power down at vrt 5:30. Rumbling is heard. From Broadway and Worth St. (text on video) we see the dust cloud. Duncan walks against the current of people flooding Broadway, but keeps his distance.

Thanks to text on screen we learn his location is Lafayette and Howard St. when the North Tower comes down at vrt 13:30. Initiation is missed, but the crowd's reaction tells all.


SY01  Watch

North Tower

Thanks to Dan Klein at, who emailed me the video upon request. So far I haven't found it elsewhere. Side note: In 2008 the airplane video from this angle began to circulate.


tag101joe - Queens View  YouTube 1 & 2

tag101joe wtc vid

Steady wide shot. Uploaded to YouTube May 15, 2007 by tag101joe. Original title: "9/11 KNUCKLEBORO - FOOTAGE FROM OZONE PARK." Description: "9/11 SHORT CLIP HOW I SAW IT FROM THE ROOF WHERE I WORK , IN OZONE PARK , QUEENS , N.Y."


teamspider - 911 by Bike  YouTube

911 by bike

Ten minutes of footage starts with the WTC 1 event mid-descent. Lens flare (and vantage point) similar to Gabriella Messina. NEW to this list 2014, but uploaded to YouTube on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Quoting from the Description:

I shot this footage as the chaos was unfolding. I never labeled the tape, and until today, the 10th anniversary of 911, I never watched the footage.

In honor of the innocent lives cut short 10 years ago, and nearly every day since, i have cut together this video.

I think that means he cut out the jumpers... a sight shown without worries by Mexico City TV station GLVSN, for example.


"Thompson 25" by Annakin Slayd (NEW Sept. 2011)   YouTube 1 & 2

Thompson 25 by Annakin Slayd

Video includes 2nd plane hit (explosion only) and both collapses. The footage plays in the background of a thoughtful song by the videographer. See The video begins with the text:

On September 11th, 2001 Annakin Slayd and his roommate Elan Zafir were in lower Manhattan when the World Trade Center was attacked. As they walked the 13 blocks between their Thompson Street flat and the towers, they captured what they saw on a home video camera. This past summer Slayd walked that path once again, returning to Ground Zero for the first time.


"Tuesday Morning In September"  YouTube 1 & 2

North Tower collapse

YouTube pre-release May 27, 2010. DVD was released 9/11/10. Videographer Jim Kosior has two YouTube channels: TuesdayMorningInSept and Supersynapsis. His movie "Tuesday Morning In September" consists of about 2 hours of lightly edited footage, including the second plane hit and both collapses. An effort is under way to professionally distribute the film.

Early versions of the footage have appeared as an artistic video recording of either one or two TVs playing his original video -- link 1 above. (This was not televised, FYI.) For details or to buy the DVD, see Note that it is not able to play on a computer, in order to prevent copyright infringement.


Unknown East River View  YouTube

North Tower

UPDATE July 2014: Version seen in better quality at (at 16:22) in a short documentary that features much of the same stock footage from the 2nd plane "Jehovah's Witness" aka "Columbine" video and the WTC 2 East Shot. Probably the same camera. This north tower video was [also] found at (ID: 256869). Smoke spoils the shot.

One East River view missing from the TV archive (for both demolitions) is the ABC Brooklyn cam. When the 2nd plane hit, the camera was zoomed close on the North Tower. The giant fireball was aired often.


Unknown NNE - "Antenna Tilting"  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

North Tower

One example of this handheld wide shot found on YouTube was posted by VanDerLubbe. No info is offered, only a link to WeAreChange confronting Larry Silverstein. Note: a better quality shot from near this vantage point is above amateur Onno de Jong (alphabetically under J).


Unknown NNE - killtheartist1  Watch

North Tower

Steady wide shot (low resolution) found on YouTube in an "avant-garde video about the attacks" by killtheartist1. Not to be confused with the other Unknown NNE shot above.


Unknown NNE - F.I.L.M: WTC Attacks 1 & 2 (partial) LiveLeak

North Tower

Stock footage apparently no longer available at F.I.L.M. Archives, only LiveLeak in LOW res. The clip begins with footage from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Then both 9/11 "collapses" are included, but missing the initiations.


Unknown N View - "Collapse 57"  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

North Tower

Found by femr2 (see links 2 and 3 above) and by 911allcausticcamera, perhaps at Televised shot, unknown air date. .. .. .. .. .. ..


Unknown N. View Collapse 127 (partial)  YouTube

North Tower

UPDATE Apr. 2013 after new torrent release 42, source is 42A0552 - G42D7 titled "WTCI-FBI-#14-Redacted." It was new to this list Nov. 2011. Found by 911allcausticcamera and titled as collapse 127. Low resolution with the tower obscured by trees and a person's head, 6:07 total length.


Unknown N View - "Rare Collapse 6"  YouTube

North Tower

Quality view archived by 911allcausticcamera. Camera location placed at 160 Varick St, according to researcher YougeneDebs (see comments at YouTube). South Tower event was missed, and 1 second of the N. Tower initiation was missed. Still, we get to see the zipper tear down the west side of the building faster than freefall.


Unknown N Street View (partial)  YouTube

North Tower

Very brief view archived by 911allcausticcamera, titled "Rare Collapse 23". Similar shot to "Zero" amateur, which can be seen below in much better quality. Thanks are due, nonetheless, for the archival images! This project owes a lot to 911allcausticcamera.


Unknown NNW View, "Getty 2"  YouTube

North Tower

Found at Getty Images stock footage website, clip 98070855. Freaking pedestrians got in the way! They stop and turn as if they heard it, or the reactions behind them. Videographer unknown... but I know he was disappointed with the quality of his recording.


Unknown SE View [from Window]  YouTube 1 & 2

North Tower

UPDATE 2019: Added link 2 above thanks to YouTuber 911AnalysisVideo. Audio is included, but only people are heard inside near the camera. Found thanks to 911allcausticcamera, titled collapse 55. This and a couple more poor quality shots can be seen at The WTC smoke was blowing southeast, obscuring the view.


David Vanadia  YouTube 1 & 2

WTC tower 1

From his website— his video "My 9/11" is "an hour long video shot in the streets of New York City on September 11, 2001." Subtitles are a nice touch, especially with the numerous memorable quotes from witnesses in the film. My YouTube clip cut two thirds of the footage to compile some of the important parts, like airplane witnesses, an explosion near WTC Building 7, talk of the truck (or van) seen downtown with a picture of the towers getting hit by an airplane, that the cops apparently found (no photos of the van or truck have been made public, although police radio reported that between 6th and 7th on King Street, "it's a big truck with a mural painted of a, of a [sic] airplane diving into New York City and exploding." )... shots of burned papers in the street (despite the limited fire on upper floors of the towers).... Valuable lengthy video.


Veoh Anonymous (partial)  YouTube

WTC1 anonymous new

High quality clips including WTC 7. Xenomorph911WTC uploaded this with the title "9/11: Anonymous new release of 3 WTC collapse videos," on December 06, 2008... a month and a week after the videos (not including the South Tower clip) appeared on From Xeno's more info (and similarly at, we read:

An anonymous source has allowed the release of high quality DVD footage of all 3 WTC collapses. The North & South Tower & building 7. The photographer wishes to remain anonymous and audio has not been given permission for public release, but you can download the files here without sound, in high quality DVD format cut from the source video at the following links. [edit: has been shut down, so no downloads.]

Thanks, Nate.


Vietnam 2011 TV  source and mirror

Hoboken view

According to source title, TTXVN TV recording was made in Sept. 2011. WTC 1 (and WTC 2 both) new to this list July 2014. The zoom on the White House fits nicely. Thanks truyenhinhthongtan.


Waldemar Anguita Segui  YouTube

WTC 1 collapse

NEW to this list in 2018 thanks to a tip from All911rec. The video description reads: "The disaster while it happened, plus days after, what it looked like & a little of life around the area from where I took the video around Greenpoint, Brooklyn, N.Y." Thanks "Waldemar."


James Ronald Whitney  YouTube 1 & 2

WTC tower 1 collapse

UPDATE June 2013: Link 1 changed above to an extended version of the footage (Thanks for mixing, Nate!) As seen in his emotional film "Telling Nicholas." After the filmmaker "was forced from his home by the debris cloud that rose from the ash of the falling towers, he contacted the family of a missing woman he saw on a flier. She was the mother of 7-year-old Nicholas. Whitney tells the powerful story of Nicholas, whose father waited 10 days before telling him that his mother is dead." Full, high quality version of the footage (also WTC 2) isn't available, yet.


WTC Morning 1, P. Marino  YouTube

WTC Morning

Added here July 2014. Found at the repository with a lengthy viewing that includes important background audio from the radio, particularly in part 2 at the very beginning:

The tower that I saw came down and crumbled. It was as if it had been blown up. Again, I don't know if it was another bomb...

Titled "WTC Morning" by Patrick Marino.


wwwkickerfilmscom  YouTube or mirror

North Tower

New addition to this list March 2012. Another obscure amateur view found and archived by 911allcausticcamera. Audio included. Quoting from the YT description:

The office was chaos so I went to the roof of my building (26th between 7th & 8th) & set the camera down on the ledge. If I knew the buildings were going to fall down, I would have moved the camera 20 feet to the left or right. It's not the best shot. It's not great footage. But nobody knew what was going to happen that day. My roommate was in the 1 World Financial building. He evacuated & watched the 2nd plane hit. He made it home a while later, covered in dust. His nose & mouth were clean from where he'd tied his shirt around his face. The only person I knew who died that morning was my friend John's mother Jacqueline Norton. She was on Flight 11, on her way to her son's wedding in California. They didn't find much with the plane debris, but they found her purse & returned it to her sons. John recently visited her name on the new monument.


ZERO: An Investigation of 9/11 #1  YouTube 1 or 2., 3...

WTC1 from Zero

The issue raised during the clip in question is about freefall speed during the "collapses." Concerning WTC Building 7, it's an open-and-shut case! (see the911forum, for example) Regarding the towers, the point remains valid. If you've seen the above higher quality videos, you know the explosions tore down the side of the building faster than they should have.

See below entry for a similar angle used within minutes in the same documentary. More...


ZERO: An Investigation of 9/11 #2  YouTube 1 or 2.

WTC1 from Zero

UPDATE 2014: Added this to the list. (Thanks for pointing out, All911rec.) Two cameras filming the event a short distance apart were both used in "Zero" within a minute and a half. (Nearby the Naudet 1st plane video perspective.) This second WTC 1 video is used to demonstrate the "dust jets" or squibs exploding out windows far below the "collapse" front, north side. The jets are circled in red and zoomed for another short clip shown in "Zero" moments later.

Millions in Europe watched this documentary during its TV broadcast for the anniversary in Sept. 2008. It was screened at European Parliament, too (See the full length mirror version. U.S. power intimidated the majority of world leaders, many of whom didn't show). While all the conspiracy theories discussed may not be accurate, the film's simple theme drives to the heart of the matter -- The official story cannot be true • - Since 9 Feb. 2008

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